Understanding the Positive and Negative Thinking

Understanding the Positive and Negative Thinking

by James Rogers


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ISBN-13: 9781463424916
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/06/2011
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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Understanding the Positive and Negative Thinking

By James Rogers


Copyright © 2011 James Rogers
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2491-6

Chapter One

(1) So why is the subconscious mind so hard to control?

The subconscious mind is hard to control because it operates on its own system of visual observation. The subconscious mind is an open door of visual information, which is uncontrolled and untamed. The subconscious mind has the ability to send out information without getting the approval from the human in which it is living in.

With that said, in order for you to gain control over your human thinking process, you must first become the master over your subconscious mind visual perception. As a human, we see a shape and then bring meaning to its forms but in life, we fail to use our subconscious mind to create a visual path that will direct us to a positive outcome for matters that are vital to our success.

We allow anger and strife to over-power us, causing us to destroy those very things we say we love and care for but through our action, we don't respect or care for until something happens and needs our full attention.

We create walls of hatred that separate us because of our beliefs while amusing ourselves in laughter at those who fail in their attempt to be successful. Then we use our power to hold them down because they do not look or act the same as we do.

Are humans being that disrespectful, or have we, like millions before us, allowed our subconscious mind the authority to dictate how we should conduct ourselves in the presence of our fellow brother and sister?

Learning how to control the walls of hatred in your life can train you to look pass your old visual expectancies and see a new you in that the mirror of today. Don't let your subconscious mind project any past beliefs into your conscious awareness without first getting permission from your inner self that the visual information it's trying to send is positive and acceptable for visual release. Be the master of your subconscious mind, or your subconscious mind will make you a slave to its visual and informational projection.

My Poem: I see everything that you do; like blank paper, I receive the black, the red, the blue stains that smear my blank pages. I hold the hurt, the lies, and the broken promises from hated days and nights that you have forgotten long ago. See, here they are, racing across the mind's eyes like lightning flashes falling from the sky on a stormy night. I am your sub subconscious mind and I do not forget—I recall. I waste no information, good or bad. I accept all information, happy or sad. I take in words said in anger or words spoken from tears. I record all that you do because I am your sub subconscious mind and I do not forget—I recall everything you do.

(2) Is it possible for a human being to control his subconscious mind?

I believe that there is nothing impossible for a human being to achieve. The first thing that must occur to control the subconscious mind is to recognize that the subconscious mind is informative, convincing, and capable of taking authority over a human's visual perception.

If I could describe the subconscious mind in words, I think I would describe it as a backup disk. This backup disk never turns off and is always receiving information, no matter what is happening around you. Most backup disks need help recording, but the subconscious mind never needs help because it feeds on past, present and future positive and negative images and information. The subconscious mind has an infinite storage capacity, thus making it the largest information storage disk in the universe.

Within our subconscious mind, we have suppressed our past, present and future visual perceptions, making ready images that will project themselves into our chamber of thoughts without the direct authority from self. This suppressed information can cause visual information to flood the mind with images that can be harmful and destructive to correct decision-making. Controlling the subconscious mind is very important if you seek to rid yourself of bad habits. If you are able to control your subconscious mind image projection, life will become easier to handle and circumstances will not overtake you by surprise.

Controlling your negative and positive way of thinking will allow you the freedom of not letting life's pain and suffering destroy the peace and joy you desire here on earth. As human beings, we are some emotional creatures that exist and react totally by feelings. Therefore, to break the power over emotions, you must first break the power that the subconscious mind has over the way you see and understand images.

Knowing how images form, can help you to control those misplaced images from your past. Knowing how to control those misplaced images of the past can give you the power to stop unwanted images from entering your conscious awareness without your approval.

Letting misplaced images enter the conscious mind without your authority can bring back old feelings, which should have been deleted in a timely manner but was never dealt with because of conscious neglect. Controlling what we allow the subconscious mind to release into our conscious mind is very important to controlling those positive and negative responses we release in moments of displeasure.

(3) Each morning when you wake up try these exercises:

Think of images that reflect peace and joy. Speak positive words, such as "I am the controller over my subconscious mind, and everything I think must reflect a positive image of love, peace, and harmony."

Thinking about positive images can help you to create metaphors for you to control, which will then block the subconscious mind from misusing its open door policy to send out random information in your mind. If you allow your subconscious mind to continue sending out information without questioning it, there is a possibility that one day your subconscious mind will mislead you to believe information that can be harmful and detrimental to your life.

Unchecked information from the subconscious mind can cause you to hurt yourself, hurt others, say things that can cause others to hurt themselves, or cause you to believe that you are able to do things that our human bodies were not created to attempt, such as suicide, murder, and misuse of the body.

I said these things because all of these will lead to one destination, and that destination is death. False information from the subconscious mind can open a passageway to destruction. Never allow information coming from the subconscious mind to drift freely in the mind without understanding the reason of its intention. Understanding your thoughts can help you control your emotions.

(4) How to control your emotions:

• Never believe the emotions of your heart.

• the heart is like a false prophet.

• Listen to your first thoughts:

• Scream aloud at yourself

• Each morning put a positive image in your subconscious mind, not a negative image.

Emotions are feelings that can start out with good intention but without warning, turn into unpredictable mood swing that are confusing and erratic. Emotions can change the way we make decisions concerning the life we live and the relationships we share with others. Emotions are sometimes triggered by unfinished events that can become left over baggage. These left over baggage become open attitudes that the subconscious mind feeds on for negative image manipulation.

The leftover baggage that the subconscious mind use are retained events that have occurred in our life that we have pushed aside and never dealt with or acknowledged as a possible threat. When there is leftover baggage in our life, this baggage sits and waits for opportunities to reenter our life just to be used by the subconscious mind to derail or mislead our thoughts.

Even when we think that our past baggage is forever deleted from our conscious mind, unless these events are totally dealt with, these obstacles will become an issue that could later hamper the forward movement and development of future relationship and positive changes in your life.

Understanding how to deal with these obstacles can help you understand how to handle your baggage when they arrive in your life from old emotions.

Learning to erase your past, will bring a new beginning and self-control in your life when those old emotions try to re-enter and bring back old feelings from the past that were neither positive or acceptable for a complete advancement to your future. Do not let any past baggage re-enter your life just to derail and hinder your future happiness. Deal with those baggages when they occur to prevent your subconscious mind from using any emotional images to destroy your happiness here on earth.

This is God's gift, that you be happy and healthy!

All leftover baggage must be buried before you can move on.

(6) Never believe the emotions of your heart.

To understand where emotion comes from, you must first comprehend what role the subconscious mind plays in helping an emotion take form. When an emotion takes over the body, the subconscious mind sends out a signal indicating that the body is experiencing an uneasy state of consciousness and needs immediate attention to fix the problem. Even though emotion changes the way the body reacts, note to self: those feeling that you are experiencing are nothing more than the subconscious mind being interrupted.

When the subconscious mind is introduced to a difficult situation, theirs a moment of discomfort; which causes the subconscious mind to search for a visual answers for handling this discomfort. As human beings, sometimes we think that when a situation comes into our life and causes us discomfort, that it's our heart that is feeling the pain. In reality, it is not the heart that is feeling the discomfort, but it is the subconscious mind controlling the way our thoughts are seeing the situation through what I call a visual perception.

The subconscious mind visual projection handles millions of picture images that can change themselves to fit the emotion that we are feeling at that given moment. This visual perception can falsely feed the wrong information to the mind and make the body feel pain in areas where the body isn't having pain or discomfort in at all.

The illusion that the subconscious mind has created to deceive you will also make you believe that your heart is feeling pain. The truth is your heart isn't feeling anything but your blood flow racing through your body. Control the information that the subconscious mind is sending to your chamber of thoughts and you will control the false illusion that your heart is creating to convince you that it can understand emotions.

If you can manage your thoughts, you will be able to control the manipulation that your subconscious mind uses to control the way you see and handle problems. The subconscious mind is built to piece together incidents and circumstance that have happened in your life be good or bad to create answers to questions and conditions that will play a major role in how you make decision and handle complicated situations.

The heart was created to pump blood, not make decisions for your life. You know that feelings we get in our body Understanding the Positive and Negative Thinking that makes us sweat or feel nervous? Well, that feeling is called fear. Fear is the true enemy for all of our wrong decision-making problems. Fear steals the ability for God to direct your path in times of need. Fear is that feeling you get when life seems to close in on you and there is no answer to the question you seek for your situation.

Understanding fear will allow faith to enter into your chamber of thoughts to make choices that are positive and correct in time of need. Fear plus doubt is the causes for wrong decision-making practices. Understanding the truth about fear is the beginning of controlling your emotions. False emotions can be deceiving, but knowing the true identity of fear can be priceless.

(7) The heart is like a false prophet?

I believe the heart is like a false prophet because it makes you believe something that it's not. The heart has nothing to do with pain or suffering because the heart cannot think or accept a true feeling. Think about this: When you're hurting, the pain that you're feeling; is real, but the seeing of the pain before you experience the pain is what you're really experiencing. What I mean is, we see the pain before we feel the pain, and that makes the hurting and the suffering feel more hurtful than the actual physical pain that you are about to experience.

So the truth is, don't acknowledge those false reports coming from your heart; instead, look at pain as an alarm that something is happening in the body that needs your un-divided attention. Don't get me wrong; your body can feel pain, but before pain is felt, the seeing of the physical pain that is about to happened in the body becomes more visible which then intensify the images being sent into your mind's eye. We are so use to pictures translating meaning to us, that when we're hurting, instead of seeing our pain as the beginning of our recovery, we see our pain as the beginning of our sorrows. Wrong image information, can lead to your inability to pinpoint pain's actual hiding place in your body. Not knowing where pain is hiding will make finding a cure or easing the pain impossible to provide.

Letting your heart play on your image perception only makes the problem more harmful than the actual problem itself. The heart is like a false prophet because it has you believing it can think when it can't. The heart cannot think but it can pump blood throughout the body to keep you alive. False impression along with the wrong image perception can make the heart seem like it can do more than what it was actually created to do.

Knowing thyself gives understanding to all unclear situations. A false prophet heart is confusing and dangerous because it makes you believe things that are not true or understandable. A real false prophet uses the same method they create a false belief and do whatever they can to make you believe that their method works. The heart acts on those same principles.

A made up story: We created an image called love. This love created an image called heart and heart became the sole identity for love. When we find love, the heart connects this togetherness which then makes love the binding tie that holds this togetherness as a union. As this union grows, the heart then creates the illusion that it was the only one that kept the union together. The heart through false perception, under the complete false identity of fear, becomes a feeling which now confuses the union that the heart can feel and understand pain. Love now being stripped of its true nature now must allow the heart the power and control over the union. Only because the union has come to believe that the heart can feel and understand pain when it really can't.

What I'm saying is Love and fear are the true powers that the subconscious mind uses to operate in all of our decision making process. If love or fear is the major player in your decision making process, one of these will be tempted by the subconscious mind to derail your thinking. If you don't control love or fear, one of these players will make you make a wrong decision that can cause you pain or suffering in your life. Don't think with your heart which can't think or make a true decision in a life changing moment. Think with your conscious mind and that inner voice that speaks to you when you need some guidance in your time of need.


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