What Is Black History
What Is Black History

What Is Black History

by Burns

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What is Black History”is written to help make the study of Black history more exciting and to re-establish a lost and forgotten legacy by: 1. Teaching non-traditional Black heroes not taught in school text. 2. Describing historical events in a hip-hop style. 3. Comparing the trauma of Black history to everyday struggles and life experiences in the Black community. Feel free to read a chapter from this this book below titled," Ghetto Wars".

Ghetto Wars
A message for no other, but for my young brothers

Concerned fathers and mothers

Soldiers spend less time chill’n, and more time ill’n

Look’n at death, you don’t flinch

But punk’n out for Willie Lynch
We all hear click, click, pow, can’t figure, stink’n think’n
Willie is up in yah now. Fear and distrust. Young against old
On your mind Willie slapped a tag. In 013 it’s flag against flag.
I’m no fool I can see. Kids let out hatred. Fed up with adult’s deceit.
Found a family in the street. When Blacks had guns they felt the sting of the lash. New plantation same location. Kids are the new mastas, and colors clash. Death to each other from ash to ash.
When kids hear the ghetto wars, they volunteer
Not miraculous, but ghetto fabulous. They say its territory.
The city claims its name. Took their territory. Eminent domain.
It was never theirs. The city is the majority. In ghetto wars, soldiers fall. What’s the cause? Is it tight jeans, and girls on the scene?
Or get some stock, and be the block. It’s a cry’n shame; some of it is for fame. Reputation has it’s place. Can’t you place a stake in the growth of your mind? But in ghetto wars you take what you feel is rightfully yours. This is the reality a slave’s mentality. Soldiers rob, cause they can’t get a job. 200 years in the past, Blacks had a solution, private institutions, more advanced. Not just a rhyme, have soldiers gone so far in space and time? Like Stevie said where’s the vision in their mind? In our social system, whites today are also victims. Ghetto wars draft your children. An open invitation, no discrimination. Whites on the front lines, no color line. Like before help set us free from the ghetto wars. Like the Quakers they weren’t fakers. To my white kin and friends please begin a new railroad for all kids can escape, and not partake in ghetto wars. No one has desires to have our kids face hot balls of fire. Something has to be said. Can’t red and blue find a common thread? I’m no corny clown. This thing didn’t start over night. I know it’s going to take awhile to settle down.
But brothers, we have got to start somewhere, like Marvin said,” there are far too many brothers dying, and far too many mothers crying”.

Ghetto Wars/Research Notes
The message of this spoken word poetry piece is not only targeted for the youth, but also concerned members of the community.
The soldiers represent our young men who have chosen to unleash their anger by participating in street violence. Spending more time ill’n means these participants in violence suffer from the illness of ignorance. This means that transferring anger into deadly violence clearly reflects lack of self- knowledge. Those who have gained knowledge of self, love themselves and humanity, and would not impose danger on anyone.
Unfortunately there are young men who have a false sense of courage and will give their life for no cause or a false cause. This form of anger is more dangerous than the first because the angry young man does not fully understand why he is angry. To be angry against someone because they are in a rival gang, wearing a different colored t-shirt, dark-skinned, light- skinned, elderly, white or black spells mental slavery. A slave owner named Willie Lynch invented mental slavery in America during the slave era. He taught his fellow slave owners to maintain control over their slaves by sowing the seeds of distrust and conflict. The slaves would distrust each other but only trust the master. This form of psychological slavery still exists in 2013. The difference is that in our modern age mental slavery is not confined within the Black community it exists among all races in all communities and age groups. In order to fight this type of anger young people must learn to judge people according to how they treat and interact with people individually.

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