Wicked in His Arms

Wicked in His Arms

by Stacy Reid

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Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade, has learned it is best to exercise rigid control over his passions and emotions in all that he does. Uncaring that it makes him seem cold and aloof to most in the ton, he is content with wooing only agreeable and demur women in his search for a wife. Until he finds himself trapped in a closet at a house party with the last women he would ever make his countess.

Lady Olivia Sherwood is unconventional, overly decisive, and utterly without decorum—everything Tobias should not desire in a wife. But she cannot deny her attraction to the cold, handsome earl. Passion between them ignites, leading them to being discovered, and honor demands they wed.

Tobias is unprepared for the strength of his desire for the bewitching beauty. He must do everything he can to avoid tempting the passion that burns for her…lest it lead to disaster.

Each book in the Wedded by Scandal series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Accidentally Compromising the Duke
Book #2 Wicked in His Arms
Book #3 How to Marry a Marquess

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633758513
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/23/2017
Series: Wedded by Scandal , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 29,220
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

I am an avid reader of novels with a deep passion for writing. I especially love romance and adore writing about people falling in love. I live a lot in the worlds I create and I actively speak to my characters (out loud). I have a warrior way "never give up on my dream." When I am not writing, I spend a copious amount of time drooling over Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, watching Japanese Anime and play video games with my hubby. My strength is my love - Dusean Nelson, and I have a horrible weakness for ice cream.

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Wicked in His Arms

Wedded by Scandal Series

By Stacy Reid, Alycia Tornetta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Stacy Reid
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-851-3


April 1818 Hertfordshire, England Riverhill Manor

The worst had passed.

A wracking cough jerked Viscount Bathhurst's frame from the bed, and Lady Olivia Henrietta Sherwood — Livvie to her friends and family — reached for a washcloth and dabbed the spittle from the corner of his lips. It brought tears to her eyes to see her stepfather like this, when up until only a few months ago, he had been hale and hearty. A fall from his horse, then an attack of the heart, had rendered him thin and frail.

Livvie had worked diligently to hide her terror when she thought he'd been dying. She'd already lost one father, and she had yet to recover from the devastation. Everyone, including the servants, had anticipated the passing of the viscount with grim visages. However, he had rallied and now seemed to be on the mend.

He struggled to sit, a grimace settling on his weary but handsome face. "My dear Livvie," he said, "we must discuss your future."

"Please, Father, conserve your strength. I am certain now is not the time for such conversations."

He smiled. "Nonsense, the doctors have given me a good report. I shall be well, my dear, very well indeed."

Renewed hope blasted through her heart at his wonderful optimism. "I prayed and lit a candle for you every night for the last few weeks."

His face softened with tenderness. "I daresay God heard your prayers, Livvie, for I can assure you my mending started several weeks ago. What shall I do without you?"

Oh no. She knew where he was going with this ...

After successfully settling against the mound of pillows, he reached for her hand and clasped it gently in his. "I have written to ask my cousin, the Countess of Blade, to sponsor you into society," he said, diving straight to the heart of her fear.

"Father, you are mending. Surely there is no haste?" She had hoped there would be no more talk of her facing the cruelty of London's society again. After her dismal and harsh reception three years ago, she had made a vow to be true to her own heart, and she would follow it. And her heart was not intent on wading through the fierce and delicate waters of high society to find a husband, at least not until she had her own money. She would not be persuaded to select a gentleman simply because he had over ten thousand a year.

"You are twenty-two, my dear, and close to becoming on the shelf."

"Twenty-two isn't decrepit," she said softly.

He shook his head, sympathy lighting his eyes. "Because of your ghastly experience of losing your papa and then facing the vileness of society's expectations, your mother and I have been too indulgent. We understood your aversion to another Season and the possibility of facing rumors about your father's ... unfortunate demise again. But you must learn to move past it, Livvie."

Unfortunate demise. Such an understatement of the heartbreak she and her mother had been made to suffer. Familiar grief twisted through her.

"And I thank you for sparing me such pain, but I am not hiding from the ton, I am living a life I am truly happy with."

His fingers stroked over her knuckles in a soothing caress, but his lips remained firm. "Though we had the best intentions, we did you a disservice having you here at Riverhills running wild, fishing, swimming in the lake at all odd hours, selling your paintings when you should have been in Town, attaining enough social polish to land yourself a well-heeled gentleman."

A well-heeled gentleman? "Father —"

"Come, Livvie, surely you expect to be married someday?" He said it gently, but there was steel underlying his tone.

"Eventually ... if I develop an attachment to someone."

"Many people have formed comfortable and lasting attachments without the finer sentiments guiding them. I wish I could grant you your desire to remain unmarried. I dearly wish I could leave more for my daughters if I should perish." His eyes darkened. "I wish for many things, my dear."

She knew for what he wished. That the law made it fit for him to leave more than five hundred pounds per year to his wife, Lady Helena, and one hundred pounds to Livvie and her younger sister, Ophelia. They were not to benefit from or partake in any of the houses and monies the viscount owned, for everything was entailed and belonged to William — her stepfather's son and heir.

There was a modest cottage in Derbyshire, which was not entailed, and she, her mother, and her sister were to move there when Father died. With the income they had, and if they practiced economy, her family should have a comfortable life, though not a wealthy one. "Father, please, I do not need a husband. I —"

He patted her hand. "Hush, now. Do not let this old man worry about you, Livvie. You've been independent for far too long and it's time for you to have another Season to secure a husband."

Her stomach knotted. The idea of wading through the painful gossips again was unbearable. Worse, there was a dreadful scandal in her past. The stain of her real father, Lord Harcourt, killing himself was never to be overcome, even if years had passed since the tragedy.

Her papa's cowardly actions had sullied Livvie's character, as surely as if she had been the one with the gambling debts and a mistress he had found impossible to live without. It indicated a weakness of character that she might pass on to her sons.

"Once a woman marries, she is at the mercy of her husband. She has no rights of her own. I ... I ... will have no rights. Everything I love to do will be curtailed. I would very much appreciate a gentleman who would let me be, but I do not think there is such a man."

Her father grimaced. "I never thought you a romantic, my dear."

"I simply do not want to make myself dependent on a man unless I would derive some benefit."

Her mother had faced the mountain of debts her first husband had incurred. The creditors had taken everything that was not entailed or entrusted, and almost all the fixtures and fittings in their home had been sold to pay bills. If not for the benevolence of the viscount, Livvie was unsure how her mother would have fared.

The hardships and endurances of those months after Papa's death had been unpleasant. After being turned out of their home within weeks, as Papa's heir claimed his inheritance, they had lived in a small well-kept house at the generosity of Cousin Iphigenia. And while they had been able to retain a cook and a housekeeper, they had to make do with no other servants. There had been days when food had been hard to procure, and even their housekeeper had eventually departed because Mother had been unable to pay her wages. That winter had been the coldest Livvie had ever experienced, and she had learned then to hate weeping ... for it was all her mother had done for months.

A few weeks ago, Livvie had been appalled to see her mother planning for the viscount's death by simply trying to prepare her to find a husband. It infuriated Livvie that her mother had never considered they could manage themselves.

"Livvie, are houses, carriages, servants, and money not beneficial comforts?" her stepfather demanded, pulling her from the dark memories.

"Those are the things I can buy with my own money, which I am determined to earn. I have sold seven paintings, and I have put aside a tidy sum. The only things I want from a husband are the things I cannot get with money — acceptance and love," she said frankly. She accepted that might never happen because of her supposedly wild, independent ways, including the stain of a weak nature. She would not pine away hoping for some gentleman to find her virtuous and honorable when there was nothing wrong with her.

"You are a smart and beautiful young girl. Don't you ever change, Livvie," her papa had told her several times, when she'd lamented she was not the daughter her mother desired. She'd loved him dearly and had been broken when he took his life. She had held on to the lessons he'd taught her in life, but his final lesson, the one he taught her in death, was the most profound.

"I want to concentrate on being the best painter I can be. I'll choose a husband when I am ready."

"You are naive, my dear. I do not criticize you harshly for it, but it will not serve you well in the world you were born to." A deep sigh issued from the viscount. "You will go to my cousin and she will help launch you into society."

"Father —"

"No, my dear, Livvie. Heed me in this, for I shall accept no compromise. You will be married within the year. Do not force me to make a choice for you."

She swallowed her protest. The last thing she wanted to do was upset him when he was finally on the mend. The entire bed jerked then as he was consumed by a fit of coughing. She murmured soothing nonsense, stroking his knuckles, watching keenly as he rallied.

"Forgive me, my dear," he said hoarsely.

She offered him a smile. "There is nothing to forgive."

"I've already spoken with William. If I do not recover as is hoped, you are to receive a Season and a dowry."

She squeezed his hand, unable to speak past the lump growing in her throat.

Her stepfather nodded, relief settling on his face, before allowing his eyes to drift shut. She stood and drew the drapes open, allowing a measure of light to fill the room. She hurried into her room and collected the book she had been reading earlier. Then she went back to her stepfather's chamber and sat in the chair closest to him. Livvie hoped the somewhat gothic and mysterious stories of In the Service of the Crown by Theodore Aikens would be soothing.

She skipped to her last read page and leaned closer to her father. She started to read. "Danger rode the air, the hum of it sliding across his skin like a sharp cutting blade. Wrotham slowly lowered the hidden floor panel into its proper place and rose with fluid grace to face the man who had discovered him. A low vibration of warning thrummed through his veins. He recognized Jasper, one of the deadliest assassins of the sixth order. A surge went through Wrotham, and he realized it was the thrill of the hunt, the inherent danger in facing off with a man that might even be more merciless than he. He slid a dagger from the cuff of his sleeve and slipped into the shadows, allowing icy resolve to flow into his veins. Only one of them would make it out of this encounter alive ..." Livvie paused from reading to glance at the peaceful look on her father's face.

"Father, are you sleeping?" she whispered.

A smile tugged at his lips. "How can I when I must discover how Wrotham will fare against an assassin from the fearsome sixth order?" With a chuckle, she continued reading. For now, her father seemed as if he was on the mend, and she quieted the fear in her heart. She would immerse them into the exotic cloak-and-dagger world of danger and espionage the author had created, leaving their fear behind ... even if only for a few hours.

An hour later, Livvie strolled with her mother, Lady Helena, Viscountess Bathhurst, down the winding staircase of the elegant manor that had been their main residence for the last eleven years. Her mother had once been an extremely beautiful woman, and in middle age retained traces of the fragile flower she had once been. Even now, she walked gracefully and was dressed elegantly.

"How was your visit with your father?" her mother asked, her voice cracking with grief.

"Father won't die," Livvie said firmly. "Dr. Greaves has said he is on the mend, and we must do all what we can to improve his spirits."

"Your optimism is wonderful, my dear, but my husband has summoned his heir from Town." Her throat worked. "To do that, he must believe there is a chance of relapse."

A loud crash sounded from the parlor and they faltered. Her stepbrother's wife, Lady Louisa's, voice filtered through the heavy oak door of the drawing room. "You would deprive your family for ...for that —"

Livvie winced. "Come, Mother, we can take a turn in the gardens and have tea later."

"No, we must hear what is being said."

"Mother, please —"

"Upon my honor my father asked me to provide a dowry and Season for Livvie if he dies," William snapped. "It is a sickbed wish, how do I ignore it with good conscience?"

"She is not your real sister! Why should we deprive our son and daughters of a sum of two thousand pounds, for people who are not real family? I have never heard a more ridiculous notion. The only person we have some obligation to is dear Ophelia and she has years before she will be out of the schoolroom. When the time comes, you can sponsor her Season."

A heavy sigh sounded. "Louisa —"

"No, William, a dowry and a Season would be wasted on Livvie. Some may call her beautiful, to be certain, but are you forgetting the stain on her name? Her father killed himself," Louisa said furiously. "For years we have had to suffer such an undesirable connection because your father took it upon himself to wed Lady Helena and her ...her improper and soiled daughter came with her. Our name was brought into disrepute, and surely, surely, my darling, you cannot think to continue with such ill connections after your father passes. I assure you, he will not know if his wife and stepdaughter are in Derbyshire, where they belong, or in Town."

Her mother swayed.

Improper and soiled? Anger burned through Livvie, and she took a step toward the drawing room only to be halted by her mother's hand on her arm. The torment on her lovely features had fury beating in Livvie's breastbone. She wanted to storm the drawing room and provide Lady Louisa with the tongue-lashing she richly deserved. To be so heartless!

"Mother, let me speak with Lady Louisa. I will be mindful with my tongue —"

"No. What she says is true," her mother said through bloodless lips. "It is painful to acknowledge, but William does not need to honor his father's wishes."

"He most assuredly does. We are —"

"I have been married to his father for years, and you have tried to be a good sister to him, but we have never truly belonged."

Livvie clasped her hands, hating to acknowledge the truth of her mother's words. Her stomach dipped at the idea of their future becoming so uncertain again, but she would ensure they weathered this as a family. "Father is mending, our worries are for naught," she said, hating the doubt snaking through her.

Her mother's eyes were dark with sorrow. "And if he does not?"

It was such an unbearable thought, but she had to be strong for her mother. "Then we will mourn as a family, and then do what is needed. I am most content to retire to Derbyshire with you and Ophelia. I am fluent in three languages, and as you know, I paint rather well. I will seek jobs —"

"Hush, Livvie! There shall be no talk of you working. You are a gentleman's daughter, a lady, and I will hear no talk of you acting beneath your station. We will find you a husband."

"Mamma, I am truly not averse to working."

Her mother's golden eyes flashed with determination. "I will hear no word of you working. You are the daughter of a baron, and you shall act like it until the day you die. Your sister will need to form a suitable connection."

Exasperation rushed through Livvie. "Ophelia is eight, Mamma."

"Be that as it may, we will need to lay the groundwork for her, and that will not be done by living in a cottage with a widow's portion of five hundred pounds yearly," she said, strolling toward the side doors leading to the gardens.

"We must make our own future and not rely on the goodwill of others. In Derbyshire we —"

"I will not consent for us to live in such squalor, Livvie. You need a husband."

"I do not need a man to live comfortably," she snapped, then regretted her harsh tone. "Forgive me, Mamma, but if I marry a man and he passes, then we will be right back where we started."

"No, if you marry a rich and titled gentleman, when he dies you will be left with a good widow's portion that will see us comfortable."

"Mother ..."

"It is your duty to this family to marry, and marry well. I will hear no more talk of being independent. It is just not done. Now, let's say a prayer for your father together and then prepare for dinner."


Excerpted from Wicked in His Arms by Stacy Reid, Alycia Tornetta. Copyright © 2017 Stacy Reid. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Wicked in His Arms 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
LOVED this story!! Normally you have the straight laced heroine and a rake as the hero, but in this story it is reversed. Tobias has made sure to not have any scandal attached to his name since his parents provided so much during their lifetime and Olivia has decided that she is living her life on her terms and those that don't like it can be damned. I liked watching these two go head to head. The bantering between the two was very entertaining. This is definitely a must read in my opinion!! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read whole story in one night
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kept my interest. Great love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love love love these characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Lady Olivia and Earl of Blade character interactions, both strong in their own wills, but able to function together in the end. Loved this 2nd story in the series.
Romwrit More than 1 year ago
What happens when a man who’s tried hard to hide his true self under the veil of propriety meets a woman who refuses to hide who she is, who does what she wants – for the most part- and who stimulates both of his heads every time he’s around her? You get an outstanding, sometimes funny, occasionally steamy, historical romance, that’s what. What happens when it’s excellently written, smoothly flowing, perfectly-plotted and paced with well-developed, unique characters including a heart-stealing, chivalrous, strong-willed hero and a passionate, willful, loyal heroine, and enough backstory to make you want more? Oh, and throw in a great meet-cute, an unexpected tryst in a closet that somehow didn’t seem the least bit out of place for the usually stuffy, unbendable hero who totally unleashed his own passion, and a somewhat, not-really-a-mystery, mystery that works to bring the story to a lovable, beautiful ending? You get a book reviewer- namely yours truly- who smiles and itches to write a great review telling everyone they need to read it and report back on her blog telling us how quickly you fell in love with Tobias and how much you want to go to hang with Livvie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why does it always take forever to get to the actual plot..main part of the story...when the couple starts to get along well the story ends
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Throughly enjoyable.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Viscount Bathhurst’s cough jerked his whole frame and Lady Olivia it brought tears to her eyes to see her stepfather so sick when a few months ago he had been hale and hearty then a fall from his horse and after that a heart attack left him weak and frail. Livvie really worked hard to hide her terror when she thought her stepfather wasn’t going to make it. However it did seem to be better. Then the Viscount told Livvie they had to discuss the future. Livvie called him father and said that could wait until later. She also said she had lit a candle every night and her father said he thinks God heard her. Then he told Livvie he had written his cousin the Countess of Blade to sponsor her into the season. Livvie said surely there was no rush but her stepfather said “ you are twenty two”. She didn’t want to face the cruelty of London society again. She did not want to look into high society until she had her own money. Her stepfather thought they hadn’t done the best for Livvie by letting Livvie run wild, fishing. swimming, and selling her paintings when she should have been in Town attaining enough social polish to land herself a good husband. Livvie’s father had a scandal around him and he committed suicide even years after the suicide even years after the suicide the scandal wasn’t overcome. He had gambling debts and a mistress instead of do as he his father asked. After his upbringing Tobias grew up a abusive father and mother a lot of drama and Blade becomes cold and harsh and concerned with any kind of scandal. Blade meets Livvie at a party and is very drawn to Livvie . But he tries to fight it. There is a lot sexual tension but Blade- Lord Tobias Earl of Blade- tries to fight it There is a lot. Livvie and Blade are caught in a linen closet together and have to marry. After they are married Blade sets up strict rules: no tears, tantrums or scandals. Olivia does try but she can’t help who she is. That is why she wanted to marry a man who would accept her for who she is. Then Blade writes novels and it turns out he writes the novels Livvie loves to read. Blade shows his feelings in his books that he writes. I liked this story a lot. I love Livvie and Tobias together and how they struggled to be happy. I would have liked a little more action , I was really mad when William - Livvie’s stepbrother- just decided he would not honor his father’s wishes concerning Livvie and decided she would become his mistress starting right away. I didn’t like that at all, he’s a butt and wasn’t even willing to follow what his father wanted. But William obviously wanted Livvie now and he felt he had an excuse to have her or so he thought. This was an intense story and kept my attention and I didn’t want to put this down. But I did have some unanswered questions like why did Blake like kids so much and his charity was for orphans. I liked the plot. I liked most of the characters and all the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was a good read but at times it Dragged...I wanted a little more passion and depth.. more like 3.5 worth the read.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Have you ever read a book that makes you laugh, cry, sad, ecstatic, and fall in love? The author hits a home run with the back and forth antagonism between Tobias and Olivia. It adds layers of excitement and tension to this fully plotted story. This is not a boring book it is in fact very fast paced and lively. It is a book about allowing yourself to be loved and to love another. Olivia is by far one of my favorite feisty heroines. Born in a time when women were not meant to be anything but docile she excels in all things. If there is one flaw in her character it is that she doesn't think before she acts but it makes this story priceless and adds a deeper dimension to the storyline. Tobias made me cry. Firstly, because of his past life and how it caused him to be the cold person he was in this book. And secondly, because of how he treated Olivia. I admire how well the author presented his anger issues and how he would lose control. It was done in a manner that showed the violence as well as the control he fought to keep. Of course, there is a villain in this book and the reader despise him as I did. But....I won't tell you how despicable he is you must read this story to see if he gets his just rewards. I give this 5 STARS for its layers of excitement and tension. Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
Wicked in His Arms by Stacy Reid is Book 2 of the Wedded by Scandal Series. While this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Wicked in His Arms tells the story of Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade and Lady Olivia Sherwood. Ms. Reid’s writing style is absolutely flawless, and as she craftily weaves her tale you are drawn into her vivid world, held captivated by endearing characters and a storyline that takes your breath away. I absolutely loved Wicked in His Arms. The interactions and chemistry between Tobias and Olivia *le sigh*...perfection. An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
Lindsey_Gray11 More than 1 year ago
Scandal abounds in this new novel by Stacy Reid. Haunted by the scandal of her father’s death, Lady Olivia Sherwood is not eager to reenter society after her disastrous come out. Her step-father’s ill health forces her to make changes to herself she never wanted to. She needs a husband or her very life may lie in peril. The Earl of Blade, Tobias Walcott, doesn’t want for a wife, but he is enraptured by every move Lady Olivia makes. Since his mother has taken Livvie under her wing a the behest of Livvie’s step-father, she has run riot over Tobias’ life and emotions. Once caught after having an encounter in a linen closet, Tobias and Livvie are forced to marry. One element I found very interesting in this story was the intertwining of both Livvie and Tobias’ past scandals with their current one. Because of the past, they are completely wrong for each other, but the hint of current scandal is the one that brings them together. I loved the wicked banter between the two as they both tried to control the emotions that burned within them. The added pressure of Livvie’s friendship with Tobias’ younger sister brought forth another juicy scandal and caused passions to erupt, cracking the thick shell around Tobias’ heart. I adored both Livvie and Tobias. Livvie stayed true to herself even after trying to be a perfect miss. She continued to attempt to solve her own problems and against his core beliefs, Tobias was able to help her when she did need it. A glowing five star read and I can’t wait to read more from Stacy Reid!
antonia rodriguez More than 1 year ago
Very rarely do I find a book that I feel the need to write my review right away. Usually I just wait and think it over, dissecting every part to decide what I liked or didn't like about the story, characters, and even the way the characters interact and speak. This one was a had to read, start to finish, and write my review as soon as I finished. The author of this created a world and characters that tempt and tease you, pulling you in from the start and slamming you with a barrage of emotions designed to wring every little piece of joy, sorrow, hope, lust, and pain that can possibly be pulled from you. I loved Olivia from the beginning. She's spirited and wild and a fresh view from the normal females read about. Tobias is cold, unyielding, and yet oh so dark and yummy. Together they are a explosive couple and impossible to ignore. I enjoyed every second of this tale of the Ton and Tobias and his Lady O. I willingly reviewed a Advance Copy of this title. All opinions are my own and honestly written.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Great historical read. Tobias dealt with a lot of drama as a child and vowed to not have the same as an adult. He would marry and agreeable demur woman. Fate had other ideas when he was locked in a closet with Lady Olivia. This is a fast paced and fun read. I liked the story as well as the characters.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Wicked in His Arms' by Stacy Reid is book Two in the "Wedded by Scandal" series. This is the story of Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade and Lady Olivia Sherwood. This is easily a standalone book. Tobias grew up with a abusive father and a mother who did a lot of drama. So when Tobias grew up he set his mind to not being involved in scandle, drama or marrying a women that was to emotional nor would he love his wife. But when he meets Olivia he finds that he is strongly drawn to her but tries to fight it. Olivia is not the normal young lady of the Town. Her father caused a scandle which in turn her Olivia and her mother. Her mother remarried and now her step father is concern for Olivia if something was to happen to him that his relatives who not take care of her and her mother. So her parents has set it up that she is to have another season to find a husband. Tobias and Olivia fight 'like and old married couple' and the sexual tension is strong. So strong that they get caught and now are forced to marry. I truly enjoyed this book and just as the previous book by Ms. Reid I could not put it down! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hertfordshire England - 1818 - Riverhill Manor Viscount Bathhurst is ill and his stepdaughter, Lady Olivia (Livvie) Sherwood, is helping to care for him. She has loved him as a true father since her real father took his own life leaving her mother and two daughters alone and penniless. The Viscount has a son, William, from his first marriage, who will inherit everything except for a small cottage, and modest incomes se aside for his wife and two stepdaughters. When he tells her that he has asked his cousin, the Countess of Blade, to sponsor her for a season, she is not pleased. Having received a bad reception 3 years ago at her first season in London due to her father’s past, she does not want to go through it again. Livvie is happy with her life just as it is. As an accomplished painter, she has been able to earn money by selling her paintings. She is confident that when her stepfather passes, she will be able to help support them through this pastime. But her mother is also insistent that she find a husband. Yet when her stepbrother, William, tells her he is going to make her his mistress, she is shocked to the point she immediately agrees to go to the Countess of Blade for her assistance in finding a husband for her. Grangeville Park, South Hampshire Tobias Theodore Walcott, the Earl of Blade, is riding his horse very fast when he runs into another horse knocking its rider on the ground. The rider turns out to be Livvie. Furious at him for knocking her into the mud, he is intrigued by her anger as she scolds him. Of course, she knows that the Countess will be angry with her if she learns that Livvie was riding astride. As they get to know one another, Tobias sees that Livvie is not a very ladylike person and tends to be a bit of a hoyden. She is also very outspoken and enjoys things like fencing and fishing. Tobias is a very straight-laced man who is not easily moved by young women looking to wed him. But when he and Livvie are caught in a compromising situation, there is no other choice than that they wed. How can these two very different people expect to make their marriage last? This is a good story about two very opinionated people. I found Livvie to be very likable but Tobias needed a swift kick in the butt. I’m sure that readers will enjoy their adventures. Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
This is an author that knows how to keep her readers invested in her stories with action from start to finish. You have scandal after scandal, passion, lots of emotion, control of one’s feelings, betrayal, mystery, and so much more. Lady Olivia was born way before her time being raised by a father that treated her more like a son she learned to do all the things a lady should not be doing. This causing her trouble as she grows older with her father leaving a scandal with his death and her tomboy was it isn’t easy to make a good match. The ton does not forgive or forget easily, you must out live not only your past but the past of your parents. When she is put into a situation she must go on the hunt for a husband. She doesn’t enjoy the balls and parties but she does her best to curve her wild ways that is until she runs into Lord Tobias who disproves of everything she is. The man is at every turn catching her doing non lady like things. He has no trouble telling her of her wicked ways and just what he thinks of them and her. Lord Tobias must marry into a good family to be able to put his father’s scandal behind him. He will not be like his father and give in to his tempter and wild passionate ways. His family history of the males full of rage and jealously showing their selves to the ton as out of control men keeping the ton with gossip for years to come he must overcome this at all cost and give his children a life they will be proud of. He needs to find a wife that is calm, quite and meek he cannot let his emotions get in the way. There is one problem all the women he knows are airheads, screaming, tears and swooning when they do not get their way. He cannot stand this and feels no women should every cry or show emotion of any kind. His first meeting with Lady Olivia has him in a tailspin from her wild ways that no women should have, to the pull of her tempter lord what passion she must have inside her. He liked nothing better than to bed her but knows this cannot be she makes him feel all the emotions he swore he never feel. These two hit head on from the start baiting each other as tempters fly their passion grows with it coming to a head in the closet at a house party they find their selves in a scandal of the year leaving them no choice but to marry. This should be easy the tons have rules and demands that must be followed but Lady Olivia doing the unexpected puts a tailspin on it. It seems these two can’t keep their selves out of trouble giving the ton more scandal then it has seen in years. Will Lady Olivia give in and marry him and if so how will Lord Tobias keep his tempter and emotions in check this is one woman that drives him beyond his control. Lady Olivia wants to rule her own life not to have a husband tell her what to do. Lord Tobias must be in control which gives some very exciting reading. As these two lay their cards on the table each has demand the other must meet. It was exciting to see who would bend and on what issue they were willing to over look. The author gives a thrilling read that really pulls you in, from one scandal to the next with such excitement and thrills in each. It was a book I could not put down I stayed up late to finish it. I loved Lord Tobias secret and how his use it in the end. The ending was wonderful leaving you with laughter and a smile. I loved the humor, baiting, and the emotion each character brings to the story. At first I wasn’t sure but it didn’t take long for this author to pull
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I loved it. Both the characters and the story are amazing. It's humorous, and romantic. I quite enjoyed it and would recommend to all historical fiction fans. Tobias hate scandals. He wants to restore his family's good name. For that he must marry a lady who is above reproach. Any hint of a scandal in her past will not be acceptable. He is afraid he might turn out to be like his father so he also needs to take care of what kind of bride he takes. She must be biddable, a proper female, who will do everything right. Lady Olivia is the exact opposite of what he requires. She is too wild, too opinionated, and she never listens to anything she is told. She wants to live freely without restrictions. Therefore, there is no future for them, non whatsoever. Unfortunately, for both of them they are extremely attracted to one another. One misstep and Tobias finds himself in the situations he has been avoiding all his life. Now they must compromise and learn to live with each other. Because marry they must! It's a lighthearted story. I liked reading it and I hope that others find it just as entertaining as I did.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Wicked in His Arms is a Stacy Reid classic. In the way that only she can she gets her point across while staying true to her style. The message is clear. The story is engaging and the characters are unconventional to say the least. Of course there's scandal but there is also a lesson wrapped up in a tight little bow throughout the pages of Tobias' and Olivia's tumultuous courtship. "Be true to yourself and the rest will fall into place."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a very enjoyable book to read.