Twice the Temptation

Twice the Temptation

by Beverley Kendall

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BN ID: 2940148847359
Publisher: Season Publishing
Publication date: 11/17/2013
Series: The Temptresses , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 364
Sales rank: 247,618
File size: 934 KB

About the Author

Beverley discovered her love of books while growing up in, the then, small city of Barrie, Ontario Canada. With her love of books and romance, she always wished that everyone would find their happily ever after. She currently writes sexy historical, new adult and contemporary romances.

As the mother of one too bright and mischievous young boy, she pulls full-time duty on all fronts. When she's not writing full-time, running The Season review website or mothering, she's probably reading or sleeping and dreaming of a time when she'll have time for her favorite hobbies: knitting, crocheting and sewing.

Beverley has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. She stopped her nomadic existence and settled in the southeast. All things artistic feed her creative passion, but none more than writing. Readers can visit her at:

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Twice the Temptation 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was enjoying this Beverley Kendall series until this book, which segues into another series. I'm a twin, and was interested to see what happened to Catherine after twin Charlotte got her happy-ever-after. But by the end of this book, I was ready for Lucas to kick her to the curb. He comes across as a pretty great guy, loving the not so "bad" twin despite all. But the break-ups and make-ups intermixed with lots of rushed sex left me worn out by the end of the book. The author gives credit to several people who helped her vet this book before release, but it was still filled with typos, strange uses of adjectives ("carnivorous hallway"?...cavernous, maybe), and poor editing. Still want to find out what happens to Meghan and Olivia, though, so bring it, BK!
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A sweet historical romance, Twice the Temptation was a lovely read.  Catherine was a good heroine, but I didn't like her that much. She was much to prone to manipulation for my tastes. She didn't see anything wrong with messing with people to get what she wanted, but I definitely did. And, she tended to me needlessly overdramatic. It wasn't a huge problem, but I can't say that I liked her. Lucas, on the other hand, was wonderful. He was so sweet and determined to win over the woman he loved. He was so sweet and adorable and I totally loved him. The romance was good. Catherine and Lucas were sweet together, even though I didn't appreciate Catherine playing games with Lucas. The chemistry was definitely there and it led to some steamy moments. I thought these two were lovely together. The plot was well paced. I was kept interested the entire way through. Unfortunately, there were some slow moments due to Catherine's stubbornness, but it wasn't a huge problem. I enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely. Twice the Temptation was a lovely historical romance. I really enjoyed reading it. Romance lovers, this book is worth checking out.  *I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really like the first series. I enjoyed this book but found the yoyo relationship a little too much. The heroines insecurities and doubt were almost annoying. But otherwise a good read.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book 1 in the Temptresses series (which branched off of the Elusive Lords series). Catherine Rutherford has been attracted to Lucas Beaumont since they met. Just when she thinks things might be progressing, he goes back to his home in America. After only hearing from him once in the year Lucas was gone, Catherine is surprised to learn that he has marriage on his mind upon his return to England. Lucas couldn't get Catherine out of his mind while he was at home and returned as soon as he could to convince her to marry him. All was going well until Catherine learns that Lucas once proposed to her sister, her twin sister. Catherine believes that Lucas only wants her because he couldn't have her sister. Can he convience her that it she that he wants? We are introduced to Catherine and Lucas during the Elusive Lards series and I was eagerly awaiting their story. I was not disappointed.  I fell in love with Lucas in the earlier stories and grew to love him even more in this one. I love that Catherine and her friends were actively trying to help out other women to make sure that they would not be marrying a cheater. The banter between the girls was hysterical.  My hope is that the next book in the series is one of Catherine's friends so we can continue to enjoy their friendship.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We first encounter Catherine Rutherford and Lucas Beaumont in An Heir of Deception ( Charlotte & Alex's story) and it was easy to see that the connection between these two was extremely powerful. Unfortunately, by the end of An Heir Lucas returns to America, per the request of Charlotte. Catherine is devastated by his goodbye because she felt this growing attachment between them and thought that he was going to purpose, and so this is how their story begins. One year later Catherine is still upset over the loss of Lucas, which she now realizes is the only man she will love. Turning this pain into something useful she and her two friends, Megan and Olivia, create their own club where they will go test the fidelity of women's finances in society by simply tempting them with the offer that most gentlemen of the ton may not refuse. This is all with the permission of the gentleman's fiances take in mind, and if they pass the test then all is well, but if they fail then all will be revealed. While Catherine and her friends have been busy with their "tempt club", Lucas has been hard at work in America and he soon realizes that the budding connection that he felt for Catherine is love. So a year later he returns to England with every intention that he will woo Catherine and make her his bride in a matter of weeks. Everything goes perfectly well until.... Catherine discovers that Lucas purposed to her sister first! Distraught by this new Catherine informs Lucas that they cannot be together, but he doesn't give up that easily. I think what i loved most about this story is the challenges that both of these characters went through together. Beverley Kendall has the uncanny ability to give her characters so much life that they simply jump off the page at you. There were times when i was mad at Lucas for the decisions he made, and Catherine as well. They could both be so stubborn at times and i simply wanted to reach through the book and shake them at some points! But because the characters were so well written it was easy to interpret why they were the way they were. I completely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good sappy, angst filled romance novel. This delivers both and so much more!
kenemly More than 1 year ago
Great Read did not want to put it down.... Love this series.... Now I can not wait for the next!!!
csingh More than 1 year ago
Catherine Rutherford thinks she's finally found the one in Lucas Beaumont. She's not only allowed him more liberties than she should but she thinks he's going to propose right up until he tells her he's leaving for home and doesn't think he'll be back. Catherine doesn't show it but she's devastated and when Lucas comes back a year later to claim her things aren't quite the way he left them...for both him and her. Revelations regarding his relationship with her sister and her actions in his absence put their new romantic relationship to the test.  I'm so glad this wildly anticipated novel is now available. With Beverley Kendall writing you know there is no way you will have a "typical" story. She's wonderful at having twists and aspects that are not only out of the usual but extremely hard to predict no matter how many historical romance novels you've read. I can't mention an example without giving away some of the story so I won't. Ruining a book is a horrible thing to do.  To be honest, the book flew by and as I neared the end I didn't think Lucas and Catherine were going to be able to work everything out in this book leaving me with mixed emotions; I was happy to get more Lucas, Catherine, Alex, Charlotte, and Nicholas but upset I was going to have to wait to get it. In order to find out which of the two it is you're going to have to read the book. It was easy to like Catherine and Lucas. I found Catherine to be a contradiction of sorts. She was brave and confident when "testing" the men of the Ton and stubborn once she made up her mind. She was also a but of a cry baby. Lucas was strong in his convictions which is always a trait I admire in both my book boyfriends as well as men in real life. I loved the way he treated Catherine although the revelation regarding him and Charlotte could've been handled better by him. Alex did himself no favors in this book for what he did.  The book is the first book in a new series related to her Elusive Lords series which also seriously fantastic. I can't tell you how excited I am to getting books about Catherine's best friends and possibly Lucas's siblings. I absolutely adored this book and can't wait for more of Beverley's genius. In the end the wait for this book was well worth it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago