Undeniable Truths: The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy

Undeniable Truths: The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy

by Ed Souza


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Publication date: 08/01/2014
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Undeniable Truths

The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy

By Ed Souza

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Ed Souza
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3642-5


First Things First

"Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."


There are many undeniable truths surrounding the murder of President Kennedy. The reason I started this project was to write a simple, compact book that explains some of the many details of this investigation with all the pertinent information. I say "investigation" because we are simply investigating a crime. During my time with the LAPD, I encountered several hundred murder victims. Working in Los Angeles as a police officer quickly exposes a person to a large body count out on the streets, sometimes daily. I have personally seen many murder victims–most of them having been shot with rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

When you begin an investigation, you must start with securing the scene; in Dallas, the scene of the assassination was never secured. Evidence was destroyed by both the Dallas police and the Secret Service, who took buckets of water and washed out the back of the president's limo within minutes of the shooting. Any hope of reconstructing the crime scene or conducting a proper forensic investigation of the evidence in that vehicle was destroyed. Just think of the evidence we could have had if a proper crime scene investigation had occurred. The School Book Depository was not locked down and secured until almost thirty minutes after the shooting. Considering that the Dallas Police believed this was where some of the shots came from, the depository should have been locked down right away. In fact, if Oswald was the real suspect, the Dallas Police allowed him to walk right out the front door of the depository after the shooting. But even after Secret Service agents washed much of the evidence out with water buckets, there were still several bullet fragments recovered in the presidential limo; the problem for the Warren Commission was there were too many to have come from one round.

According to the official investigation, the throat and back wounds of President Kennedy and the chest, wrist, and thigh wounds of Governor Connelly were all caused by one bullet, the so-called magic bullet. So how would it be possible for them to have recovered all of these bullet fragments, enough for almost three bullets, if there was only one bullet fired after the magic bullet? In their new book, They Killed Our President, Jesse Ventura and his fellow authors, Russell and Wayne, point out what most of us researchers and investigators have known for years: that "fragmenting bullets that explode on impact—also known as 'frangible' bullets or 'hot loads'—are not consistent with the rifle alleged to be used in the assassination. 'Oswald's rifle'—as the authorities like to call it—was not of the type that handled frangible ammo." Experts have looked over the photos of the bullet fragments found in the presidential limo, and as the authors point out, "numerous bullet fragments were found inside the president's limo; some were standard ammo, others were apparently from frangible bullets" (Ventura, Russell, and Wayne 2013, 167).

Also, consider the fact that the governor still had bullet fragments in him when he died in 1993, and the Parkland medical team said they took more fragments out of the governor's wrist than was missing from the magic bullet—something has to give here; does any of this make sense to you? Even more absurd is that no one in the Warren Commission considered this ridiculous set of facts sufficient enough to explain them to the public. With one pristine bullet missing only two grams of weight, and with all those wounds and all those bullet fragments collected, well, I think we deserve a better explanation for sure, and as we will see later, there is one.

Because the Warren Commission said that all three shots came from behind, it is strange that the Secret Service agents in the front seat had no blood on them, nor were the back of their seats in the front of the car covered or sprayed with brain and blood matter. As I stated in my introduction, simply use your childlike intelligence as you consider this case. If JFK was truly shot from behind, where would the blood and brain matter have been sprayed? Right! It would have been sprayed in front of him, and not behind or beside him, like we find in this case. These facts make it clearly obvious that President Kennedy was shot from the right front of the vehicle, possibly from one of the locations behind the grassy knoll.

Now it should be noted that in all the time I was a member of the LAPD, I never saw the laws of physics violated, and I am certain that none of you have observed such an anomaly. Do not fall for the smoke and mirrors put out by recent computer reenactments found on certain cable channels. Use the common sense that God gave you, because this is not brain surgery. For example, if I punched you in the back of the head, which way is your head going to move? Correct, forward. It is as simple as that. I think a guy named Newton figured that out already. Certain television shows are crazy; they do everything possible to prove that the head shot came from behind. Such shows discuss the wind, the direction of the vehicle, and all kinds of nonsense. Do not fall for this ridiculous, made-up, junk science. Instead, do what we officers of the LAPD did, and keep it simple, stupid (KISS).

Furthermore, the Warren Report itself even admits that all of the attending medical personnel at Parkland Hospital clearly acknowledged President Kennedy's head wound as a massive wound to the rear of his head. The hospital personnel concluded that, without a doubt, it must have been an exit wound and not an entrance wound, as the Warren Commission would have us believe. In his book, The Killing of a President, Robert Groden does an excellent job of providing visual images of all the witnesses to the president's wounds. Describing what they saw on pages 86–88 of his book, it is then amazing that the Warren Commission would conclude that the shot that caused the head wound came from behind the vehicle. Based on the overwhelming information available regarding President Kennedy's injuries, I cannot imagine how anyone could conclude that the head wound and the throat wound came from a bullet fired from the rear. These days, I suppose people feel they can run anything through a computer and the masses will believe the outcome.

The official pictures of President Kennedy's autopsy are evidence that the head shot could not have come from behind. If a shot had entered the rear of his head moving forward, how could his face have still been intact? With a bullet traveling at 2,500 feet per second, the front part of his face would have been destroyed. I think it is simply insulting for investigators, as well as some modern-day authors, to make the assertion that the president was shot from behind and leave us no concrete evidence of this fact. How could a high-powered bullet enter the rear of his head and explode in a forward direction without taking out part, if not all, of his face and eye socket? Let us see what other discrepancies we find with the official version of the story.

Dealey Plaza is the small area of downtown Dallas where the shooting occurred. I have been to Dealey Plaza many times, and each time I go, I am reminded of how different it looks in person.

One thing to note is the sharp angle from the sixth floor window; this angle is much too steep to have caused any of President Kennedy's wounds as described by the autopsy doctors. Also, as we just discussed, the head shot from this location would have blown the front of the president's head into the front seat of the car. There would have been major damage to his face, forehead, and eye sockets, and he had no such injuries. Another powerful point was that for most of the shooting area, the trees, which are clearly seen in the above photo, would have been blocking the view of the president in the limo, certainly for the first two shots (one being the throat wound). When the first shots went off, it would have been impossible for the shooter to have seen anyone in the vehicle. This tells the logical person that there must have been another shooter located somewhere in the plaza.

Another interesting note: there are some facts that the Warren Commission and many private researchers agree on, and one of those facts is that a bystander, James Tague, was hit with a bullet fragment while standing under the triple underpass. If you looked out of the sixth floor window, you could see the triple underpass in the distant background, where Tague was struck. Now ask yourself, how bad of a shot was Oswald? If he did fire that first shot, he not only missed the car, which again the Warren Commission agrees was the first shot, he also missed the entire plaza as well, a shot that was at least sixty yards off its mark. So considering that point, the Warren Commission then wanted the world to believe that the next two shots were fired by the same assailant with world-class accuracy, killing President Kennedy, when he missed the entire street with his first shot? Please do not insult our intelligence.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Lee Oswald was considered a poor marksman by many of the marines who served with him, including Sergeant Nelson Delgado, who claimed that Oswald was a terrible shot, one of the worst he had ever seen on a Marine Corps firing line (see his testimony). Oswald did make it through boot camp as a marksman, but that is the lowest rating for a marine, falling below the sharpshooter and expert ratings. I doubt that even Oswald though was so bad as to miss the entire street. Actually, the shot that hit James Tague might have come from the grassy knoll fence line and not the Book Depository, which was his original explanation to Mark Lane in Rush to Judgment. It should be further noted, as I stated in my introduction, that hitting a moving target is different from hitting a stationary one; it is like night and day. Oswald had no formal training shooting at moving targets that we know of; certainly, he did not receive that kind of training in the marines, where he was a radar operator. Also, as I stated earlier, there was a large Texas live oak tree that would have obscured any view of the back of the president from the sixth floor window, when we consider even the Warren Commission's version of when the first shot was fired. If someone did shoot from the depository, they would have had to do so from another window to get a clear shot of the limo (unless, of course, the sixth floor window was just a diversionary shot). Among the observers in Dealey Plaza that morning was a law enforcement officer, who stated in an affidavit that he did not see anyone in the sixth floor window at the time of the shooting, or anything protruding from the sixth floor window, but that is not true of the fourth and fifth floor windows; two men were seen in one of those windows by a very powerful eyewitness, Carolyn Walther (Benson 1993, 470).

The real irony involving the Texas School Book Depository is that none of the shots from that building, more than likely, ever hit the president. It appears that two of them might have missed completely, and one possibly hit James Tague with a ricochet. As mentioned, there is even reasonable doubt regarding that shot, which may have come from the grassy knoll, although one shot that struck the governor could have come from the west side of the depository. According to many experts, both of the shots that hit Governor Connally, nearly killing him, were fired from the opposite side of the building, the west side rather than the sixth floor sniper's nest. Again, because of the angles of the shots from the Texas School Book Depository and the fact that there were too many trees blocking the view of the limo, it would have been a very poor choice for any assassin.

One excellent shooting location for a trained sniper would have been the Dal Tex Building; from this location, a shooter could have done some real damage. In fact, one of the bullet wounds noted by doctors Humes and Boswell during the autopsy was located near the center of President Kennedy's back; according to their notes, it was low enough to have come from this location, (See Figure-1 page 34). This wound can be seen in one of the official autopsy photos, which also depicts a second wound in the middle of the president's back, below the one indicated above.

I do believe President Kennedy was hit from the Dal Tex location, this shot can be seen in the Zapruder film pushing the president downward and forward in his seat, just before he received the throat wound.

I have been to the sixth floor of the School Book Depository where there is a museum; it follows the single-shooter theory that Oswald acted alone. What is most interesting, though, are the huge blow-ups they have of the occupants during the shooting. One of them clearly shows—and I say clearly because they are very large—that Governor Connelly was not hit by the same bullet or the so-called magic bullet, because President Kennedy was already grabbing his throat and slumping over. The governor was not even struck yet and can be seen still holding his hat while trying to look behind himself. The governor stated many times that he was attempting to turn around to see if the president was injured. The picture shows him a split second before he was struck with a bullet, which is clear evidence that it was at least two different projectiles that hit the two men. Go look for yourself if they have not been taken down, or you can just watch the Zapruder film in slow motion to see what so many of us have always known. There was clearly more than one gunman. I remember the first time I went to the museum; I stood right near those pictures and showed several people what I had observed. Most people walking through the museum did not have much knowledge of the incident, so I filled in the blanks for them. They all got the message because it was simple; there is no evidence that they were hit by the same bullet, and these blow-up pictures, along with the film of the assassination, clearly and unequivocally prove that point beyond any reasonable doubt.


Excerpted from Undeniable Truths by Ed Souza. Copyright © 2014 Ed Souza. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
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Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Introduction, xv,
Chapter 1. First Things First, 1,
Chapter 2. Parkland Hospital: What They Saw, 15,
Chapter 3. The Civilian Witnesses, 40,
Chapter 4. Law Enforcement Witnesses, 69,
Chapter 5. The Magic Bullet Theory, 92,
Chapter 6. The Autopsy Cover-Up, 100,
Chapter 7. Chief Jesse Curry: The Man Who Knew Enough, 113,
Chapter 8. Where Was the Secret Service?, 120,
Chapter 9. So What about Lee Oswald, 135,
Chapter 10. The Real Case against Oswald, 152,
Chapter 11. Means, Motive, and Opportunity, 167,
Chapter 12. Potential Players, 175,
Chapter 13. Cast of Characters in the JFK Assassination, 197,
Chapter 14. The Real Spin on Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot: Fair, Balanced, and Simply Ridiculous, 236,
Conclusion, 259,
Photo Index, 275,
Selected Book Reviews, 291,
Resources, 305,
About the Author, 317,
Index, 319,

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Undeniable Truths: The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
KReviews_ More than 1 year ago
I've heard about this book for a while so I was glad to pick it up from the bookstore and get into it.  It was really great!  I liked the flow of fact and opinion, but the air of professionalism was found throughout.  It was organized well, and I was able to get through it while being able to understand it.  The pictures were nice as well because it showed you what the location was.  Overall, a great book and definitely a recommended read to anyone interested in conspiracies and history!
1-Adam-12 More than 1 year ago
This book is a serious overview of the JFK assassination, It is the first book which I feel completely and unequivocally disproves the magic bullet theory by bringing out the true facts of the autopsy, the medical reports, and the FBI investigation into the autopsy. So, if you have no magic bullet theory, you have more than one shooter in the plaza. But that just scratches the surface of this incredible book. If you really want to know what happens from a detectives point of view, get this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an outstanding overview of the JFK assassination.  Simple to read and understand. Extra material added for future research. It is obvious that the author is an expert person on the subject matter because he adds so much evidence and verified facts in his investigation.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone. 
BellaAnne More than 1 year ago
Undeniable Truths is very easy to read and understand. I have had an interest in the JFK assassination for many years, but so many of the books talk over my level of understanding. And frankly with so much information written on the subject it is difficult to know what to believe and what not to believe. It is amazing to me that our schools still teach that Lee Harvey Oswald committed this crime alone, with all the evidence that is presented in this book and obviously all the evidence that is available how can anyone still believe in the "Lone Gunman?" I really enjoyed the way Professor Souza brings all the information together in an easy to follow format. I found it extremely credible that he added so many other references, this book is packed full of evidence and facts. I found it captivating my attention as I was reading through the pages and pages of witness statements. Of course the author also gives his opinion but I found some of his sarcastic comments to be humorous and entertaining...especially in chapter 14 where he reviews Mr. Bill O'Reilly's book. I especially liked chapter 13, The Cast of Characters, I found this to tie everything together for me and to see the big pictures of what actually happened that day when our President was killed. If you have an interest in this topic I would definitely suggest reading this book...it is well written, easy to follow and packed with lots of evidence.