Up for Heir

Up for Heir

by Ruth Cardello


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Up for Heir by Ruth Cardello

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ruth Cardello puts two hearts on the line when a Boston billionaire takes a second chance on the woman of his dreams.

Spencer Westerly is his own man. He didn’t need his father’s money to build his wildly successful tech company—and he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout from old family secrets. But as much as Spencer wants to avoid Westerly drama, his grandmother—the family matriarch—is determined to pull him back into the fold. And she’s discovered the perfect lure: his college sweetheart, Hailey.

Although she broke his heart, Hailey is still the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that she’s back and looking as desirable as ever, Spencer is determined to get a second chance.

A lot has changed for Hailey Tiverton. The only thing that hasn’t? The inexplicable pull she feels toward Spencer. When they were younger, his work was his priority. Now, he’d better be willing to prove that, this time, love comes first…

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781542045919
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Series: Westerly Billionaire Series , #2
Pages: 234
Sales rank: 508,050
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ruth Cardello is a New York Times bestselling author who loves writing about rich alpha men and the strong women who tame them. She was born the youngest of eleven children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She’s lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York, and Rhode Island again before moving to Massachusetts, where she now lives with her husband and three children. Before turning her attention to writing, Ruth was an educator for two decades, including eleven years as a kindergarten teacher. Up for Heir is the second book in her Westerly Billionaire series. Learn about Ruth’s new releases by signing up for her newsletter at www.RuthCardello.com.

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Up for Heir 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Caroles_Random_Life 3 months ago
This really was a great romance! After finishing the previous book from this series, I couldn't wait to find out more of Spencer's story. This really is a series that needs to be read in order since the plot surrounding the family starts in the first book. I had a great time listening to this story. Spencer was one of the focal points of the previous book which left him at a very low point in his life. I couldn't wait to find out how he was doing and hopefully watch him deal with some pretty big issues. Hailey has also been through a lot. She lost her father years ago and just recently lost her brother. She is now the guardian of her niece, Sky, and has to make that the priority in her life. Hailey takes a job as Delinda Westerly's personal assistant and her and Sky move into the guest house at her home. She has no idea that her employer is in any way related to her old boyfriend, Spencer. Of course, their paths cross and they end up spending some time with each other and quickly find out that their attraction to each other is just as strong as it ever was. I had a great time watching Hailey and Spencer fall in love all over again. I also enjoyed getting to know Delinda Westerly a lot better and found that the relationships between Delinda, Sky, and Hailey were very well done. I thought that Spencer's relationship problems with his family were dealt with very well in this book. Spencer grew a lot as a character by the end of this story. Terri Clark Linden continued to do a great job with this series. Her voices for the various characters in this series are very well done. In this book, there was a lot of dialogue from Delinda, an elderly character, and Sky, a young child, and I thought she represented all of the characters very well. I can't wait to listen to more of this series. I would recommend this series to fans of contemporary romance. There is a lot of depth to the relationships within this story and a romance that melted my heart. I can't wait to read more about the Westerly family.
froggy29532DC More than 1 year ago
Up for Heir is the second book in the Westerly Billionaire series, and was an awesome read. This is the story of Spencer Westerly and Hailey Tiverton, they have a history between them, that didn't end too well. Now Hailey is back but she has another person in her life to be concerned with, Skye, her deceased brothers child, and Hailey is afraid that since Spencer wasn't there for her when she needed him the first time around, that he definitely won't be there this time if she needs him to be. Spencer is not in a good place in his head right now, but he knows that Hailey is the only woman he has ever loved and wants a second chance with her. The only problem is his grandmother, Delinda Westerly, she wants to see her grandchildren happy before her life is over, and she will do whatever it takes to see that happen. This was a great book, and I loved seeing little Skye begin to live again. Once again Ruth Cardello has hit the nail on the head, family is everything.
JKRindy More than 1 year ago
Ruth Cardello - Up for Heir (Westerly Billionaire Series - Book 2) The second (2) book in the series focuses on Spencer Westerly and his college sweetheart, Hailey Tiverton. Neither of them have forgot the other, but when Spencer’s Grandmother attempts to bring them back together, miss understandings take root again, just like when they were college. Can they get past this or will they decide to go their separate ways? Find out if Spencer and Hailey will talk about the misunderstandings or will they decide to part ways once again.?
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC ebook for honest review with no compensation Up for Heir is the 2nd book in the Westerly Billionaire series by Ruth Cardello and a great way to continue this series. Spencer Westerly lost the love of his life a long time ago and with the division in his family he is determined to make it on his own until a family secret comes out and he turns to the bottle and is living fast and loose with women and his life. His grandmother, Delinda is determined to bring him back into the fold because she had a part in the family secret coming out. So she decides to find the love of his life and in the hopes that this will bring them back together and maybe Spencer will find it in his heart to forgive her. Hailey Triverton suddenly becomes the guardian of her niece after her brother and his wife are killed in an accident. While trying to help her niece adjust to her parents being gone forever she ends up losing her job and apartment but accepts a job with Spencer’s grandmother as her assistant only she doesn’t know they are related at first. When Delinda sends her on an errand to get a package who does she run into…but the man who was the love of her life but broke her heart in the end…Spencer Westerly. Will these two find their way back to each other and find their HEA and will it be the start to mend a family that is broken?? This book is a page turner and looking forward to see who will be next in the Westerly family to find love! !
ShelleyYoungblood More than 1 year ago
Ruth Cardello has written another fantastic story in her Westerly series. It is filled with humor, love and a sense of family. She has intricately woven multiple story lines across this stand alone story, making me want to read more from this series. To say Spencer Westerly was devastated by the truth of his family's secrets, would be an understatement. Instead of dealing with it, he cut them out of his life. His grandmother is determined to make amends and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it includes a lot of meddling. This story is about a reunited love. But secrets, lies and family history might just get the better of Hailey and Spencer. I easily connected with these characters. Ruth Cardello made me laugh as well as cry while reading this story. I cannot wait to read more from this series.
Grandma_Tami More than 1 year ago
Ok I truly do enjoy this series and I will read every last one of them . Spencer & Hailey where madly in love in collage and when she left Spencer though it was for another man ( turns out it was her brother ) Now years later Spencer is a womanizer in his one words for he cant get past the loss of Hailey . Hailey is a mom now to her niece and is very lost as to what to do for her ( she stopped talking ) Skye ( said niece ) forms a special friednship with Spencer grandmother after she gives Hailey a job ( to try get her back with Spencer ) there is a lot of crazy things going on in the book to the road back together for these two ...so come along for the ride as a meddling grandma works her own brand of matchmaker it is a fun ride even if sometimes you want to smack some heads lol
Lit_Litehosue More than 1 year ago
Spencer Westerly is a powerhouse in his own right, forced to forge his own way in life despite his family having more money than they needed he proved to them all that he could not only make money, but be a leader. He has a major chip on his shoulder though when it comes to his family but when he runs into his college love his priorities will have to change in order to be the man that she and her niece needs. I've been looking forward to Spencer's story since I read the first book and I wasn't disappointed. The relationships that are developed are hard won and such a joy to read about.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
Up for Heir by Ruth Cardello is Book 2 in the "Westerly Billionaire" Series. This is the story of Spencer Westerly and Hailey Tiverton. I have read the previous book and feel that you can make this a standalone book. This is a second chance at love story where Spencer and Hailey met before but his drive to start his business and other things seem to pull them apart. Now Spencer is very successful business wise but emotionally not so much. There have been family secrets that have hurt him and his has turned to drink and lots of women. But his Grandmother, Delinda has set things in motion to find Hailey and hopefully move them forward, Hailey has lost her job and apartment and in addition is the guardian of her niece. But then, Delinda comes forward asking her to take a job as her companion. Which leads Hailey back into Spencer's site. I enjoyed watching these two get past their issues and come together.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC at no cost to author on behalf of netgalley. This was the second book in the series, this was Spencer’s book. I really do not think that it can be read as a standalone, even though the Author does a pretty good job keeping you up to date what went on in last book, you should really read it to get the whole picture. Spencer is angry about being lied to his whole life about who his real father was and he has turned into a jerk, and is drinking every day and has turned into a manwhore and continually keeps pushing his family away. I really dislike how he and Nicole treat Brett (again read first book) he doesn’t deserve it and later on as you continue to read you will be happy that although it takes a while, Spencer will come to acknowledge that that was true he did not deserve his scorn. We meet Hailey who was Spencer’s college girlfriend and one true love, but thru a misunderstanding let each other go. Thru machinations from Ms. Westerley, they end up back in each others lives and get another chance a chance of happiness..Read book people. Can’t wait for next one. Enjoy
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Up for Heir is the second book in the series that features the dysfunctional Westerly clan. This is Spencer Westerly's story and it's a great one. I love these characters especially Spencer after his failed attempt to trick his Grandmother into believing his fake relationship in the first book. Now he's reunited with his college sweetheart Hailey Tivorton Little does he know that it is his meddling Grandmother that is responsible for bringing Hailey back into his life. In the end will he care?? A wonderful, emotion filled story that you don't want to miss. I highly recommend everyone put this one on the must read list..
MarcyMeyer More than 1 year ago
I love a good second chance romance, and Spencer and Hailey's story is great. Delinda Westerly is as ornery and manipulative as Alessandro Andrade, but she seems to have pushed most of her family away. I thought her plan to get these two back together was a fun story to read. She can be harsh, but you can also see her vulnerabilities. Hailey and Skye have been through a lot, and I loved seeing them flourish in Delinda's care. It drove me crazy how Spencer could hold his grudge against everyone and be such a jerk, but I could also understand his pain. When he was around Hailey though, he lightened up and was so much better. I really enjoyed their slow progress from reuniting to friendship to more. This is a crazy, messed up family, but I love the way they are trying to get through it all together
sharonc06 More than 1 year ago
Up for Heir is the second book in Ruth Cardello's Westerly Series. Spencer Westerly has recently found out a family secret that has affective greatly. Hailey is Spencer's grandmother new higher and someone she hopes to help Spencer since he found out the family secret. Ruth Cardello does a great job with Spencer's character. You could feel his pain and angry. When Hailey came back into life you feel he wants more. He want to take care of her but he doesn't know how to handle it. I love that Ruth Cardello also made Hailey the strong character she was. Hailey has had the easiest of life but her love for her family and strength has gotten her through. She make for a great match for Spencer if he can see it. Both have a love for their family each at times feeling like they failed them. Between the support of each other and support the family I loved this book. Spencer grandmother Delinda help to make this story. Delinda is a character all her own! It possible most would not like Delinda but I loved her. I love this book! Another great book by Ruth Cardello! This a five star read!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Life is the ultimate classroom. On a daily basis, no matter the age, gender or race we learn truths about ourselves and the world around us. Two of the most prolific lessons I've learned: (1.) Learning is an ongoing fixture in life and (2.) People can surprise in the most unexpected of ways. Up For Heir is an uplifting tale of lost love, broken dreams and one very special little girl. Ms. Cardello created a meeting of hearts that was not only a romance, but a pathway to healing. The connection between Hailey and her brother was an unbreakable one. Not even death could sever the bond they shared. His words of encouragement were an ever present feature in the life of a woman determined to keep his memory in her heart. Another precious bond was the one forged between a scared little girl and a blustery old woman. The way Skye and the matriarch of the Westerly family took to each other was an emotional experience. Ruth Cardello set out to write a romance, but she created a love story that affected many lives and helped to rebuild a family.