Witness to Passion

Witness to Passion

by Naima Simone

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ISBN-13: 9781633752788
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/16/2015
Series: Guarding Her Body , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 115,812
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Naima Simone's love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown, and Linda Howard many years ago. Well, not that many. She is only eighteen...ish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading, and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days - and nights - creating stories of unique men and women who experience the first bites of desire, the dizzying heights of passion, and the tender, healing heat of love.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bulletproof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically challenged bliss in the southern United States.

Come visit Naima at www.naimasimone.com.

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Witness to Passion

A Guarding Her Body Novel

By Naima Simone, Tracy Montoya

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Naima Simone
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-278-8


"Happy birthday!"

Fallon Wayland snorted at her best friend, Addisyn Roarke's, exuberant greeting. "Birthdays suck ass," she said into her phone.

A sharp gasp came from behind her, and with a wince, Fallon peeked over her shoulder and met the disapproving glare of Betty White's angry twin sister. Sorry, Fallon mouthed with an apologetic smile and a shrug before turning around. And tried to pretend the woman's furious stare didn't burn the back of her neck like a sniper's scope.

God, could this line move any slower? She glanced down at her watch. 8:30. She had twenty minutes to buy coffee for herself, her boss, Carolyn Task, and Carolyn's ass-grabby son, Mitchell, andthen traverse the Charles Street morning traffic to Caro's event-planning office.

Well, damn. Unfortunately, her red cape and blue tights were at the cleaners.

"You're in a real chipper mood," Addy drawled. "This is yourbirthday, Debbie Downer. Cheer up."

Fallon rolled her eyes, shifting one step forward in the line that moved at the speed of a molasses-covered snail. "What's the purpose of birthdays anyway? To commemorate the day a person was born, rejoice in another year of life, celebrate wisdom gained and lessons learned. Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah."

They were all the same, just varying in degrees of suckiness, broken promises, and disappointments. And while today, on her twenty-fifth, she might not have suffered anything more catastrophic than being late for work because of a coffee run and enduring an eat-shit-and-die glare from an octogenarian ... Well, the day was still young.

"That is so cynical. Even for you," Addy complained.

"Cynical, huh. Well, let's see. On my sixth birthday, I expected a party with all my friends, a magician, clown, and a pony. Instead Mom brought home a new stepdad and a surprise trip to Paris — which, by the way, didn't include me." Fallon ticked off one finger. "On my tenth, all I got was a numb butt from sitting for hours on the living room window seat, waiting for Dad to come pick me up. Unfortunately, a business trip trumped my birthday. On my fifteenth, Mom took my puppy — Dad's gift — to the pound because it crapped on her precious Persian rug." She ticked off another finger. "And on my eighteenth, I lost my virginity."

"Riiight." Addy sighed. "Brandon Hyatt."

"Two meh minutes of my life I'll never see again." Fallon snorted. "His basement couch had more of a thrill than I did."

She'd never told Addy about the other reason she hated her eighteenth birthday with a passion. Shane Roarke and that ill-fated birthday kiss. The kiss — and esteem-shattering rejection — that had sent her running to Brandon and his couch in the first place.

She made a sound between disgust and ... disgust. Just the name of Addy's older brother caused her scalp to itch. And her heart to pound. And her belly to clench. But that was neither here nor there. With his black hair, turquoise eyes, and amazing body, Shane Roarke could tempt a nun into changing camps.

Unfortunately, he was more pious and righteous than any bride of Christ could ever hope to be.

"All right, I have to place this order." Fallon said, finally stepping up to the counter. "Thanks for the birthday call, but I have to go. I'm running late as it is."

"Fine, fine." Addy sighed. "But don't forget. After work, you, me, The Dive," she instructed, naming their favorite dive-bar hangout. "Cold beers and hot men. Am I the bestest best friend evah or what?"

"Uh-huh, the bestest. Now I gotta go for real. See you tonight."

A few moments later, she picked up her order and exited the bustling shop at a fast clip. Ten minutes to get to work now. She ground her teeth together. Damn. Carolyn, aka the Event Planning Nazi, didn't accept tardiness for any reason — even if that reason included her own order to pick up coffee before shadowing her office's doorstep.

Moments later, she unlocked the passenger door of her beloved FiFi, the diamond-blue BMW convertible that had been a college graduation present from her father three years earlier. She adored the little car. Though a few years old, FiFi was the only thing she'd kept besides the clothes on her back when she walked away from the pampered and stifling life that had defined her for twenty-three years. The luxurious brownstone, the healthy bank account, and unlimited credit cards — gone. But the BMW? Shoot ... her mama didn't raise no fool.

Well, actually Chelsea Grace Wayland Jury Chancellor hadn't raised her at all. But still ...

She bent over and slid the cardboard holder with the coffee cups on the front seat of the car, all the while trying not to imagine what her ass looked like hanging outside the open door. Once satisfied the drinks wouldn't spill, she straightened and closed the door. If God decided to actually bless her on her birthday, she mused, traffic would miraculously be clear, and she could make it to work with a couple of minutes to spare ...

"Oh damn." She winced, her cell phone pinging, signaling a text. It was probably Carolyn demanding, Where the hell are you? She removed the phone from the outside pocket of her purse and glanced down at the screen.

Huh. Not a text, but a Twitter notification from her boyfriend Jared.

Smiling, she swept her thumb across the screen. She'd been seeing Jared Combs, a fun-loving, if flighty, bartender for six months. Their relationship was ... nice. Light, easy, nothing deep. True, sometimes she felt like they had a weird ménage between her, him, and his drinking buddies going on. But, when she had to work late or on weekends, he didn't complain. Didn't demand she give up her career to entertain him. Did they have a grand passion? No. But she'd done the run-through-men-like-water thing years ago and had long since thrown that Been There Done That T-shirt out. Jared was predictable, uncomplicated, safe.

Yes, sure, he wasn't future husband material, as Addy often complained. But for Fallon, that was one of his selling points. A wedding, husband — those were Addy's dreams, not hers. After witnessing the natural disaster that had been her parents' marriage, she had absolutely no desire to walk down that aisle — iterally. Oh hell no.

She stared down at Jared's tweet waiting in horrifying — mortifying — disbelief.

Sorry @Fallonwayland1. We're just not working out. I need a change & can't do that with u. Gotta do me. Need the keys to my apt back. Thanx.

What the fuck? Did he ...? She squeezed her eyes shut, counted to ten. Reopened them. Nope, still there. This asshat had just broken up with her. By a Tweet. A goddamn Tweet. In 140 characters exactly. Really? He didn't even have the decency to private message her, but posted it for all of Twitterverse to see. Who did that? Who the hell did that?

Before the thought was complete, her fingers were flying over the keyboard. And hitting Tweet.

Aw @jaredcombs I'm sorry. I told u size didn't matter & these things happen 2 a lot of men. But I understand.

And below? A photo of his itty-bitty willy.

That'll teach you to sext a picture of your dick, you son of a bitch.

Immature? Yes. Vindictive? Yup. Felt good? Most definitely.

But in moments the golden glow of revenge started to fade, leaving behind the bright, pulsing red of hurt and humiliation.

Damn, it hurt.

She tossed the cell back in her purse and ground the heels of her palms to her eyes, surely smearing her carefully applied eye makeup.

They hadn't been in love, but she'd cared for him. Thought he'd at least held some affection for her. Why did this crap always happen to her? Growing up with her parents, she should have a built-in radar for bullshit, lies, and betrayal.

Should. If she only had a pair of boots for every "should" in her life.

Pressure pushed against her sternum like a fist, tears burning her eyes. But lowering her hands, she blinked like an Oklahoma dust storm had suddenly rolled across the sidewalk. The hell if she'd let one drop fall for that jerk.

"Oh damn," she muttered, glaring at her keys, which seemed to mock her from the sidewalk where they'd tumbled from her nerveless fingers. Groaning, she bent down and curled her fingers around the metal key ring, nails scraping the pavement.

Pop. Pop.



Her purse hit the ground. Her ass quickly followed suit. Asphalt bit into her skin through her skirt, but she couldn't move. Couldn't breathe.

Growing up in the quiet town of Weston, she'd never heard that heart-stopping percussion of a bullet leaving a barrel. But she'd spent many hours in Addy's Dorchester apartment and had heard her fair share of gunshots over the years. And after nine seasons ofCriminal Minds, she could identify the cracks of bullets ... and the thump of metal meeting flesh.

Especially when it blasted not two feet away from her.

Everything slowed until the world moved through a thick wall of molasses.

The jerk of a tall, black man's body before he slumped boneless to the ground.

The grimace of agony and shock twisting the face turned toward her as if in a silent plea for help.

The dull, flat gleam of sunlight bouncing off a gun before it was tucked inside a coat.

Her heart raced to her throat. Lodged there and throbbed. Oh Jesus. She scooted closer to the tire, her palms scraping the ground.

Close your eyes, a voice screamed inside her head. Close your eyes. If she did, maybe she could disappear like in her dreams. Could convince herself none of this was happening. Could pretend her alarm would go off any minute, and this would be a terrible product of eating a family-size bag of M&Ms right before going to bed.

But no amount of denial could erase the image branded into her brain. Probably for the first time in Boston's history, the sidewalk was clear of morning pedestrian traffic.

Clear except for the body on the ground.

And the man standing in the mouth of the alley — with a gun in his hand.

Caucasian. Average height. Surprisingly young. Mid-to-late twenties. Closely cut light hair. Square jaw with a large, vicious, sickle-shaped scar carved into the skin.

Flat brown eyes. That stared directly at her. And then he turned and dashed away.

Stunned, horrified cries split the air as people poured out of the coffee shop and other businesses, swarming and running over like cockroaches with the light suddenly thrown on. Frozen, she gaped at them, unable to process what she'd just witnessed. Unwilling to process it.

"Let me help you, sweetheart."

The gentle, but firm grip on her arm registered before the words did. One moment she'd been cowering on the ground, and the next, some Good Samaritan guided her to her feet. Shock robbed her knees of strength, and she leaned against her rescuer, grateful.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his other hand bracing her back.

"Y-yes," she stammered, though the answer was far from the truth. Tilting her head back, she glanced up at her Samaritan. "Thank y —"

A shard of ice the size of a glacier pierced her chest, numbing her limbs, encasing her lungs in a deep freeze so she couldn't breathe.

Hard jaw. Brutal scar. Dead eyes.

He'd circled back around. Discarded his sweatshirt and slapped on a black baseball cap. But she recognized him, even though no one else in the accumulating crowd of people did.

She tried to scream. But, as if caught in a nightmare, the cry was snarled in her throat, trapped.

Cruel fingers dug into the flesh of her arm.

"Shh," he soothed, a warm smile that failed to reach his eyes, curled his mouth, flashing a perfect, white smile except for a slightly crooked front tooth. On anyone else it would've been charming. Him, too, if she hadn't just seen him blow a man away. "Don't even think about screaming," he murmured, bowing his head over hers, his lips grazing her ear.

To an onlooker he would appear to be comforting her, not terrorizing her.

"You didn't see anything. You don't know anything. You missed everything because that tight little ass of yours was turned away, you understand me? Nod if you understand." His voice lowered, hardened, and the hold on her arm tightening to the point of pain. She whimpered. And nodded. "Good girl," he praised, then leaned closer and noisily sniffed her hair. He chuckled. "I almost wish you would open your mouth. I would enjoy coming for you. Would love catching you before I slit that pretty throat."

Why didn't anyone notice what was happening? She was surrounded by people, and had never been so alone, so isolated. So damn afraid.

"Remember what I said," he warned once more before his grasp eased, and then he disappeared.

With a strangled sob, she sank to the ground, her knees finally giving out. She didn't move from her crouch next to the tire. Not when the cold from the sidewalk seeped through her clothes and into her skin. Not when sirens wailed in the air. Not even when one of Boston's finest stooped down beside her and asked if she'd been hit or needed to go to the hospital.

Hospital? What could they do for her? Could they turn back the clock? Erase her memories?

No, they couldn't.

A man had been killed just feet away from her.

And she'd just been threatened by his murderer.

Goddamn, birthdays sucked.


Three Months Later

She hadn't changed.

Through his windshield, Shane Roarke studied the front of The Grease Spot — who in the hell had come up with that god-awful name for a diner? — and the petite woman who just exited the entrance.

And as he'd done in the last couple of days since he'd started tailing Fallon from her apartment to work and back to her home, he tried to focus on the fact that she appeared to have no sense of self-preservation as she strolled out of the restaurant, not even scanning the dark street to check if anyone who didn't belong lurked nearby. Tried to dredge up irritation that instead of having her keys at the ready, she paused next to that ridiculous toy she called a car and rummaged in her purse for several long moments. Tried to conjure anger that she didn't even notice him parked behind her, damn near kissing her bumper.

He tried. Oh the fury was there, simmering at her complete lack of self-awareness. But after seeing her for the first time in over a year, rage wasn't the prevalent emotion.

It was riding backseat to his dick.

Some part of him should be ashamed of lusting after a woman with the face of an angel and who'd been his little sister's best friend for over a decade.


But Fallon wasn't his sister — as much as he insisted on telling her and himself — and she damn sure was no angel.

Closing his eyes, he pinched the bridge of his nose. In that sandbox called Afghanistan, he would sometimes alleviate stress and pressure by performing deep breathing techniques his battle buddy and childhood friend, Marcus Ramirez, insisted he learn.

Slowly inhale through the nose, bringing it from the gut. Work the breath up to the head and exhale out the mouth. Repeat.

He opened his eyes.

Nope. Still hard as hell.

Giving in to the need, he greedily studied her skin like liquid gold. Her ridiculously gorgeous honey-and-chocolate curls. Dove-gray eyes. Delicate facial bones. A wide, bordering-on-lascivious mouth that might inspire heavenly sonnets, but a body men wrote Cinemax skin flicks about, not poems. And she kissed ... fuck. She kissed like a sinner, not a saint. A sinner who enjoyed it. Just one crush of lips and tangle of tongues seven years ago, and he still remembered her taste. Sunshine and sex. The way she'd licked his lips, sucked hard and hungry on his tongue ... Only his mother and sister in the next room had prevented him from shoving Fallon to her knees and discovering if she could curl her tongue around his cock just as prettily.

Well, his family's presence, and the fact that she was Fallon.

Impulsive, cheeky, whimsical Fallon. His little sister's best friend and a female Peter Pan, forever young, never growing up. And totally wrong for him. He'd recognized it the night of her eighteenth birthday when she'd ambushed him with a kiss in his mother's kitchen, and nothing in the time since had changed his mind.


Excerpted from Witness to Passion by Naima Simone, Tracy Montoya. Copyright © 2015 Naima Simone. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Customer Reviews

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Witness to Passion (Entangled Ignite) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
ahlewis32 More than 1 year ago
It’s not often that I read a romance that’s so full of non-stop excitement. But when I do, you can bet I’ll review it. WITNESS TO PASSION by Naima Simone is that kind of novel, the good old fashioned, “run for your life and fall in love” sort of book that keeps you on your seat and leaves you satisfied. There’s fun there too. It’s great to watch Shane as he struggles with his duty and his feelings for Fallon. He’s the type of hero that we all love to read, a cracked and scratched hero like heroes should be. The plot works well and is very plausible. The non-stop action drives the story well and the characters are very believable. The romance between Fallon and Shane is hot and shares the focus of the story well instead of overpowering or being overpowered. That’s a great balance that not easy to write and Naima Simone has succeeded well. It’s definitely one for your to be read list!
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Fallon Wayland has been in love with her best friends brother since she was in high school, maybe longer. She kissed him on her 18th birthday and never saw him alone again. What is a girl to think? Shane Roarke is upset that Fallon did not feel that she could call on him when she needed help. Being just a man, he did not know what his ignoring her did. He had no idea that every birthday she has ever had has been a disaster. Her current birthday being the worst, of course. She has witnessed a murder. Been nearly killed, and then losing her job? Perfect. Now she has Shane saying he will protect her from harm. Who is going to protect her heart from him? Shane has wanted Fallon since that ill fated kiss. He knows if he does not avoid her they will come together and combust. Sparks are nothing compared to what happened when they kissed! Fallon needs saving from herself, and from the man who wants her dead. Is Shane the right man to show her that past problems can be kept there? Or will he damage what good she has earned up to now? Such a great book with incredible suspense! I loved the characters, banter, secy bits and all. This was an all around good read. ***This ARC copy was free from Netgalley.com and its publisher for review purposes only.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Naima Simone and I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it was still enjoyable. I liked the characters and I thought it had the right ratio of romance and suspense. There really wasn’t anything special about the book, but I think that if you want mostly romance with a touch of suspense then this book would be the right choice. As for the plot of the book, it’s mostly tame compared to how I usually like my suspense in books. But overall, I thought it was cute and fast paced. I do wish that the best friend would have been in the book more. But other than that, it was a good read with romance and a little suspense. Overall, it's just a fun cute read that make you feel good. I enjoyed it. I'm ready for the next book in the series! I will be reading more by this author.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - "Put the gun down, Rambo." Stars! If you are looking for a little action and suspense to go with a pretty stellar dirty talking hero, then Witness to Passion is definitely a book you should consider adding to your TBR. Naima Simone is an author new to me, and with the first installment in her new Guarding Her Body series, the incentive to seek out and read more is very, very strong. ”Sometimes you have to go ‘yipee-ki-yay’ on a person.” Having not read anything from the author prior to starting the book, I didn’t really have any expectations when going in. Fallon and Shane’s story grabbed me from the beginning and took me on a really enjoyable and pretty sexy adventure. Little sisters best friend is a trope that when done well, works for me every time, and the author pitched this one perfectly. The sexual tension and chemistry between the two of them was palpable from the get-go due to past issues, and just built and built as the story progressed and the danger to the pair of them increased, Shane… well this guy does dirty really well, vocally, physically and just in general. But Fallon was no shy retiring wallflower, and as soon as the pair of them stopped denying what they wanted from each other, all bets, clothes and previous deals were off. ”I want to flocked, not fondled.” GDG Security Solutions Shane and his partners Ciaran Ross, Khalil Jordan and Maddox Wright’s, company offers up plenty of scope for future books from the author in the Guarding Her Body series. You are given a little of each of them in this book and I hope we get all of their stories at some point soon in the future. This author has me intrigued, interested and eager for more, because if this book is any indication to go by, there is a lot more to look forward to and get excited about. ”I lost my mind, my panties and my heart.” ARC generously provided via Entangled, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.
JensReadingObsession More than 1 year ago
Super sexy with a side of danger! Shane and Fallon burn up the pages of this book. Shane has been denying the attraction between them for years, but now that Fallon's life is at risk, he won't let her out of his sight. The close proximity and danger pushed them to finally explore the chemistry between them. Just as they expected, the sex is hot, but discover their feelings run deeper than lust. A promising start to the series, and there are plenty of available men introduced for future books. ARC via NetGalley
AMONT More than 1 year ago
Overall, Witness to Passion is a suspenseful page-turner with heart-pounding action that’ll take you on an emotional ride. Fallon was too stubborn for her own good or safety--so not good. Although this was a fictional situation, I just felt so bad for the character and all of her sudden misfortunes and had to know how it would all play out. Shane was an alpha male that sought to protect Fallon, but he got a little sidetracked as the tension mounted and their feelings for one another came into play. Needless to say, they found themselves in some harrowing situations, which kept me glued to the pages until the very end. It’s simply another enjoyable summer read.--Rating 4/5 I received an e-arc of this book from the publisher/NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
KYBookmama More than 1 year ago
Fallon is having the worst birthday on record. Her boyfriend breaks up with her via twitter and she witnesses a murder. Despite being threatened by the gang member who did the killing, she goes to the police. When the gang tries to kill her outside her apartment, her best friend's brother, Shane, steps in to keep her safe. Fallon has had a crush on Shane for years and isn't too happy of the close quarters with him.  Little does she know that Shane is having difficulty too. This was a great, HOT read! I can't wait for the next Guarding her Body book!! *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
The sexual angst is so substantial, I feel as if I could reach into the air and feel it throughout the room. Amazing! And HOT! Shane has to keep her safe from a gang leader she supposed to testify against but who will keep them safe from each other? Fallon and Shane were a match made in heaven, except they each were looking for the opposite of what they saw in each other. Shane took sexy to a whole new level. Ex-military turned personal security specialist. I had to turn the fan on while reading. I highly recommend this well written, super sexy and suspenseful Romance. You won't be sorry! If I could give more than five stars for this review I would.  Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This book had everything I love in a romantic suspense – lots of action, a great plot with twists and turns that kept me guessing, a hot, alpha hero who protects what’s his (even if it takes a while for him to admit to and act on it!), and a sassy and smart heroine who is independent, but knows when to take the help offered – especially when it comes to keeping herself alive! Throw in the fact that we are dealing with the little sister’s best friend (and yes, there is a little bit of history between the two), add in some humor, some dirty talk, and a bit of snark, and I’m all in! Although Shane and Fallon’s love story was a bit frustrating in the beginning, knowing what was keeping Shane from giving in to his attraction to Fallon made his actions understandable. There was tons of chemistry between the two, and watching them learn about each other and themselves as the story progressed added additional depth to their relationship. Fallon is young, which also added some angst to the story, but it was fun watching these two together. I just loved Fallon’s sense of humor and her snark. She had such a great attitude, despite some of the craptastic birthdays she’s had and bad luck in her love life, and boy could she make me laugh. Shane was all alpha rolled into one sexy package, wrapped up in that protective streak that just makes you want to get all swoony. Knowing he’s suffered some trauma from his tour overseas and has had less than a perfect childhood made his behavior towards Fallon understandable – still wanted to smack him, but I got it. All I know is that if my life was in danger, I wouldn’t mind being under Shane’s protection! I really enjoyed just about everything about this book. The plot was fast-paced, the characters were well developed, and there was a great balance between the romance and suspense. You could feel the history between Shane and Fallon, and their chemistry was off the charts. It was great getting to know some of the other characters who will be featured in this new series, and I also loved getting to “visit” with characters from Naima’s Secrets and Sins series. The ending for me was a little a bit out of character for the hero, but the setting and everything else about it was just perfect. This was a really great read that hit all my romantic suspense buttons and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
This book was hot!!! Boy is Shane an alpha hero that talks dirty. Loved him. This book had humor, eat, passion, and suspense. Well rounded book. Poor Fallon she has the worst luck on her birthday, but this one takes the cake. She sees a murder and now her life is in danger. Shane her best friend's brother who she's had crush on decides to play her hero. Shane has been lusting after her since their explosive kiss. Now stuck together in a safe house the heat between them is going to reach a boiling point. When everything is said and done can these two have a future? I loved what Shane did for Fallon at the end of the book. There was also a hilarious spider scene.
Arts1 More than 1 year ago
Fallon Wayland hates birthdays. After all nothing good has happened to her on any of her birthdays. On her tenth birthday her dad stood her up because he was on a business trip, on her fifteenth birthday, her mom took her puppy to the pound and on her eighteenth birthday she kissed her childhood crush and got rejected. If you think all this was bad till you hear what happened on her twenty-fifth birthday. She gets dumped by her boyfriend on twitter, witnesses a mob hit and gets fired from her job. And now her life is all turned around. Shane Roarke has avoided his baby sister’s best friend, Fallon for the past seven years after sharing a hot as hell kiss with her. But now that Fallon’s life is in danger, he can’t stay away. I doesn’t matter if just seeing Fallon turns him on. Her life is more important than his need to stay away. With Fallon’s life endangered at very turn, Shane takes it upon himself to keep her safe. With both of them cooped up in a safe house, desires flare, clothes come off and hearts are at risk. Even when the clothes are flying off, danger is creeping in. Fallon and Shane need to survive if they must have a chance at love. Fallon and Shane have a love-hate relationship, more hate than love. Being rejected does not sit well with Fallon after all. After avoiding her for almost eight years, when Shane shows up at her doorstep ready to be her knight in shining armor, she is skeptical. “If you were truly ‘here for me,’ you would have a Kahlua in one hand and Henry Cavill’s number in the other. Since I’m not having drunken phone sex with Superman, there must be another reason you’re darkening my living room.” Their banter is what made me love Fallon and Shane. Their back and forth was fun and oozing chemistry.  Both came from similar emotional backgrounds. While Fallon’s parents had money and never love to give her, Shane’s mom had loads of love, but was reckless and self-involved. They never tried to see the people behind the masks, and now that they do, they might not survive long enough to act on it. The suspense in this book was good. I figured out who the traitor was once a couple of hints were dropped, but otherwise this book was majorly unpredictable. The characters were strong, the sex was hot and Addy, Shane’s sister and Fallon’s best was friend was super fun. Witness to Passion was a good blend of romance and suspense. The action in the book kept me on my toes, and the author did not disappoint.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Fallon and Shane are such  intriguing and complex characters. They bring the passion and fire to the story. *****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****** Fallon Wayland is having a very bad birthday. Her boyfriend dumped her via Twitter which means she is not gonna be getting married this year…and oh yea, then minutes later she saw a hit go down on a high-ranking lieutenant in the local crime family and to top off her really BAD BAD day she was fired for not showing up at work. –SEE there is that being fired unjustly thing going on. Fallon is a sassy , spirted, independent cuss of a woman who is determined to make life work for her and if life throws her lemons, she will make lemonade with what she is given. I like Fallon and how she takes her negatives and turns them into positives GDG Security Solutions Shane Roarke and his partners Ciaran Ross, Khalil Jordan and Maddox Wright’s, company gets involved when they are needed to provide security to protect Fallon. How they get involved is thru Shane’s little sister- her and Fallon are good friends and she knows Fallon needs protecting so she calls her big brother in and asks him for help. Fallon has some previous bad birthday memories tied to Shane- he was the “one that got away. Shane considers Fallon a “pampered princess” and thinks up a lot in his head to continue that train of thought going on. There is very strong sexual chemistry tied between them as Shane tries to protect Fallon and find out what went down and who wants to hurt Fallon. The MC are at loggerheads over the past and at present find a trip down memory lane hard to accomplish because it brings up pain and the trust factor is hard for both. As the MC end up at a Safe House, trying to outrun the danger, the tension builds, the intense chemistry between Fallon and Shane is so real that I was reading as fast as I could to hurry up. I needed to know how the story ended. I wanted to know if there would be an HEA in the cards for this couple. I could almost taste a time or two defeat but the MC rallied; Shane was able to let go of whatever seemed to be keeping him from admitting his true feelings and Fallon was able to put her trust in Shane. I do not want to give anymore spoilers than this but I have to say, once the danger was past, the MC were free to give their heart and lives to one another. I loved that they committed to each other. I do hope we will ger books for the other partners of GDS Security Solutions. I would love to read their stories. My rating: 4.0 **** 
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh how this book sizzles!  Fallon and Shane were HOT!  They were forbidden to be together but still had that "I want, even though I shouldn't" vibe going on.  I loved the instantaneous fierce protectiveness Shane showed for Fallon.  He was just so strong in his sense of duty.  Fallon brought out his tender side and vulnerability.  I thoroughly enjoyed their game they played and what it lead to.  So many steamy scenes.  So good. The suspenseful part of this story was pretty intense.  I kept trying to guess what would happen next, but was a little off. The way it played out was very dramatic and good.   I hope we get more with these characters and the supporting ones because I loved Addy and the guys Shane worked with. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Fallon Wayland should be celebrating her birthday. Instead she an eye witness to a gangland hit. Now she has a target on her back and her life is in danger. Could her life get any worse? Unfortunately it can and does. Shane Roarke, her best friend's brother, is back in her life. He's a security expert. He vows to keep her safe. Fallon has wanted him forever but he rejected her. What's going to happen when they are constantly together? Fallon is a feisty woman who wants to stand on her own two feet. She put her life on the line by agreeing to testify again the leader of the vicious street gang. Her attraction to Shane consumes her. She loves him. Shane has so much baggage from his childhood and his military career. He doesn't want to admit his feels for Fallon. He's afraid to love. When these two are together the chemistry is off the charts. I wanted them to resolve their issues and have a future. Their relationship was so powerful and their passion so intense that I was hooked. Naima Simone combined their sensual romance with an action packed and deadly drama. I hope to learn more about the other partners of GDG Security Solutions. These men all have stories to tell. I was on the edge of my seat as they worked to find who is leaking information to the Lords of War. I love the snarky and sizzling dialogue. Naima has a way with words. The ending took my breath away. Witness to Passion was a satisfying romantic suspense. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.
MeganSmith More than 1 year ago
*** This ARC was received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review*** I love stories about finally getting someone you have been in love with from a distance for years. Even better when you find out they are the same way. The way this story was written is great and it has a fabulous flow to it also
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
This was my first time reading this author and I didn't really know what to expect. But, I was pleasantly surprised. This book has it all! Mystery. Suspense. Humor. Steamy sex. This story is well written and paced. This would make a great beach read. ARC received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
Witness to Passion is a great take on forbidden love!  Sloane has tried hard to keep Fallon at arms length because she's his sister's best friend... But when Sloane finds out Fallon is in grave danger, he'll do what ever it takes to protect her.  Even if it means spending a lot of time in close quarters with just her.  He can control himself, right?  Being close to Fallon soon proves too much for his resolve, and even as he strives to keep her safe, the chemistry between them is impossible to ignore.  He wants more than Fallon can ever give though...Sloane wants a family and forever.  Fallon doesn't believe in love or forever.  As the danger and tension escalates, so does Fallon and Sloane's passion.   Entertaining, suspenseful, and passionate, Witness to Passion has a couple of very strong willed main characters and a fair amount of angst.  Fallon comes across as quite young and naive at times.  If you like this kind of character who is also angsty, goal driven, and a little bit oblivious, you will like Fallon.  Sloane is protective, honorable, and tires hard to keep the boundaries up between him and Fallon.  He comes across as a really good man who faces his own personal conflicts. Witness to Passion is a great introduction to this series (Guarding Her Body) and the men of GDG Security Solutions, and I enjoyed all of the secondary characters who make up this group. I'd recommend Witness to Passion to romantic suspense readers who like it hot!
ehaney578 More than 1 year ago
This is my first read from Naima Simone and I absolutely loved it! The story was awesome and the characters were brilliantly written. And the dialogue was hilarious! I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud. I loved Fallon’s humor and her strength, regardless of the fact that she is the unluckiest girl in the world! Fallon takes everything in stride and only wants one thing out of life: To be loved by her best friend’s older brother Shane. Shane was delicious! He’s strong and fiercely protective, not to mention a big ole stubborn alpha male. And did I mention delicious? “The male dwarfing her sofa didn’t need embellishment. With a chain and dog tags resting on his collarbone and tight black boxer briefs hugging his upper thighs, he exuded a sexual magnetism that reached out to her like a primal mating call.” Don’t take my word for it! Pick up your copy of WITNESS TO PASSION today! There’s action, suspense, a little mystery and a lot of sexual chemistry wrapped up in a witty dialogue that will excite and entertain you. ***I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***
Missilou More than 1 year ago
If anyone ever deserved a birthday do-over, it’s Fallon Wayland. On the day of her twenty-fifth birthday, Fallon’s jerk of a boyfriend breaks up with her on Twitter- that’s worse than my post-it note debacle. Normally that would be enough drama but then Fallon witnesses a murder and ends up fired after she doesn’t show for work. Note to self: Murder witness is not a valid excuse for being absent. I loved Fallon’s sass. The reply to her boyfriend’s post had me laughing out loud at the DMV. But the worst part for Fallon is having Shane Roarke protecting her after a failed kiss on her Eighteenth birthday. Shane doesn’t want to face the feelings he has for his sister’s best friend. After learning that her life is in danger, he knows he has to protect her. Their struggles with misconceptions, trust issues and looming danger ignite a passionate fire between them. But will they end up burned?  I loved these characters. The scenes between the two are hot with a capital T. Oh, the dirty talk and flaming hot sex scenes! This story has action, suspense, humor and even some heartbreak- cue the ugly cry. I could not put this book down until I was finished. It kept me enthralled until the ending. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Great job Naima Simone! I highly recommend this read.
Denise23b More than 1 year ago
Book pace was fast from the beginning to end. The suspense is high, lust was steamy, story line was right on. Story line kept the pages turning and the couple Shane and Fallon history was developed well along the way. It was one of those books that I was sad to see it end. The "I cannot have you because it goes against the rules" headache or heartache was was well played out. This will bring back all your memories of the kiss that made your tummy flutter, the ones that got away and the crush that you let go or let you go. Naima knocked out another fantastic suspenseful story. 
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Bold and savage action, dangerous situations, and passionate romance that after years of kindling, now burns out of control, like a wild fire. Fallon and Shane have known each for a long time, and loved each other nearly as long. What seems like an opposite childhoods, have lots of similarities in the neglect, but creates a very different goals for the future for both of them. Fallon doesn't believe in love and forever, only for here and now, Shane wants the stability and safety of marriage and family. And to stay away from the temptation, instability, and spontaneity, that is Fallon. Now Fallon's life is in danger, and Shane will do everything to keep her alive, even risk his own life. The story is fun and full of action, the pages turn quickly. When not explosive action, attempts to Fallon's life, or investigating possibly dirty cop, the lust, passion, and angst from the feelings towards each other are front and center. They want each other with fervor, but don't want to surrender to the feelings, needs, and wants. The language at times can be a bit offensive to some, just a fair warning, as are the love scenes explicit, the heat level high. There's a constant underlying fear of being rejected in Fallon's mind, but the ending is so swoon worthy, and leaves no doubts in anyone's mind, what are Shane's intentions and feelings. Great entertainment! ~ Four Spoons