Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity: An Introduction

Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity: An Introduction

by Percival McCormack


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ISBN-13: 9781461402565
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 09/20/2011
Series: SpringerBriefs in Physics
Edition description: 2012
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Professor McCormack has made significant contributions to the US space program, as an Engineering Science professor at Dartmouth, and later as Chief of Operational Medicine at NASA. He subsequently served as Chief of Aerospace Medicine Research at the Naval Air Warfare Center. He received a US Navy Commendation Medal in 1998, and the German Navy Cross of Honor in 2000. A member of the UIC Bioengineering faculty since 2001, Professor McCormack serves on the Advisory Council for the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), and gives frequent invited talks on nanobiology and radiation damage.

Table of Contents

The Vortex.- Brief History.- Kinematics.- Definition of a Vortex.- Vorticity and Circulation.- Plane Circular Vortex.- Rankine Vortex.- Curved Vortex Lines, Tubes and Vortex Rings.- Translational Velocity of the Inviscid Vortex Ring.- Velocity of a Viscous Vortex Ring.- Hydrodynamic Impulse and Vortex Ring Generation.- The Spectral Range of Vortex Size.- Forces(Lift, Drag, Thrust, Torque) on Moving Submerged Bodies Due to Vortex Formation.- Aerodynamic Lift and Drag.- Analytical Derivation of Lift and Drag on a Cylinder.- Axial Thrust, Torque and Helical Vortices.- Some Other Kinds of Simple Vortices.- Intake and Inlet Vortices.- Clearance Vortices.- Multiple Point Vortices and Their Motion.- Quantum Vortices and the Hydrodynamics of Superfluids.- Concluding Remarks on Chapter 1.- Vorticity(Molecular Spin).- Introduction.- Generation of Vorticity.- Generation by Shock Waves.- Generation by Free Convective Flow and Buoyancy.- Generation by Baroclinic Effects.- The General Vorticity Equation.- Viscous Diffusion of Vorticity.- Viscous Diffusion at a Wall.- Subsequent Motion of Wall-generated Vorticity.- Vorticity Increase by Vortex Stretching.- Hill’s Spherical Vortex(refs.2.13,2.14).- Vorticity in Rotating Frames of Reference.- Atmospheric Fluid Motion and Vorticity.- Dissipation Function, Vorticity Function and Curvature Function(eddy or vortex motion).- Generation of Vorticity in a Viscous Boundary Layer – Precursor to Turbulence.- Typical Vorticity Distributions.- Vorticity in a Compressible Fluid.- Vorticity and the Electromagnetic Analogy.- Quantization of Circulation and Vorticity.- Quantized Vortices in He II.- The NanoBoundary Layer and NanoVortex Core.- Introduction.- Kinetic Theory of the Vortex Core Gas.- Effect of Local (Macroscopic) Rotation of the Gas.- Transport and Optical properties of the Core Gas.- Electric(Barnett) Polarisation in the Boundary Layer.- Electric Charge –Dipole Interaction.- Concluding Remarks.- Nanoduct Fluid Flow.- Introduction.- Kinetic Theory for Fluid Transport Parameters.- Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulation(MCS).- Diffusion in Nanochannels.- Electrokinetics in Nanochannels.- Slip Flow in Nanoducts.- Water Flow in Nanochannels.- Molecular Spin in Nanoduct Fluid Flow.- Nanoscale Forces.- Theoretical Analyses.- Overview of Phenomena Occurring at the Nanoscale.- Surface-energy-related Phenomena.- Shear-related Phenomena.- Electric Double-Layer-related Phenomena.- Entropy-related Phenomena.- Molecular-structure-related Phenomena.- The Field of Nanofluidics.

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