Weaving the Cradle: Facilitating Groups to Promote Attunement and Bonding between Parents, Their Babies and Toddlers

Weaving the Cradle: Facilitating Groups to Promote Attunement and Bonding between Parents, Their Babies and Toddlers


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Groups for parents, babies and toddlers, spanning the 1001 critical days from late pregnancy up to age two, are an effective way of supporting expectant and new parents by helping them to become more attuned, sensitive and empathic towards their child.

Contributors bring together a range of theoretical perspectives to show different ways to facilitate groups that combine mindfulness and psychological insight to promote bonding, attunement and mind-mindedness, and to prevent abuse and neglect. Case examples show a range of techniques that can be used, including baby massage, movement therapy, Video Interaction Guidance, Watch Wait Wonder and psychotherapeutic interventions. Examples include an in-patient mother-baby unit, community and health centres in the UK, to international examples in Greece, Kenya and New Zealand. Chapters illustrate practical and clinical aspects of running groups, the associated challenges, and highlights the importance of professional collaboration in a benign environment.

Weaving the Cradle is full of ideas and insights for those already running groups, as well as for those considering it, across health, social care and education settings.

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ISBN-13: 9781848193116
Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
Publication date: 04/21/2017
Pages: 248
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About the Author

Jane Barlow is Professor of Public Health in the Early Years. She is Director of the Warwick Infant and Family Wellbeing Unit (WIFWU), which provides training and research in innovative evidence-based methods of supporting parenting during pregnancy and the early years. Jane has also researched extensively on the effectiveness of interventions aimed at preventing and treating abuse and is a strong advocate of a public health approach to child protection.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements. About the authors. Foreword by Jane Barlow. Introduction - Monika Celebi. National Video Interaction Guider and Supervisor, Consultant Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, UK. Part One: Supporting early attachment in the community. 1. Therapeutic touch groups as portal to engage and encourage sensitive care giving. Monika Celebi, Camille Kalaja, Maternity Outreach Worker, UK and Bobby Taylor, Parent-Infant Therapist, UK. 2. Health care baby clinics as opportunities for developing emotionally rewarding group experiences between parents and babies. Jessica James, Group Analyst, Anna Freud Centre, UK. 3. The Eve Project - dancing with baby - supporting young families in the community. Ruth Price, Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK (ADMPUK). 4. Roots and Blossoms - a children's centre's role in nurturing groups for vulnerable parents starting in pregnancy. Monika Celebi, Lisa Clayden, Midwife, UK Cristina Franklin, Florence Park Childrens Centre, Oxfordshire County Council, UK and Norma Thompson, Children's Center Manager, UK. 5. VIMA (Step) - a Greek early intervention program promoting attachment between parents and children to prevent abuse and neglect. Korina Hatzinikolaou, Developmental Psychologist, Greece, Katerina Ydraiou, Child Protection Specialist, Greece, Eleni Agathonos, Scientific Counsellor, Greece, Myrto Nielsen, Scientific Counsellor, Greece and Klio Geroulanou, Primary Care Physician, Greece. Part Two. Using video to enhance attunement. 6. Fun With Mum - strengthening the bonds loosened by postnatal depression using video interaction guidance. Penny Rackett, Educational Psychologist and Advanced VIG Supervisor, UK and Bridget Macdonald, Learning and Development Consultant (Workforce Development Team), Suffolk County Council, UK. 7. A Friendly Mirror - combining video interaction guidance and Watch Wait Wonder in parent baby groups. Monika Celebi. Part Three: Groups for parents and babies needing extra support. 8. 'The Ordinary Devoted Group'- experiences of developing a parent baby psychotherapy group. Caryn Onions, The Mulberry Bush School, UK. 9. Moving Bodies - Dance Movement Psychotherapy groups for mothers and babies in inpatient and outpatient perinatal mental health services. Marina Rova, East London NHS Foundation Trust, University of Roehampton, Centre for Arts Therapies Research, UK and Sarah Haddow, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, UK. 10. 'Who Helps Whom?' - a group analytic approach to working with mothers and babies within an National Health Perinatal Mental Health Service. Sheila Ritchie, Perinatal Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, NHS, UK. 11. 'When the Bough Breaks' - impact of real life babies on a mentalization group for parents, who previously have abused their children. Gerry Byrne, Consultant Nurse and Child Psychotherapist, UK and Gabbi Lees, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, NHS, UK. Part Four: Programs. 12. Baby Steps - a relationships-based perinatal group program. Angela Underdown, Researcher and Health Visitor, UK. 13. Using Indigenous Songs, Massage, Psycho-Education and Play to Develop Baby Bonding in Groups of Traumatized Parents. Caroline Feltham-King, Educational Psychologist, UK and and Rachel Moody, Head of Psychology at King Edward VI School, Southampton, UK. 14. Mellow Parenting - help for families in exceptionally difficult circumstances to make the best relationships with their children. Christine Puckering, Programme Director, Mellow Parenting, UK, Lynnaire Doherty, Early Childhood Education Teacher, New Zealand and Rachel Tainsh, Chartered Psychoterhapist, UK. Part Five: Reflective Practice. 15. Strong Bonds To Hold The Cradle - supervision as a safe space to share parent baby group work. Margaret Gallop, Consultant Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, UK. 16. Holding On To Hope - supporting group facilitators to attune to vulnerable mothers and babies using a reflective method. Moira McCutcheon, Educational Psychologist, UK and Tamara Hassan 17. Empowering professionals to facilitate parent baby groups - teaching attunement. Monika Celebi and Catherine O'Keefe, Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, UK. Final thoughts. Monika Celebi. Resources

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