Where She Went

Where She Went

by Kelly Simmons


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What happens when your worst fear comes true?

Her only daughter has just gone away to college, and Maggie O'Farrell knows she's turning into one of those helicopter parents she used to mock. Worrying constantly, texting more than she should, even occasionally dropping by the campus "just to say hi." But Maggie can't shake the feeling that something terrible is about to happen to Emma. And then, just as Maggie starts to relax, her daughter disappears.

The clues are disturbing. An empty dorm room where Emma was supposedly living. A mysterious boy described as Future Husband in her phone. Dormmates who seem more sinister than friendly. As Maggie combs over the campus looking for signs of her daughter, she learns more about Emma's life than she ever thought possible.

Kelly Simmons delivers another gripping novel in Where She Went, an unforgettable story of letting go and the secrets that surface when the person keeping them is gone.

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ISBN-13: 9781492687504
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 138,141
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Kelly is a former journalist and current novelist/advertising creative director. She is the author of Standing Still (2009) and The Bird House (2011), which both received outstanding trade reviews. She lives outside of Philadelphia.

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Where She Went: A Novel 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Isabelle Wagner 20 days ago
Where She Went by Kelly Simmons is a compelling read that kept me hooked the entire way through. I enjoyed the two timelines and narrators and how they eventually converged in a way that I did not see coming at all. This book really took me back to my own college memories, some of which really helped me relate with Emma. I enjoyed the simple, yet descriptive writing style of Where She Went, which was the first book I read by Simmons. I will be searching out more of hers, especially after reading the questions she answered in the back of the book. I do wish the ending wasn't so open-ended though and I felt there were some gaps in the story as well.
nahyee 26 days ago
Felt like there were huge gaps and the conclusion was a letdown. I started out really liking Kelly Simmons’ “Where She Went.” Throughout the book, we get alternating chapters of Emma, a college freshman on a mission to find a story for the school paper, and Maggie, Emma’s hairdresser mother who was widowed when her police officer husband was killed in the line of duty. There are some complications in their family life that create some interesting character elements that I won’t spoil here, but I will admit I was really into this book until about halfway through. The alternating chapters allow the reader to know what Emma was doing leading up to her disappearance and enable us to kind of connect the dots between Emma’s actions and what Maggie and the police discover along the way. The conclusion of the story, though, was a serious letdown. There are huge gaps in the timeline that never get filled in, and the story never really comes to a conclusion. All through the book, Emma was after this big story that never has a resolution, and Emma was found and nothing seems to happen. We don’t know how she disappeared. We kind of know why but none of the details. It almost felt like there were several chapters of the book completely missing. And then it just ends so abruptly. Unless there are some chapters miraculously added to this, I recommend skipping this one. You’ll end up more confused at the end and looking for answers that you won’t find. I received an advance copy of this title from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark in exchange for an honest review.
MM_Reviewer 3 months ago
Thank you to the author, Kelly Simmons, the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC for an honest review. This book started out a bit slow for me, and while I did end up getting through it, I had a hard time picking it up to finish it as I didn't feel that it kept my interest like I was hoping. I enjoyed reading about a mother and daughter and the emotions that a mother goes through when her daughter cannot be located, but I felt like the whole book was slow except for the end where it all came together. However, I didn't like how it just ended and really didn't give a resolution with the book. I would love to read another book by this author as I'm sure it was just this book that caused me some hiccups with getting through it. I would give this a 3 out of 5.
Kwpat 3 months ago
What would you do? Where She Went is my first book by Kelly Simmons. Having your freshman child disappear from her college is every parent’s nightmare. Maggie has to face the disappearance of Emma alone. Her husband, Frank, a policeman was killed. This is a fast-paced read for most of the story told by chapters alternating between Emma and Maggie. I think this would be a good bookclub book as there is lots to discuss. My thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
GGGeiss 3 months ago
Kelly Simmons’s two main characters, Maggie and Emma, albeit annoying at times, are very likable. The main thread, throughout the book, is the strong bond between mother and daughter and the “stop at nothing” of a mother searching for her missing child. The plot is an interesting one, believable and disheartening. Sad commentary on humanity. The novel kept my interest peaked yet not in a way that I thought I would be surprised at the ending. Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.
OakCityBooks 3 months ago
4 stars for Where She Went by Kelly Simmons! This book will definitely have you following breadcrumbs trying to figure out what would make a college freshman disappear into thin air, leaving behind her dorm room and belongings. And then, before you know it, you are caught up in a tightly-woven web of college secrets and a network of promiscuous activity. I loved how this book was written. I felt like I was side by side with a desperate mom, looking for answers, knowing her daughter better than anyone. The narration flips back and forth between the missing woman and her mother, providing unparalleled suspense as you see the two drift apart and then the details start to line up. This book sheds tremendous light on the lengths that impressionable college women will go to in order to fit in, and conceptually, it was quite disturbing to think that many of the circumstances presented so well in the book could and may be happening on college campuses all over the world. Wealth, entitled men, a missing woman, and a dark network of secrets make Where She Went 4-star worthy. It was suspenseful in a different way which was refreshing and thought-provoking. Additional reviews @oakcitybooks
Shelley-S-Reviewer 3 months ago
2.5 Stars The blurb had me thinking this book was everything I could ask for in a guilty pleasure read. Unfortunately, the writing is less than stellar, the characters are lacking in just about every way possible, there is zero chemistry between any of the characters and if I'm being entirely honest, which I always am in my book reviews, the ending felt like it was just thrown out there, and not much back story of it was given, leading to the underwhelming climax. Kelly Simmons had a great concept here, and she could have developed a fun, fast-paced novel. Like so many other books I've read recently, this book switches between characters...Emma and her mother. The mother's chapters have us searching for Emma and the daughter's chapters take us along on Emma's research for a school newspaper story. If you're expecting thrills, however, you've got the wrong book. I hate this story and I did read it in one sitting, mostly just because I wanted to know what happened.
Annette5151 4 months ago
This book kinda grabbed me at the first page and kept me turning the pages. It kept my interest and was a pretty fast read. Thanks to Netgalley and the author for the early copy
KerryACroucier 4 months ago
Maggie O’Farrell lost her husband in the line of duty, then her daughter went off to college. She and her daughter had always been close, but now she is trying to reconcile being both a widow and an empty-nester, finding it hard to let go, but trying not to worry when she doesn’t hear from her daughter daily. College is supposed to be fun, exciting, and wonderful. That all changes when a police officer comes to tell her that her daughter might be missing and Maggie vows to do whatever it takes to find her daughter. Emma is trying to find her place and thinks the campus paper may just be it. While searching for a story to show what she can do, she stumbles into something much bigger and more dangerous than she expected. Told in alternating view points, WHERE SHE WENT will keep you on the edge of your seat as we find out how far each woman will go to chase what is important to them. The characters are interesting and I found myself rooting for each to succeed on their quest. This is a perfect read to curl up with a cozy blanket and a warm drink. #WhereSheWent #KellySimmons #TallPoppyWriter #BloomReads #TallPoppyReviewer
JamieS 4 months ago
When I saw helicopter parent---I knew I had to read this book. I may have been a bit guilty of that when my daughter was growing up! This is a parents worst nightmare---Maggie's daughter Emma goes missing from college! I love a good thriller, but would consider this more suspense. Being a mom obviously could identify with Maggie's anxiety to find her daughter. Thank you NetGalley for an e-ARC!
Anonymous 4 months ago
This is a well written book, although at times some of the dialogue is a little repetitive in places, and not a book that really grabs your attention. It’s quite slow paced. I’m not even sure I would call it a psychological thriller, it comes across more as women’s fiction. Emma is a college freshman, looking forward to a fresh start in life away from her mum Maggie who has always known everything and everyone in Emily’s life, she finds it hard to let go and phones three times a day. Maybe because she had recently lost her police officer husband who was killed in the line of duty, and add to the fact she found out he had been having an affair. Unfortunately for Emma her days in college aren’t as good as she had hoped, she finds it difficult to make friends, and hard to mix, it doesn’t help that she is being ignored by the more worldly girls in her dormitory. She approaches the editor of the college newspaper to see if she can write for them, or work on the paper in some way. But is told if she goes out and finds a good story then they will talk again, this is when she starts investigating and gathering facts. The story is told from two, points of view, Maggie’s story is set in the present, and Emma’s goes back in time, giving an insight into why she has disappeared. Emma’s story basically starts out at her looking for a decent story for the newspaper, but it changes to a game of cat and mouse, when she stumbles on a story of a sordid practice which involves older rich men and college students. The ending of the book seems a little rushed and leaves a few loose end hanging I would like to thank netgalley and Review publishers for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review
MKF 4 months ago
Where's Emma? Maggie already had a very bad case of empty nest syndrome when she's suddenly asked if she's heard from her daughter. The widow of a police officer, she's a smart cookie, even though she's also, understandably, a bit of a helicopter parent so of course she starts to investigate. Emma, who's had it tough the last few years, didn't find college to be what she hoped for so she went looking for a scoop for the college newspaper, in part to impress a guy. Told in their alternate voices and with a shifting timeline, this is a story of a college student who found more than she expected and a determined mother. It's well written and quite topical. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Not a thriller, exactly, but more of a novel about strong female characters.
sjillis 4 months ago
Sending your first child off to college is stressful for any parent. But newly single Maggie is dealing not only with an empty nest, but also her husband’s recent death, her grief complicated by the knowledge of his betrayal. Learning that her daughter, Emma, has disappeared from her dorm transforms her ordinary worries into panic. A cop’s widow, Maggie knows a lot about investigations, and has no qualms about conducting her own. She has an unlikely ally in the form of Gina, the woman with whom her husband was having an affair. Alternating between Emma’s and Maggie’s points of view, the story reveals terrifying truths about college and dorm life, along with dark, unimaginable secrets. As Emma closes in on the truth, she puts herself in more danger than Maggie thought possible. The ending seemed abrupt, with a few loose threads hanging. But the novel is otherwise well-paced, and is as much about women’s relationships (both good and bad) as it is the mystery. #NetGalley #WhereSheWent
jjthor 4 months ago
Maggie is a mom of a new collage student and seems to be having a hard time cutting the strings but after her daughter Emma goes missing she doesn't seem so wrong after all. Her daughter is a journalist and was working on a story about prostitution when she seemed to drop off the face of the earth. This story is a well thought out one that keeps your interest it is a slower book to read but very enjoyable. would definitely recommend this one.
MaureenST 4 months ago
was quickly looking for answers here, and trying to put myself in the shoes of a mother with her daughter missing, really unimaginable! This story did keep my attention, and I kept thinking the worse! It could have come for the pages of the daily news, it is similar to what has happened on a national level. The answers do come, and we walk in both the daughter’s and mother’s shoes, and hope for the best. Emma is one brave girl, spunky for a freshman, and trying to fit into life here, but she is going alone into a dark world. This quickly became a page turner as I looked for answers, and I so want the good to overcome evil! I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Sourcebooks Landmark, and was not required to give a positive review.