Unremembered: Tales of the Nearly Famous & the Not Quite Forgotten

Unremembered: Tales of the Nearly Famous & the Not Quite Forgotten

by Ken Zurski


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Peoria Magazines: "Over the last six years, [Zurski has] proven himself to be a remarkable historian, storyteller and writer."

Marty Wombacher, Meanwhile, Back In Peoria...: "Ken has an impressive writing style that is equal parts factual reporting and conversational story-telling. When you mix those two styles and weave them into tales with eccentric and unique people involved in unusual slices of life, it feels like someone is telling them to you around a campfire, even though you're reading the words in a book. That's a real gift and Ken Zurski has it."

Ken Zurski, author of The Wreck of the Columbia and Peoria Stories, provides a fascinating collection of once famous people and events that are now all but forgotten by time. Using a backdrop of schemes and discoveries, adventures and tragedies, Zurski weaves these figures and the events that shaped them into a narrative that reveals history's many coincidences, connections, and correlations.

We tumble over Niagara Falls in a barrel, soar on the first transcontinental machine-powered flight, and founder aboard a burning steamboat. From an adventurous young woman circumnavigating the globe to a self-absorbed eccentric running for President of the United States, Unremembered brings back these lost stories and souls for a new generation to discover.


John Alcock

Nellie Bly

Isambard K. Brunel

Samuel Cunard

Nathaniel Currier

Annie Edson Taylor

Ruth Elder

William Harnden

Father Louis Hennepin

Dorothy Kilgallen

Samuel Langley

Bobby Leach

John Ledyard

Thomas Moran

Catherine O'Leary

William B. Ogden

Fanny Palmer

Sam Patch

Rembrandt Peale

Cal Rodgers

Amos Root

Janet Scudder

George Francis Train

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Arthur Whitten Brown

John Wise

Victoria Woodhull

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ISBN-13: 9781937484620
Publisher: Amika Press
Publication date: 08/09/2018
Pages: 252
Sales rank: 589,355
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About the Author

Sam DePino, former radio anchor and corespondent for ABC News: "Zurski writes like a broadcaster by using words-in this case written words-to paint pictures in people's minds."

Christoph Traugott, Peoria Historical Society: "I like the thematic hand-gliding style, cast of thousands, one conceptual framework imprint, thread in and out, appear, disappear, reappear, loop back, loop forward...disparate threads into a comprehensive whole, an awesome literary hook."

Ken Zurski is a longtime broadcaster, author and speaker based out of Peoria, Illinois. A native of the Chicagoland area and a veteran of radio news, Ken released his first book, The Wreck of the Columbia, in 2012. Unremembered is his third book. Ken resides in Morton, Illinois with his wife, Connie, and two children, Sam and Nora.

Visit his website at unrememberedhistory.com, follow him on Facebook at @kenzurskiauthor or @unrememberedhistory, and find him on Twitter at @kzurski.

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