Wolf Trouble

Wolf Trouble

by Paige Tyler

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He's in trouble with a capital T
There's never been a female on the Dallas SWAT team and Senior Corporal Xander Riggs prefers it that way. The elite pack of alpha male wolfshifters is no place for a woman. But Khaki Blake is no ordinary woman.

When Khaki walks through the door attractive as hell and smelling like heaven, Xander doesn't know what the heck to do. Worse, she's put under his command and Xander's protective instincts go on high alert. When things start heating up both on and off the clock, it's almost impossible to keep their heads in the game and their hands off each other...

SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team) Series
Hungry Like the Wolf
Wolf Trouble
In the Company of Wolves

Readers are hungry for Paige Tyler's SWAT and X-Ops series:
"Wow, just wow!"-Fresh Fiction
"Nonstop action and hair-raising storytelling done well."-RT Book Reviews
"A wild, hot, and sexy ride from beginning to end! I loved it!"-Terry Spear, USA Today bestselling author of A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

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ISBN-13: 9781492608509
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 08/04/2015
Series: SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 227,600
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Paige Tyler is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction, including the X-Ops series, the Cowboys series, and the Alaskan Werewolves books. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their dog.

Abby Craden is a professional actress and voice artist who can be heard in numerous TV and radio commercials, video games, and audiobooks. An AudioFile Earphones Award winner as well as an AudioFile Best Voice of 2012, Abby is an award-winning stage actress and a resident artist with the prestigious theater A Noise Within.

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Wolf Trouble

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team


Sourcebooks, Inc.

Copyright © 2015 Paige Tyler
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4926-0851-6


Three Months Later

Xander Riggs shifted in his chair, wondering why the hell his boss had asked him to come to this meeting. Gage Dixon knew Xander hated rubbing elbows with the brass down at police headquarters. Other than Deputy Chief Mason, everyone else at headquarters was a waste of space. It had been so long since some of them had carried a weapon, Xander wasn't sure how they could still call themselves cops.

"What's this meeting about anyway?" Xander asked the commander of the Dallas SWAT team. They'd been left stewing in this small conference room for fifteen minutes, and Xander couldn't wait to get out of there.

Gage shrugged, which was his way of saying he didn't know, but Xander didn't buy it for a second. His boss never did anything without a plan.

Xander was tempted to pull out his phone and check his email while they waited, but he resisted the urge.

"I noticed Mac was moving a little slow yesterday at the compound," Xander said instead. "Is her knee still bothering her?"

Gage's jaw tightened. Even though Gage had killed Walter Hardy, the man who'd kidnapped and come close to killing his fiancée, reporter Mackenzie Stone, he still held himself responsible for the fact that she'd hurt herself while trying to get away from the bastard in the first place.

"Only when she goes running," Gage muttered. "Every time she does, her knee swells up; then it's sore as hell the next day. Her doctor told her to stay off it for a while and take a break from running, but Mackenzie refuses to listen."

"That sounds like her — stubborn to a fault. Maybe you should hide her running shoes."

Gage snorted. "Trust me, I thought about that. But then she'd go running in her bare feet and her knee would probably be even worse. I need a better plan."

Xander lazily swiveled back and forth in the fancy leather chair. "Talk her into taking a week off with you and refuse to let her get out of bed. That should do the trick."

"I thought about that too," Gage said. "But I'm saving up vacation days for the honeymoon."

Seriously? Xander couldn't remember the last time his boss took leave. Not unless you counted the few days he'd taken off after they'd all almost gotten blown up in that meth lab, courtesy of Walter Hardy.

"Gage, you haven't taken a vacation in what, five years? You have plenty of leave. Take a week off and spend it with Mac."

If Xander was ever lucky enough to stumble over that one-in-a-billion woman who was perfect for him, he sure as hell wouldn't think twice about taking off to be with her.

Gage opened his mouth — probably to say he was too busy — but then he grinned. "You know, that might actually work. She's been after me to take some time off since we got engaged so we can go house hunting."

"House hunting, huh?" Xander grinned. "What's next, a minivan?"

"Now that you mention it, I have had my eye on one of those."

Xander did a double take. "Seriously?"

Gage just looked at him.

That was a relief. It'd be a shame if Gage traded in that Charger of his.

"Speaking of Mac," Gage said. "She has a friend she wants you to meet."

Alarm bells went off in Xander's head. "Tell Mac thanks, but no thanks. I don't do blind dates."

"You sure? This friend of hers could be The One for you."

The One — capital T, capital O.The One soul mate every werewolf supposedly had. A soul mate like Gage had found in Mac.

Xander had always been on the fence about soul mates. Part of him wanted to believe it was true, but his pragmatic side — okay, his cynical side — told him it was nothing more than silly folklore, no different than all the legends about moonlight, silver bullets, and werewolf hunters. Even after seeing Gage and Mac get together, he still wasn't convinced. There was no denying they were amazing together, and Xander could admit he'd gotten caught up in the whole idea, but at the moment, he was more ready to believe it was random luck than cosmic werewolf destiny.

"The odds are probably greater that she's a serial killer who got chased off Craigslist and is looking for her next victim the old-fashioned way," Xander said drily.

Gage's laughter was interrupted by the sound of voices in the hallway.

Xander gave his commander a sharp look. "I thought we were just meeting with Mason."

"I thought so too."

Gage stood as Deputy Chief Hal Mason walked in, so Xander did too. The chief was accompanied by two men and a woman. Xander recognized one of the men as the Dallas Chief of Police, Randy Curtis. That was weird. Curtis never got involved in the day-to-day police operations.

Xander saw Gage stiffen. Shit. That just ratcheted up his own concern another notch.

"Sergeant Dixon, Corporal Riggs." Mason gave him and Gage a nod. "You know Chief Curtis, of course." Mason gestured toward the other two people. "This is Janet Hayes, one of the department's human resource managers, and Mitchell James, one of the lawyers who serves as an advisor to the city council."

Xander said nothing as he shook hands with Curtis, then the other two people. He was already getting a bad feeling about this. What the hell did a human resource manager and a city council lawyer want with SWAT?

James smiled at Gage as they all sat down. "I've been looking forward to meeting you for some time now, Sergeant Dixon. I've followed SWAT's work since I arrived in Dallas a few years ago. Your team's record is truly amazing. But I have to tell you, I was especially impressed by how you handled Walter Hardy and kept him from fleeing the country."

Xander almost laughed. The department's official reports had downplayed the part of the story where Hardy had kidnapped Mac and tried to kill her. While they hadn't lied, they'd left out certain critical details about what had happened at that private hangar where everything had gone down and let everyone assume the rest. Luckily, none of the local and national media had dug too deeply. That was a good thing, considering the SWAT team had pretty much torn Hardy and his men to shreds in the fight. The medical examiner's office had concluded the bodies had been savaged by coyotes postmortem, and even though no one had ever seen any coyotes hanging around the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, that became the official story.

"I'm just glad that none of our own got hurt," Chief Curtis continued before Gage could say anything. "You back that many desperate criminals armed with automatic weapons into a corner, and you usually end up with a bloodbath on your hands."

"That's just a testament to the quality people that Sergeant Dixon has brought onto his team over the years, and his commitment to demanding, rigorous training," Mason said sharply.

Had Xander imagined it, or had Mason just snapped at his own boss? If he didn't know better, he'd think Curtis was about to reprimand Gage and the team for something. If that was the case, Mason wasn't on board with it — whatever it was.

Curtis frowned but didn't respond. Instead, he exchanged looks with James. The lawyer offered Mason a smile that just oozed bullshit. "I think everyone would agree with you, Deputy Chief. But I'm sure even Sergeant Dixon would admit we can make the SWAT team even better."

Better? Their team was already the best in the state of Texas, if not the whole United States.

Xander slid his boss a sidelong glance to see Gage taking part in a staring contest with Curtis.

"Sir, maybe you should just tell me what this meeting is about," Gage said.

The chief nodded, then looked at the woman from human resources. "Janet?"

The HR manager's eyes widened. Did she think they were going to bite her?

"Of course, Chief." She swallowed nervously, smoothing back her graying hair as she turned to address Gage. "Sergeant Dixon, I'm sure you're aware of the police department's goals with regard to diversity. We pride ourselves on having a department that's as broad and varied as the population we serve."

Xander frowned. Where was she going with this?

"What Janet is trying to say is that several members of the police union, as well as those from local civil rights groups, have raised concerns over the fact that there aren't any women on the SWAT team," James said. "You may not realize this, but your unit has developed a reputation as being something of a boy's club. Since I'm sure that was never your intent, I've approached the chief with a plan to rectify that and improve the department's image."

Xander felt like he'd been punched. This was what he and the rest of the Pack had dreaded for years — that a regular, average human cop would get assigned to the team. If that cop were a guy, it would be bad enough. But if that cop was a woman? It would be a catastrophe. Having Mac around the compound those first few days had thrown the whole team into a tailspin. He couldn't imagine how much worse it would be with a female cop, a person trained to be suspicious and notice things that others dismissed. He and the other werewolves in the Pack would never be able to use their supernatural abilities. They'd have to go back to acting like regular cops again. Everything Gage and the rest of them had worked so hard to build would be gone. And at some point, it would end up getting someone killed.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" Xander demanded. He knew he should probably keep his mouth shut, but he'd never been very good at that. "You come in here and blow sunshine up our asses about how impressed you are with our performance, then tell us you want to add someone to the team for no other reason than you think it will improve our image?"

James lifted a brow. "Are you implying that women aren't good enough to be in SWAT?"

Xander bit back a growl. This jerk had reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out the male chauvinist card rather than admit the truth.

"Don't even go there. You don't know a damn thing about me," Xander said. "As far as I'm concerned, if someone is qualified for SWAT, they're qualified — male or female. But if we were talking about qualified candidates, we wouldn't be doing it in a conference room, and we sure as hell wouldn't need a lawyer in the room with us."

On the other side of the table, Curtis and Mason refused to look Xander in the eye. That was when it all clicked into place, and the sinking feeling he'd been getting in his stomach got worse.

"That's what this is about, isn't it?" Xander demanded. "You want to put someone on the team, but bypass all the normal qualification requirements, don't you?"

Xander didn't even realize his claws were out until Gage put a hand on his arm. Shit. Thank God his hands were under the table, where no one else could see them.

"That's enough, Xander." Gage's voice pulled him back from the edge as only an alpha werewolf's could. Xander retracted his claws and took a deep breath, clenching his hands into fists in his lap, so he wouldn't be tempted to reach across the table and choke the crap out of the idiot across from him.

"Mr. James, there's a reason SWAT has a demanding selection process," Gage said. "It ensures the police officers we bring in can do the job that's required. Anything less puts everyone else on the team at risk and, ultimately, the people we're supposed to serve."

The lawyer nodded. "I'm aware that it's a difficult job, Sergeant, but I'm sure there are a few positions on the team that can allow someone with less experience to contribute?"

Beside James, Hayes nodded in agreement. Xander ground his teeth to keep from saying something he shouldn't. Clueless bureaucrats.

Gage, on the other hand, didn't look as if he was going to be nearly as successful at keeping his anger in check. In fact, his face darkened so much that Xander thought his boss might actually launch himself across the table at the talking ass with feet who was trying to screw up the perfect team he'd built. Xander wasn't so sure he'd try and stop Gage if he did. Hell, he might just help.

Gage swung his gaze at Mason. "When I took over the team almost nine years ago, you assured me I'd be able to handpick the personnel. Has that changed?"

The deputy chief's mouth tightened into a thin line. "Dammit, Gage. This isn't my doing. The city is worried we're exposing the department to a discrimination lawsuit. My hands are tied here."

James leaned forward, holding up his hands in a placating gesture. "Gentlemen, please, let's not be dramatic here. There's no reason this has to come down to a discrimination case or a lawsuit. I already have a list of suitable candidates. All you have to do is pick the best of the best."

James took a piece of paper from his briefcase and slid it across the conference table. Gage scanned the list, then passed it to Xander without a word.

Xander didn't know everyone on the list, but the names he recognized scared the hell out of him. Instead of cops from narcotics, homicide, or any other division that dealt with high-stress life-and-death situations on a daily basis, they were from internal affairs, the training academy, and community outreach. Xander didn't hate cops who did those jobs — they were important and needed doing — but that kind of work simply didn't prepare you for the SWAT team.

It didn't make sense. If the department seriously wanted to put a woman on the team, there were a lot of them out there with better résumés. Xander knew that for a fact because he'd worked with many of them.

What was this dumbass lawyer trying to do, destroy the SWAT team from the inside out?

Xander was ready to tell all of them where they could stick their stupid list, but Gage beat him to it.

"There's no one on here who's even remotely qualified to work on my team."

"Your team?" James snorted. "Forgive me, but I was under the impression that the SWAT team worked for the city of Dallas and that it answered to Deputy Chief Mason, who answers to Chief Curtis. They'll decide who's qualified to work on the team."

This time it was James who initiated the staring contest, and Xander knew that the only reason Gage looked away first was so he could glare at the deputy chief. "You'll have my resignation before the end of the day."

"Gage —" Mason started, but James cut him off.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Sergeant," James said. "I'm sure Senior Corporal Riggs will do an outstanding job in your place."

Xander would have laughed if he wasn't so damn pissed. "Thanks, but no thanks. And before you ask why not, it's because I'll be turning in my resignation along with Sergeant Dixon. I'm pretty sure the rest of the team will do the same."

Xander liked Dallas and his job, but protecting the Pack was the only thing that mattered to him. And he knew every other member of the Pack felt the same way.

"All fourteen of them?" James countered.

"All fourteen of them," Xander confirmed. "But look on the bright side. Then you'll be able to fill your new SWAT team with as many people as you want."

"Gage, let's talk about this," Mason said.

"Let them go," James said. "They're bluffing. There's no way the entire team will quit just because their commander wants to take his ball and go home."

Mason shot James an irritated look. "Do me a favor and shut the hell up. You couldn't even comprehend why cops get out of bed in the morning, much less how they decide who they're willing to work — and die — for." Mason turned to Curtis. "I told you this would happen. If there's one thing the incident with Hardy should have taught us, it's that every one of those men on the SWAT team live and breathe for Sergeant Dixon. If he leaves, I have absolutely no doubt they'd all leave with him. And trust me, another city like Houston, Austin, or San Antonio will scoop them up in ten seconds flat."

Xander had always liked Mason — well, as much as he could like a man who was closer to being a politician than a cop. While Mason might back Gage, Xander doubted Curtis would do the same. The chief's job was purely political.

Curtis worked his jaw as he looked from Gage to Mason and back again. "Gage, we're in an impossible position here. Your team is the best in the country, but the city is going to get its way on this whether you and your men like it or not. And I'm with Deputy Chief Mason when I say we don't want that to be at your expense. We need to put a woman on your team. How do we make that happen?"


Excerpted from Wolf Trouble by PAIGE TYLER. Copyright © 2015 Paige Tyler. Excerpted by permission of Sourcebooks, Inc..
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Wolf Trouble 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Khaki Blake was a police officer in Washington State when she was shot on duty. After the incident, she noticed that her abilities increased. Xander Riggs worked on a special SWAT team that only consisted male wolf shifters. When he was told that a female must join their team, he was totally against it. When he was told by his commander that there was a female wolf shifter that would fit, he thought it was absolutely crazy. I’ve read several from this author, but I absolutely loved this book. From start to finish, my eyes were glued to the pages. I loved what each character was going through as they were trying to ignore their attraction. I highly recommend. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review
ecwordwiz More than 1 year ago
I stayed up all night listening to it. Was it worth the all nighter? Oh, most definitely. I mean what’s not to love? Hot, hunky SWAT officers that just happen to be alpha wolf shifters? Check. Feisty alpha females that are more than enough to give said alpha’s a run for their money? Check. Bullets flying, action and suspense mounting, heroic rescues, reprehensible criminals and dirty cops stirring up trouble… Check, check, check… well you get the picture. All of this before you get to the building sexual tension and scorching hot love making. Needless to say I’m a bit addicted to stories of this nature. Wolf Trouble is the story of what happens when the city of Dallas decides the best SWAT team in the country isn’t politically correct because it doesn’t have its requisite female officer. I mean forget whether the female is truly qualified or that hiring someone that doesn’t fit not only put every other officer’s life at risk, but those they serve as well. Lord save us from the bureaucrats and lawyers running city hall. The one saving grace? The pack alpha, Gage has had his eye on a gal he suspects is a werewolf like the rest of them for a while now. Looks like his timeline just got moved ahead a bit. Xander has absolutely no problem dealing with a woman on his team, especially if she is in fact a werewolf like the rest of them… that is until Khaki Blake shows up in his squad room. One long whiff of Khaki and Xander knows he’s in trouble. Her allure is overwhelming. What’s a guy to do when getting involved with your subordinate is totally off limits? Why give her hell of course. Hell being the cold shoulder, extra intense and demanding training and whatever else he can throw at her. The only problem? She’s good, damned good and that allure is just getting stronger. Khaki Blake knew she wanted to be a cop from the time she was ten-years-old. She’s a damned good patrol cop too! Lately though things have gotten a bit out of hand. One nasty as get out ex lover and her world turns upside down. Backup is non existent and she keeps ending up in sticky situations. The kind of sticky where her blood keeps getting spilled. But something strange is going on because now she’s healing at astronomical rates and her speed and strength have grown unbelievably as well. To say she is a little clueless to what is going on is to put it mildly. Then her life turns around on a dime. Sargent Gage shows up in Washington state to recruit her for the Dallas SWAT team. If that isn’t shocking enough, he tells her she’s a werewolf. All things considered though there is a ring of truth to his words. With one wolf being stubborn and too pig headed to realize what’s going on with his hormones and the other too new to have a clue, it takes these two a while to get together. In the meantime, the sexual tension between the two is threatening to burn them down. All that aside they still have to deal with the very real concern of chain of command and fraternization. Oh and did I mention the very real threat of crazies and criminals added to the mix. In the end they’re faced with the question… mate? Pack? Career Is there really a choice to be made? I really like Ms. Tyler’s Special Wolf Alpha Team and I’m sure you will as well. Wolf Trouble had just the blend of action, adventure, suspense, romance and sex I was looking for. I’m really looking forward to reading In the Company of Wolves which comes out on December 1st
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
Romance, suspense, and paranormal paves the way for the Dallas SWAT team. Khaki is the first woman to join the SWAT team of hunky alpha males. A new werewolf herself, she must find her way to fit in. She falls hard for her team leader Xander and the feelings are mutual. Both know that if Gage, their team commander finds out, it won't be good. Khaki also has a stalker, who is a cop and her ex from her previous home, and is not taking her walking away lightly. Khaki must prove to the guys in SWAT that she belongs there, not let her commander find out about her romance with her team leader and fight with her stalker. Khaki definitely has her plate full. With Xander's help, Khaki learns what it takes to be a werewolf and work on the SWAT team. As the first female on the Dallas SWAT team, can she make it all work and survive? 4.5 stars!!! This one is a winner and highly recommended!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
A really good addiction to the SWAT series. Reviewed by Gemini Wolf Trouble is the second book in the SWAT series about a team of tactical officers that are also werewolves. While it may be helpful to have read the first book, Hungry Like the Wolf, this one could be read as a standalone. Although Wolf Trouble is a paranormal book, it focuses a lot on real world issues such as jealousy, love, abuse, and family which made it that much more enjoyable to read. I found all of the characters relatable and was very interested in their happiness. Wolf Trouble focuses on SWAT Corporal Xander Riggs and the team’s first and only female recruit, Khaki Blake. To start, I had a hard time getting past the name Khaki. Hopefully, it has some meaning for the author because it made it difficult to visualize Khaki as a sexy woman. Nonetheless, the SWAT team is pressured into adding a female member to their all male team. Since the fact that they are werewolves is a secret, they couldn’t just grab any police officer off the street to join their team. Lucky for them, Khaki was involved in an incident with her former police force that gave SWAT Commander Gage Dixon reason to believe that she was indeed a werewolf and a perfect fit for their Pack. Of course, she also ends up being a major lustful distraction for Xander who end up being her team leader. Unbeknownst to each other, they are meant to be together but they spend most of their first interactions trying to hide their true feelings which is very difficult since Xander has to not only train her to be a SWAT member but also to be a fully functional werewolf. It’s very romantic to think that all werewolves have one person out in the universe that they are destined to pair up with. However, none of the pack members truly believes it except for Gage. Khaki is a newly transformed werewolf so she has no idea about her own abilities, let alone the concept of “The One”. Once Xander and Khaki give in to their feelings, they have some fairly hot sexual encounters. They also decide that they will hide their relationship from the pack. Everything becomes even more complicated when they are tasked with assisting the Feds in taking down some bank robbers while Khaki is also being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. The way things play out is very entertaining and thankfully, very straight-forward. There’s violence, explosives, and guns to go along with all of the rainbows and sunshine. **Received a copy from Sourcebook Casablanca in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star I was pulled right into this story. The story flowed well and I was kept interested. The story has laughs, super-hot alpha wolfs, stalking, and secrets. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT #1) This is Khaki and Xander’s story. After Khaki is blackballed by her fellow cops she is offered a job with SWAT. She moves to a new town and Xander is her boss. She is attracted to Xander. After her last boyfriend was a fellow cop and made things bad for her after they broke up she is not interested in getting involved. She questions her abilities as she can’t shift into a wolf and she can’t see in the dark like the others. She wonders if there is something wrong with her. Xander is fiercely attracted to Khaki. He tries to get her off his team but his boss will not allow it. Xander wonders if he can work with her when he is so distracted by her scent. Can they come to an understanding? What happens when she needs help with her wolf side? Can she count on Xander to help her out? When her ex shows up will he be a problem? Will Xander and Khaki be able to fight the attraction or will they give in and get something they both didn’t know they were missing? Maybe a chance a being with “The One”! Can they make something work and still be able to work together on the team? I loved these characters and also the other wolfs. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story in this series.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this shifter romance! This was my first read from this author, and also the first time I've encountered love scenes between the characters that occurred partial shift (so fangs and claws present) - the other ones I've read have always been solidly in human form. So that was interesting to me. I liked the plot of the story and the suspense part worked well with the rest of the story, flowing well and with a good amount of action. Xander and Khaki's romance was believable and their chemistry was definitely there! Thoroughly enjoyable. 4 stars.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler is the 2nd book in her Swat series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series (Hungry Like the Wolf) and after reading Wolf Trouble, I am happy that this was just as good or even a bit better. With so many hunks on the SWAT team, we have so much fun ahead of us. For those of you who have not read my review of the first book, this series is about a police swat team that are secretly werewolves, which gives them the advantage in fighting dangerous criminals. Xander Riggs is our hero and we met him in the first book. When Gabe (Hungry Like a Wolf hero) tells Xander that they are being pressured to adding a female to the Swat team, he is not happy, since it would threaten their secret. To his shock, Gabe has found a female cop is soon to shift to rare female werewolf. Khaki Blake is a cop in Washington State, who is having trouble with her ex, who is also a cop. On assignment, Khaki called for help, and this was ignored, since the backup police officers were afraid of her ex. This is the last straw that will have Khaki jump at the chance to leave Washington and take Gabe’s offer to join his Swat team. Khaki is assigned to Xander’s team, must to his disgust. But Khaki wins over all the guys on the team, who treat her like one of them. She turns out to be a smart, savvy, tough cop, who becomes a great addition to the team. Xander finds himself unable to control his feelings, as his wolf feels the attraction to Khaki, which he is desperately trying to avoid. Khaki also feels the attraction to Xander, but doesn’t understand why he is cold to her. This was such a fun story, especially with the camaraderie between Khaki and the hot alpha hunks, as well as watching them work with her during training and her teaching them yoga. The romance between Xander and Khaki heats up as neither of them can control their lust for each other, despite the knowledge that a supervisor and member should not be in any relationship. But in a short time, it is obvious that they are mates. What follows is an exciting story, with missions involving a bank robbery gang that are difficult to catch, as they kill along the way. To make matters worse, Khaki’s ex will come back for revenge and the danger escalates. Wolf Trouble was a great story, with a lot of action, fun, humor, romance and very steamy. Xander and Khaki had a lot of hot chemistry together and made a great couple. I enjoyed this book so much, that I finished it in one day. I cannot wait for more of this series by Paige Tyler, and if you want a fun exciting and sexy read, look no further then the SWAT series. There are so many more wonderful hot hunks to go. :)
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
Tyler definitely outdid herself with this one. I thoroughly and completely enjoyed the first novel in this series, but this new instalment will take both the shifter & the law enforcement worlds by storm. The fast paced story had me on pins and needles throughout. The suspense was unnerving. I couldn’t put the novel down for a second without trying to guess what would happen next. The intertwining storylines added even more complexity to the tale. I loved finding out so much more about what it means to be a werewolf in Tyler’s SWAT world. It’s such a unique take. The variations and permutations within the pack itself creates a diversity rarely seen. It also adds to the plot of the story, allowing each character to have their own unique area. Being a werewolf is intrinsic to all the major players in the story, while also being an unknown to almost everyone outside of it. And let us not overlook the explosive chemistry between the main characters in this story. As individuals these two were engaging characters, but together they become unforgettable and inseparable. Readers get a sneak peek into their relationship since we get to know them as they get to know one another. I loved how they would die for each other, yet would also die to be with each other. Tyler has definitely created an explosively fast paced novel that combines all the best of romance with life on the edge as a SWAT member. Give it the twist of her unique werewolves and you have a definite winner. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
cntrygirlzroc More than 1 year ago
After a bad break up and an injury that has given her new abilities, Khaki is recruited by the Dallas SWAT team. She learns not only are they werewolves but so is she. Xander is her team leader and has never met a female werewolf. But one whiff of her scent and he wants her. It takes awhile for him to realize that she is THE ONE, his mate. Now they have bank robbers to catch and a sniper trying to kill them. But will they have to choose between their Pack or each other. Sexy wolves, crazy ex stalker, and hot sex.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
It's fun, racy and just plum enjoyable! "Putting a woman on the team would be a nightmare, you know that," he said as he started the engine and put the SUV in gear. "We're werewolves. How the hell do you think we're going to be able to hide that from her and do our job at the same time? And don't even get me started on the whole pheromone thing." They might be men first, and wolves second, but if there was one thing that could bring the whole Pack to its knees, it was the scent of a woman. "We won't have to hide what we are if the female cop I bring in is a werewolf," Gage said. WOLF TROUBLE by Paige Tyler is a steamy, action-packed urban fantasy centered around a SWAT team in Dallas, Texas populated by buff alpha wolf-shifters. This is actually the first book I've ever read by Paige. I met her at the Coastal Magic Convention this past February in Daytona Beach and vowed then to check out her books. Now that I've read one, I'm hooked, and plan to check out more of her books soon! WOLF TROUBLE is the second book in the author's SWAT series. The first book, HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF, previously garnered a 4.5 Wine Glass review by Crystal (http://www.readingbetweenthewinesbook...). If you haven't read HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF, don't worry as WOLF TROUBLE works very well as a standalone. But I warn you - it will make you want to go back and read the first one! Whether you are a fan of imaginative paranormal romances or swexy romantic suspense, this series should be on your must-read list! It's fun, racy and just plum enjoyable! Combine fit alpha characters, witty banter, intense dangerous perils and a sweet and hot romance for a well-balanced tale you won't want to put down. I can't wait to read about the rest of the SWAT team finding 'The One' for them in future installments! My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there! 4 1/2 Wine Glasses!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Series! This is a great series; this is the second book in the SWAT series by Paige Tyler. Xander Riggs is a Senior Corporal with the Dallas SWAT team. This SWAT team is on elite team since every member of the team is wolf shifters. They get the orders that they must have a woman on the team because of politics. The problem is they just can’t have any woman she needs to be a shifter. The team happened to track down a new female wolf shifter Khaki. When Khaki arrives on her first day on the job she knows that she has to prove herself to the other members of the team and she is determined. But the more time she is near Xander it is harder to hide and fight her attraction to him. If you are looking for a great paranormal book that has romance, mystery, suspense, and sexy shifters then you need to read this book. I can’t wait until the next book in this series comes out. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 3 1/2 REVIEW: I was so excited for Xander’s book. He is all tall, dark, stubborn and dreamy. But I found Wolf Troubles to be a little slow. I enjoyed the tension, lust and relationship that Khaki has with Xander. She is the perfect match for him. But for me this book focus a little too much on Khaki’s training and then throwing her for a better word to the wolves on her first mission. I did like Khaki, but there was just a small disconnect for me. All and all it was a good book and I am happy I read. I am looking forward to the next SWAT book. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley & SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Political correctness has never been a consideration for the Dallas SWAT team until the powers to be demand they add a woman to their ranks. Instead of accepting any woman, the team is determined to find a fellow wolfshifter…but none are sure another woman truly does exist…until they meet Khaki Blake. Khaki has been left out to dry one too many times by her fellow officers due to a relationship gone bad with a fellow co-worker. When the opportunity arises to join the renown Dallas SWAT, she jumps at the chance. Khaki quickly discovers that her new found abilities are shared by every other member in this new assignment. She will do whatever it takes to make the grade because this is where she truly belongs, her only obstacle, Senior Corporal Xander Riggs. Xander can’t seem to handle the attraction and protectiveness he feels for the new trainee, Khaki. It is a rocky road they traverse but in the end it becomes beyond what either of them ever considered. Wolf Trouble is a wonderfully exciting, action packed story. The relationship is pretty rough going, with lots of resistance and bad decisions. In the end, I found Wolf Trouble to be a great example of paranormal romance storytelling. I received this ARC copy of Wolf Trouble from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest review.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Terrific! This is so much fun. First, I love the idea of a werewolf SWAT team. Second, and third, and oh my goodness 16 hunky alpha males. This book is full of surprises. We discover not only are there female werewolves we get to meet one and learn as she does what shifting feels like and what other gifts are out there. I love Khaki (well everything but her name). She has a joie de vivre that makes you just want to get to know her. She lets nothing get her down. Not even when she overhears her new supervisor Xander telling the boss he doesn’t want her on his squad. What he means is that he wants her. Can these two deny their mutual attraction and work together? We have fun watching them try.
Judy-Ree More than 1 year ago
The first book in this series, Hungry Like the Wolf, showed a lot of promise. So I was excited to be able to dive into this book. And that old adage about a sophomore slump? Not affecting this series at all. As a matter of fact, this book kicks everything up a notch. I loved that we got a female werewolf to join our guys. Khaki Blake has a close call while out on patrol, one that could have completely ended not only her police career, but her life as well. But she bounced back quickly, and stronger than ever; and now has no idea what is going on with herself. It's not until the Dallas SWAT commander, Gage Dixon shows up and offers her a job that she gets a unbelievable explanation. Xander Riggs is not looking forward to bringing another newbie up to speed, especially a lone female in a testosterone laden pack of werewolves. But from his first sniff of her, he knows that's the least of his problems. There is something about her that makes him not only want to protect her, but to keep her all to himself. As her trainer and squad leader, this puts him in a quite a predicament. There was so much more world building in this book. Especially as we explore Khaki's introduction and education into the werewolf world. Plus, we get more indepth into the training and day to day life of the SWAT team itself. We really got to know more about Xander's team as they interacted with Xander, Khaki and each other. It will be interesting to see where this series goes next, and I am looking forward to it being a wild ride. There were some moments of implausibility in the dramatic climax, but if I can suspend my belief for werewolf police, it's not much of a stretch for some other things. I gave this book 4 stars and happily wait on book 3. Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Wolf Trouble (SWAT #2) by Paige Tyler Dallas SWAT needs to add a female to their squad. Senior Corporal Xander Riggs has reservations about adding she-wolf Khaki Blake to his team of alpha male wolf shifters. Wolf Trouble is my new favorite Paige Tyler book. I absolutely loved this story! Xander is awesome! He is a worthy team leader. He denies his attraction to Khaki, as long as he can. I love that he is strong and well-liked by his team/pack. He fights for what he perceives is right. He had a difficult past that makes his pack all the more valuable to him. I love Khaki. She is the perfect she-wolf to add to the team. She is determined and hard working. She wants to prove herself and be as an asset to the pack. She is attracted to her team leader but thinks he hates her. Not that she would want to go there after her last experience dating a co-worker. Her ex is a piece of work. She has some interesting qualities that make her an incredible asset to the team. Paige Tyler does a phenomenal job with her character development. They are all unique and add interest to the series. Together they form the perfect team. The plot was astounding. It was full of symbolism, action, and surprises. There were multiple things going on that kept the story interesting throughout the novel. SWAT is a marvelous series for anyone who enjoys military, paranormal, shape shifters, and/or romantic suspense. It has the perfect combination of them all. Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Purchased and never received. Now hesitant to buy pre-orders. That is three times I have been burned!!