Unraveling Midnight

Unraveling Midnight

by Stephanie Beck
3.6 3

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Unraveling Midnight 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Knitting and werewolves? I love this.
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
What Scott and the his three kids endured in their past, the death of their mother, the exile from their werewolf pack and setting up a home in small town has left Scott supporting and protecting his family alone, and it's taking its toll. When his daughter Jessie talks to stranger in a park he can't help but to react. Lucy, who runs a yarn shop downtown, is on a break when an adorable 6-year-old Jessie admires her knitting, she doesn't expect an angry father to snap at her, but she soon pacifies the dad and before her breaks over she has two new customer for her knitting classes. Scott's determined to let Jessie be a girl in household run by three male werewolves and if it takes a learning to knit, then be it. But as Scott meets Lucy again he can't believe the signs he missed, she absolutely perfect for him and the kids, she's exactly what they need - but she's human so he needs to take things real slow - but before he knows it she witnesses his change to a wolf and the budding romance seems to fly out of the window. He won't give up so easy, but his plan of slowly seducing her back is hindered in more ways than one and losing Lucy for good is not an option... Wonderful story, I absolutely fell in love with Lucy and Scott and Scott's kids. I usually shy away from "baby" or "has kids" romance, but the blurb just drew me in, and I ended up loving this story! Not many single parent werewolf meets a kind human woman stories out there! I loved Stephanie Beck's writing, so easy, flowing and emotional - believable and genuine. Reading this book was so easy, there was nothing to hinder the process no clichés, no mood swings, no awkward use of words - just simply easy flowing writing that was a joy to read! The romance I loved! It was slow and steady, the characters really got to know each other, develop emotions over time instead of the insta-love. Not that there wasn't passion! Sure was, I loved getting into Scott's head as he's trying to learn to knit with his girl and can't help but have lustful thoughts about his "teacher". Delicious! I love love love good girl characters who get their paranormal happily-ever-after! Perhaps because I'm a good girl myself, not loud or obnoxious or especially brave (except when it's required) so I loved Lucy, she's quiet, kind, loving and has that fierce side when needed - and I loved how that was what Scott was drawn to, not some trim body and long blond hair, but her kindness and what she could provide for him and his family after the unstable past they had with the mother of his children. The paranormal in this story was nice and subtle, not a battle to death by two fighting clans or something epic like that - but subtle normal things like increased appetite, excellent hearing, strong family bond and of course increased strength and durability. All these were part of the normal which worked into the romance wonderfully! Very very cool normal type of angle!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I payed to get this story and all i got were the first thirty pages. Its a not worth the money i payed