Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days

Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days

by John M. Pontius

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ISBN-13: 9781462103997
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 11/13/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 212,282
File size: 10 MB

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

My Apostolic Friend xv

Author's Note xix

Chapter 1 1

My First Experience with Death 1

My First Post-Death Experience 3

My Life Rehearsal 7

Angelic Nurses 9

My Friend, the Bully 14

Relationships Are from God 16

Our Lives Matter 17

Dispensational Priority and Purpose 18

Visiting My Wife as a Spirit 19

Angels among Us 20

The Ministry of Angels 25

The Power of the Fall 28

Exploring the Hospital 30

Hearing the Wood & Rocks 31

The Purpose of Things 32

Our Premortal Glory 32

A Cry for Justice 35

Returning to My Body 35

Many Different Death Experiences 37

Back at Home 37

Chapter 2 39

Rearranging My Life 39

We Are Never Alone 40

Redirecting My Life 41

Tahiti 44

The Diorama of Hell 47

The Intercessory Prayer 49

Beloved Prophet 53

Chapter 3 57

Vision of the Savior 57

What Is in a Name? 59

To Really Know 61

How Far Man Is Fallen 61

Trying to Make Sense 62

Healing the Children 63

Layers of Meaning 65

Chapter 4 66

Waiting to Die 66

An Apostle's Advice 67

Cancer 69

Surgery in Mexico 70

My Beautiful Angel 71

You Are Not Going To Die 73

I'm Healed! 75

Chapter 5 76

Three Visitors 76

The Third Visitor 77

My Angel Guide 79

Caves and Bars 80

The Key 83

The Meaning of the Symbols 84

Tunnel of Light 87

Folding the Universe 88

Meadow and Lake 90

Spiritual Childhood 94

My Room 96

The Library 99

God, Time, and Law 100

Returning to Visit My Body 101

Chapter 6 103

Evil Spirits and Temptation 103

In the Bar 107

At the Horse Race 109

Entertainment 111

Spiritual Gifts 112

The Chains of Hell 113

The Ministry of Angels 113

Light, Darkness, and the Earth 115

Flying across America 116

The Next Spring 117

Two Months Later 118

Foreign Troops 119

Chapter 7 120

Earthquakes and Floods 120

A Devastating Plague 128

The Mark of the Beast 135

Signs of the Second Coming 135

Raising the Dead Boy 136

Fulness of the Priesthood 137

General Conference 139

Joseph Smith Jr. 142

Adam-ondi-Ahman 143

The Son of God 145

Changed! 149

Chapter 8 150

Preparing Our Company 150

Other Companies 152

Our Big Truck 152

Gifts of the Spirit 156

Build Zion Where You Are 157

Changes in the Earth 159

Zion in Canada 162

Conference in Cardston 164

Waiting in Cardston 166

An Evolving Society 168

Leaving Cardston 175

The First Vignette 178

The Second Vignette 182

The Third Vignette 185

The Fourth Vignette: The Temple 186

Chapter 9 194

The Cavern 194

Their Arrival in Zion 202

"The Water of Life" 203

Becoming Ageless 207

A Blessing to Be Simple 207

Pillars of Fire 208

Expanding Zion 209

Return of the Ten Tribes 212

Portals Among Us 214

Two Prophets 217

Dealing with Warfare 218

Teaching with Power 219

The City of Enoch 221

Spiritual Technology 222

Translated versus Millennial 226

The Millennial Day 227

The 144,000 229

The Second Coming 232

The Red Planet 235

A New Heaven and a New Earth 237

Afterword 240

Appendix 242

John Taylor's Dream (1877) 242

The Cardston Prophecy (1923) Sols Caurdisto 246

Warning to America (1880) Wilford Woodruff 253

Destroying Angels are Active (1931) Wilford Woodruff 253

A Great Test Coming (1930) Heber C. Kimball 254

An Army of Elders (1931) Heber C. Kimball 255

A Dream (1894) Charles D. Evans 256

The Dream of the Plagues (1884) 261

Orson Pratt Prophecy (1866) 265

About the Author 267

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Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Sidenote: I am rating this book on content as opposed to syntax.) The message of this book is well worth the read, but it can be, perhaps, unsettling for those who aren't totally ready for the message. I don't say that any pride because my friends were very invested in this book and blog of the author for sometime before I was willing to join them. I wasn't ready for it. Now, I love it and I will say without hesitation that it has changed the way I operate in my daily life. "Spencer" is without guile in his testimony of Jesus Christ and Zion. I bought copies for all my children--that's the best recommendation I can give.
Pro-Constitution More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome book. From the first chapter, it changed my perspective of looking at others in relationship with myself. We are all so connected, staying out of judgment is crucial. We are in this together, and brotherly love and kindness rule. If we don't work together, it will be all the harder to make it to the New Jerusalem. So grateful for the opportunity to read this book~ precisely at this time. Contains so much truth regarding the last days, the city of Enoch, the New Jerusalem, the plagues, the devastation, the changing of the earth. Amazing book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book speaks to me. It says "Get your butt in gear and prepare now. And while you're at it, pay a little more attention to others and circumstances around you." Even if you're skeptical of this man's account, his message is one of hope and courage for events that have been foretold by many. Thank you, John and Spencer for helping me take a look at my life and evaluate the changes I need to make before it's too late.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A life changer. I love this book. My faith was strengthen, and my motivation to see the face of The Lord has grown. Thank you Spencer.
Eternalia More than 1 year ago
What a great book. It will help me to organize my life much better about not judging others harshly, my family protection from the penetration of evil spirits, and demons, physical preparation for the Second Coming in terms of food storage, etc., and proper use of priesthood. I gave book to each of my six children to help them see life in a little deeper spiritual perspective. Of course, prayer, scriptures, prophetic, and apostolic counsel, are the mainstay of our inspired source of day to day contact with Deity, but this book is refreshingly revealing upcoming events preceding the Second Coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Happy to recommend everyone to read this great book regardless of their affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Grat revelatory book in which I recognized many of my spiritual flaws when I thought I am doing just fine. Now I'll be able to recognoze better the'cunning devices of evil one', attempts on possesion the theatre of my mind (suggesting unholy thoughts) sometimes even at the very veil of the Temple.
Melkat75 More than 1 year ago
"Spencer" has been expertly deceived by the adversary.  Satan and his spirits have the ability to create visions of their own, and to make themselves appear to have glory like an angel.  He and his spirits also mix truth with lies to make the lies easier to swallow.   President Monsen is probably the one mortal on this Earth who has the most insight of what is to come, and even he doesn't write a book about it.  Just think about it.:  in Spencer's vision, he gets the office next to Christ's office.  What gives him this privilege when he is neither a prophet or apostle?  It sounds like Satan wants to boost Spencer's ego by telling him (obviously in the guise of an angel) that he is going to be translated and bring people back from the dead.  And why would Christ hold a private general conference session wearing a dark business suit and a red tie?  Before buying this book, you should read some reviews that are backed up by scripture and talks from prophets and general authorities.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most profound books that I have ever read. It testifies so strongly of Jesus Christ and gives such bright hope during difficult circumstances. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in Second Coming events.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Incredible!!! No other words to describe it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book sounded so enlightening & I was very excited to read it. However, as I delved further into it, it became very apparent that the person the author was writing about only envisioned those who are Mormon or who convert to Mormonism will be blessed in the "latter days". And I also found it very interesting that this person also had himself in such high positions with Jesus in the second coming. You could almost see in advance what he was going to say he would be doing in those times. Always something above the regular folk, more a Vice President of sorts in a corporation telling others what to do. The beginning of the book, I did start to feel truth from him, but the farther it gets into it, the more far off & made up it sounded. I almost put it down & didn't finish it when the views of only Mormon's would be blessed emerged. I am a Christian & feel we all will be blessed if we believe, not that we first have to convert to Mormonism!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have done a 180 in my life since reading this book. I now go to church and feast upon the scriptures. I've never had an understanding of the scriptures or the gospel but this book jump started my desire to learn of them and love for all things pure and good. I know this book was guided by the Holy Spirit because of the changes I've made in my life since. If this book was guided by Satan or his angels in disguise as some have said, I wouldn't be where I am today. I imagine Satan hates this book as it has lead many people, not just myself to be closer to our Savior. Never have I felt the peace, comfort, and hope I do today. Never have I felt the love and compassion as I do now for others. I've read it several times now and always get something new from it each and every time. I will always be grateful to John Pontius and Spencer for being follower's of Christ and for making this book available to me and my loved ones. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a non mormon living in Utah.. I was extremely skeptical because its a book based on a LDS man who has had NDE. I was shocked on the first half of the book, how detailed his memory was standing over his body, how he could feel everything around him, how he could see all angels, even those that have not come to terms that they have died and even devil spirits. My mother who was in a coma for a week also has claimed she saw similar things during her experience. What really bothered me was when he saw Jesus, it was not at all special as he explained when he had a NDE, it was like.. yep Jesus came to me. It bothered me. The next thing that really bothered me was when he was explaining evil spirits entering your soul and jumping in and out.. I am an occasional drinker, and enjoy doing so, i however do not think demons are jumping around me and entering my soul.. The biggest thing that bothered me was the second coming.. first and far most living in Utah we live on a fault line, we are "due" for a major earthquake.. And as for the new zion... me and my husband could not stop laughing because my husband who is Canadian grew up in Cardston, that being said, it is the smallest town with literally one light in the town, but however there is this HUGE temple that the whole town has built there houses around it. Like they are worshiping the temple.. Its weird, if i were the saints and spencer being the new prophet or whatever.. keep heading up to lethbridge. I couldn't finish the book, it became biased on the LDS religion, it just didn't make sense, all his NDE never revolved around the LDS church until he saw the second coming, and that is where he lost me...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Months before the elections i began to research the two canadates i came across the TIME magazine "To know how Romney will run the white house you must know how the church is run" it also spoke of the white horse theory this got me deeper in searching out all that the LDS religion teaches about the " second coming" i prayed for more understanding my new visiting teacher was inspired to tell me about the book because she did not know me she fought the promptings as much as she could but knew the Lord was telling her to tell me about this book I went and bought the book the next day couldn't put it down for the first time in my life all the scriptures made sence it was like a bright light turned in my head My love for our Savior became my complete devotion i now understood what i was reading in the scriptures Most important t knew that Jesus loves me Iam just as special as Spencer and the Lord will give me all the blessings I desire and labor for " I am a child of God" SATAN can not and will not fill me with light and love for our Savior I understand from reading every word that this is for Spencer and not anyone else but if we learn something that brings us closer to the Lord then reading the book is a gift I thank Spencer for sharing his story i have my own that are not worthy of publishing but they are my testiment of what Spencer said is true I burn within my soul the joy of understanding my role in the second coming of Christ I learned no to have fear, but peace and have my lamp full of oil so when tbe day comes I will see and be a part of a wonderful event
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There's nothing more I can say about the book that has not already been stated.  Couldn't put it down once I started reading it.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It changed my life and help me see where I needed to focus to become a better person! It also helped relieve some concerns of the unknown with what may be coming and that being spiritually prepared is the most important! I am reading it again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The spirit reads this one to you! I could not put it down. Its the right time to read this book. Truthfullness to your core. You'll feel the undeniable power and urgency like never before!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book relates the near-death experiences and visions of one man. Some things I found a big repetitive, but it was a very interesting read in spite of that. The narrator makes you think about the profound effects we have on each other in the way we treat others. The second portion of the book explains this man's visions of the last days. It was fascinating and makes you think about how prepared we are (or aren't) for any disaster.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago