Unclutter Your Life in One Week

Unclutter Your Life in One Week


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Organization expert and founder of Unclutterer.com Erin Rooney Doland shows you how to declutter and simplify your surroundings, and create the stress-free life you deserve—in just one week.

Simplicity is revolutionary! Doland's down-to-earth approach and useful, innovative suggestions for tackling the physical, mental, and systemic distractions in your home and office will help you:

-Part with sentimental clutter
-Organize your closet based on how you process information
-Build an effective and personalized filing system
-Avoid the procrastination that often hinders the process
-Maintain your harmonious home and work environments with minimal daily effort
-And much more!

Includes a foreword from David Allen, bestselling author of Getting Things Done

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781439150474
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 12/28/2010
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 743,937
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Erin Doland is Editor-in-Chief of Unclutterer and lives in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to her work at Unclutterer, Erin is a twice weekly columnist for Real Simple magazine’s website, has written for CNN.com and ReadyMade, and is in negotiations to contribute a regular column to Fast Company. She borders on having a fanatical commitment to a more minimalist and simple lifestyle.

David Allen is an international author, lecturer, and founder and Chairman of the David Allen Company, a management consulting, coaching, and training company. His two books, Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything were both bestsellers. He is a popular keynote speaker on the topics of personal and organizational effectiveness.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Erin's Story xv

Chapter 1 Foundations 1

Why Change? 3

Work-Life Symbiosis 6

Questions for Your Things 7

Going on a Sentimental Journey 12

Chapter 2 Monday 17

Monday Morning: Your Wardrobe 19

Weeding Through Your Wardrobe 20

Wearing a Uniform 22

Closet Clearing 25

How You Process Information 28

Clustering your Clothes 33

Maintaining Order in your Closet 38

Laundry and Caring for your Wardrobe 39

Monday at Work: Your Office 42

Perceptions 43

Organizing and Maintaining your Desk 44

Organizing the Rest of your Office 50

Monday Evening: Your Reception Station 51

Creating a Reception Station 51

Coming Home 54

Maintaining Your Reception Station 56

Chapter 3 Tuesday 57

Tuesday Morning: Your Bathroom 58

Define your Bathroom's Purposes 58

Organizing your Bathroom by Zones 59

Cabinet Clearing 61

Buy the Small Size 62

How Much Is Enough? 64

Taking Care of Guests 66

Tuesday at Work: Fixing your Files 68

Stop Stacking Papers 69

Qualities of a Good Filing System 70

Case Study 73

Structuring your Filing System 74

Creating Order for your Papers 79

Sorting 80

Scanning 82

Filing 84

Organizing Old Systems 87

Protecting Your System 88

Tuesday Evening: Household Chores Aren't Just for Children 89

Creating Cues 90

Establishing and Maintaining Routines 91

Running Errands 95

Hiring Help 96

Charting It out 97

Fall Cleaning Guide 100

Chapter 4 Wednesday 106

Wednesday Morning: Your Bedroom and Commute 107

Unclutter Your Bedroom 108

Sorting Through Bed Linens 109

Organizing for Better Sleep and waking Up 111

Getting Out the Door 113

Commuting to the Office 115

Consuming Media While Commuting 118

Wednesday at Work: Communication Processes 121

The Four Types of Meetings 121

Participating in Meetings 124

Planning a Meeting 125

Phone, Internet, and E-mail Strategies 128

Powerful Presentations 138

Selectively Saying Yes 141

Wednesday Evening: Your Kitchen and Dining Room 144

Working the Room 144

Unitaskers 147

Tools of the Trade 149

Cleaning Out the Pantry and Refrigerator 151

Cookbooks and Recipes 153

Meal Planning and Eliminating Mealtime Stress 155

Shopping as Sport 158

Your Dining Room 158

Chapter 5 Thursday 160

Thursday Morning: Your Living Spaces 161

Finding Space for Living 161

Displaying Collections 164

Slimming Down Your Bookshelves 165

Maintaining Order in your Living Room 167

Thursday at Work: Working While at Work 168

Your Productive Day at Work 170

Tracking Your Productivity 170

Ways to Improve Your Productivity 172

Stop Procrastinating 175

Repercussions 177

Thursday Evening: Your Home Office 178

Setting Up a Home Office or Workspace 179

Work from Home or Live at Work? 180

Managing your Home 183

Spring Cleaning Guide 185

Chapter 6 Friday 191

Friday Morning: Scheduling Strategies 192

Traditional and Technical Scheduling Tools 193

Keeping on Schedule 196

You Say It's Your Birthday 197

Friday at Work: Routine Is not a Four-Letter Word 199

Project Management 199

Small Deadlines Are Better Than One Big Deadline 203

When You're Not in Control of the Project 205

Learning from the Lazy 206

Routines and Productivity 207

Routine Typing 208

Friday Evening: Living with Clutterers 210

Ten Tips for Living with a Clutterbug 211

Chapter 7 The Weekend 214

Taking Care of Yourself 214

Preparing for the Worst 215

Hobbies and Making the most of your Personal Time 216

Vacation and Travel 219

Being a Social Butterfly 221

Chapter 8 Celebrating and Maintaining Your Success 224

Notes 229

Resources 231

Acknowledgments 235

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