Transformation after Lausanne: Radical Evangelical Mission in Global-Local Perspective

Transformation after Lausanne: Radical Evangelical Mission in Global-Local Perspective


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ISBN-13: 9781606081099
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 07/28/2008
Series: Regnum Studies in Mission Series
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Al Tizon is Assistant Professor of Holistic Ministry at Palmer Theological Seminary and Director of Word and Deed Network, a ministry of Evangelicals for Social Action and the Sider Center for Ministry and Public Policy. A Filipino American, Tizon served as a missionary community-organizer and pastor in the Philippines from 1989 to 1998 with Action International Ministries.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii Preface xv Abbreviations xix Introduction 1 What is an Evangelical? 1 What is a Radical Evangelical? 3 Lausanne I and Mission as Transformation 4 Transformation: The Development of the Term 5 Mission as Transformation and David Bosch 6 Mission in Context as Transformation 7 Mission as Transformation in Filipino Context 9 The Global and the Local 10 Transformation between the Global and the Local 11 Part I A History Introduction to Part I 17 Chapter 1 Evangelical Social Concern and Mission Prior to Lausanne I: Roots of Transformation 21 Social Concern and Evangelism - Look Back 21 A Twentieth Century Phenomenon 22 Factors in the Great Reversal 22 The Fundamentalist-Modernist Debate and Protestant Missions 24 Evangelicals versus Ecumenicals 26 Evangelical Diversity in Missionary Social Ethics 28 Evangelical Relief and Development Ministries after World War Two 31 Evangelical Missionary Humanitarianism 33 Evangelicals toward Development 33 Increasing Need for a Theology of Development 36 Chapter 2 Lausanne '74 to Wheaton '83: Internal Tensions 37 Lausanne '74 37 Affirmation of Socio-Political Involvement at Lausanne 38 The Statement on Radical Discipleship 40 Radical Discipleship as Precursor to Transformation 42 Tensions from Within: Evangelical Social Concern after Lausanne 43 Narrow View vs. Broad View 43 Prioritization vs. Holism 48 First World Theology vs. Two Thirds World Theology 50 Chapter 3 Liberation Theology and Transformation: External Tension 53 Tension from Without: The Challenge of Liberation Theology 53 What Is It? 53 Liberation Missiology? 56 A Radical Evangelical Response 59 Wheaton '83: Toward an Evangelical Theology of Liberation65 Three-in-One Consultation 65 Track III: The Church in Response to Human Need 67 From Development (and Liberation) to Transformation 68 Chapter 4 After Wheaton '83: Structural and Theological Developments 71 Implementing Structures 71 The International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians 71 Oxford Centre for Mission Studies 76 Publishing Initiatives: Transformation, Regnum Books, and Others 78 Bridges: Participation in Lausanne -Sponsored and WCC Gatherings 80 Theological Developments in Mission as Transformation 83 Local and Global Culture: Mission in Context as Transformation 83 Faith and Money: Toward Transformational Economics 87
(W)Holistic Mission: Toward a Truer Integration 92 The Power of the Holy Spirit for Holistic Mission: A Radical Pentecostal Contribution 94 Part II Global Dimensions Introduction to Part II 101 Chapter 5 The Biblical Kingdom 105 The Role of the Bible in Mission as Transformation 105 The Bible: The Inspired Story of the Kingdom of God 106 The Bible: Kingdom Text for Holistic Mission in Context 109 The Kingdom Story in the Old Testament 111 Shalom and Fall 111 Redemption through Peoplehood 112 Messianic Hope 114 The Kingdom Story in the New Testament 114 Jesus Christ: The King Has Come/The Kingdom Has Dawned 115 The Holy Spirit: Life and Power While the Kingdom Community Awaits 117 Eschatology: The Certainty of God's Future/The Practice of Hope 121 Chapter 6 Kingdom Mission in between the Times 125 Kingdom Integration 126 Word, Work and Wonder 126 Reconciliation/Solidarity and Stewardship 128 Communities of Integration: Where Present and Future Meet 131 Kingdom Incarnation 133 Mission in Context 134 Full Contextual Engagement 136 Local Faith 139 Kingdom Commitment to the Poor 141 Mission as Journey with, for and among the Poor 143 Freedom and Power through Personhood 145 Part III Local Filipino Dimensions Introduction to Part III 151 Chapter 7 Filipino Mission as Transformation in Global and Historical Context 153 Global Theological Links 153 Kingdom Integration 153 Kingdom Incarnation 155 Kingdom Commitment to the Poor 156 Filipino Mission as Transformation in Local Historical Context 158 Beginnings: From IVCF-Phil to ISACC 158 Filipino People Power 160 Evangelical Participation and Emerging Mission as Transformation 161 Transformationists in the Filipino Evangelical Community 164 Chapter 8 Kingdom Mission beyond Colonialism 167 Resistance and Subversion from the Beginning 167 Critical Consciousness 170 A Prophetic Ministry 174 Nationalistic or Local Faith 176 Whole Being/Whole Ministry 181 Theology of Beauty 182 Spirit World Cosmology 185 Church Unity with a Purpose 187 Across Church Forms 191 Across Denominations 193 Mass Movements: Mobilizing the Poor 195 Religious Validation and Inspiration 198 Solidarity and Empowerment 200 Part IV Missiological Glocalization Introduction to Part IV 205 Chapter 9 Glocal Dimensions: Partnership in Mission in the Twenty First Century 209 Mission as Transformation between the Global and the Local 210 The Local in the Global: Globalization from Below 210 The Global in the Local: Pan-Localization from Above 214 Glocal Dimensions of Mission as Transformation 218 Orthodox and Contextual 219 Incarnational Dialogue 224 Post-Colonial Reconciliation 226 Collaborative Action 228 Conclusion 231 Issues for Further Exploration 232 A Final Word on Methodology 233 The Globalization of the Gospel: Challenging the Giant Redwood 234 The Mustard Seed in the Philippines 237 Appendixes 239 Appendix 1 Statement on Radical Discipleship at Lausanne '74 239 Appendix 2 Wheaton '83 Statement on Transformation 243 Appendix 3 ISACC - Who We Are 257 Select Bibliography 259 Name Index 267 Subject Index 271

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