With Paulus at Stalingrad

With Paulus at Stalingrad

by Wilhelm Adam, Otto Rhle, A Tissier


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ISBN-13: 9781473898981
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Limited
Publication date: 06/12/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Sales rank: 518,002
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Wilhelm Adam (1893-1978) fought in the German army in the First World War and joined the Nazi Party in the 1920s. During the Second World War he served as ADC to Generals von Reichenau and Paulus and he was captured along with Paulus by the Red Army at Stalingrad. He wrote his memoir of Stalingrad, with the assistance of Dr Otto Rhle, during his retirement in the 1960s.

Tony Le Tissier is a widely published expert on the Second World War on the Eastern Front. His best-known books on the subject are The Battle of Berlin 1945, Zhukov at the Oder, Race For the Reichstag, Berlin Battlefield Guide and The Siege of Kstrin 1945. He has also translated Prussian Apocalypse: The Fall of Danzig 1945, Soviet Conquest: Berlin 1945 and We Stormed the Reichstag.

Table of Contents

Translator's Note x

Introduction xi

Maps xii

Chapter 1 Marching to the Volga 1

The death of the Field Marshal 1

Paulus, the new commander of the 6th Army 3

By jeep to the subordinate corps 4

Has Timoshenko lost steam? 6

A horrible experience in Belgorod 8

A depressed atmosphere back home 9

A call on General Keitel while on leave 12

A sergeant turns back a Soviet prisoner 14

Propaganda Leader Fritzsehe 16

Hitler's attack aims for 1942 17

Spring attack on Charkov 18

Fritsche gets a reprimand 18

Schmidt, the 6th Army's new chief of staff 19

The army needs replacements 20

Conference with Hitler in Poltava 21

Major Reichel shot down with the operation plans 22

Field Marshal von Bock has to go 24

The summer offensive begins 25

Deeper into the big Don Bend 27

Replacements and supplies give concern 29

The disastrous Order no. 45 31

Scientific work in a Steppe village 32

A bad atmosphere at Kamenski 33

High-ranking visitors 34

The armies of the Allies 37

The battle at Kalatch 39

Growing losses and sinking morale 40

Disappointment at Vinniza 44

Thrust over the Don 47

Chapter 2 The Shattered Attack on the City 49

Ready positions on the west bank of the Don 49

The 76th Infantry Division before the attack 50

The Don crossing is made 54

The 'Land Bridge' between the Don and the Volga 56

General von Wietersheim is relieved 57

The attack remains stuck 59

Once more at Führer headquarters 61

In stormy weather with the commander-in-chief 64

An officer cadet school behind the front 65

The 'Commandant of Stalingrad' 66

'Registering Commandos' and 'Oil Brigades' 66

Mamai-Kurgan and Zaritza 67

Gumrak main dressing station 68

Talks on the train 71

The cure at Falkenstein 74

An experience in Frankfurt 75

Little success with great losses 77

The battlefield painter and the Stalingrad Shield 79

The enemy has grown 80

Bad omens 82

Winter preparations 84

Looking after the problem child 85

In the pincers 86

Among the rums of the Volga city 88

The Army High Command permits defensive measures on the northern flank 89

The looming catastrophe 90

The tragi-comedy of winter clothing 91

Chapter 3 Counteroffensive and Encirclement 93

The storm breaks 93

Breakthrough at the Rumanians 94

Our first countermeasures 95

Hope and highest decisions 96

Attack also from the south 97

A general reports sick 98

Hours of unrest and uncertainty 99

Paulus applies again to abandon the city on the Volga 100

Transfer to Nishue-Chirskaya 101

Paulus and Schmidt fly into the cauldron 104

Combat teams out of scattered soldiers 105

Hitler orders the Volga city to be held 106

Chir railway station is no longer responding 108

Driven by fear 110

Defence without heavy weapons 110

Battle commandant of Chir 111

Army Group 'Don' under von Manstein 113

Horn's relief army 114

What do we want here on the Volga, Colonel? 115

New storm on the Chir 115

Chapter 4 Between Hope and Destruction 117

Lieutenant-General von Gablenz relieves me 117

In Morosovsk 118

I fly into the cauldron 121

A bunker in the steppe 124

Breakout forbidden 125

General von Seydlitz resists 127

Is Hoth's army strong enough? 128

'Fortress Stalingrad' 130

General von Seydlitz's memorandum 132

Göring's lie about air supply 133

Gnawing doubt 135

The army eats its horses 137

New hope of a breakout 138

Manstein gives way 140

Army group sends a major 142

A Knight's Cross with a horrible background 143

Burning questions 145

The distress of the wounded 147

No orders for a breakout, but fortress battalions 150

Medals and propaganda instead of bread 151

Codeword Thunderclap' does not come 152

Christmas in the cauldron 153

Activity should distract you 154

'I am no Reichenau' 155

The commander-in-chief writer a new report 158

The High Command and the van Hooven report 159

General Hube flies to Hitler 160

Painful recognition 162

Promotions and awards 163

Rumours and a handful of soldiers 164

Hube's message and the Soviet offer 166

Capitulation rejected 167

Caught up in illusions and formulas 169

Chapter 5 An End to the Horrors 172

A thundering reply 172

Back to obedience 174

Alarm at Pitomnik 175

Fantastic breakout plans 176

Major-General Pickert leaves his division 177

Germans on the other side 177

The road of death 180

'Hartmannstadt' 181

Captain Behr's task 182

Gumrak airfield 183

No more supply aircraft 184

Who will be flown out? 185

My friend Colonel Selle 187

What does Lieutenant-General Schmidt want? 189

Colonel Elchlepp's plan 191

Our penultimate headquarters 192

The general von Hartmann seeks death 194

Capitulation refused 196

Major-General von Drebber writes from captivity 198

The tragedy of the wounded 199

Typhus 200

Last post: the department store 200

The generals demand surrender 201

Innumerable victims 203

Was Lieutenant-General Schmidt playing a double game? 204

Suicide or captivity? 205

Lying glorification 205

Colonel Ludwig negotiates with the enemy 207

Red-starred tanks before the department store 208

When did the tragedy on the Volga begin? 208

What was my life? 209

Germany's luck or misfortune 211

'The Russians are here' 212

Chapter 6 New Shores 216

The train of the defeated 216

Meeting the victors 217

In a village near the Soviet front headquarters 219

Railway journey to an unknown destination 220

Krasnogorsk prisoner-of-war camp 221

The camp library 223

Hitler and the Red Cross postcards 224

To Susdal Monastery 224

Dispute over German history 226

'Remember, Colonel Adam!' 228

Wilhelm Pieck 230

Rents in the generals' front 234

Discussion about the National Committee Tree Germany' 235

The war is hopelessly lost 237

'More civil courage, Colonel!' 237

A guessing game with four generals 238

Fear of a new 'stab in the back' legend 240

An apparent victory over the Seydlitz delegation 241

My 'straight way' 245

The Soviet war aims 246

The founding of the League of German Officers 248

The oath of allegiance 249

Solution: withdrawal to the Retch borders 250

More generals travel to Luniovo 252

My friend Arno von Lenski 253

Walter Ulbricht's comparison with 1918 253

Solution: going over to the National Committee's side 254

The Teheran Conference 255

In Krasnogorsk a second time 256

The assassination attempt of 20 July 1944 257

Member of the League of German Officers 258

The men of the National Committee 'Freies Deutschland' 259

Attending a session of the National Committee 260

The consistency of Lieutenant-General Müller 261

Field Marshal Paulus turns against Hitler 262

Study and work 263

The teachers from Korsun 264

War front lines on German soil 265

History acknowledges the National Committee 266

In alliance with the leading worker class 266

Paulus as a witness at Nuremburg 267

Holding-on strategy in Voikovo 269

'The Foertsch Staff 271

'Colonel Adam to the transport!' 273

Another encounter with the Volga city 274

With Paulus at Turmilino 277

Returning home to the New Germany 278

Chapter 7 For the New Germany 280

In Dresden 280

Farewell to Paulus 281

The real causes of catastrophe 282

The east-west officers' meeting 284

The 'unpolitical' soldier von Manstein 285

Conclusion and outlook 285

Appendix: German Generals Captured at Stalingrad 287

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