Whale Life Funny & Weird Marine Mammals: Learn with Amazing Photos and Fun Facts About Whales and Marine Mammals

Whale Life Funny & Weird Marine Mammals: Learn with Amazing Photos and Fun Facts About Whales and Marine Mammals

by P. T. Hersom


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Discover Whales from Around the World with Funny Whale Pictures and Weird Whale Facts

Learning new things can be fun and humorous, join bestselling children’s book author P. T. Hersom as he uncovers funny whale facts and sometimes weird whale behavior, with stunning full color photos with descriptions of the marine mammals, what they like to eat, where they live and their behavior.

Explore parts of the world to find the Blue Whale the largest animal that ever lived, or the show off Beluga Whale that entertains thousands, or a favorite of whale watchers the Humpback Whale. See mystical sea creatures such as the unicorn Narwhal Whale, the deep diving Pilot Whale or Moby Dick the albino whale!

Funny & Weird Animals Series

Part of the Funny & Weird Animals Series, Dolphin Life, will keep your young readers interested in reading this whales children's book over and over again. Descriptions in the large text make it easy for early readers, or for a child to be guided through with a parent or family member.

As with all books in this series, it is designed to be a learning tool too. The author combines humor with facts to make the learning fun and memorable for the kids. Additionally, with "What did You Learn Today" fun questions and answers at the books end.

The Following Whales are Featured:

  • The talking Beluga Whale
  • The giant Blue Whale
  • The blubbery Bowhead Whale
  • The speedy Fin Whale
  • The funny Gray Whale
  • The tumbling Humpback Whale
  • The hunting Killer Whale
  • The stinky Minke Whale
  • The unicorn Narwhal Whale
  • The snoring Pilot Whale
  • The tiny Pygmy Sperm Whale
  • The weird Right Whale
  • The diving Sperm Whale
  • The scary Moby Dick

These are Real Whales and the Pictures have not been Altered

In my research for this book I discovered many whales I had never heard of before, let alone ever seen.Some whales may appear to be unreal or the pictures altered, because of how unusual the whale may look. However,all the whales in this book are real and alive today.

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If you enjoyed "Whales: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature" by Kay de Silva and Laura Marsh's "National Geographic Readers: Dolphins" then you will like this too.

If you enjoy dolphin facts like those shared by IP Factly's in "Killer Whales! the World's Most Powerful Predators!
Incredible Facts, Photos and video Links to Orca Whales." and Laura Marsh's"National Geographic Readers: Weird Sea Creatures" then you'll enjoy this also.

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ISBN-13: 9780615939407
Publisher: Hersom House Publishing
Publication date: 12/14/2013
Pages: 66
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