Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising


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Amazon is where consumers search, learn about, and shop for your products (whether from you or another seller). And with 310 million active users and counting, this is the ecommerce platform you can’t afford to ignore.

Amazon advertising and customer growth expert Timothy P. Seward shares nearly two decades of expertise in retail and ecommerce to lift the veil on doing business on Amazon. Seward shows you how to build an aggressive, streamlined advertising campaign, increase your search visibility, consistently capture consumer demand, and accelerate new product sales without big-budget national ad campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine if Vendor Central or Seller Central is right for your brand
  • Capture new customers through Sponsored Product Campaigns
  • Apply the five essential elements of a high-quality product detail page
  • Establish metrics, evaluate performance against keyword types, and perform competitive analyses
  • Add negative keywords that can benefit your advertising campaigns
  • Apply Amazon’s secret formula for long-term winning
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    ISBN-13: 9781599186382
    Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
    Publication date: 05/21/2019
    Series: Ultimate Guide
    Pages: 240
    Sales rank: 445,709
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    About the Author

    Timothy P. Seward is the founder of ROI Revolution which drives growth for brands, retailers, and ecommerce merchants with its results-driven digital marketing technology and services. With his extensive marketing and retail background, he is a thought leader who has spoken at 70+ industry ecommerce and Amazon events including IRCE & Prosper, is a frequent guest lecturer at North Carolina State University’s College of Management, and has contributed to key industry publications including Internet Retailer.

    Table of Contents

    PREFACE: Read This First

    This chapter introduces you to Amazon as an option for your marketing efforts. The chapter also outlines the structure of the book and the intended audience of the book. The emphasis is on the benefit of this book to retailers and brands.

    CHAPTER 1: Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Investments

    By diversifying your marketing efforts, your brand can reach more customers. Even though this book’s focus is primarily on Amazon, you brand should not dismiss other channels.

    CHAPTER 2: Amazon Advantage

    Amazon is where most customers are choosing to shop. This chapter’s focus will be on showing the growth and reach of Amazon and what it could mean for your brand if you are not using Amazon to promote your products.

    CHAPTER 3: Amazon and You

    This chapter will answer what benefit this book will be for a brand or retailer looking to increase sales through Amazon Market Services. The chapter will focus on looking at Amazon’s reach in the ecommerce market and its effects on retail. The goal is to show you that this book can help your brand grow and sell more if you use Amazon advertising services.

    CHAPTER 4: Success Starts Here

    Adding yet another marketing channel to your brand’s overall strategy might seem overwhelming, so this chapter will discuss ways to delegate work and how to determine which tasks should be considered important. Another topic in this chapter is how to stand out from your competition. Finally, the chapter will end with 7 quick tips for overall success.

    CHAPTER 5: Just the Basics

    Before starting a marketing campaign with Amazon, your brand needs to determine where it stands overall. Addressing pricing, customer satisfaction, and the health of your brand can help set you up for success later down the road. This chapter will guide you through setting up your account on Amazon.

    CHAPTER 6: Sink or Swim: Campaign Prosperity Starts Here

    Success of every campaign, whether in Amazon or Google AdWords, starts with selecting keywords for ads. There are tools and ways that can help your brand select the best performing keywords. The chapter will provide you with a quick start plan of things that can be done to make sure you are ready to create your first ad.

    CHAPTER 7: Amazon Seller Central VS Amazon Marketing Services

    Amazon Seller Central is for sellers on the Marketplace while Amazon Marketing Services are for vendors to Amazon.

    CHAPTER 8: Your Amazon Strategy

    Ultimately, you play a huge role in determining how successful your brand is on Amazon. To ensure success, there must be a strategy in place that determines your brand’s objectives and goals. Even more important is how to encourage everyone to get on board with your goals.

    CHAPTER 9: Bringing the In-Store Experience Online

    Your brand’s Amazon Store is an important part of your Amazon Campaign. Because it has the power to convert a prospect into a repeat customer, it is important to make your brand’s store an enjoyable experience. This chapters will walk through the basics of setting up your Amazon Store and the best practices in converting visitors into repeat customers.

    CHAPTER 10: Selecting Products to Advertise

    Before creating any ad, you must decide what products to advertise and in what way. Some things to consider may include profit margins, inventory and the introduction of new products.

    CHAPTER 11: Ad Types to Achieve Desired Results

    Amazon offers several different types of ads. Each ad type has its benefits and drawbacks. After reading this chapter, your brand will be able to determine which type works best for each type of campaign and best practices of each ad type.

    CHAPTER 12: Campaign Settings

    This chapter looks at the different settings of each ad interface to help increase your reach.

    CHAPTER 13: Understanding Your Audience

    The goal of using Amazon Marketing Services is to promote your products. This is not possible if the ads are showing up in front of the wrong audience. This chapter will address how to select an audience for your brand’s campaign.

    CHAPTER 14: Make Up of a Great Ad

    The purpose of this book is to educate your brand on how to create great ads, however, ideally you have some prior marketing experience. For the brands who do not, this chapter will serve as Marketing 101. Very basic guidelines will be discussed to create ads that convert.

    CHAPTER 15: Understanding Amazon Ads

    Amazon has an extensive policy regarding ads. This chapter will not be able to go through the policy in its entirety, but will go through important highlights and provide information on where to find the rest of the Amazon policies and specifications. What should be done when an ad is disapproved by Amazon will also be discussed.

    CHAPTER 16: Bidding Strategies

    The bottom line is a business’ number one priority and every dollar invested needs to have a return. Bidding strategies include setting daily, weekly and monthly budgets for the ads, and then optimizing each ad to adjust the bids depending on how the ad is performing.

    CHAPTER 17: The Secret Formula for Winning

    There is a huge difference between just staying in business and winning. To win, your brand must focus on the pacesetter that has the power to drive greatness in your business. Those pacesetters are the business’ customers.

    CHAPTER 18: Reports and Analytics

    Amazon offers numerous report types, however, because Amazon Ad Services is still in its infancy, the data in the reports is fragmented and can make it difficult to analyze the big picture. Strategies and best practices will be discussed in this chapter, as well as how to best interpret results.

    CHAPTER 19: When Things Go Wrong

    All campaigns will, at some point, run into roadblocks. However, mistakes don’t have to mean that a campaign is a failure if a brand has right tools to turn those mistakes around. This chapter is about spotting the unsuccessful campaigns early and then changing them for the better.

    CHAPTER 20: Ad Optimization and Management

    After using reports to analyze the performance of your ads, you’ll need to know how to optimize and manage your ads based on the data collected. Case-by-case scenarios will be addressed, as well as how to adjust each ad for maximum performance.

    CHAPTER 21: Conversion Rates and ROI

    Return on investment and conversion of Amazon store visitors into customers is typically the number one objective of brands and retailers. To do this, your brand must know where to find analytics about where your customers are coming from, where are they going and if they are returning.

    CHAPTER 22: Hiring Amazon Ad Services Provider

    For large companies with many marketing channels it might make sense to outsource Amazon Marketing to an agency. Making smart choices when hiring an agency can play a large part in how successful your brand is in Amazon Marketing.

    CHAPTER 23: When Success Is Your Enemy

    This chapter will re-emphasize the need for diversification in marketing. It will also answer how your brand can determine if you are successful or if your marketing efforts have been a failure.

    CHAPTER 24: The Future of Retail

    The growth of ecommerce might seem like the end of retail, but this is far from true. In fact, many retailers can take advantage of future trends to sell more and to create new returning clients.

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