Turquoise Mountain

Turquoise Mountain

by Diane J. Reed

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BN ID: 2940158604935
Publisher: Bandits Ranch Books LLC
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Series: Iron Feather Brothers , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Turquoise Mountain 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
UndercoverBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Not sure how we're to get past the cover with a man as sexy as him..lol.. But I finally made to the first page was was sucked right in. This book is so so so good! Loved the characters! Have fallen in love with western stories and this book was no surprise to hold up to what I love about them!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Refreshingly original and magically unique storyline that captured my mind and heart from the very start with the most intense MMA fight scene that gave me the chills. An amazing start to the story, and that intensity held through the tale. It is memorable, sweet yet filled with passion, honest yet riddled with crooks. It breaks the mold of a typical romance novel. It jumps right into the Native American culture that I was in awe of, the supernatural that seemed so logical and acceptable. I loved and admired the whole aspect of the brothers legacy, the history of the family and how it was bonded to the past of the heroine and to her family legacy as well. The crooks trying to get what wasn't theirs, the threats and trouble they created brought another level of intensity to the tale with explosive twist and turns. It wasn't enough that they fought against nature's power, the evil of the human beings was lurking around as well. The instant connection between Dillon Iron Feather and Tessa Grove was aided by the generations relations between the families. They both had lost parents at the early age, they both had faced moments during their careers that changed their lives forever. Tessa was a strong, capable, able woman. Her art was outstanding, I could imagine the pieces in my mind. She was fearless, and the easy way she embraced the culture of Dillon's family was admirable, showing there was no need for adversity or discrimination because of the different ways of lives. Dillon is a tough man to read, yet there is a caring heart of gold inside that warrior. The family is everything to him, he embraces the family history, the pass, the culture of Native American's and their way to live. He has his obstacles to overcome, but with the help of Tessa, who seems like was sent from the heavens to his path, nothing is impossible to them. A true western story with living, loving, passion, and fear. There is the fight to survive against the force of nature. There is the fight to your own right to live and exist to be true to yourself. And there is the fight against what is right and what is wrong, and it all is wrapped up in one entertaining, intriguing, intense, and ardent package, that was a pleasure to read and experience. ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 STARS! Endearingly fresh! Diane J. Reed brings a setting to life that whisks us into the middle of this native culture without blinking an eye. I was intrigued by the first glimpse into the hero's life, then the spunk of the heroine immediately had me smiling and settling in to enjoy this roller coaster of romance, sass and magical happily-ever-afters! I'm looking forward to more in the series! MMA fighter Dillon Iron Feather walked away at the height of his career because he saw himself losing control. He wants only to be left to the solace of his peace and quiet around his remote cabin in Colorado. What better way to heal his soul than to reconnect with nature and his ancestors? He doesn't expect to have that tranquility disturbed by a feisty city girl! Tessa Grove is striking out on her own and following a dream that she's been scared to allow to shine through! She inherited a mine at the corner of Dillon's land and she's bound and determined to tap it and forge her custom jewelry career from the treasures she finds. She doesn't expect to be met with resistance in the form of a massive scowling man toting a gun and planning to fire first and ask questions later! When circumstances lead to Dillon aiding her in her quest, they soon realize the sparks between them are real and there's going to be no ignoring them!
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Turquoise Mountain is book one in the brand new series, Iron Feather Brothers, by Diane J. Reed. I have read a few of Diane’s books in the past so when I found out about this new series I was so excited to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. Tessa Grove is a gifted jeweler who dreamed of a career in New York. Instead she ended up working for a creepy boss in what was practically a sweat shop designing jewelry but never getting credit for it. Everything changed the day she received a mysterious box in the mail. Her grandfather had passed away and the box contained something he left her. Rights to an old mine in Colorado and perhaps the chance at a new life. The box also contained a white feather that seemed to give Tessa the courage to finally reach for her dream. “I’m going to make a name for myself in this world. No more being a number.” Dillon Iron Feather is one of three brothers living in Bandits Hollow, Colorado. The boys lost their parents at a young age and were raised on a ranch for wayward boys. Now, all three boys carry unseen scars from those days. Dillon carries an anger that he fueled into an MMA fighting career until something happened that forced him to walk away from it. Now he lives a quiet life in an old cabin in Colorado, until a feisty woman shows up on his property claiming rights to the mine that sits on it. “The world has not been kind to you, Miss Grove. It’s written all over your face. But you’re living on hope anyway.” Tessa and Dillon are off to a pretty rocky start but soon form a bond which quickly grows into more. They also discover that they are tied together in ways they never imagined that date back to their ancestors. Dillon teaches Tessa the ways of his people and Tessa teaches Dillon about her art of jewelry making. Together they pull beautiful turquoise from the mine which they then design into lovely, artistic pieces of jewelry. This was a beautiful and mystical story. There are forces at work that are helping these two to find each other and to help each other to rid the shadows from their pasts. But there is also danger on the mountain. There are others that are greedy and will do anything, hurt anyone that stands in their way, of finding what they want. I enjoyed this book. It was so unique the way the author wove together the romance and a bit of suspense together with the mystical forces of Dillon’s ancestors. Dillon’s brother, Barrett, works for the Bandits Hollow Police Department. I look forward to the next book in this series, Skystone Canyon, which will be his story. “The spirits only judge the heart.”
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
For some time now Tessa Grove has dreamed of leaving her life behind in the big city, and heading to a place that holds so many wonderful memories for her, her grandfather's small ranch was a favorite place to visit as a child, and now she would like to make it her hometown too. When she learns that due to his passing she is now the proud owner of a mining cave that has been in her family for generations, she can't wait to pack her things and head to Colorado in hopes of discovering some beautiful gems for her jewelry business. After working for a overbearing tyrant the last few years, and having him steal her designs, she is more than ready to open her own shop, create beautiful pieces for customers to enjoy... but in order to get to said mine she must deal with a grumpy neighboring landowner who has no intentions of letting her get to her mine!! The moment Dillon Iron Feathers eyes land on the beautiful woman invading his territory he is ready to send her packing in the other direction, he's not in the mood to deal with others, especially one who claims she has rights to his land. But for some reason she doesn't seem to heed his warning, and it irritates the heck out of him, why can't she just leave well enough alone... and him too! Turquoise Mountain is a mesmerizing and magical tale that is sure to win the hearts of romance readers, with it's touching and emotionally rich story line, it will speak to your heart and leave you moved! This was my first book by this author and I have to say her well crafted tale completely won me over, from the very first page I was pulled into these characters lives, and completely taken with them, they were so captivating that I couldn't put the book down! I highly recommend you take a chance on this one, it is one of those reads that is riddled with many memorable moments that are destined to stick with you for a while. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
What begins as a matter of pride becomes the most haunting of romances. Turquoise Mountain is a tale of honor, legacy and long withheld truths. Dillon has pride, heart and an affinity with nature's bountiful beauty. Tessa has a knack for stirring up trouble with her inquisitive nature and mischievous spirit. The descriptive dialogue gives readers a taste of a scenery that is beautiful, yet mysterious. There is always another secret to uncover and another issue to fight through. However, Diane Reed blends the courage of the human spirit with a romance that is as intriguing as it dangerous and delivers an ethereal tale that is not easily forgotten and not to be missed.