Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life

Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life


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USA Best Book Award FINALIST - 2018
Winning Fights focuses on 2,500 years of proven fighting principles originating from Eastern concepts and proceeding to the modern era. This book is for pugilists seeking an edge in competition as well as soldiers and law enforcement officers facing conflict. Like The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, however, many of its lessons also apply to the world of business and negotiation.

The majority of martial art books are dedicated to technique. They feature photos and descriptions of strikes, blocks, evasions, and submissions. While many of these titles are important and influential, it is clear that if our martial study is simply about acquiring new tactics, we risk leaving a void in our training—and possibly in our own character.

Dr. Phillip Stephens conducted extensive research in developing this work. He drew from his years of martial training and his experience as a member of the North Carolina Boxing Commission. He even reached out to combat personnel at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, who offered additional insight on what it takes to prepare for combat—and to prevail.

Dr. Stephens looked beyond the technical to the conceptual and found that winning fights requires twelve core principles: preparation, awareness, commitment, lethality, efficiency, discipline, power, focus, fierceness, surprise, timing, and fortitude.

This book features
• Twelve principles for winning fights• A survey of Eastern and Western traditions• An intelligent yet accessible discussion of these concepts
With this book you will
• Learn to see beyond fighting tactics, which change, to fighting principles, which endure• See your training in powerful new ways
“Winning fights is based on principles, not techniques,” Dr. Stephens writes. “Technique is important, but techniques change, adapt, and evolve. Principles are timeless.”

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ISBN-13: 9781594396007
Publisher: Ymaa Publication Center
Publication date: 04/01/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 256,729
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About the Author

Dr. Phillip M. Stephens is a black belt in Ketsugo Do jujutsu and has won championship titles in self-defense tournament competition. He is a commissioner appointed to the North Carolina Boxing Commission, which regulates combat sports, including mixed martial arts and boxing. He practices emergency medicine as a physician assistant and holds a doctorate in health science. Dr. Phillip Stephens lives in Fairmont, North Carolina.

Table of Contents


Part 1
Principle 1: Preparation
Principle 2: Awareness
Principle 3: Commitment
Principle 4: Lethal
Principle 5: Efficient
Principle 6: Discipline
Principle 7: Power
Principle 8: Focus
Principle 9: Fierce
Principle 10: Surprise
Principle 11: Timing
Principle 12: Fortitude

Part 2
Fighting with Honor
Fighting with Tactics
Fighting with Weapons
Fighting with WordsReferences

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Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In Winning Fights, Dr Stephens provides a very thorough and detailed summary of essential principles for successful combatants whether an athlete, military, or law enforcement. He does an excellent job of breaking it down into the 12 core traits/principles and merges historical references with modern examples to explain each one. As one who has trained and competed in martial arts, Dr Stephens has an excellent wealth of personal experience to draw from. This is not just a book for fighters. The principles he describes can easily be applied to personal protection and situational awareness as well as business negotiations. The book has a very logical layout and flow and provides easily identifiable and understandable take home points. This should be a must-read for fighters, athletes or military history buffs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Phillip Stephens has hit a home run with his first publication. The philosophy, both physical and mental, is something we can all use in our daily lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Stephens is certainly qualified to write about success in martial arts. Having said that the 12 principles have equal or greater impact on living life more fully. I plan to use it as a template for setting my annual goals and will refer it often - most especially to my family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent book!