Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart

by Crystal Jordan

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When Rachel mated with Jerrod, she assumed that was it for her. Werewolves can’t be unfaithful. Ever. She’s heard of her kind finding more than one mate, but only if their first one dies, never at the same time. It just doesn’t happen.

So when Lena walks into the Eclipse bar, Rachel's world is turned upside down by the overwhelming instinct to claim the other woman. But how will Jerrod react to the fact his soul mate is inexplicably drawn to another werewolf—a female werewolf? And could the threesome make this unconventional love work?

Each book in the In the Heat of the Night series is best enjoyed in order.
Series Order:
Book #1: Total Eclipse of the Heart
Book #2: Big Girls Don’t Die
Book #3: It’s Raining Men
Book #4: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640630529
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/31/2017
Series: In the Heat of the Night , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 344,976
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Crystal Jordan is originally from California, but has lived and worked all over the United States as a university librarian. An award-winning author, Crystal has published paranormal, futuristic, and erotic romance with Kensington Aphrodisia, Harlequin Spice Briefs, and several digital-first publishers.

Crystal also write sassy, sexy contemporary romance as C. Jordan.

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I watched my husband leer at another woman's breasts. The woman — a werewolf named Candy — was stacked. Just the kind of girl I used to shag before I met my mate. Jerrod's rich laugh reached my ears and made me smile. It was a game to flirt with our customers at Eclipse. A game we played well.

Eclipse was the nightspot for things that went bump in the night. Things any smart human didn't want to bump into. Ever.

As a werewolf, I was one of those things. And so was my mate.

"Hi, Rachel!"

"Hey, Cole, Marty, Frank." I nodded to some of my regular patrons as I passed, putting an extra swing in my hips because I knew they'd stare at my ass as I walked by. They should at least get a good show, right? All three of them were fairies ... and by fairies, I didn't mean the kind that dug on other men. I meant the kind who had to tuck in their wings to get a shirt over their heads.

I took a deep breath, letting the familiarity of the bar wrap around me. The splashes of noise from people and music. Perfect. I'd worked my whole life to get this kind of stability and routine. It was something my mother had never provided while I was growing up — but my mate had, and I loved the man more than life itself for it. He made damn sure I had everything I needed and then some. We'd made a crazy success of Eclipse in the four years since we'd opened our doors. He wanted to expand and open a second club, but change was something I always resisted. Things were so fantastic right now, why mess with a good thing? A wry grin pulled at my lips. It would probably take him another six months of showing me business plans and financial projections before I gave in and agreed. I shook my head and sighed.

Winding my way from the stockroom to the bar, I carried two cases of domestic beer behind the sleek black counter. My werewolf strength made it easy to bear the load, something that wouldn't have been possible for a human woman. I set the cases out of the way and dusted off my gray top and short leather skirt. Glancing up, I smiled at Cynthiana Trent. She and Candy often came to Eclipse — probably because it wasn't kosher for the leggy vampire to have a werewolf as her best friend, but my mate wouldn't let anyone hassle them. Eclipse was neutral territory and anyone who broke that rule got their ass handed to them by Jerrod as he showed them to the door. The werewolf pack leaders weren't all that pleased that we served vampires, but so far we hadn't given them any reason to meddle in our business.

Vampires and werewolves had hated each other for centuries. It wasn't until a few years ago that we'd all come out of the closet about what we were and let humans in on our hairy little secret. It was the escalation of fighting that made us public — and because of that, we'd outted all the other magical creatures with us. I'd never gotten involved in the conflict, but vampires were a weird lot. Anyone who lived forever just could not be normal. I was happy with the couple hundred years I'd get as a werewolf.

While I stepped up to the bar, an enormous vampire approached Cyn, and she offered him a fuck-off-and-die look. The man was gorgeous, all chocolate skin and pale green eyes. Still not as attractive as Jerrod, but then, no vampire could compare to a full-blooded werewolf. I knew it was a prejudiced thought, but he was my man. I could be biased if I wanted to.

"Hey, lover." I wound my arms around Jerrod from behind, kissing the mated bite mark on his bare left shoulder. My bite mark. He often tended bar without his shirt on, so I was surprised into laughter when he turned in my embrace and I saw he was wearing a bow tie.

"Hey, yourself."

"You look like a Chippendale dancer." A giggle bubbled up in my throat.

He gripped my hips, pulling me closer so I could feel his erection. "Just wanted to give you something to unwrap for our anniversary. Since you have to work tonight."

"Only for another hour, then Benny will take over for us." A slow smile pulled at my lips as heat exploded through me. Just like that I was wet for him, wanting him. It was always that way between werewolf mates. Hotter, stronger, better than it could be with anyone else. God, I loved him. Needed him. Right now. I eyed the long bar, wondering for a moment if our customers would mind if we put on a little show for them. Five minutes, that was all I'd need. Two even.

His midnight blue gaze raked down my body, taking in the beaded nipples that stood out against the thin material of my top. He shook his head, a hot predatory gleam in his eyes. "You'll have to wait, Rach."

"Damn." I squeezed my thighs together, willing the relentless ache to subside. It didn't. Swallowing back a helpless whimper, I arched my hips against him to rub myself on his thick cock.

His big hands stilled my hips, fingers tightening when I tried to move. "You don't want to play that game."

"Don't I?" I licked my lips, desire winding through me as his gaze followed the motion.

"No." His fingers slipped up to clench in my long dark hair, pulling my head back. Dipping forward, he nudged my shirt aside to expose my collarbone. And the bite he'd marked me with five years ago. He closed his mouth over the mark, sucking hard.

My back bowed hard as a lightning flash of pleasure arced from the mark to my dampening pussy. I gasped, my fingers curling into claws on his shoulders. His tongue flicked over the mark again and again until my mouth opened in a silent scream as my pussy fisted on nothing. The fire inside me built until I couldn't stand it, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. My eyes squeezed closed as I shook apart in his arms, orgasm exploding deep within me.

"Ahem." Someone cleared his throat, interrupting us.

Jerrod's hands cupped my elbows as he set me away from him. The fog of lust cleared from my brain, but slowly. My God, what had I just done? At work? The only thing that blocked me from the view of our customers was Jerrod's broad chest. Heat flooded my cheeks, and I locked my knees to remain upright. Every werewolf in the place would have been able to smell me getting off.

While Jerrod turned to serve our interrupter, I bent behind the bar to pretend to straighten the strap on my high heel.

"You all right?" He glanced down at me while he mixed a Bloody Mary.

"Fine. You had to take it that far?"

He chuckled. "You wanted to play."

I leaned in and bit him behind the knee, nipping him through his pinstriped trousers. He jerked in surprise. "Don't think I'm done playing, lover."

A grin quirked his full lips, wicked promise flashing in his gaze before he turned away again. I shivered, thinking of all the things he might do to me.

This would be an anniversary to remember.


My hand shook as I slid a frosty glass and a bottle of Corona onto a small round table. Unease wound through me, and I didn't know why. The feeling skittered up my back and made my skin crawl. I knew this feeling, but I couldn't place it. Some instinct within me was kicking into high gear and I was drawing a big fat blank as to what I was supposed to be getting. It was damned annoying, and inconvenient. I woke this morning to a lead ball in my stomach, and it had only gotten worse all day. I'd done everything I could to ignore it, to hide it from Jerrod, but it hadn't helped.

"Thanks, Rachel."

"No problem." I tucked my hair behind my ear and flicked another glance around the bar. The place was packed, but that was normal. Everything appeared ... normal. So why couldn't I shake this feeling? I rolled my shoulders to try and ease the tension.

Fifteen more minutes and I'd be off for the night. I could drag Jerrod upstairs to our big apartment and let him screw my brains out. I'd wake tomorrow and everything would be fine. It had to be or I was going to go nuts. Rubbing my temple, I tried to massage away a headache that began to form.

"It hurts because you're fighting it."

The woman's voice had a whiskey kick to it, soft and rough at the same time. I spun to face her, needing to see the person attached to that voice. Werewolf definitely, I could smell the wolf on her. She had the smoothest cocoa skin I'd ever seen. Her black hair fell in a riot of curls around her face and emphasized her ebony eyes. They were fathomless, beautiful. They drew me in, and I stepped toward her. Our gazes locked, heated and my heart lurched. All the instincts I'd been suppressing today jumped up to bite me in the ass. Something snapped inside my chest, some deep pull of recognition.


"No," I gasped the word, stumbling back and lifting my tray like it was a shield. Shock roared through me. My heart squeezed, and I couldn't breathe. Oh God. Oh. God.

"Yes." Possession flashed hot in her gaze. "I'm Lena." She stepped forward, reaching for me.

And I wanted her to touch me, stroke me. Lust twisted inside me, fire licking my veins. No. I turned and fled for the stockroom. Jerrod would kill me. How could this happen? Was it even possible? I'd heard of werewolves having two mates in one lifetime before, but after the first mate died, not at the same time. No one would believe this was possible, especially not other werewolves. But, there was no denying what I felt. It was just like the first time I'd met Jerrod, the instantaneous kick to the heart and loin. Everything inside me wanted her. To know her, to love her, to possess her.

"Oh God," I breathed. My stomach pitched, and my palms grew slick. Clamping a hand over my mouth, I fought back the need to vomit. What was I going to do? I couldn't lose Jerrod. Infidelity was unheard of among my kind. Matings were for life, forever. Jerrod was my mate, my everything. A soul mate fashioned just for me.

So was Lena.

Stomping down on the inner voice, I leaned against the wall and bent to stick my head between my knees. The tray slipped from my fingers and dropped to the floor. My heart hammered against my ribs as all the blood rushed to my head. I just needed to breathe, to think clearly.

Being bisexual, I never thought I'd have just one person forever, but life was full of surprises. And Jerrod was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I couldn't fuck this up. Fisting my fingers in my hair, I pressed on my skull in an attempt to ease the shrieking pain. The need to mate was there, ripping into me with the fierce jaws of the wolf within.

I sucked in a deep breath and pulled Lena's scent to me. Somehow, I already knew it. It was imbedded in my psyche already, just like Jerrod's. Just her smell was enough to make me want, make me wet. The muscles in my thighs locked, shaking with the need to go to her. Tears pressed against my lids. Jerrod. Where was he? I needed his steady strength. But Lena was out there, between me and my mate.

The door to the stockroom swung open and then closed with a solid thunk.

It was her. Lena. I didn't need to look up to know. My instincts cried out in recognition, rioting within me. My nipples tightened, my pussy dampening with the hot need to claim and be claimed. No. Please, no. I dug my nails into my scalp, welcoming the pain. Anything to distract me from the pulsing want clawing at my flesh.

"Why do you run?"

My mind scrabbled for any excuse to make her leave. "You can't be in here. Staff only."

The heat from her body enveloped me as she stepped closer. I snapped upright, pressing my back against the wall. There was no escape. I couldn't get away. I didn't want to. My breath panted out, logic and instinct warring inside me. I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the inevitable.

"Rachel." Her breath fanned against my ear.

I moaned. The sound of my name in that husky voice made my body ache with lust. "How do you know my name?"

"That's what the men you served called you, isn't it?"


"Yesssss." She flicked her tongue against my neck.

I shuddered, molten heat rolling through me. I was so wet I couldn't stand it. My legs felt too weak to hold me up. I tilted my head back, swallowing hard. My breath bellowed out.

Her hand lifted to cover my breast, tweaking the tight nipple. A soft cry ripped from my throat. I arched into her caress, lust clouding my mind. Nothing mattered right now but the mating ritual, taking what was mine. I needed it — her. Now.

Jerrod's face flashed through my mind. I couldn't do this. I couldn't hurt him that way. I couldn't.

I stepped sideways, but she shoved me against the wall. Her hand dropped to my leg, slipping under my short skirt.

"Stop." I arched my torso, fighting her. Fighting myself.

"No." She rubbed her palm over my panties. The heel of her hand hit my swollen clit. I sobbed, my hips twisting. It only increased the friction. She thrust her fingers under the scrap of lace, plunging them into my pussy.

"Please." But I didn't know what I was begging for anymore. For her to stop. For her to never stop. My hips jerked, and I ground my pussy against her plunging fingers. I felt a drop of my wetness trail down my leg. My thighs shook, and I gasped as her hand worked me, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm.

A satisfied smile curved her lips, triumph shining in her midnight eyes. "You're mine. You'll always be mine."

"Yes. No. Stop. Please, stop." She had to stop. I didn't have the strength to make her. My body shook with need, feral heat exploding in my belly. The wolf inside me howled, wanting to seize my mate.


Why? For a moment, I didn't know. I wanted what she wanted. Everything inside me screamed for it. I threw my head back, smacking hard against the wall. Stars exploded behind my eyelids. The pain brought a small return of sanity.

"I can't do this. I'm already mate —"

The door snapped open, and Jerrod walked in. He froze, his eyes widening at the sight of his mate with another woman. Oh. Shit. My heart lurched, and ice water rushed through my veins. Cold sweat broke out on my forehead. I clenched my fingers, trying to still their sudden shaking.

No. Oh, no.

"Jerrod," I gasped. "I-it's not what it looks like."

"Isn't it?" Rage darkened his gaze. His big body hummed with tension as he stalked forward. One hand wrapped around Lena's biceps, wrenching her away from me. My body screamed in protest, and I arched toward her.

He pulled Lena around to face him. "That is my mate."

"And mine." Her chin jutted in stubborn defiance.

"Liar." He snarled, his nose nearly touching hers. Then his jaw went slack, and he jerked back as though he'd been burned. "No."

Lena stiffened, and I could feel her shock. "Mate."

Her eyes flicked to me, then back to Jerrod. She swallowed, shifting in her tall black boots.

Jerrod shook his head, pressing the heel of his hand to his forehead. His breath hissed out. "How is this possible?" Lena licked her lips. "I don't — I don't know. I just know what I feel."

"You can't —"

She lifted her hand to cup his cheek. "My mate."

For the first time in five years, I saw Jerrod speechless. He went rigid, uncertainty flashing in his eyes. He glanced at me. "Rachel?"

The words jerked out. Please let this be the right thing to say. Fear shook me to my very core, twisting tight in my belly. "I feel it too. With you. With her. Mate."

He pulled back, stepping away from Lena ... and me. Pain ripped through me, stabbing deep into my heart. This was it. I would lose him. A sob lodged in my throat, clogging my airway.

"Ladies first." A smile flashed across his handsome face. He settled against the door, arms folding across his wide chest.

I blinked, torn between hope and utter shock. It was going to be all right. Relief flooded me. Could it really be that easy? My eyes squeezed closed. I wouldn't lose Jerrod. A rough shudder rippled through me. I needed him so much. Loved him. Craved him. Our gazes met, and understanding shone in his eyes. He knew what this meant to me. Of course he did. He knew me as no other ever could. Except Lena.

Lena's smoky laugh floated in the long room. "You want to watch ... Jerrod?"

"Yes." He glanced between us, a wolfish grin on his lips.

I licked my lips. "Jerrod, are you —"

"Don't worry, Rach. I'm next." His indigo eyes heated, caressing me.


Excerpted from "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
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