by C.B. Cook


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ISBN-13: 9781535201551
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2016
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 1,140,553
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

C.B. Cook is just a girl trying to find out where her King is guiding her, while writing the stories of the people she creates, the worlds she wants to live in, and the adventures she dreams about. Also known as a mysterious creature called an "author". She's a Christian and a home school graduate dedicated to changing others' lives through the power of the written word.

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Twinepathy 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
CelticForestDweller More than 1 year ago
Gripping and fun, Twinepathy is an un-putdownable read that swept me off on a thrilling ride. Featuring an eclectic cast of characters who stole my heart, a mystery with a memory-thief which kept me guessing, and original superpowers that had me longing to enter the book myself, this is a fabulous read to lose yourself in. I loved it and can't wait for more! It was exciting, gripping, and I couldn't put it down (I read the whole thing in two days). It's a fairly quick read, and feels in a way sort of like the pilot episode of a TV show -- an awesome, well-put-together intro, with more to come. Its own contained story, but also introducing a lot of things which will continue... I might have wished to get deeper into some of the characters and goings-on, but the quick feeling of the story lines up with the episodic feel, so that just makes me eager for more books. ;) Things I LOVED: + Mostly, I really enjoyed how FUN this book was. There are obviously some more exciting/deep bits too, but overall the feel is very lighthearted and just a fun romp. The characters and banter were some of my favorites, and there's jokes and camaraderie and fun dialog and bickering. I just ENJOYED this book a lot. FUNNN. + The superpowers, which were SO cool. Telepathy, teleportation... I won't give them all away here, since part of the joy of the story is running into all these fun, awesome superpowers, but I really enjoyed all the superpowers. They were so enjoyable to read about and felt original and fresh to me. :) (Admittedly I haven't read anything like this before. But I loved them. :D) + The plot. It's a mystery involving a MEMORY THIEF. Need I say more? + ALL THE HINTS. Seriously, I'm so curious about so many things! There were so many hints at different plot things and characters and their backstories... I'm just really curious to find out more about all of it! I NEED more books ASAP. :D + The settings. America, a touch of London, and Antarctica! I mean, how cool is Antarctica? (Pretty cool, considering the temperature... but I digress.) Popping to a couple different places around the world a time or two was great fun and gave it an extra exciting aura. + COOKIES! That is all. (I need the recipe of a certain super-awesome agent's cookies. *cough*) I mean seriously, it's so fun that they're running around doing superhero stuff and take time to make and/or eat cookies. Somebody has their priorities in order. *nods* + Real life + superpowers. I appreciate how Albany and Brooklyn had to work in their adventures around school and family and having to get home to eat dinner (props for actual meals happening!). They're just normal teenagers (haha, okay, so not really; but you know what I mean) and have to fit life and crazy superpower stuff together, and that feels realistic. ;) + It felt really vivid and colorful. Like, I could see everything SO clearly. It just has this bright feel that I absolutely loved. + It's clean and enjoyable and lacks the annoyances I have with many contemporary books. + The writing. The writing was quick and quippy and occasionally there would be some line that I giggled at the fun of it, or grinned over its cleverness. + Blaze & Anvil! Overall, aside from a couple minor points, it was awesome and I loved it! It's exciting and cool and fun and just a great light read. I'm very much looking forward to book 2 and I highly recommend this one! :) I received a free ARC of this book from the author and these opinions are my own.
CorkyBookworm More than 1 year ago
The premise of this story was neat. I enjoyed the organization Cook created, but even more than that, I truly enjoyed the different superpowers she came up with. They were unique twists on some classic powers. She didn't go with the standard "flying" or "teleportation." Each character had something special. The plot overall drew my interest. I don't recall any major plot holes, though I do remember questioning the plausibility (even within Cook's super hero world) of some plot threads. It kept me guessing and I never found anything predictable. There weren't any mind-blowing surprises, but it was nice to read something that had a continuous flow of mild surprises along the way. Cook also left us a few strings and breadcrumbs that hint at further storylines to untangle down the road. The setting I would categorize as modern. It wasn't a fantasy world; just our everyday normal world. In fact, I think this book lent a lot to the "everyday, normal" tone. I felt like the IDIA headquarters was a little blandly described, but perhaps that was to be expected. The descriptions were a little scarce in other parts of the story too, but I never felt like I was totally in a blank world. I think Blaze was hands-down my favorite character. He felt like the most developed of the characters. He had a history that we're briefly introduced to and a personality that just warmed my heart. As I said, I truly loved the different super powers. They made for unique and interesting characters. Keller and Anvil promise to be deeper characters too. I'm curious about Keller's personality and character. Anvil has a warm personality beneath that tough exterior, which I totally liked, but I'm looking forward to digging into his past. Maddie, I think will prove to be a rounder character than Albany's description of her lets on. Similarly, Data has a history that piqued my interest. Denver is another character I really liked, even though we saw little of him. As much as I admired the secondary characters, the cool super powers, and the unique personalities, there were times that the characters acted...oddly. Their actions didn't add up and the writing felt a little forceful in that regard. Though I liked our MC, Albany, well enough, I think she's a poor narrator. She tends to repeat things and give the same descriptions over and over, which can be frustrating to the reader at times. She seems to see the people around her in one way only and then the characters actions reveal more about their personalities than the readers get from the narration. The story isn't poorly written. It's simply written and straightforward, which lent me to feel as if the target audience was more middle school level. Though I'm not sure that was Cook's intention, that's the impression I got. I didn't find any grammatical mistakes, though (and this may have just been the particular copy I received from Cook) the formatting was a little off. Sentences switched to bold in the middle, but it seemed random and unintentional. I got used to it, but it is something I don't expect the final copies to have. Overall, the story was creative and engaging and the characters were fun and full of promises for more to come. There was no romance, no foul language, and some very mild violence in a few fight scenes. I'd recommend the book to any middle school reader or those older readers who find superheroes interesting. Note: I did receive a free copy from the author. This does not affect my review.
GNadig More than 1 year ago
This one was really fun! Though it did have some writing issues, such as plot holes, logic problems, and iffy characterization, it was very entertaining and kept my curiosity. A solid 3.5 stars. What I liked: 1. Blaze. C'mon, how can you not like him? 2. Superpowers. 'Nuff said. But really, there was a good variety of different kinds of powers. Very creative uses of those powers as well--a lot of them I wouldn't have thought of. I wish some had been better explained (like Anvil's), but maybe the next book will clear some things up. 3. IDIA. I found it interesting how it was set up in a hierarchy of sorts. I'd like to learn some of the backstory of how it got set up. 4. The narration. This was kind of a mixed bag for me, as sometimes I enjoyed Albany's narration, and other times it got annoying. However, I liked it more than I didn't, so I'm putting it under the "like" category. What I didn't like: 1. Lack of information and/or explanation. I NEED ANSWERS! Ahem--please? 2. Denver's character. He just seemed to behave kind of oddly for an older brother. 3. All the lying. I really wish they would have just told the parents the truth in the first place. And they didn't seem to have a whole lot of problems with lying, either. 4. The whole FOE thing towards the end. It was way too cheesy for me. And I still don't really get why Com betrayed them in the first place. 5. I found the agents to be remarkably callous in the battle towards the end. There seemed to be very little respect for human life. The clones were still humans, after all--or at least I understood them to be human. And yet IDIA happily got rid of as many as possible. The IDIA leader also seemed to think of some of the agents as expendable. Wrap up: While I did have some issues with the writing quality and content, I found the book to be very entertaining on the whole. I'm looking forward to reading the next addition in the series--Lightporter--and I'm hoping that it will give me some answers to the many, many questions I have after reading Twinepathy. Rating: 3.5 stars. Recommended: Yes. Ages 8 and up. Content guide: Language: 0/10 Sexual Content: 0/10 Violence: 6/10 (battle--both good guys and bad guys die. little value placed on human life. some injuries--non-graphic.) *Many thanks to the author for providing a copy to review!* For more book reviews, or to request your own book to be reviewed by yours truly, visit