Will Haunt You

Will Haunt You

by Brian Kirk
Will Haunt You

Will Haunt You

by Brian Kirk


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"Kirk’s suspenseful and terror-driven novel employs supernatural elements to capitalize on the dread and horror of reality... [his] handling of visceral horror and human drama make for an immersive tale." - Publisher's Weekly

You don’t read the book. It reads you.

Rumors of a deadly book have been floating around the dark corners of the deep web. A disturbing tale about a mysterious figure who preys on those who read the book and subjects them to a world of personalized terror.

Jesse Wheeler—former guitarist of the heavy metal group The Rising Dead—was quick to discount the ominous folklore associated with the book. It takes more than some urban legend to frighten him. Hell, reality is scary enough. Seven years ago his greatest responsibility was the nightly guitar solo. Then one night when Jesse was blackout drunk, he accidentally injured his son, leaving him permanently disabled. Dreams of being a rock star died when he destroyed his son's future. Now he cuts radio jingles and fights to stay clean.

But Jesse is wrong. The legend is real—and tonight he will become the protagonist in an elaborate scheme specifically tailored to prey on his fears and resurrect the ghosts from his past.

Jesse is not the only one in danger, however. By reading the book, you have volunteered to participate in the author’s deadly game, with every page drawing you closer to your own personalized nightmare. The real horror doesn’t begin until you reach the end.

That’s when the evil comes for you.

FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launching in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781787581364
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
Publication date: 03/14/2019
Series: Fiction Without Frontiers
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Brian Kirk is an author of dark thrillers and psychological suspense. His debut novel, We Are Monsters, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. And his short fiction has been published in many notable magazines and anthologies alongside multiple New York Times bestselling authors.


What can you tell us about the book, Will Haunt You?

That you shouldn’t read it. That if you value your sanity, your life, you won’t. I didn’t want to write it—I was forced to—and now I’m doing all I can to make up for it.

What else can you tell us?

Will Haunt You is a book created by a mysterious figure who preys on the people who read it. I know what you’re thinking: Wait, aren’t you the creator of the book? Well, yes… and no.

How did you learn about this book?

I’ve heard about people claiming to have channeled a novel from some external source, and never gave much credence to those claims. But that’s exactly what happened to me. A friend of mine performs séances for friends and family of the deceased. I sometimes write about the supernatural, but I’m more of a skeptic in real life, and never took her work very seriously. She was at my house for dinner one night when she claimed to sense a presence following me, and said it wanted to communicate. I’m up for anything, so I said, “All right, let’s chat.” Big mistake. She had hardly begun the ceremony when I began to clearly hear an unfamiliar voice inside my mind. This turned out to be Jesse Wheeler talking, the protagonist in Will Haunt You. He began to relay the story inside the book and didn’t stop until I had written it all down. I wish I had resisted, but by the time I realized what I was writing it was too late. All I can do now is warn anyone who will listen not to touch the book.

What can you tell us about Jesse? What is his story about?

He’s not a bad guy. He’s a musician. He used to be the lead guitarist for a rock band called The Rising Dead. They broke up in large part due to his drug-and-alcohol addiction, like most bands. That and a special needs son he fathered with his wife who he met on tour. He had to quit the band in order to get sober for his son.

An old bandmate told Jesse about the book and its backstory, but he didn’t believe it. He’s a skeptic, like most of us. But Jesse was wrong. The legend is real, and by reading the book he became wrapped up in a terror that tailored itself to his fears and all the things he would like to forget.

Everyone who reads the book is at risk of becoming the next player in the true author’s game. Every page another step toward a personalized nightmare. I can’t say this strongly enough, leave it alone.

Do you still hear from Jesse?

No, he broke off all communication the minute he was done telling his story. Honestly, I don’t think it was his choice. Once he had served his purpose, he was silenced. And I had my friend block the channel he was communicating through. It’s too dangerous to leave open.

What is Jesse’s fate? Where is he now?

This is where curiosity can kill you. You have to read the book to find out what happened to him and whether or not the figure behind all of this can be stopped. Maybe someone out there can do it. I certainly hope so, though I do not encourage people to try. Personally, the contents of the book have been largely scrubbed from my memory. All I have are vague recollections that feel like the residue of some nightmare I’d sooner forget.

Do you know anyone personally who was abducted after reading the book?

No, thank goodness. But I’m aware of people who have been. I’ve been questioned by police regarding several ongoing cases, and occasionally receive notes from grieving friends and family members demanding answers I don’t have. I want the abductions to end as much as anyone else, and will do anything I can to help stop the figure behind this.

What advice would you give someone who wants to read the book?

First, DON’T. That’s why I’m doing these interviews. I had to write the book, so the only thing I can do to make up for that is warn people not to read it.

Don’t approach this with the attitude that it can’t happen to you. Assume the figure behind this is with you from the moment you open the book, maybe before. Look for cameras in your home, your car, your office. Watch for strangers following you. And, if you can, figure out who, or what, is doing this, and stop it from happening to anyone else.

What happens next?

The book provides clues, though obviously I haven’t connected them all. There is a warped method to the author’s madness, which I find most frightening. The book is just a catalyst for a grander purpose. One that I don’t think any of us want to see come to fruition. More than our individual safety is at stake.

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