Unburdened by Conscience: A Black People's Collective Account of America's Ante-Bellum South and the Aftermath

Unburdened by Conscience: A Black People's Collective Account of America's Ante-Bellum South and the Aftermath

by Anthony W. Neal

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In Unburdened by Conscience, Anthony W. Neal forcefully argues that influential historians have been unable to offer a complete account of ante-bellum-era American slavery because of their preoccupation with humanizing the slaveholders. He charges them with concealing the full horrors of slavery in order to present the slaveholders in a more positive light. By skillfully weaving together candid first-hand accounts of courageous ex-slaves, Neal then permits readers to see slavery in the United States from their point of view. Former slaves talk openly about the break-up of their marital unions and families and about matters rarely examined in most American slavery history books. Those issues include the slaveholders' legally-sanctioned acts of violence, their practice of slave-breeding, and their rape of black women. Through this work, Neal gives a voice to black people who endured American slavery, and presents a sobering record not found in most books on the topic.

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ISBN-13: 9780761849667
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 11/16/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 168
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About the Author

Anthony W. Neal, a native of Boston, holds an A.B. with honors in history from Brown University and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He has lectured on the topic of civil rights and has been a panelist for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education and The Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts, advising lawyers, employers, and employees on state and federal anti-discrimination laws. A community leader, artist, historian, and an attorney of over twenty-two years, Unburdened by Conscience is his first book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface
Part 2 PART ONE: Brutality and Physical Repression
Chapter 3 1. Scholarship on the Brutality of American Slavery
Chapter 4 2. A Monopoly of Violence in the Slaveholder's Hands
Chapter 5 3. The Slaves' Undying Faith in God
Chapter 6 4. The Torture of Black Women and Children
Chapter 7 5. Public Whippings: A Terrible Part of Living
Chapter 8 6. White Man's Law: Black Man's Grief
Chapter 9 7. The Omnipresent Slave Patrols
Part 10 PART TWO: Master-on-Slave Rape
Chapter 11 8. A Reluctance to Call it Rape
Chapter 12 9. Master-on-Slave Rape Revealed
Chapter 13 10. The Threat of Injury or Death
Chapter 14 11. Slave Resistance
Chapter 15 12. Rape and Slave Breeding
Chapter 16 13. Begetting Children for Profit
Part 17 PART THREE: Slave Family Break-Ups
Chapter 18 14. The Humane Home-Breaker in Slavery Historiography
Chapter 19 15. The Importance of the Slave Family
Chapter 20 16. The Break-Up of Marital Unions through Slave Sales
Chapter 21 17. The Promiscuous Bondswoman: Myth or Reality?
Chapter 22 18. The Break-Up of Slave Families
Part 23 PART FOUR: The Aftermath
Chapter 24 19. One Hundred More Years of Racism and Cruelty
Chapter 25 20. Epilogue
Chapter 26 Glossary
Chapter 27 Bibliography
Chapter 28 Index
Chapter 29 About the Author

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