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ISBN-13: 9781250078599
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/04/2016
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 398,975
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

EVE LANGLAIS is a New York Times bestselling Canadian Author who loves to write hot romance. Her books include Bunny and the Bear and Jealous and Freakn'. She enjoys strong alpha male heroes, shifters, and a happily ever after.

KATE DOUGLAS lives in California and loves ‘happily ever after’ endings. She is the author of Wild, Intimate, and Awakened.

A.C. ARTHUR was born and raised in Baltimore, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Determined to bring a new edge to romance, she continues to develop intriguing plots, sensual love scenes, racy characters, and fresh dialogue. Her debut novel Object of His Desire was written when a picture of an Italian villa sparked the idea of an African-American/Italian hero.

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By Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2016 St. Martin's Press
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-9106-7


Having nine lives was well and good in theory, but when a woman straddled a man — fully clothed unfortunately — held a gun to his head, and said, "What are you doing in my drawers?" it probably wasn't a smart thing to say, "Hoping to lick some delicious cream."

Broderick could blame his stupid statement only on the fact that his mother claimed he'd landed on his head instead of four paws more than was healthy for a kitten.

He could also blame hormones for his ill-advised statement because it took only one look at the curvy redhead straddling him, and a single sniff, to realize the goddess threatening his life was his mate.

Meow. And he meant "Ow!" as she dug the barrel into his skin, not at all impressed by his compliment.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't shoot."

Apparently, "Because I'm pretty sure we're soul mates" wasn't the right answer.

"Listen, smarty pants, I really don't want to have to blow a hole through your obviously empty head. However, I will if you don't give me some answers as to what the hell you're doing in here. This area is off-limits to patrons."

"And are you off limits, too?" Too late it occurred to him how that might sound. I think I might have just implied she's a prostitute. Maybe she wouldn't take it the wrong way.

Judging by the way her lips pursed, she did. "I am not for sale."

"I didn't mean to say you were. Ah hell, this isn't going too well. Do you mind if I get up so we can start over?"

"Not until you explain how you got in here and why you're going through the bar's files."

"I came in through the door."

"The locked door."

"Was it?" He gazed at her with his biggest, most innocent, kitty cat eyes.

They didn't melt her one bit. "I know it was locked, which means you broke in."

"Or had a key." He held up the shiny silver object.

Her gaze narrowed. "Who gave that to you?"

"Your boss." His, too, but no use getting into details about that now, given she still held a gun to his head.

"Why would the bar owner give you a key?"

"So I could do my job. I'm an auditor."

Long lashes blinked. "Excuse me, you're what?"

"An auditor, not an IRS one in case you're wondering. I work for a privately operated company that does a lot of subcontract work for the city and law enforcement."

"And you're here because?"

"Congratulations, you've been selected out of hundreds to have your business dealings perused and your bank accounts monitored for illegal activity." His game show announcement and brilliant smile fell flat.

"I've got nothing to hide."

"Then this will be a painless process, especially if you don't shoot me."

"I guess since you're here on official business that people know you're here?"

"Tons of witnesses."

"It's your lucky day then," she said with a smirk.

Brody couldn't determine if she joked or not. Either way, the gun lifted from his temple.

The lovely redhead moved away — a shame — and dropped with a sigh onto a worn office chair.

Broderick picked himself up off the floor and brushed himself off. While not as meticulous in his appearance as his friend Gavin, as a feline, he couldn't help but groom himself.

"Now that we've ascertained I'm here on valid business, I think we should start over. Hi, my name is Broderick Fredrickson with the 123 Audited Agency. I've been hired to go through all your accounting records in order to reconcile certain discrepancies that have come to light." The city and the cops weren't the only ones looking for an answer to mismatched funds. His secret boss, the Lycan alpha of the city, also wanted to know. "Who the hell is screwing me over?" were his exact words.

Only an idiot would think they could steal from Fabian Garoux and get away with it. Brody hoped that idiot wasn't the woman in front of him. If she proved culpable, then fate surely screwed with him, leading him to his mate only to have her taken away, because if there was one thing his alpha boss hated, it was thieves.

"I'm not aware of any discrepancies."

"And you would know this because?" He arched a brow.

"Because I'm the one who, for the last few weeks, has been filing the receipts, collecting the monies, compiling the employee pay records, and submitting them to the accountant."

"Who was doing it before you?"


"What happened to Ricky?" Brody already knew — strangled and fed to the fishies — but wondered what she'd say.

She shrugged. "Damned if I know. No one does. Ricky disappeared. Didn't show up for work one day, and a week later, with girls threatening to quit if they weren't paid and distributors refusing to deliver, I kind of took over until they could send in a replacement."

Broderick frowned. "The guy managing this place disappears and upper management didn't send someone to look into it?"

"Yeah, they sent Frank, the guy who collects the money and stuff for the accountant. He's the one who told me to keep doing what I was doing."

Curious. When they'd questioned Frank, he said the accountant, Larry, had put her in charge because she had hot boobs. She really did, a perfect handful, confined by an awful bra.

We should rescue her breasts.

Any other time he would have attempted, but Brody was here to solve a mystery. He couldn't allow himself to get distracted by a lovely redhead.

"Are we done here? I left Nancy alone behind the bar, and given that the after-dinner rush hour is about to start, I should get back there."

Done? Oh, they were far from done, and Brody didn't just mean because of his job. His kitty wanted to get to know her better. Starting with her name. "Who are you? I never did get your name."

"Because you never asked." Then, almost begrudgingly, "Lulu."

"That's it? Lulu?"

A heavy sigh left her. "Lulu Lamontaine."

A made-up name if he ever heard one, but he didn't push it. Lots of people had reasons to change their names. Some to escape their past. Others to ensure a brighter future. He wondered what Lulu hid from. "Nice to meet you, Lulu. What time do you finish work?"

Her brows crinkled in suspicion. "Why do you want to know?"

"I thought we could grab dinner." And then hit somewhere a little more private for dessert. Meow!

"Why would we do that? I've already told you everything you want to know."

"Oh, we're far from done. I'll have many more questions for you, but the real reason I asked is because as I said, when we first met, you are my soul mate." He presented his claim with his biggest smile, the one that popped both of his dimples.

Instead of swooning in pleasure, she laughed, and pointed her gun again.

"Not a chance, numbers guy."

"We prefer the term geek." Sure, he wasn't the classic thick-rimmed-glasses-wearing, pasty-skinned nerd portrayed in movies, but Broderick definitely belonged more on the geeky side of things, where numbers and equations brought a thrill of excitement.

"Whatever. Geek, nerd, I don't really care; we're done. Now get out of my bar."

He'd leave, for the moment. However, she was delusional if she thought they were done. Lulu had caught the eye of the tiger, and no way was he letting her escape.

Step 1: Woo her with his incredible charm.


Lulu didn't move for several minutes after the attractive male in his rumpled suit left. She didn't move for a few reasons.

First, finding the guy snooping in her office had taken her by surprise. On his knees and sifting through her filing cabinet, he was rocking along to the music piped into her office and didn't hear her approach.

She almost shot him. Surely no good could come of someone spying. But she'd restrained herself. Too many questions from the cops. Once she'd ascertained he was there on legal business, she decided he was harmless. An accountant, snort. Or so he claimed. Like an idiot, she'd forgotten to ask for identification, but then again, the fact that he produced a key and a plausible explanation for his presence seemed to indicate he was there on real business.

I wonder why no one warned me about it. Surely, whoever gave him the key could have spared a quick warning call.

And that was just the first set of reasons keeping her mentally spinning.

The second was she needed a minute to process his claim that someone was cooking the books, with an unvoiced accusation that she was to blame.

Not me. Lulu wasn't a crook. It would have never even occurred to her. Stealing was never okay. Murder under the right circumstances though ... Her parents had an interesting ideology that she struggled with now that she'd left home.

But who cared about her traumatizing childhood? Someone thought she was pocketing dough. Never. Every dime the bar made went to the accountant. She barely did anything more in her job as manager than hand over the cash and credit card receipts for their daily sales. With company checks, which left a trail, she paid the distributors and did payroll. So okay, she was pretty involved with all the money aspects surrounding the bar, but that didn't mean she was the culprit if numbers didn't add up. The knowledge that something illegal was happening, on her watch, didn't sit well.

I better not be getting framed.

The final reason she lingered in her office, the most surprising reason of all, was because of her unexpected reaction to Broderick. He'd told her they were soul mates, and for a moment, a stutter from her heart, and a warmth she'd never thought to feel again after the betrayal of her ex, floored her.

Attracted to a numbers geek who practically accused her of stealing? Never.

Although, when she said geek, it should be noted the guy was anything but. Forget a scrawny, pale-faced wimp lacking confidence and good posture. This self-referred geek was extremely attractive with his golden brown hair, teasing amber eyes, and a panty-dropping grin.

Oh yes, she'd noticed the power of his dimples at work, but she'd learned how to hide her inner self a long time ago and thus betrayed nothing in her expression. Add in the attractive package a body that moved with smooth grace, and it had her wondering what kind of physique hid beneath his suit.

Not that she'd ever find out. She wasn't interested in a relationship with anyone. However, now that he'd left and she was all alone, she could perhaps admit a certain attraction to the white-collared guy with his engaging manner and tempting smile.

Admit, yet never act upon. He couldn't know about her secrets. Especially not given who he was.

The best thing to do? Avoid him. But how? If he had been mandated to examine the books, then she'd have no choice but to see him again.

Next time, I'll make sure it's in public. This would prevent her from shooting him if he annoyed her too much — and from doing something even more foolish, like succumbing to his charm.

Exiting her office, Lulu took a brief moment to scan her bar. Not really hers — she simply managed it — but since she currently set the rules, and kept a strict eye on the place, a certain sense of ownership came naturally.

Her career at the Tail Waggers gentlemen's club had begun a few months back as a waitress. A hard worker, Lulu didn't hide her ability to handle patrons, money, or responsibility. It wasn't in her to do a half-assed job, nor did she ever let anyone pull a fast one on her. Given her work ethics, and the fact that she always showed up on time, she quickly jumped from waitress to bartender, courtesy of Ricky, the currently missing manager.

Then when Ricky went missing, Frank, whom she'd gotten to kind of know on his several-times-a-week pickups, temporarily assigned her to take over.

The patrons soon learned to respect her. A woman in charge didn't mean a pushover. It only took her ordering the bouncers to toss a few of the troublemakers out, literally on their ears, to ensure they didn't try anything with the girls who danced at the club.

See, Tail Waggers was more than just a bar serving drinks and pretzels. It also provided entertainment. The type that came with a stage, a pole, and the least amount of clothing allowed by law. Which, in this state, meant the panties stayed on, but some of those scraps held together by string barely squeaked by that mark.

Right now, on the red-carpeted stage, Bindi was doing her thing. Wearing a saucy nurse's uniform, she strutted her stuff to the tune of "Witch Doctor" sung by David Seville but juiced up to give it a modern appeal. The silver pole, washed in between sets because Lulu had a thing about keeping things clean, didn't wobble as Bindi grabbed it and swung her legs around, flashing white panties where the crotch area had a red cross stitched on the front. It matched the pasties on her nipples.

Lulu had long ago become indifferent to the sight of boobs and naked buttocks flashing, but that didn't mean Lulu underdressed. On the contrary, she showed as little flesh as possible on the job, usually wearing form-fitting jeans, which hugged her curvy hips, and T-shirts with cartoons printed on them like the one of the moose with the giant set of antlers she currently sported that said STOP STARING AT MY RACK ORI'LL POKE YOU IN THE EYE.

Lights flashed, and the music blared as Bindi bent over to grab the bills tossed onto the stage. Her movements delighted the crowd sitting behind her, who got to see where the G-string on her ass went.

"I love you, Bindi!" a particularly excited fan shouted.

Nothing new, not around here.

Satisfied that things were running as they should, Lulu took her spot behind the bar. The after-dinner crowd was arriving, thirsty for more than just the entertainment.

For the next several hours, Lulu managed to forget her odd visitor, but when she locked up for the night at one A.M., early since it was Tuesday, mid workweek, she couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she'd accepted the auditor's invitation to dinner.

Would he have seriously returned to meet her this late at night?

A white-collar guy like him was probably in bed by ten and in the office by nine A.M. The complete opposite of her, who usually didn't roll out of bed until noon, or later, hitting the bar around three or four to open it.

As Lulu stepped into the practically empty parking lot, well lit by her insistence in order to provide safety for the girls, she scanned the darkness at its edges.

Force of habit. In truth, Lulu did not fear the dangers that might lurk in the dark, but it always helped to see them coming — so she could shoot it.

Before anyone got the impression she was a trigger-happy, violent freak, it should be noted that she'd never shot anyone who didn't deserve it. And it wasn't that many times. Only seven, five of whom lived. Not because she'd missed — because, see, her daddy had taught her well. A self-defense excuse worked best if a girl didn't aim for the heart. In most cases, when a threat was needed, just a simple wave of her Browning 9mm Luger was enough to deter most criminals. In the cases where it wasn't, a well-aimed shot that whistled by their cheek made them see the light.

But sometimes there were cases when a lesson had to be taught and a gunshot would cause too many questions. When she didn't want the law involved, she resorted to hand-to-hand combat. There were ways of hurting people without leaving a bruise.

Try going to the cops with the claim that sweet little me beat the hell out of you with no proof.

It was her jujitsu training mixed in with dirty street fighting that she employed when she heard the steps rushing from behind. Before the unknown person could reach her, she whirled and took in a glimpse of the situation — guy in a navy blue hoodie brandishing a knife.

Piece of cake — the chocolate kind, drizzled with rum, whipped cream, and a dab of cherry sauce.

Mmm. How long since she'd eaten? She'd figure that out after she took care of the ill-advised mugger.

"Give me your purse, bitch!"

"How about I give you a lesson in attacking women instead?" she snapped back. The idiot rushed in with no finesse, relying on his puny knife. A knife he couldn't hold on to when she kicked his hand, sending it spinning to clatter somewhere behind him. But she wasn't done. Lunging forward, she snared his wrist, yanked him toward her, and head-butted him in the nose. His high-pitched scream made her smile in grim satisfaction, but he hadn't yet learned his lesson.


Excerpted from Wild by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur. Copyright © 2016 St. Martin's Press. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Wild 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This the second book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these books. Feral Passions is by far my favorite but I love Eve as well. She's the reason I got these books to begin with. But I'm really looking forward to #3!
ReadingInPajamas More than 1 year ago
Review: Wild by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur Publication Date: October 4, 2016 Genre: Paranormal Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated: 4.5 Stars This was a fun three story anthology where each novella gave something a little different. CATCH A TIGER BY THE TAIL by Eve Langlais was fun and flirty. Reading about Brody’s relentless attempt to claim Lulu while all hell was breaking loose, was humorous and oh so sexy. WILD PASSIONS by Kate Douglas was a super sexy story set in a single woman’s perfect getaway resort. HER PERFECT MATES by A. C. Arthur was fiery hot story of a strong woman finding the perfect match in two males. The mystery and danger mixed well with the MFM romance. Over all, Wild delivered on all sexy romance desires. FAVORITE QUOTE : "This was joy. This was the connection he’d heard of but never experienced, the feeling that she was so far inside his head and his heart that she’d never break free." - WILD PASSIONS by Kate Douglas *Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Wild Author: Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas & A. C. Arthur Published: 10-4-2016 Publisher: St. Martin's Press Pages: 571 Genre: SciFi & Fantasy Sub Genre: Paranormal Romance; Shifters; Anthology ISBN: 9781250078599 ASIN: B01CCWZZ8K Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley Rating: 4.25 I received a copy of Wild from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Description: From the publishers In Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais, Broderick has a job to do—audit the books of a gentleman’s club. Sounds simple, except his company wants him to find dirt linking to the mob, his secret mob employer wants someone to pin the blame on, and the bar manager at the heart of the controversy doesn’t want him—even though she’s his mate. In Wild Passions by Kate Douglas, six women—friends closer than sisters—head off to an exclusive mountain resort for a week-long bachelorette getaway, where most of the women just wants to know if there are any good men left in the world. There are, and they’re the men of Feral Passions, a unique resort located on a private wolf preserve, owned and run by a pack of sexy werewolves who use it as their own personal hunting ground for mates. In Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur, Malec Zenta was part of a loving lycan family until his twin brother’s suicide took a piece of his soul. Channing Verdi never knew his parents, but that was fine because at the age of sixteen on the night of the full moon, he realized his purpose. The only pleasure these two betas have managed to find in their life was in the bed with the women they shared. Now, a human woman has entered their lives...a woman who sets their primal instincts on fire, a woman they can’t help but stake their claim on...and give her the ultimate pleasure of being with two shifters at once. My Review: Catch a Tiger by the Tail - Humorous tale that has a complex plot. Stay on your toes and you read to keep all that want to harm Lulu are revealed. 3.75 stars Wild Passions - I have read nearly all of Kate Douglas' books and can say this one is a great read, I only wish it were longer. 4.75 stars. Her Perfect Mates - I am unfamiliar with A. C. Arthur's work, but enjoyed her contribution to the anthology greatly. There is tension, romance and a bit of angst to keep the reader connected to the characters. 4.25 Stars
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
-Catch A Tiger By The Tail - Eve Langlais Broderick’s newest assignment is to audit a bar his boss suspects is robbing him. Not only does he suspect she’s innocent, but she happens to be his mate. This was the only story I actually enjoyed from this anthology. Broderick’s enthusiasm is very fun to watch. Lulu is a bit less enthusiastic as Broderick, but that just makes him more fun to watch. -Wild Passions - Kate Douglas Six women head off to an exclusive mountain resort for a week-long bachelorette getaway, where most of the women just wants to know if there are any good men left in the world. While I previously read and enjoyed another novella by Kate Douglas from this setting, I had a problem getting into this one. -Her Perfect Mates - AC Arthur I couldn’t get into this story at all. I read a few chapters in, but I didn’t care for the way the author was changing around the Greek mythology. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
V-Rundell More than 1 year ago
The books in this set are all separate works, and have no connection with one another. That said, CLAIMED BY THE MATE features FERAL PASSIONS--which precedes Wild Passions and THE ALPHA'S WOMAN which comes before Her Perfect Mates. I think they make more sense having read the previous books. To sum up, all the books have male shifters and human females. Catch a Tiger features a M/F romance between a tiger shifter who lives two lives--smart accountant and mob guy. Wild Passions has wolf shifters in search of their mates--mostly this is M/F but there is all a FMM menage. Her Perfect Mates is a MFM menage. In Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais, Brody finds his mate while investigating a suspected grift at one of his mafia boss' adult cabaret. Lulu was a waitress at Tail Waggers until her manager disappeared and she got "promoted." Now, Lycan leader of the city Fabian Geroux thinks somebody's on the take--and his sights are on Lulu. Brody's, a lone tiger shifter, in a tight spot trying to prove the sexy redheaded human isn't scamming Fabian, because falling for a human is bad--falling for one Fabian wants dead is way, way worse. In the way of things, it turns out Lulu isn't who they suspect her to be, but her secrets aren't necessarily the worst. Nope, the worst is the homicidal maniac who plans to kill her in a quest for revenge against her father. Brody's a wily cat and ends up saving her from big bad bears and keeping her safe from Fabian, too. In Wild Passions by Kate Douglas, four women—friends closer than sisters—head off to an exclusive mountain resort for a week-long bachelorette getaway. Feral Passions is a "wolf preserve." Werewolves and regular alike. In this world, all werewolves are male, and they can turn a female with whom they mate. There's a whole pack of males wishing for mates. Meg is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage to Zach, a wealthy entrepreneur. She and Elle, Jules and Darian--best friends from childhood--are planning a sexy retreat and find the men of Feral Passions to be even hotter than the pictures on the website. Elle soon has two wolves in her bed, while Darian and Jules each pair up with a sexy man-beast. Meg, despite her cold feet, is befriended by Trak, the owner of the resort--and his companionship helps Meg to recognize that she's an attractive woman very much worthy of Zach's affection and love. Lots of sexytimes for Elle, Jules and Darian--and the men who please them. Gonna need a third book to pair off the rest of the pack, but so far everyone is totes cool with their mate-pairings. In Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur, Malec hates being a shifter--ever since his twin killed himself. Channing never knew his parents, but his adoptive family was very kind. These two met up with Blaez years ago and they all served in a special ops group in the Marines, alongside Phelan. Now they work and live together in a highly secured compound in the mountains. The previous book was the lovestory between Blaez and his mate Kira. There's a big shifter war in their world, and they came from different factions. Blaez is a hunted shifter due to his pure werewolf lineage. Malec meets new-to-town veterinarian Caroline when he brings her a mutilated buck. Malec suspects the buck was a message from Hunter shifters after Blaez--he didn't suspect he'd find his mate at the office however. Malec isn't intimate with women on his own--he always goes with Channing. Expect sexytimes.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais ~ A new author for me I find her writing style unusual and unique. This mobster shifter story involves lots of fun twists and turns to the plot. At first I thought Broderick was going to be too nerdy and lack personality but he really grew on me through out the story and at the end I thought he was just so adorable and very protective. Lulu was very tough, no nonsense and really didn't want a man around. She had lots of hidden facets that the reader will enjoy discovering as the story advances. I give it 3.5 STARS and would like to read more of her books to get a better feel of her writing style. Wild Passions by Kate Douglas ~ A cute, fun, emotional story where Meg, Dar, Elle, and Jules who have been BFF's since early childhood head off for a fun week before Meg gets married to hotter than hot Zach. Everyone loves a story with hot male shifters and equally hot women right? Well this is actually more than that. This book deals with some emotional baggage carried by several of the characters. As a reader we can see that it is only baggage, not truth and we hope that they work things out. Several things are woven into the story, BBW women, a taller than average woman, and some who do not feel they deserve all the wonderful things they have. I loved how this story hit on all these issues in a kind and gentle way but kept the overall theme of finding a mate and Meg coming to terms with if she loved Zach enough to marry him. Trak is the alpha and his interaction with Meg was critical to Meg's soul searching. The way the author handled Zach and Trak's meeting was priceless and brought a smile to my face. There are still several lycan males who do not have mates and I can't wait to see their stories in the future. I give it 4 STARS for a brilliant display of multiple characters being featured with equal importance. Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur ~ A very satisfying read. I have read it twice. Her characters are a mix of dark and light but she balances the three main characters brilliantly with her writing skills. This story deals with a dangerous unknown shifter, secrets, and people wanting or not wanting someone special in their life. Bad boy Malec will draw the female readers in but Channing is the one that will warm their heart. Their relationship and support of each other is unique. A unique blend that works for the reader and keeps them interested to read further. I related to Caroline with her past life and her desire to have a different one, a better one. Both Malec and Channing push against her wall she puts up, hitting her in areas of her life she doesn't want to acknowledge. But she knows how to push back as well and she does it with style. This story gets 4 STARS for showing that your true self will bring you all the happiness your desire. So I wonder will Phelan have his story? a copy was gifted via Netgalley
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
If you enjoy shifters, wild is for you. I liked all three of the stories. Catch A Tiger by Eve Langlais is fast paced and humorous. I enjoyed the interaction between Lulu and Brody. Their chemistry is amazing, but Lulu isn't interested. Or is she? He knows she's his mate. Can he convince her? As well as keep her safe while he solves the mystery. Next is Wild Passions by Kate Douglas. I enjoyed returning to Feral Passions where a group of friends go to a mountain resort for a bachelorette party. Here the unattached ladies find love with honorable and caring men. There is just one drawback. They are wolf shifters. What will happen whey they find out? These characters are well written and the passion is fiery. I wanted everyone to get their HEA. I'm enjoying these shifters and the way they search for love. I want more. The last book is Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur. Malec and Channing are two beta lycans who along with their pack are targets. Zeus has placed a bounty on their heads. Dr. Caroline Douglas, a veterinarian, becomes involved. They know that she's the one for them. Can they convince her once she knows who they really are? This is a darker tale. Each of the characters has suffered. Can they put their past behind them? Wild is a great mixture of stories. I enjoyed this set. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
In Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais, Broderick has a job to do—audit the books of a gentleman’s club. Sounds simple, except his company wants him to find dirt linking to the mob, his secret mob employer wants someone to pin the blame on, and the bar manager at the heart of the controversy doesn’t want him—even though she’s his mate. In Wild Passions by Kate Douglas, six women—friends closer than sisters—head off to an exclusive mountain resort for a week-long bachelorette getaway, where most of the women just wants to know if there are any good men left in the world. There are, and they’re the men of Feral Passions, a unique resort located on a private wolf preserve, owned and run by a pack of sexy werewolves who use it as their own personal hunting ground for mates. In Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur, Malec Zenta was part of a loving lycan family until his twin brother’s suicide took a piece of his soul. Channing Verdi never knew his parents, but that was fine because at the age of sixteen on the night of the full moon, he realized his purpose. The only pleasure these two betas have managed to find in their life was in the bed with the women they shared. Now, a human woman has entered their lives...a woman who sets their primal instincts on fire, a woman they can’t help but stake their claim on...and give her the ultimate pleasure of being with two shifters at once. Review: I have enjoyed all these Authors individually and when I saw that they had an anthology coming out I wanted to grab a copy for review. I don't know if I could pick one as a favorite, I liked them all for different reasons. They all seem to be part of their own different series and I don't think I have read them, so I really want to go back and read more. I am really wanting to read more of the Kate Douglas and AC Arthur stories that go along with these novellas. I am not sure of each of the lengths but Kate's story seemed to be the longest. Each story is centered about shifters, namely lycans. They are all extremely sexy and run the gamut of pairings or groups, m/f, m/m, m,m,f... I think those are all...lol. Each has a good story where the heroine is in danger and the big, strong alpha(s) is out to save their mate. Eve's story probably has the most fun and witty dialogue, Kate's the most heart and AC's the most nail biter. Great book for anyone who loves good supernatural romances. 4Stars *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Three great shifter reads. These reads are funny, filled with suspense and drama and plenty of steam. I liked all of the stories, as well as the characters. If you have a fan of paranormal reads or wanting to try out some paranormal reads this is a perfect way to do it. I really liked it.
Mayathebookexplorer More than 1 year ago
Rating for all stories: 4 STARS Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais Wow, what a cute and funny story. I really enjoyed reading about all the characters and the plot. To say that I loved Broderick would be an understatement. He's just so, I don't know, alpha but at the same time such a sweetheart who cares so much for his mate. His POV is just a joy to read. Now, as for Lulu, I didn't like her as much as I wanted to. She just seemed a bit too aloft and cold towards Brody and I felt like he deserved more from her. We get to see ho much he cares for her and what he does for her but we don't get to see her doing all that. I felt like she should have definitely shown her liking for him more and also at the end, she kinda goes from agains being with him to ujst accepting it. It all happened to quick for me to truly believe it. Other than that, the story is really great and I would recommend it. Wild Passions by Kate Douglas I really liked this one. It’s fun, sweet, sexy and the plot makes you feel happy that you’ve read the story. It’s not too serious, despite the small angst that comes from the bride-to-be. The first chapter made me laught so hard. I have to say, the warewolfs are quite creative in their way of finding mates. The only thing that did make it a bit difficult to read, for me personally, was that there were almost too many characters. As the blurb says there are six women looking for the week of their life with lots of fun. And add to that number seven guys, six guys from the Feral Passions mountain resort and one fiancé, well…it kinda gets crowded real fast. I have huge trouble with remembering names, so that made the read more of a chalange. That being said, I still enjoyed it and loved the ending. I’m really curious about the alpha’s story. He seems like a great character and an amazing leader, so I do wish for him to find his HEA. Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur If I’m honest, I almost liked this story better than the first one. It wasn’t so light-harted and that made me connect with the plot more. There is definitely more action, mystery and angst in it, also the sex scenes were scorching hot! I mean, who doesn’t want not one, but to guys practically just begging to spend the night with you, right? Yes, there was some back and forth but with all the killings (of animals) and the fear of history repeating itself, I think that that made the story even more interesting. I loved the heroine, she knew what she wanted but was also smart enough to consider all her options before making the next step, one that could cost her everything she worked so hard to achieve. And as for Malec and Channing, they made a great pair and to be clear, nothing sexual happens between them, they just like to share their women. It took a while for Malec to confront and get over his demons from his past but in the end he really won my heart. Channing was the charmer and knew how to fix things, so he definitely scored some points in my book, too. All in all, I liked the dynamic of the plot and how it all turned out. To sum up, both stories make a great read. If you want something ligt and fun, then I recommend you read Wild Passions. But if you want something more action packed, then Her Perfect Mates are the read you’re looking for. Both have lots of hot scenes and great characters but in the end it really comes down to your personal preference as to what you’d enjoy reading more. I enjoyed both, so I definitely recommend both.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
This is a great book written by Eve Langlais, Kate Doublas, and A.C. Arthur. There are three stories in this book and each one is written by a different author. If you love paranormal romance books then you need to read this book. Each book has a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book by these great authors. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Rating 3.5/5 I had recently read and enjoyed another book by Eve Langlais so looked on this as a real treat – three stories in one e-book! “Catch a Tiger by the Tail” by Eve proved to be another great paranormal romance filled with suspense and laugh out loud moments. I really enjoyed it! It has great characters, an action packed plot and plenty of surprises along the way. I suspect there are other books that will continue this story – and if there aren’t, there ought to be. I’ll be looking out for them in future. This story was a 4* read for me Once I started reading the next two books, I realised I had already read and reviewed both of them previously – they are the books in “Claimed by the Mate Volume 2” which was published in June 2016 and my opinion of them hasn’t changed so here is a quote from my review of these two stories: “Both stories are considerably more steamy than I usually read. They do, however, also have intriguing plots with plenty of non-sexual action. Personally definitely preferred the first story as the second seemed to spend more time in bedroom menage a trois antics rather than in developing the plot. If you enjoy your shifter romance with steamy hot action, you’ll probably love both these novels.” Overall, I rated these two books as 3* so gave the whole set 3.5* Personally, I thought the first book in this set, Catch a Tiger by the Tail, was a higher standard of writing and storyline, with more story and less sexual antics, but that’s just me! Three stories in one set – great if you enjoy paranormal shifter adventures and romance but just check you don’t already have two of these stories already! This is my honest opinion after reading an ARC of this book via NetGalley.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
"Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais" 3.5 Silly Meow Stars! Catch a Tiger by the Tail was a short but silly story about a tiger shifter, Brody, posing as an auditor to review the books for his mob boss and wolf shifter Fabian. Fabian believes someone is skimming off the books from his Gentlemen's club that Lulu manages. When Brody starts his investigation, he finds out that Lulu is his mate and there is all sorts of hidden dangers he needs to protect her from. He soon learns Lulu isn't a woman that needs protecting. I couldn't really take this story serious with how silly it was, but it sure was entertaining! There were so many over the top references to his animal within, I couldn't help but bust out laughing! The Epilogue leads into the next book featuring Fabian. If your looking for a fun, easy read, this is it! "Wild Passions by Kate Douglas" 4 Passionate Stars! Trak's pack is in need of mates. Only males are born as werewolves and females are created when mated. The pack decided they needed a way to bring females to them, so they built luxury cabin resorts to draw them in. Feral Passion Resort has been successful bringing mates for four of their pack brothers and now they are expecting a bachelorette party, bringing 4 woman for the week. Wild Passion follows along Meg, Elle, Darian and Jules. Meg, with her upcoming marriage to human Zachary and Elle, Darian and Jules paired up with one or two of the pack brothers. There is a lot going on in this story and you have a wide variety of couples. There are M/F, M/M/F and even M/M/F/F relations, although the M/M/F/F relation is from a previous book so there is no scenes with them. It was very well written and plenty of non-sexual action to keep this story interesting. It does leave off with two pack brothers not mated so it seems there is more coming for this pack. "Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur" 4.5 Pefect Stars! Her Perfect Mates is a very steamy read about two Lycans finding their mate in the human veterinarian new to town. Malec is resisting but Channing knows the importance of Caroline to them. They are brought together when Malec finds a dying doe while jogging. He brings the animal to Dr. Caroline Douglas not knowing that the beast killing the animals is watching therefor dragging Caroline into danger. This was my favorite story out of the three. The chemistry with these three...hot! This had a great storyline that kept me riveted and while it had a HFN ending, there is definately more to the story that I definately want to see continued. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
This collection of shapeshifter romances tells the stories of finding ones fated mate. Whether it happens on the job while auditing books for one’s boss, going on vacation with friends to a secluded ranch run by werewolves or involves trying to stay safe while someone evil harms animals brought in to your veterinary clinic the outcome is the same – a fated mate is found and claimed and sometimes a woman just might get two mates instead of just one. Three great stories with interesting characters, plenty of action (in and out of the bedroom) and the possibility of reading more in each of the authors’ series makes this not only entertainment but also an introduction to authors you might not have read before. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC to read in exchange for my honest review.