Whatever Happened to the Gospel?: Rediscover the Main Thing

Whatever Happened to the Gospel?: Rediscover the Main Thing

by R.T. Kendall


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Let’s Get Down to the Truth
You know the “prosperity gospel.” The “name it and claim it gospel.” The "political gospel". The messages being preached on at least 90 percent of religious television. But what about the Gospel? What was it the apostle Paul was “unashamed” of?

Most Christians don’t understand what the true Gospel of Jesus is. In our church sanctuaries pastors neglect to preach the fear of God and eternal punishment. Church communities have grown to believe that all are saved and none will be lost. Meanwhile many other Christians lack assurance of their own salvation and focus on sanctification as their only ticket to Heaven.

They ignore what was historically introduced by Jesus, filled out by the apostle Paul, and articulated by the sixteenth-century Reformers. The Gospel has been brushed to one side, and evidence of this is seen in how churches are misleading and even mistreating people.


Respected author and theologian R. T. Kendall sounds a wake-up call for churches across the globe. Whatever Happened to the Gospel? seeks to reacquaint you with the Gospel and reignite a passion in your heart to know more of God.

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ISBN-13: 9781629994710
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 760,078
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About the Author

R. T. Kendall was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv) and Oxford University (DPhil). Kendall is the author of more than sixty books, including Total Forgiveness; Holy Fire; Pigeon Religion: Holy Spirit, Is That You?; The Sensitivity of the Spirit; Grace; and The Anointing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Table of Contents

Foreword xxi

Preface xxv

Introduction xxix

1 Rediscovering the True Gospel 1

2 Misunderstanding the Gospel 13

3 Recognizing and Avoiding the Counterfeit 27

4 A False Teaching at Large 37

5 Unashamed of the Gospel 49

6 The Heart of the Gospel 69

7 The Faith of Christ 83

8 Genuine, Not Counterfeit, Faith 101

9 Faith and Works 111

10 Why Be a Christian? 123

11 Hell 133

12 Heaven 157

Conclusion 181

Notes 185

Index 197

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

                             –BILL JOHNSON

Whatever Happened to the Gospel? answers life’s most important question: How can a person go to Heaven? With so much
confusion regarding this essential and eternal question R. T. Kendall is the right man to clarify the biblical answer because
he is a legendary teacher of the Word of God full of grace and truth. May this book deliver the pure and powerful message
of Jesus to our generation and the generations to come.
—Jack Graham, PhD
Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church,
Dallas, Texas

In the face of a “new trendy gospel” permeating our churches and emphasizing self-fulfillment, R. T. Kendall, in this new
volume, brings us back to the New Testament Gospel, which instead of self-fulfillment speaks of the spiritual discipline of
self-denial. The new trendy gospel is centered in man and his need of happiness. The New Testament Gospel is centered in
Christ and His plan of redemption made possible through the Gospel, His own death, burial, and resurrection. I have
known and loved R. T. Kendall for over four decades, and in the multitude of books that have flowed from his prolific pen,
he has never been more spot-on. Read it, and you will never have to ask again . . . Whatever happened to the Gospel?
—O. S. Hawkins
Former Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas;
author, the Code Series

R. T. Kendall has done it again. He has written an important book addressing one of the most important truths for this
hour in his new book, Whatever Happened to the Gospel? This book is long overdue. It is more than relevant; it is critical.
Its message is desperately needed in this hour. RT boldly, yet clearly, addresses many important truths, including one
of the great errors being promoted today—the hyper-grace message. He addresses it with biblical precision, practical
application, and prophetic urgency. I find it appropriate that this book is being published at Martin Luther’s five hundredth
anniversary—we need to return to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. R. T. Kendall is a rare and precious
gift to this generation.
—Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer of Kansas City

I love the title of this brilliant new book, written by my good friend Dr. R. T. Kendall. It’s a vital question for such a time
as this. Some parts of this book will likely stretch and challenge you; other moments will inform and inspire. But the
common thread found on every single page is RT’s passion to pursue the Gospel, the whole Gospel, and nothing but
the Gospel.
—Matt Redman

With all the disquieting messages of today, how do we discern the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Fortunately we have R. T.
Kendall, our tireless, truth-telling friend who speaks personally, historically, and clearly to proclaim God as He is. In
listening to the practical teaching in this book, we settle on the main news of life; it is not heavy news, not sad news, but
good news. For me, my family, and my patients, it is news too good to be true!
—Anderson Spickard III, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Dean, Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine

This book is a spiritual shot of adrenaline to a church that is in cardiac arrest. It will be seen as controversial by many,
but that itself tells us something of the malaise that we find ourselves in within evangelicalism. Love it or loathe it, we
cannot and we must not ignore what RT has written. The spiritual health of God’s people is at stake.
—Malcolm Duncan
Senior Pastor, Gold Hill Baptist Church, UK;
Theologian; Author; Broadcaster

Courageous, convincing, and uncompromising—a voice that needs to be heard. Whatever Happened to the Gospel? may
prove to be R. T. Kendall’s lasting legacy—a prophetic and clarion call to return to the biblical Gospel.
—Greg Downes
Director, Ministerial Training, Wycliffe Hall,

RT is right on point. For example, when have you heard a teaching or even a mention of the power in the precious blood
of Jesus? The only way this generation won’t be deceived as Jesus warned us is to read, study, and pray His Word! Thank
you, RT, for being a voice in the wilderness.
—Ricky Skaggs
Country Music Recording Artist

I thank God for my friend R. T. Kendall and his thoughtprovoking book Whatever Happened to the Gospel? As missionaries
giving our lives for the last thirty-seven years, we have watched so many come to salvation through the cross.
We have also sadly seen many who have begun to slip away from the Gospel into a weak universalist theology. RT has
written a clear, direct, to-the-point explanation of the plain, pure Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ, which Rolland and I
have given our lives to minister. In these days when so much is emphasized in the church at the expense of the Gospel, it
is a joyous relief to again be centered on the goal of our faith, the salvation of our souls! RT places our confidence entirely
in Jesus and the power of the cross, and for that reason this book is welcome and desperately needed.
—Heidi Baker
Iris Global

There simply is not anything more important than the salvation of our souls. Finally in R. T. Kendall’s latest book,
Whatever Happened to the Gospel?, we are redirected to the greatest issue of our lives: Are we saved? In a time when
nearly everything else in the Christian life is being trumpeted from pulpits, RT ministers rock-solid confidence in
Jesus and the cross for our eternal hope. Let no other perspective undercut your peace and security. Let this book help
you focus your faith squarely and precisely on what brings everlasting life and all that salvation means in Jesus!
—Rolland Baker
Iris Global

As I read every word in this book, Whatever Happened to the Gospel?, I was thinking, “What does Jesus think about what
is said?” After all, the Father had this in mind when Jesus came and died on the cross and said, “This Gospel must be
preached in all the world.” The Holy Spirit empowers the followers of Jesus to preach the Gospel. I am totally convinced
that this is the true message from the heart of God. Simple in calling people to Jesus to be saved yet solid in theology.
I am so blessed that my dear friend and brother Dr. Kendall has taken the bold step to write this timely book. I fully
endorse this profound message. May we all share the true message of the Gospel of Jesus with all the world.
A pilgrim follower of Jesus,
—Arthur Blessitt
Luke 18:1

R. T. Kendall has written dozens of great books that I have deeply appreciated, but Whatever Happened to the Gospel?
is his crowning achievement. This is Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, except it is nailed to the very heart of every true
Bible-believing Christian. Never in modern history has the Gospel of Jesus been in such great peril from so many fronts.
Whatever Happened to the Gospel? clears away all of the sludge that has been added to the Gospel of late. This is a
must-read for every truly concerned believer.
—Michael Youssef, PhD
Vicar, Church of the Apostles, Atlanta;
Author, Best-Selling The Barbarians Are Here

A powerful, prophetic trumpet blast and clarion call to return to and remain in the greatest news the world has ever
known: the Gospel that Jesus and His disciples taught. Read and rejoice in the Great Reformation truths expounded in
this persuasive book, for herein lies our hope: first and foremost, the Gospel is the power of God for salvation.
—Howard Satterthwaite
Lead Elder, Westminster Chapel, London

It is hard to exaggerate the importance of this intensely personal, deeply theological, and absolutely relevant book. It’s
back to the Gospel, or we’re going nowhere. The recovery of the historic message of Jesus, Paul, and all the New Testament
apostles is the only thing that will keep this generation from sinking deeper and deeper into atheism, false religion,
and despair. I urge every Christian, church leader, and sincere seeker to read this book.
—Rev. Colin Dye
Senior Minister, Kensington Temple, London

In the 1960s the rise of a more charismatic emphasis within the evangelical movement led to worldwide blessing. But now
many parts of the evangelical world are wandering away from the Gospel in a manner that is alarming, to say the least.
RT’s analysis and warnings deserve careful attention, and his remedy is obviously the right one—back to the Gospel!
—Michael Eaton, PhD (1942–2017)
(One of my dearest and closest friends, Michael, who lived in Nairobi, Kenya, wrote this endorsement only days before
he died in Johannesburg, South Africa, while at a conference with me.)

We know RT as a Bible teacher. This book is RT the prophet speaking the word of the Lord with unyielding biblical thoroughness
into the life and witness of the church in our times. In the secular world we attach the word prophet to something 
new and innovative. In the Bible prophets more often than not called God’s people back to things that had been forgotten.
That is what this book does. It is alarming that it is needed, for it is nothing short of a recall to the Gospel itself, which RT
believes several hugely popular erroneous trends in the evangelical and charismatic church are obscuring. For what it is
worth, as a leader for many years in the charismatic wing of the church I agree with him. It is fitting that in 2017, the year
that marks the five-hundredth anniversary of Luther’s nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, such
a clarion call is being raised. Will it be listened to or dismissed? Scripture sadly tells us that either reaction is possible
from God’s people to the voice of a true prophet.
—Rev. Kenny Borthwick
Church of Scotland Minister; Former Leader,
CLAN Gathering and New Wine Scotland

I want to recommend Whatever Happened to the Gospel? to all who are hungry to follow truth. We will never accomplish
our mission of John 17:17 without truth. This book will cause us to take a closer look at what is being preached and why.
—Bobby Conner
Eagles View Ministry

With accessible wisdom and masterful insights, RT contends for the true and authentic Gospel. Debunking all bold and
subtle errors, whether they be from knowledgeable sources, misguided charlatans, or theological naïveté, this book is a
plea and a clarion call to the church to get back to the Gospel that was given to us in all its full-orbed beauty, sufficiency,
and power.
—Tope Koleoso
Jubilee Church, London

R. T. Kendall’s ministry, both at Westminster Chapel, London, and now in the wider world, has significantly impacted those
of us who cherish both Word and Spirit for life transformation. RT has never been afraid of controversy for the sake of truth
and life, so here he draws the line from the Reformation to today and reminds us how easy it is to lose the Gospel of faith
alone, grace alone. This passion for the Gospel and the Spirit needs to move us too.
—Roger Welch
Life in the Spirit Team, UK;
Former Chair, Wycliffe Global Alliance

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