Wish Me Love

Wish Me Love

by Michele Ashman Bell
4.0 2

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Wish Me Love by Michele Ashman Bell

Charlotte Wells does not date. After surviving a broken engagement, she’s taken a leave of absence from the social scene. So when her best friend and coworker, Jack, challenges her to get back in the game, she’s not so sure she’s ready to play. But ultimately, curiosity gets the best of her, and Charlotte accepts the daunting challenge: she will attempt to have fifty first dates in her effort to find “the one.” Unfortunately, she quickly realizes that the dating pool mostly holds clown fish as she goes on one lousy outing after another. Without a good man in sight as summer ends, Charlotte cuts her losses and sets her sights on a fun-filled trip to her cousin’s destination wedding in Brazil.

Brazil is a land of beautiful sights and delicious offerings—including Max, the charming brother of her cousin’s new husband. Max has all the makings of a Prince Charming in soccer cleats, and Charlotte’s happily ever after seems to be within reach. But love is a funny thing, and soon Charlotte finds herself wondering: could it be that her true love has been right in front of her all along?

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ISBN-13: 9781524404765
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 541,221
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Wish Me Love 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
Have you ever thought you knew exactly how something was going to go, only to be surprised when it doesn't work out that way at all? I thought I knew where the ending was heading, but then I got caught up in all of the surprise twists, especially when they were almost too crazy to be true. The fun really starts when Charlotte and her best friend and co-worker, Jack, attend a Brazilian party and get these wish bracelets. Three wishes? No problem and Charlotte is shocked when most of them almost immediately start to come true. Jack challenges her to go on 50 first dates, which results in hilarity and unbelievable, laugh-out-loud entertainment. The story is broken up into three distinct parts. First, we are treated to Jack's and Charlotte's working relationship, as well as the 50 dates. Next, we are taken to Brazil, where Charlotte attends her cousin's wedding and a whole new world is opened up to her and to the reader. I loved the descriptions of this beautiful place. And last of all, we are given when happens when the two former parts merge. The real emotion comes to play with the easy banter and comradery that Jack and Charlotte have with each other. I loved their friendship and that they have each other's backs. Through all the ups and downs that this story brings, the romantic element shines through and is my favorite part. I wanted a little more of a spark, but I was still happy with how it all turned out. Content: mild romance; moderate religious elements, specific to the LDS religion. *I received a copy through the publisher, which did not influence my thoughts in any way.*
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Did you ever have a blind date or a date that was so bad, you can remember it to this day? Have you ever had your heart break in a relationship? I am sure that most of us can respond to one if not both of the questions over the life of our dating relationships while trying to find that happily ever after we all want. In the novel Wish Me Love by Michele Ashman Bell, Charlotte Wells has been dealing with the heartbreak of her ex boyfriend and ex best friend. Seems like when she was looking forward to her happily ever after, the two of them found it first and left her high and dry. Now she has vowed that when love comes her way, whenever that is, she will hope it will be the one she has been waiting for. Her best friend and co-worker Jack, convinces her to take a huge risk. Defying the odds, he tells her the only way she will ever find the right guy is to go on dates, even if they turn out to be flops. He challenges her to date 50 guys in hopes that the odds of finding Mr. Right will be in her favor. Unfortunately, it also places Charlotte as a volunteer tribute. She isn't sure that this is the right way to filter through the men who want to see if there is a love match there. Meanwhile Jack and Charlotte are offered a chance to start their own advertising company, since despite all their hard work at their current job seems to be taken by the owner of the company rather than giving credit where credit is due. Charlotte begins the task by telling everyone she knows to set her up and provide phone numbers to guys that might be interested in dating her. The author used ideas garnered from those she asked to share their horror stories of dating as the inspiration for this novel and you can only imagine how some of those might go. Jack is trying to find a way to spend time with his financè Sylvia, who is currently swamped at her job and can hardly find time to make plans for her own wedding. Charlotte also decides to accept the challenge to fly to Brazil to her cousin's wedding as a way of getting a fresh perspective on her future, while also renovating her first fixer upper and soon to be home of her own. I received Wish Me Love by Michele Ashman Bell compliments of Covenant Communications. First off, some insight into this novel. This is a Later Day Saints novel meaning the characters in this story are Mormons and thus their religious practices are prevalent in this novel. If you can set that aside if you're not a Mormon believer, like I did, than this is such an exceptional novel. The premise is amazing and you can only imagine the types of dates Charlotte will find herself on. I would easily give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion, religious aspects aside of course. I love the friendship that Jack and Charlotte share because it reminds me of the same friendship I shared with my husband, even working together like Jack and Charlotte did as well.