US Fractured

US Fractured

by Dr. Shila Patel M. D.
US Fractured

US Fractured

by Dr. Shila Patel M. D.



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AMERICA, WAKE UP! We may be on the verge of a civil war or World War III. Take off your blinders and examine how we are losing our freedoms and democracy. US Fractured is an in-depth study of the sociological events, political uprisings, Supreme Court rulings, economic failures, and conflicts that are continuing to affect the lives of all Americans, both young and old. What corrective action can citizens take?

Today, in 2022, we face terrorist attacks on our democracy from American citizens in our country. In the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection on our Capitol, former President Trump, conservative far-right extremists groups like the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers, white nationalists, and Trump-pandering politicians continue to spread lies, conspiracy theories, and divisive messages of a stolen presidential election, destroying the basic tenets of our democracy. After all of his outrageous abuses of power, he continues to be free to hold rallies around the country, threatening our national institutions and their laws. Since his election defeat, Trump encouraged his supporters to attack other elected officials around the country who do not support him in his quest to maintain power over the American electorate. One seriously questions whether the U.S. Department of Justice will bring Trump to justice for tearing down the fabric of democracy in the United States.

Putin's war in Ukraine has had a devastating effect on world economy, and causing major inflation not only in the United States but also in many countries around the world. Instead of recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic, we are now having to suffer war time effects. We need to learn from history.

I wrote my first book, US Unhinged, to jolt us out of complacency and lead to personal transformation. This book US Fractured is even more critical. Our way of life in America and our democracy is in jeopardy. On January 6th, no one could believe the events that were transpiring in Washington, nor could the countries worldwide believe that anarchy existed in America. Yet, one man, Trump, wielded power due to his failed election attempt to stir up anger and resentment by his supporters to stop the electoral process and certify the presidential election results.

Instead of Republican and Democratic politicians working together to solve national issues, they continue to waste time threatening one another. The economic and sociological problems in this country are enormous. Our roads and bridges require extensive repairs. The effects of climate change are destroying thousands of acres by fire and flooding our cities, towns, farmlands, and coastlines throughout America. Covid-19 safety measures and continued research are necessary for the safety of all citizens. Gun regulations and mental health issues of young people require our immediate attention. State governments must restore women's abortion rights. Sensible immigration laws need to be established and lack of labor force must be addressed. Deadlock and procrastination by politicians only prolong the devastating effects on our society.

All Americans should practice due diligence to uncover the facts by researching multiple sources of information and listening to diverse opinions. This book has numerous reference sources in the endnotes, which readers can access to clarify the information. I firmly believe that most Americans care deeply about the welfare of this country but are frustrated with the dysfunction in Washington, loss of freedom, and politicians pandering to their party supporters. If we are to survive as a freedom-loving nation, leading the world in democracy, tolerance, and climate change issues to preserve the planet for future generations, we will all have to do our part. Expecting someone else to hold the gauntlet is absolving your responsibility.

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About the Author

Dr. Shila Patel, M.D., of Indian heritage, was born in Africa, educated in the United Kingdom, and has been a resident of the United States for the past 40 years. She was a licensed, practicing psychiatrist for 25 years, working with both children and adults. Her first book was US Unhinged.
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