Too Young to Be Old: Love, Learn, Work, and Play as You Age

Too Young to Be Old: Love, Learn, Work, and Play as You Age

by Nancy K. Schlossberg Ed.D.


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ISBN-13: 9781433827495
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 04/17/2017
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 632,700
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Nancy K. Schlossberg is a professor Emerita, Department of Counseling and Personnel Services, College of Education at the University of Maryland.  She previously served on the faculties of Wayne State University, Howard University, and Pratt Institute. She was the first woman executive at the American Council of Education (ACE) where she established the Office of Women in Higher Education (1973).  She later served as a Senior Fellow at ACE’s Center on Adult Learning.

She has published nine books including: a textbook, Counseling Adults in Transition: Linking Schlossberg’s Theory with Practice in a Diverse World (Fourth Edition, Springer Press, 2012, M.L. Anderson, J.Goodman, N.K.Schlossberg); Revitalizing Retirement: Reshaping Your Identity, Relationships, and Purpose (American Psychological Association,2009); Overwhelmed:Coping with Life’s Ups and Downs, second edition (M.Evans, November,2007); Retire Smart: Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path (American Psychological Association, 2004); Getting the Most Out of College (Arthur Chickering, first author, Prentice Hall, 2001), Going to Plan B (with Susan Robinson, Simon & Schuster, 1996).
Dr. Schlossberg has delivered more than 100 keynote addresses. She has been quoted in the cover story in USA Today, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sarasota Herald Tribune, Reader’s Digest, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, U.S.News and World, Consumer Reports, and was featured in a 90-minute PBS Pledge Special June, 2007, "Retire Smart, Retire Happy.").
She has appeared on PBS’ In the Prime, Derek McGinty’s national talk radio show, CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, the NBC Knowledge Series, and two PBS/College Board live video-conferences. 
Dr. Schlossberg is a Fellow in three divisions of the American Psychological Association (APA); Fellow, Gerontological Association; APA’s G. Stanley Hall Lecturer on Adult Development; and Distinguished Scholar at the University of Maryland. She received awards from The National Career Development Association, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, and American College Personnel Association. She has been named the 2016 Teachers College Columbia University Distinguished Alumni Award.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 3

I Resolve Your Love-Hate Relationship With Aging 15

1 Talk Back to Your Mirror 17

What Do We Fear? 18

We Can Age With Panache 20

Resolve the Conundrum 23

Your To-Do List 24

2 Just Say No to Ageism 27

Age Bias Is Everywhere 29

Effects of Age Bias 31

Challenge Age Bias 33

Your To-Do List 37

II Understand Transitions 41

3 Embrace Change 43

Dissect Your Transitions 45

Your To-Do List 59

4 Diversify Your Coping Skills 63

Balance Your Resources and Deficits-The 4 S System 65

What Is Coping? 68

Your Coping Strategies Questions 69

Manage Multiple Transitions 82

Your To-Do List 84

III Navigate The Many Transitions of Aging 87

5 Create Your Own Retirement Fantasy 89

Retirement Is a Series of Transitions, Not a Date 91

Retirees Need a Strong Psychological Portfolio 93

Retirees Decide Which Path to Follow 97

Retirees Dream About Their Future 99

The Money Angle 101

Your To-Do List 103

6 Choose Your Place: Location, Location, Location 107

Location Matters! 109

Location Options 110

Understand the Relocation Transition 117

The Money Angle 124

Your To-Do List 127

7 Cope With Health Challenges 131

Marshal All Your Resources 132

Your Cognitive Health 137

Your Health and Your Happiness 140

Take Control r 142

The Money Angle 145

Your To-Do List 147

8 Understand Your Family Transitions 151

Parents and Children: The Balance Shifts 155

Possibilities, Not Problems 156

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 157

Spouses as Caregivers 159

Resolve Broken Relationships 168

The Money Angle 171

Your To-Do List 173

IV Create the New You 177

9 Keep Your Dance Card Full: Pay Attention to Friends, Family, and Fun 179

The Challenge: Understanding Loneliness 181

Attachment Theory and Older People: Surviving Your Peers and Facing Being Alone 183

Pump Up Your Social Life 184

Your To-Do List 193

10 Go for Romance (If You Want It) 195

Elephants in the Room 197

The Many Forms of Romance 200

Making Connections 204

Finding Love Again: My Story 207

Your To-Do List 210

11 Create Your Own Happiness: Your Path to Positive Aging 213

As the Kaleidoscope Turns, so Does Your Perspective 214

Create the New You 221

Your Path to Positive Aging 228

Conclusion 230

Notes 235

Index 249

About the Author 263

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