Two Suitors for Anna (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series #3)

Two Suitors for Anna (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series #3)

by Molly Jebber

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ISBN-13: 9781420137651
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 01/31/2017
Series: A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel Series , #3
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 651,993
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Molly Jebber enjoys writing stories about Amish history and their culture. She’s a Women’s Christian Connection motivational speaker and enjoys meeting new people. She was raised in a small town in the Midwest, and insists if you had blinked twice, you would've missed it. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities.  Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. The greatest reward she’s experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who've been encouraging and supportive. Readers can visit her website at

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Two Suitors for Anna

By Molly Jebber


Copyright © 2017 Molly Jebber
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3766-8


Berlin, Ohio, 1903

Anna flipped the sign on Grace and Sarah's Dry Goods to open to show she was ready for business on Monday morning and glanced out the open window. She chuckled. A young newspaper boy waved a paper high above his head with his back to her. He was perfect for the job with his loud voice.

"Exciting news! On July fourth, we reported The Commercial Cable Company, Great Northern Cable Company, and the Eastern Telegraph Company have made it possible for President Roosevelt to deliver the first telegraph message around the globe! Read another article on telegraph messaging today!"

An Englischer smiled and approached the red-haired boy. "I'll take one. Thank you." He pressed coins in the eager boy's hand, tucked his purchase under his arm, and whistled as he headed across the street.

A mamm ran after her little maedel heading for the bakery. "Nancy Lynn, get back here!"

The blacksmith had a line of customers outside his door. Berlin bustled with activity. Men and women entered and left the shops, restaurants, post office, and livery. The sun glinted off the window. Anna squinted.

A man beeped his horn and raised his fist. "Watch where you're going!"

She gasped. Noah! He'd almost been struck!

"Sorry, sir." Noah crouched, hurried across the street, and waved to her.

She pressed a hand to the nervous flutter in her stomach and waved back with the other. She loved his sandy-blond hair, sky-blue eyes, and tall, thin frame. Restless and carefree, Noah loved change. During their three-year friendship, he had rearranged his chore schedule often, experimented with growing different kinds of herbs, and built numerous household products out of pine, maple, cherry, and oak. While Noah was interesting and a delight most of the time, she didn't share his enthusiasm for change. She found comfort in going about her tasks the same way. He'd pushed her to do things more like him for the last several months. They'd argued more often and his latest obsession to relocate to Lancaster for no good reason had added to her confusion as to whether they were meant for each other. To imagine life without him would be painful.

All he talked about was leaving Berlin, Ohio, to live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to make new friends and enjoy a different community. She had no desire to return to Lancaster. Living in Berlin the last three years, she'd enjoyed managing the dry goods shop and making good friends. She looked forward to raising a family here.

Would Noah ever be satisfied living in the same place for long? His need for adventure worried her. She'd kept quiet on the matter, hoping he'd forget the silly notion. He'd hinted at marrying her, but he hadn't proposed. She, her family, and her friends assumed they'd wed someday.

What if he asked her to marry him? She had no idea what to say. He'd been quieter than usual before and after the church service yesterday. Something was apparently heavy on his mind. Was he getting closer to asking her? She had always thought they'd marry, have kinner, and build a future together. Giddy with excitement at the idea until now. Why did he have to shatter the day she'd waited for since she'd fallen in love with him by choosing to move away from family and friends? Things had changed for them. He picked at everything she did. Would Noah ever be satisfied with her or living in one location planning for kinner and their future? She couldn't stand to think about this anymore today.

Noah walked into the shop and interrupted her thoughts. "Good morning. It's only the sixth of July, and already, the sun is blazing hot. I'm ready for winter. I abhor this heat, but I enjoy all the colors in the fields and gardens. All the plants and flowers are in full bloom. They are pretty, like you." He grinned and touched her nose. He glanced at the walls and waggled his finger. "You need to change your quilt display, like I told you. Change is good."

She stiffened and fought to keep from rolling her eyes. "Noah, I don't need to move things around every other day. Let's not argue." She pointed to the box under his arm. The man can be exasperating. "What are you carrying?" Noah set the box on the counter and patted the lid. "I finished handcrafting a sewing box out of cedar, and I wanted to show the piece to you before I delivered it to Mark's shop next door."

She peeked inside. "You varied the sections in the lift-out part. What a wonderful idea. The cedar is beautiful." She gave him a grateful smile. "This sewing box is almost as pretty as the one you gave me last year. Mark will be pleased. The sections kumme in handy for needles, pins, and spools of thread." She admired Grace and Mark's relationship. Both were good friends to her and Noah. Mark had graciously given his time to Noah teaching him how to handcraft household products before he'd married Grace and they'd had a child. Grace had hired her and later entrusted the management of the shop to her. She could talk to Grace about anything and trusted her friend would not repeat what she told her. She wished their lives weren't so busy and they could sit and chat more often.

"I can't take all the credit. Mark's been a good teacher and friend. Taking care of his livestock and farm is a pleasure rather than work. He's an excellent craftsman, but he makes the same things. I modify them to offer a little something different. I'm excited he's offered to sell my products in his store. I'll need the money for our future." He winked.

She wasn't surprised he wasn't satisfied to construct his creations the way Mark showed him. His creative mind was always kumming up with new ways to alter his projects. Anna opened her mouth to ask about his plans for the money but decided against it. An attractive Amish man strolled into the shop. He looked familiar, but she couldn't place him. He was several inches shorter than Noah. He had broad shoulders and powerful muscles bulged tight in his sleeves. She guessed him a couple of years older than Noah. "May I help you?"

He removed his hat, revealing a full head of thick, brown hair, and gave her a sheepish grin. "Jah, I'm here to purchase much needed kitchen towels."

"I'm Anna Plank, and meet Noah Schwartz. I'll be glad to show you what we have for choices."

"I'm Daniel Bontrager, and I'm new in town. I relocated here from Lancaster, Pennsylvania." He shook Noah's hand.

Daniel Bontrager. Where would she have met him? Anna snapped her fingers and smiled. "I recognize you from the church I attended in Lancaster. We moved to Berlin three years ago."

Daniel nodded his head. "Jah, I remember you. We'd moved to Lancaster from Middlebury, Indiana, after my mamm's parents passed. Daed had to get away from all the memories. Our families were acquainted, but I didn't have much time for attending social gatherings, and I missed Sunday services quite a bit. Mamm got sick, and I stayed home to watch over her. She had good and bad days. The neighbor took care of her during the workweek."

"I'm sorry about your mamm."

"Me too." Noah cocked his head. "I'm considering relocating to Lancaster. Anna has no desire to return there. Did you enjoy living there?"

"I did."

Noah crossed his arms. "Are you any relation to Jonathan and Adele Bontrager?"

Daniel cast his eyes downward. "Jah, he was my bruder."

Anna swallowed the lump in her throat. Daniel's bruder's fraa, Adele, had been a sweet woman and news of her and her boppli's passing during childbirth had spread like wildfire in the community. She gave him a sympathetic smile. "Adele was pretty with her soft voice, dainty features, and kind personality. I was shocked when Jonathan died from a tragic heart attack a few months after the loss of his fraa and infant. You have my deepest sympathy."

"Danki. I miss them."

Noah cleared his throat and put a hand on Daniel's shoulder. "I'm sorry about their passing, too. They were a wonderful couple. What made you choose to move here?"

He acknowledged Noah's concern with a nod. "I needed a fresh start. My parents were murdered in a robbery while shopping in the General Store in Lancaster almost two years ago. Mamm was having a good day, and Daed offered to take her with him. The robber shot them, along with the owner. The sheriff was next door and heard the gunfire. He rushed in, but they were already dead. The robber turned his gun on the sheriff, and he shot and killed the criminal. Violence is rare in our town. The way they died was a shock to us and the community."

Anna blinked and blinked again. She pressed her fingers to her parted lips. He must've been devastated to find out his parents had been brutally murdered. Amish did everything to avoid trouble. "Where were you when your parents were in the store?"

"My bruder and I were working at home when the sheriff and the bishop came and told us the dreadful news. I'll never forget the date. It was February second, nineteen one. Two months later, Jonathan and Adele married and moved to Berlin." He shuffled his feet. "Jonathan wrote how much he loved living in this town. I'd planned to move closer to him, but I kept putting the move off. I decided to sell everything and take over Jonathan's haus and property. I regret waiting."

He was young to have been the last one left in his immediate family. He must feel so alone. The violent event would most likely stay fresh in the Amish community's minds for a while. "I would probably want to do the same if I were in your position."

Noah stretched out his hand. "I'm sorry you suffered the loss of your parents in such a horrific way, and Jonathan and his family, too."

"I didn't mean to share my whole life story." Daniel diverted his eyes to the window.

Noah slapped Daniel's upper arm. "Don't apologize. We're a close community, and we want to get better acquainted with you." He lifted his box. "My mamm and I live on the last farm on the left on South Road. Stop in and visit anytime." He headed for the door. "I'm happy to help with whatever you need, and please don't hesitate to ask. You may want to move or purchase a few new pieces of furniture to make Jonathan's haus more like yours."

"You're kind to offer, but I'm comfortable with the furniture at present. I may buy new pieces later."

Anna held her breath a moment. Noah couldn't resist imposing his ideas onto someone else. He was too pushy. Being content with leaving things the same wasn't a disease! Maybe Daniel found comfort having his bruder's things around him.

Anna lifted a towel. "Daniel, there's a stack of these on the shelf next to the wall to the side of the counter. You'll find they differ in fabric and color. Would you like to browse through them, while I walk Noah to the door? I'll be quick."

"I'd be glad to. Take your time." He headed toward the shelf.

She followed Noah and smiled, as he walked with a lilt in his step and hummed as he went to the door. He'd been empathetic and extended a warm wilkom to Daniel. The Amish helped each other, but Noah had gone above and beyond to befriend Daniel. She had her concerns with Noah, but she admired his cheerful attitude, his solid work ethic, and ability to make friends easily. "Would you like to kumme to supper this evening?" She'd ask him later why he was so quiet yesterday.

"Of course. I'd never turn down your mamm's cooking." Noah winked. "After supper, we will discuss our future." He turned and switched the stack of aprons she had displayed on a shelf to a small table against the side wall under the hanging quilts. "Much better." He waved to Daniel and left through the connecting door to Mark's shop.

She paused. Her heart sank each time he moved her dry goods. Why wasn't the shelf where she had set the aprons good enough? She had them where she wanted them. What would he say about their future? She wanted to ignore her doubts and get excited about his possibly proposing, but her conscience wouldn't let her. She glanced at Daniel. She didn't have time to dwell on her problems with Noah. She should help Daniel. Walking to him, she held up the top towel. "We also have a variety of sizes." She gestured to another table.

Leah rushed in minutes later and threw her bag under the counter. "Good morning."

Anna gestured her over. "Please meet Daniel Bontrager. He's moved into his bruder Jonathan Bontrager's home. You probably don't remember him, but he attended our church in Lancaster."

Smiling, Leah stood next to Anna. "I'm Anna's schweschder Leah. I apologize. I don't remember you."

"Don't worry, I'm not offended." He tipped his hat. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Daniel came in to buy some dry goods." She gestured to the towel rack. "Did you find what you wanted?"

He selected three of them. "I'll take these, please." He passed the towels to her. He paid for his purchase and waited while she wrapped them. "Danki." He scanned the coverlets. "You have an interesting arrangement of patterned quilts on the walls. Do you and your schweschder stitch them?"

"We and other Amish women in the community."

"Anna, you should show him our keepsake pocket quilts."

He fingered a brown-and-white one with a star pattern. He patted the pocket. "What do you put in here?"

Anna removed a quilt from the hooks, draped the coverlet over her arm, and untied the ribbon holding the pocket closed. "You write a letter to the person receiving the quilt and tuck the note inside. The quilt and letter become keepsakes. The person receiving the letter will have the giver's words to read again and again for comfort and joy for years."

"What a creative idea. I'll purchase it along with my towels."

Anna opened her mouth in surprise. She hadn't had many men purchase the quilts. His enthusiasm and interest in the idea of the pocket warmed her heart.

Leah joined them. "I'll wrap your purchase for you while Anna accepts payment."

Anna removed the dented gray metal cashbox from under the counter and recorded the sale.

He passed her the correct change and accepted his package from Leah. "Danki for your help. Pleasure meeting you both. The sun is shining in spite of the pouring rain." He pointed to the window. "There's a rainbow."

She strained her neck to look out the window. "The rainbow's arch stretches far."

Leah pressed her nose up to the glass. "The pink, green, and blue in the rainbow paint the prettiest picture across the sky. I wish they would appear more often."

Anna stepped around the counter and walked Daniel to the door. On the way, a drop of water wet her sleeve. She paused and touched the damp spot. Pointing to the ceiling, she grimaced. "We must have a leak in the roof."

He peered at the moisture on the ceiling. "I'd be glad to fix the damage for you for a minimal cost."

She clasped her hands to her chest. "Danki for offering. I'll ask Grace King, my employer, for permission. She has to approve maintenance costs."

"I'll stop in on Friday to take a look at the damage and give you an estimate. Please assure Mrs. King I'll give her a fair price. If she agrees to me doing the work, I'll schedule a time with you for next week."

Leah grinned. "Kumme back anytime. These are my favorite towels because they're homespun cotton and keep their shape and absorb the water much better than the rest of the ones we sell."

He smiled but kept his eyes on Anna.

Her cheeks heated. "Have a pleasant day, Mr. Bontrager. Wilkom to Berlin."

"I'll talk to you Friday, Miss Plank."

"Call me Anna."

"Only if you call me Daniel."


Daniel paused and put his hand on the doorknob. "It truly was a pleasure meeting you, Anna." He grinned and shut the door behind him.

Leah closed the sales journal and stowed the book under the counter. She chuckled and nudged Anna's shoulder. "Noah better hurry and ask you to marry him. He's got competition. Daniel Bontrager couldn't pry his striking dark brown eyes away from you."

Anna sucked in her bottom lip. Daniel had matured and was more attractive than she remembered. His brown hair and eyes complemented his high cheekbones and structured jawline. Now she understood why she'd only seen him a few times in the church services. He'd experienced a boatload of sadness in his life. No wonder their families hadn't gotten better acquainted.

She had noticed Daniel staring at her earlier, but she wouldn't admit this to Leah. Noah was her first love, and she hoped they could reach a mutual understanding about their differences and the confusion in her mind would vanish. "You missed Noah. He came in earlier."


Excerpted from Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber. Copyright © 2017 Molly Jebber. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
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Two Suitors for Anna (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series #3) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
MerryWifeofWindsor More than 1 year ago
I graciously received "Two Suitors for Anna" free in exchange for an honest review. The year is 1903. Anna Plank lives a charmed life in the small rural hamlet of Berlin, Ohio. Residing with her mother, Mrs. Plank and two sisters, Leah and Beth, she works devotedly at Grace's Dry Goods Shop. For years she has been courted by none other than the handsome, fair-haired Noah Schwartz, a man possibly considers the love of her life. Unfortunately, Noah has different ideas from Anna and, when he constantly wants to change the way things are done, it unsettles her. He announces that he will be leaving Berlin to travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that he wants her to accompany him. Not wanting to leave her beloved family behind, she is torn between the man she loves and those who need her. Enter Daniel Bontrager, a new arrival in Berlin, who one day arrives at Grace's shop. The moment he sets his sights on Anna, Daniel immediately feels a liking for her, something that transforms into love over time. When he starts to perform all sorts of small jobs around the shop, Anna's attention turns away from the irksome Noah and towards the calm, taciturn Daniel with his head of fine dark hair. Trouble comes in the form of Butch Winter as he walks into their life and flirts with Anna's younger sister, Leah. With the threat of scandal looming over Leah and the Plank family, it is up to Anna and Daniel to dissuade Butch from his indecent pursuit of her. Between the romantic triangle with Anna at the center and the possibility of Leah being shunned, "Two Suitors for Anna" promises to be an interesting read. "Two Suitors for Anna" is a feel-good Christian story that has something to offer everyone. In a protagonist, Anna proves to be an upstanding and kindhearted individual who goes out of her way to help others. Daniel, one of her suitors, is undeniably a masculine version of our heroine. The two have a lot in common. Noah is the character who really fell a bit flat for me. There were times when I found him downright annoying and rather shallow. I cannot see what Anna saw in him. One could even go so far as to say that Noah was merely a vehicle for change, the epitome of a progressive man. Ms. Jebber's writing style was engaging and everything was well-written, from the painting of the scenes to the characterization to a compelling conclusion. The pace of the story did begin slowly but when I was about a quarter way in, I was engrossed. There was a good combination of different genres: some intrigue, an abundance of romance, mystery sprinkled throughout, and even a heartwarming element. While this story was an enjoyable and substantial read, I found the predictability of certain situations and characters to be a bit of an impediment. For that reason, I give "Two Suitors for Anna" 4 Stars. Reviewed by the Merry Wife of Windsor.
conniet729 More than 1 year ago
This was the first book that I have read read by this author. I really enjoyed this book. The author's style of writing was clear and descriptive. I just love books that you can see and feel what is going on. I found myself not being able to put the book down once I started. There were some unexpected plot twists as you go along. I love that the book kept me guessing. I highly recommend this book! 5 stars! I received a courtesy copy of this book on behalf of the author in exchange for my opinion, all opinions are my own.
Kathae More than 1 year ago
It was a pleasure to get to know Anna Plank and her family, who had been introduced in the previous Keepsake Pocket Quilt novel. They were a close-knit family, who had by necessity come to rely on each other even more after the death of Mr. Plank. Anna's sweet disposition, and the family's dedication to each other and to God, drew Daniel Bontrager to her upon their first meeting. But Anna was being courted by Noah Schwartz, a fine, hard-working craftsman, and had a choice to make. I appreciated how the two men, although in competition for Anna's heart, were both honorable and civil toward each other. The Planks, Noah, and Daniel all respectfully submitted themselves to the oversight of the bishop when problems arose that would affect their Amish community. I enjoyed the plot twists that happened throughout the book. Amish fiction fans will enjoy this book. It is the third book in the series, but reads well as a stand-alone novel. I received a digital copy of this book from the author, via Celebrate Lit, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber is of a slower pace than the books I have been reading of late. That is a good thing as sometimes I need to sit back and take a breather. Here in this story we have Anna, eldest daughter and a very close to her widowed Mother and two sisters. Anna and Noah have an understanding and both love and want to marry each other. However, something has happened and Anna cannot quite measure up to Noah’s exacting standards of late. Noah and Anna also have very different goals for their lives. Noah wants to leave and for Anna to come with him. Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to leave her home or her family, Anna and Noah separate and Noah goes off on his own. There were definite warning signs in their relationship, and I am glad to have seen that Anna was a mature enough character not to just marry blindly for loving feelings. I felt for Anna, because as in real life, we are going along and expect certain things/dreams to line up and when they don’t there is a real grief that comes that we must work through. In the meantime there is another gentleman who has just moved to Berlin and has set his eyes, hopes, and dreams on Anna. As Daniel pursues Anna, she realizes that her heart may just heal from Noah. However, Noah returns remorseful and asking for forgiveness from her for leaving and wants her to take him back. What is a girl to do as there is something powerful in first love? But which one is true love? The author does not give her characters an easy road. They do experience their fair share of troubles brought on by the outside world and their own sinful regrets. This was a refreshing read with a slower pace of life. I received a copy of this book for free. I was not required to give a positive review and the opinions and views expressed are my own.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
As always this book does not disappoint. Molly Jabber has never disappointed me. I loved Anna and her sisters, Leah and Beth. I loved Daniel more than Noah. This book again works in the pocket quilts. They are such a great idea. There are many twists and turns. I don't know how I would have handled both Noah and Daniel. I received this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Lane_Hill_House More than 1 year ago
Thursday, February 2, 2017 Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber, © 2017 Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series, Book 3 My Review: In 1900, widowed Mrs. Plank and her three daughters, Anna, Leah, and Beth, move to Berlin, Ohio, from their Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The story focuses at three years later, as their Mamm works at the general store while Anna and Leah manage the dry goods store. It is so interesting visualizing their day ~ with quilts they and other Amish women have made, aprons, tea towels and other merchandise displayed. Highly favored, word of mouth brings traveling Englischers to purchase. I enjoyed meeting the Plank family and their influence on others by just being themselves. They share together, pray together, and live life together in a magnificent way. Each sharing chores at home and conversations with all being heard. I especially liked how they were supportive of each other and their decisions. Newcomer, Daniel Bontrager, has lost his parents and his brother and his family in tragic ways. He and his dog, Otis, travel from Lancaster to Berlin to farm his brother's land. As Noah Schwartz meets Daniel, he expresses that he is going to Lancaster where his aunt and uncle live. Daniel's carpentry work is an asset to neighboring farms and businesses. Being befriended by the Planks and invited to their home for food and fellowship, he has found a place of belonging. My favorite in this story is Beth Plank, the youngest daughter who stays with their neighbor, Mrs. Hochstetler, while her family works in town. She is full of so much joy and has words of wisdom to share without filters. Come and join everyday happenings as trust and honesty between characters will be an asset to future generations. ***Thank you Celebrate Lit for inviting me on the book tour for Two Suitors for Anna and to author Molly Jebber for sending a signed copy to me! This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
Anna Plank had a long time beau that she thought she would marry and live happily after but what a dilemma when her answer isn't what he wants to hear. This story tells of a young Amish lady and the heartache of young love and the way life throws you a curve just when you thought your life was your life's dreams coming true! Anna's two suitors make this an interesting story of coping with life's disappointments, faith, family, love and a even a nice little mystery into her quiet life. If you like Amish stories.. this is a good one!
Baranski1987 More than 1 year ago
Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber is book three in A Keepsake Pocket Quilt series. This is another wonderful work of Amish fiction. This story is full of love, faith, disappointment, heartache, and letting go of the past. It is wonderful being taken back to visit with some of my favorite characters in Berlin, Ohio and meeting some new ones also. I received a complementary copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion. 4.5 stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anna has been waiting for Noah's proposal of marriage. Now that he's "asked," she's not sure about accepting! Noah leaves town as Daniel moves in, in more ways than one! An interesting Amish romance. The indecision between the men was a little too long. The rest of the story stayed true to the genre with some Englisch and Amish family problems examined. Good story. I read an ARC of this book thru Netgalley and publisher for an honest review.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber is A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel. Anna Plank has been seeing Noah Schwartz for the last three years since her family moved to Berlin, Ohio. Lately, though, Noah has begun to grate on her nerves. Noah likes to change things up, and he keeps pushing Anna. Anna is happy with her life, family and job at Grace’s Dry Goods Shop. Noah has a big surprise for Anna. After they marry, he wishes to move to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Anna does not wish to leave her family and start over especially since Noah is not sure that he wants to settle forever in Lancaster. Noah moves forward with his plans and moves within a week to Lancaster. Daniel Bontrager has just moved to Berlin from Lancaster (what a coincidence). Daniel is taking over his deceased brother’s farm. Daniel is instantly taken with Anna and is happy to hear that she is now available. Daniel slowly gets to know Anna, and they start spending more time together. Daniel is especially helpful with Anna’s younger sister, Leah. Leah gets involved with an Englischer who cannot take no for an answer. But then Noah returns to town. Anna’s heart is torn between these two men. Anna will need to pray and ask for God’s guidance so she can make the right decision. Then something unexpected enters Anna’s life that will complicate her decision, but it will greatly enhance her life. Return to Berlin, Ohio to see what choice Anna will make and catch up with the characters we have come to know and love in Two Suitors for Anna. Two Suitors for Anna is well-written, has a good pace, lovely setting, and a nice time period (1903). I liked the characters. They are realistic and relatable (they feel like real people). I give Two Suitors for Anna 4.25 out of 5 stars. The only negative comment I have is that I did find the book predictable. I knew what would happen once April Cooper entered the scene. I like the life lessons provided by the author. Two Suitors for Anna is an uplifting novel. I enjoyed reading this book, and I stayed up late to finish it (I knew how it would end, but I still wanted to read it). Two Suitors for Anna can be read alone, but I recommend checking out the other books in A Keepsake Pocket Quilt series. All the books in the series are heartening stories that will leave you with a smile on your face and good feeling in your heart (corny, but true).
LucyMR1 More than 1 year ago
This is book for a more simplistic day when you don't want to delve into a heavy read. It is enjoyable and has a few plot twists to keep you interested. Anna becomes torn between looking to a future with Daniel or looking to the past with Noah. Each character has hurts and scars that dictate how they react to situations. Leah is Anna's sister and she becomes involved with an Englisher, which makes for some interesting circumstances. Faith and romance are the theme along with a dash of suspense. This book is touching and sweet. I received a complimentary copy from the author and CelebrateLit. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
Mar-J More than 1 year ago
Anna's Story is Delightful and Heartwarming I looked forward to reading Two Suitors for Anna after being introduced to Anna in book two, Grace’s Forgiveness. Both of these books are part of Molly Jebber’s Keepsake Pocket Quilt series. I truly was not disappointed in reading this uplifting story. The historical time and setting in Berlin, Ohio added charm to the story. Anna Plank was happy to be working in Grace and Sarah’s Dry Goods store and telling customers about the Keepsake Pocket Quilts that were for sale. Anna did not like Noah Schwartz telling her consistently how to rearrange the items in the store, as she didn’t try to control Noah in his work. Anna was taken back when Noah talked about them moving around from one community to another when they were married. Anna was happy and content in Berlin, OH and had no desire to leave. Anna knew the importance of family and wanted to be close to her mother and sisters, since she had already lost her father. Will Noah and Anna be able to come to an agreement? Daniel Bontrager was drawn to Anna when he moved to Berlin to assume ownership of his late brother’s farm. Daniel was a hard worker and willing to assist Anna with little projects without payment. Daniel enjoyed doing woodworking besides of his roofing job and working on the farm. Daniel and Anna’s relationship changed into more than a friendship after Noah returned to Lancaster County. Anna was surprise when Noah showed back up in Berlin. Noah assumed his relationship was the same with Anna until Anna mentioned things had changed with him being gone. Noah confronted Daniel about not seeing Anna any more without informing Anna he had done this. Anna’s heart was broken when Daniel stopped coming around. She couldn’t imagine why Daniel no longer called on her and even her younger sisters missed seeing Daniel. Noah was persuasive with Anna about changing. Will Daniel or Noah be the center of Anna’s heart filled with true love for the fortunate young man? The descriptive scenes captured my senses being able to see, smell, hear and feel all that was transpiring with the primary and secondary characters. There were moments of laughter and times of tears, plus some astonishing scenes that were intense filled with accelerating alertness of what was transpiring with an increased heart rate. The characters are life like friends, who faced issues that can only be conquered through faith and pray. Two Suitors for Anna is filled with dedicated community members to serve others and let their faith and love for God guide them in decisions that need to be made. Readers will find themselves unable to stop turning the pages till they know how the story ends. I read this lovely story in one day. I look forward to reading more heartwarming stories by Molly Jebber filled with action, faith, and romance. Molly Jebber has become of my favorite authors. I received a complimentary copy of Two Suitors for Anna from the author. I was not required to write a positive review for the author, but have shared my honest thoughts of this heartwarming story.
annelr More than 1 year ago
Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber is a heartwarming story of romance in Berlin, OH. Anna, her sisters, and their Mamm have a good life in a close Amish community. In a relationship with Noah for several years, Anna's expectation is that they will marry, settle in Berlin and have a houseful of kinner. But Noah is discontent with the status quo and has a sense of adventure and curiosity. Settling down in one place is not for him. Anna realizes that love may not be enough to overcome their differences. Then come Daniel, a man who comes to love Anna just as she is. Who can she trust? Will she let the past confuse her? Which man does God want for Anna? Family and faith are strong themes throughout. The three sisters have a very close relationship and have each others' backs and are quick to forgive when situations get a little testy. Beth, the youngest, is quick to defend her sisters and speaks her mind freely, bringing a little humor to some situations. The characters are likable and believable and throughout the book, the reader sees where they rely on God for wisdom in their lives. The author keeps the reader's interest by throwing a few wrenches into the works. While Anna is in turmoil over her decision regarding which man to love, there is frightening trouble with an Englischer, an abandoned baby and a stolen coin case to deal with. All in all a lovely story with a satisfying ending. I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author via CelebrateLit. A favorable review was not required and opinions are my own. This review is part of a CelebrateLit blog tour.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
This story is about the Plank family, a mother and three daughters living in the early 1900’s in an Amish Community in Berlin Ohio. In particular the story focus on Anna the oldest, and her romance with Noah, a man that is set to change her, and wants her to move to Lancaster PA, but things cannot remain smooth, and before he leaves a new settler moves to their community, Daniel Bontranger. Ok you are going to find yourself rooting for one over the other, and found that with the things that are happening you are definitely swayed to choose one. There are some serious and sad events that take place, and they make your choice even more evident. While we do have some moments that will make you smile, especially the ones with pets. You will be on a yo-yo ride, when first one and then the other of this special couple cannot make a major commitment, you will be page turning and looking for answers here. I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zebra, and was not required to give a positive review.