What Ever Happened to Respect

What Ever Happened to Respect

by Philip E. Ayers


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Why are pastors treated with respect or disrespect? The purpose of this work is to identify the past and present history concerning American's treatment of pastors. It highlights the history of America from its Colonial days to present times, and found that people's respect for pastors is declining. This research conducted its own survey of people chosen at random, and compares surveys done by other research groups who study respect for authority figures. It reviews the major church growth writers in America. The reasons people name that turn them off to pastors, and strategies to reverse the image of pastors in society are offered. Much attention is devoted to the Fundamentalist Movement on this subject, as well as, the effects of trust and mistrust within ministry as related to the integrity of pastors. Pastor's personalities are dissected through the use of the Adjective Checklist (ACL) evaluation. Pastors are challenged, through the personal testimony of Pastor Ayers, to evaluate and examine their own personalities, in order to identify any dangerous characteristics that could destroy their integrity.
This book is excellent for every pastor and church member alike. It alerts America and the church movement to the fact that a problem with respect for authority exists today within our society. Pastors must reverse the downward trend of their influence as God's under shepherd in the church. All people must return to respecting God's plan for His church.

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ISBN-13: 9781420866230
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/28/2005
Pages: 244
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