Wicked Beaufort

Wicked Beaufort

by Alexia Jones Helsley


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Beaufort's long history of wickedness stretches back to 1562, when Captain Jean Ribaut built the ill-fated French outpost Charlesfort on Parris Island, eventually destroyed by mutiny and starvation. Colonial Beaufortonians were no strangers to thwarting the law, from the murder of Charles Purry to the priestly misbehavior of Reverend William Peaseley. The Revolutionary War brought civil strife to the area in the form of bands of outlaws, and the early Federal years were times for the gentlemanly"? pursuits of drinking, gambling and fighting. Reconstruction brought violence of several varieties as freedmen, carpetbaggers, scalawags and others sought to develop a new order. Join local author Alexia Jones Helsley as she delves into the history of these misbegotten times in Beaufort's history, from the earliest instances of illicit activity through the infamous Beaufort banking scandal of 1926."

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ISBN-13: 9781609492632
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 05/14/2011
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 1,171,078
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About the Author

Alexia Jones Helsley is an archivist and historian with deep roots in western North Carolina. Her parents live in Hendersonville, and her father, Dr. George A. Jones, is a native of Saluda, North Carolina. She is a founding member and program vice-president of the Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Society and has published widely on the history of North and South Carolina. Her North Carolina titles include A Guide to Historic Henderson County, North Carolina and the Henderson County (N.C.) Revolutionary Pensioners of 1840, 1997 recipient of the Willie Parker Peace Prize (North Carolina Society of Historians). Other relevant research interests include the Battle of Kings Mountain, Mountain Page Baptist Church, Carolina migration trails and the Pace family of western North Carolina. Her Pace ancestors moved from Virginia into eastern North Carolina and eventually settled near Saluda. Helsley, an instructor in history for the University of South Carolina, Aiken, currently serves as president of the Pace Society of America. In addition, she is a member of the Old Exchange Commission, and in 2006, the South Carolina State Historic Records Advisory Board presented her with the Governor's Archives Award. W

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 7

Prologue. Something Wicked This Way Comes 9

1 Setting the Scene-Beautiful Beaufort 13

2 "Written in Blood": La Chere, Seymour Burroughs, Mrs. Bull's Shoes, Bloody Point and the Huspa King 26

3 "Judgment Is Mine": Hugh Bryan Writes a Letter 39

4 "Murder Most Foul": Charles Purry Meets a Bad End 45

5 "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing": The Reverend William Peaseley 50

6 "Live Hard, Die Young": James Booth and Civilian Life 57

7 "Boys Will Be Boys": Masculine Entertainments 65

8 "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time": The Murder of J. Fraser Matthewes 73

9 "Honor" among Thieves: The Duncan-Froman Affair 79

10 Conflict of Interest: The Bettison-Brown-Bailey Triangle 85

11 Chivalry-Beaufort Style: Richard V Bray and the Internal Revenue Service 92

12 House of Cards: Richardson and the Banking Scandal of 1928 99

Epilogue. And the Beat Goes On 113

Bibliography 115

Index 117

About the Author 127

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