Vegetarian Viet Nam

Vegetarian Viet Nam

by Cameron Stauch


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A 2019 James Beard Foundation Book Award Finalist

Meatless Vietnamese cooking for vegetarians and omnivores alike.

In the years he spent living and cooking in Vietnam, Cameron Stauch learned about a tradition of vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine that is light and full of flavor. Based on recipes devised over centuries by Mahayana Buddhist monks, the dishes in Vegetarian Việt Nam make use of the full arsenal of Vietnamese herbs and sauces to make tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables burst with flavor like never before.

With a lavishly illustrated glossary that helps you recognize the mushrooms, noodles, fruits, and vegetables that make up the vegetarian Vietnamese pantry, Vegetarian Việt Nam will unlock an entire universe of flavor to people who want healthy, tasty, and sustainable food.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

★ 12/04/2017
In this passionate and thorough exploration of vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine, Stauch, who was once on the cooking staff for the governor general of Canada, offers page after page of enticing fare. Highlights include parcels of savoy cabbage tofu steeped in a mushroom broth, a fragrant lemongrass noodle soup, sautéed squash with basil and peanuts, and cucumber pineapple rolls with coconut soy sauce. Meatless takes on traditional dishes are sure to resonate with vegetarians and omnivores alike, such as a banh mi made with a mushroom pâté, a classic green papaya salad with pomelo (a kind of sweet grapefruit), a pho noodle soup with cinnamon and star anise, and a crunchy lemongrass and mushroom rice bowl. Readers who want to make their own seitan or annatto-seed oil will find Stauch’s instructions clear and precise. Most of the effort will come from sourcing ingredients and prepreparation, but once that is done, home cooks will find that the dishes come together quickly. This outstanding collection showcases the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. (Mar.)

Andrea Nguyen

With curiosity and zeal, Cameron Stauch has produced a fascinating and visually compelling work to spotlight Vietnam’s rich vegetarian cooking traditions.

Naomi Duguid

There’s so much to love in this ground-breaking, generous book, from enticing recipes to beautiful photographs and engaging stories. Cameron’s easy style makes you feel that you have a friend at your side to guide you as you shop and cook.

Fuchsia Dunlop

A meticulously researched, deliciously appetizing and enlightening guide to a little-known cuisine. Cameron Stauch’s recipes are clear and approachable, and his deep respect for Vietnam and its people shines through the book.

Deborah Madison

This is the book I want and need! Not only are the recipes absolutely delicious and doable, the writing is lovely, and the information that the author gives us on Vietnamese culture, especially the role that Buddhism plays, provides the context that makes at the recipes especially vibrant.

Lukas Volger

Vegetarian Việt Nam is an absolute treasure trove. Chef Cameron Stauch explores culinary traditions and modern-day practices, and between his expertise as a chef, his adventurous global appetite, and the firsthand lessons he’s learned from cooks throughout the country, the recipes here are incredibly enticing!

Sister Chân Không

This beautiful book of delicious Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine shows how we can all contribute to protecting and healing ourselves and our precious planet by eating vegan. Being vegan is a simple, non-violent and effective way to bring about change for our world.

Library Journal

Chef Stauch writes poetically about foods he encountered after moving to Vietnam with his Canadian diplomat wife, from breakfast soups pouring forth fragrant steam to salads punctuated with squirts of lime juice. He collects nearly 100 of his favorite meatless dishes from Vietnamese streets, food courts, monasteries, and home kitchens, including turmeric tofu with fresh dill and rice noodles, translucent mung bean dumplings, and stewed jackfruit with Vietnamese coriander. Stauch emphasizes authenticity, and his recipes take planning and effort to execute. To help readers be successful, he provides a pantry guide, ingredient glossary, and menu guidance. VERDICT A highly recommended celebration of Vietnam's tantalizing vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

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Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 328
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