When Darkness Comes A-Haunting: Romantic Suspense Thriller

When Darkness Comes A-Haunting: Romantic Suspense Thriller

by Sandra Ross

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Sometimes, calls can come through from the other side...

Marie's first call to Lily after a long time of not hearing from her friend disturbed her. Marie was sobbing and was desperately unhappy... and warning her of an impending danger.

“It’s bad, Lily. So bad! I don’t know what to do, but you’ve got to be careful. He’s going to come after you, too!”

The calls chilled her to the bone. But what did Marie mean? Who was coming after her, too? What happened to her? Why won't she let her help? What did Marie mean when she said it was already too late? For who, Marie or her?

Lily was a psychic but this was the first time something like this happened to her.

And she has a hunch that if she didn't listen to Marie's warning, it might be the last.

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“Not really. Although, I do remember that there was an abusive man in her life at one point. But I thought that she had gotten away from him, so it shouldn’t be that.”
“Well, if she calls again, we’ll try to get her to make an appointment so you can find out what’s going on.”
“That sounds like a plan,” Lily said. “Now, do we have any special plans for dinner or do you want to, maybe, start out with dessert?”
Caleb was on his feet in seconds and pulling her up against him.
“Do you even have to ask me that question, wicked woman?” he growled.
Lily laughed, a laugh that was gently interrupted by a loving kiss. That kiss did not stay gentle after a short while. As anticipated, the spark came and took control of them. There was no indication of the tiring day when she finally succumbed to the needful embrace of his arms, and soon they had retreated to their bedroom to make sweet, passionate love with each other.

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Publisher: Publications Circulations LLC
Publication date: 10/05/2012
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About the Author

The moment Sandra Ross held her first romance novel when she was ten, she knew she was going to write romance. At thirty now, a prolific reader and a freelance writer, she's since then expanded her preferences from just romance to romance with a dash of now trending sub-genres—paranormal , fantasy, sci-fi even, and erotica. She loves challenging herself and would write on a dare. On a normal day, she would be found in her herb garden collecting spices for her kitchen or ingredients for her potions; in her huge eclectic Provencal kitchen with the big modern oven cooking pots and pans of food for her family of one husband and three kids (an ardent daughter and two boisterous sons) that'll probably last for weeks; in her library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and an e-reader in her hands as she reads the latest B&N erotic hit; or scribbling pages upon pages of different erotic lifestyles, searching for the one that feels like it was inspired by just the right mix of passion, story line, and sex. She loves going crazy on weekend nights with the hubby. Aside from these activities, the rest of the time she'd be found in front of her laptop typing the latest Sandra Ross concoction for her readers.

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When Darkness Comes A-Haunting: Romantic Suspense Thriller 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
I just have to say wow to this book, because it is one that I did not think that I would really like that much. I am giving a lot of props to the author, because she made a book that I liked reading. Sandra Ross is an amazing author and she kept me entertained and my attention as I was reading this book. I loved the whole storyline and how the characters were all set up. This Book is one that I would recommend to others when I get the chance to. This book had everything that I was looking for and a lot more. I do not want to give away anything that hurts others that have not read this book, but there are a lot of things that you will like, If you love the whole psychic romantic storyline then you will love this book and all it has to offer. I must say that this is a great book when you want something to read. I could not put this book down at all. I loved every minute of it and then some, so if you are looking for something over the top then this is your book. I found that everything was well written and easy to read. You will understand everything and the book will have you guessing. This author will grab and keep your attention, so you will not be disappointed when it comes to this good story and the characters in it.
RLeigh More than 1 year ago
Gateway to darkness When darkness comes a-haunting is a carefully plotted supernatural romantic suspense thriller written by the creatively prolific Sandra Ross whose other stories have delved in erotic passions, unconventional romance and intriguing supernatural twists. With When Darkness Comes A-haunting   Ross turns her craft to a quieter story of love and support strengthened by dark forces that threaten the lives of our wiccan psychic heroine Lily and her unfailingly supportive lover Caleb.  For the couple, the daily routine is comfortable and has created a peaceful home filled with sweet passion and a safe contentment that comes from knowing what to expect from the day. But darkness threatens the safe world the couple have built when Lily receives a phone call that chills her and creates a gateway for supernatural suspense. As Lily and Caleb try to uncover the purpose of the shocking call, they must also find strength in each other to shed light on the mystery that threatens them both.  Sandra Ross has become a regular voice of young passion and desire, giving us moments crafted to turn the reader on as quickly as it warms our heart through the affection her characters share. When Darkness Comes A-haunting is a relatively short addition to her body of work and while it doesn’t portray the same level of erotic passion as some of her other stories, it does warm the heart as it presents a relationship that is stable and tender. Ross again succeeds in creating a brief window into a world where affection and love can give us strength during the darkest, most frightening times in our lives. 
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
This book was an easy read. It was a part of a group of five books that I took with me on my recent vacation and I don’t regret choosing it to tag along with. I have always been a love of thrillers and when I saw this romantic, suspense thriller on the list of books I could purchase I decided that I just had to read. I was hoping that it wasn’t too good to be true and I was wrong. It wasn’t too good to be true. The book was a really nice and relaxing read. I found myself going through the plot and following along with the characters quite easily. It was only about forty or so pages long so the plot wasn’t long and drawn out. Though, I do wish that there was more of it…and that is the only thing I think that I would change. Is you are the romancy type like me, you will love this book. Cuddle up to a warm cup of coffee and a copy of the book and take a read through. I gave my friend a read of the book and she loved it as well. I guess it was just the romance of it. It was really nice.
Herivy More than 1 year ago
This is a story about a psychic woman named Lily who received an eerie phone call one morning from her client/friend named Marie. The story starts with introducing the main character Lily to the readers. She is self-admitting Wiccan 38-year old, beautiful woman whose job is that of a professional psychic. She has a lover who is 7 years her junior but their age difference did not matter with how they feel for each other. Besides she looks hot enough to pass at his age level. But the story does not focus on the lovers. Instead, it focuses on that unexpected phone call they received from Marie. It turned out that Marie has been calling her even when she is already dead as she wants to save Lily from her killer who was also her ex-boyfriend. As the scene unfolds, I am actually touched by Marie’s effort of trying to save Lily even when she is already dead. This is to say that Lily and Marie are not actually close friends. But Marie have that feeling of gratitude for the advice and help she got from Lily that made them consider each other as friends. I cannot grasp the gravity of gratitude that Marie feels for Lily but I can suppose that her calling Lily and trying to save her is her way of fulfilling her grudge. This is not a romantic book per se but I can appreciate the character of Caleb who is always there for Lily. This act and their five years of relationship show their commitment to each other. Suffice it to say, I actually feel envious of Lily. Caleb is the kind of guy I would want to take home to my family and say “Dad, Mom, this is Caleb. He is the man I am going to marry.” :-) He is that knight in shining armour kind of guy and Lily is truly fortunate to have him. I think this is a short story through and through which has beginning, middle and end – meaning it is already complete even if it is just composed of a few thousand words. There are no loopholes nor open plotlines in the end. It presents a conflict and the conflict is solved in the conclusive part of the book. This is good because in other short stories I read, these things are not dealt with, thus, they leave me hanging. In here, I am satisfied and I do not have any questions in my mind. But since it is only a short story, I think, the characters are not fully explored most especially Caleb whose silent strength and endearing support for his lady love moves me. This being said, I still think they are relatable in some ways through the narratives of Ms. Ross. This story is actually good for a short time read – especially when my friends and I want to while away our time. I will definitely recommend this to them. I’d like to know their insights, too.
rizgo More than 1 year ago
When Darkness Comes is a book about a psychic named Lily and the eerie call she got one day from a friend.  Her friend, Marie, called her after several years only to warn her that someone is coming for her. Marie isn’t forthcoming on who this mystery man in and she won’t tell Lily anything more other than the warning. Lily isn’t your average girl. She is a psychic who has the ability to tell people’s future. The call disturbs Lily more than she let on. What does it mean? Who was coming for her? Why was Marie frightened? As the whole story unravels with each page, the characters scramble to understand what is going on. It’s intrigue after intrigue with the ending tying everything nicely.  The title does sound creepy but it’s a paranormal romance; what do you expect? I don’t normally read paranormal books because I don’t believe in them. For this book, I made an exemption. The book description led me to believe it’s interesting and well written. Sandra Ross did not disappoint me with this book. I like how she makes every page sound intriguing without giving too much away. It draws you page after page until you reach the end.  While haunting romance novels it’s not really my cup of tea, I had a good time reading When Darkness Comes. I would recommend this to those who are into the paranormal genre. If a person like me, who’s not hooked to the paranormal, read this and liked it; I’m sure a true paranormal romance fanatic will love this. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could have been a decent book, author must be young.
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
Sandra Ross does it again with She Calls From the Grave: Romantic Suspense Thriller a gripping story that will have you reading it from start to finish without stopping. The story of Lily and Caleb really stood out to me as likeable and very real characters. With the psychic abilities that Lily has and uses throughout the book you wonder at every turn what she will be able to do. What trouble might find her and Caleb? I was riveted to the suspenseful story telling of this novel and have to say I found it to be akin to some of my favorite Paranormal Romances with how much I enjoyed it. The only real complaint I had about this story by Sandra Ross is I felt that Lily’s wardrobe could have been described a little better. I know this seems like a silly thing but to me I like knowing what a character is wearing in detail it makes me feel a bigger connection. That is not something that takes away from this story at all however because it really is a personal preference. I would recommend this book to those who know Sandra Ross’s reading or those just getting into her. She is a good writer with good flow and this is a nice suspense thriller/paranormal romance to sink your teeth into.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Voices from the Grave This is an eerie story and full of suspense as mentioned in the title. Sandra Ross has weaved a story revolving the other world and the communication between the worlds which can sometimes be helpful albeit hair-raising scared. The story is entertaining and full of mystery that it sustains the reader to keep on reading until the end. The story begins with the protagonist, Lily starting the day with her manager who is also her boyfriend, Caleb. Lily’s is a psyche and her character is well drawn out as someone possessing the ability to read people’s future. Her relationship with Caleb is narrated in detail starting from the time they met and how Caleb eventually became her personal manager. Lily has done well practicing her abilities as a psyche in transforming people’s lives. Life is bliss for Lily and Caleb. Until one day when she hears a message from her good friend Maria, whom she had not heard off for some time. Maria’s message is worrisome as it is full of tears and sobs and she keeps warning Maria to be careful of looming danger ahead. This was the first time Lily was experiencing such a chilling message and she felt there was some truth in the message but could not figure out when and why the danger would occur. The storyline has been crafted perfectly to create a nightmarish suspense. I found this book an interesting read based primarily on the storyline.