Womans Shoes A Mans Perspective

Womans Shoes A Mans Perspective

by Gregory Cowper


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ISBN-13: 9781449084936
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/24/2010
Pages: 88
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Womans Shoes a Mans Perspective

By Gregory Cowper


Copyright © 2010 Gregory Cowper
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-8493-6

Chapter One


To undertake my analysis, I decided that a questionnaire was needed so that I could ascertain the different motives of various women and their fascination with shoes. I solicited the help of my wife to circulate my questions among her peers and friends in her realm of business and social life.

In the next section of this book I have included the answers to this questionnaire from an assortment of the women who participated. I recommend all women to go to our website and fill in the questionnaire for some fun, and post it for all to view. Share with us your feelings about shoes and the experiences you have had.

We have also underlined each question here in the book, so you can jot down your notes and observations; as a record for you to compare with the other women. The questionnaire was as follows:-

1. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

2. How many pairs of shoes do you buy each year? Please give your best estimate. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

3. How many times each month do you wear the same shoes? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

4. What makes you decide that you need a new pair of shoes? Is it when you see them? Is it to make you feel better? Is it based on new styles or fashion? Please describe. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

5. What type of shoes do you like? Clogs, mules, pumps, Flats, Wedges, Boots Etc. Please describe. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

6. When do you decide that your old shoes no longer meet your needs? i.e. When they are totally worn out, or can they still be worn? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

7. What do you do with your old shoes? Do you throw them out, do you donate them, do you store them in a trophy cabinet? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

8. Do you share your shoe purchases with your spouse/significant other? Or do you hide them? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

9. Do you share your shoe purchases with your girlfriends? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

10. Do you have sex when wearing your shoes? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

11. How do you store your shoes? Are they on racks; in original boxes; or clear plastic bins? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

12. How do you decide on which pair of shoes to wear with an outfit? Is it based on color, style and mood? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

13. What is the most amount of money you have spent on a pair of shoes? What is the least amount of money you have spent? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

14. Do you have shoes that you purchased and never worn? How long have you had them? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

15. If you find a shoe that you like, do you buy it in multiple colors? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

16. Have you ever bought shoes that were not your size, but you just had to have them; and you made them fit? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

17. Do you buy shoes for comfort or style? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

18. Do you accessorize your shoes? Do you buy handbags, jewelry etc to match? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

19. Have you bought a pair of shoes that does not match any of your outfits, but you " had to have them." As a result have you gone and bought clothes to match? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________

20. When you travel on business or vacation; what is the average number of shoes you take? _______________________________________________________ ___________________________

21. Please share a great shoe story that will forever be implanted in your mind. i.e. Do you remember the shoes you were wearing on your first kiss? When you were proposed to? Did you fight someone over a pair of shoes? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ______________


Question 1.

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?


Question 1.

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?


1. 45 (That's not too bad, right? Luckily you asked me this after I did my spring cleaning ... I tossed at least 8 pairs of shoes then..... some. 2. 2.45-50 3. 28 4. Twenty 5. 40 6. 53 7. At least 50, typically a 50/50 seasonal split.. 8. I don't know. Fifty? 9. I own at least 75 pairs of shoes including boots and athletic shoes. 10. Honestly if I had to guess I would say easily over 200.. 11. About 75.. 12. At least 40 13. 25. 14. Approx 100. 15. 50. 16. 45-50. 17. 30. 18. 50. 19. 68. 20. Twenty.. 21. 50-60.. 22. I would guess I have somewhere between 50-60 pairs. 23. 5. 24. 100. 25. 40. 26. About 100 or so.

Question 2.

How many pairs of shoes do you buy each year? Please give best estimate.


1. 12? 2. 7-12 3. 7 4. Five 5. 6 6. 12 7. Weeee!!!!!, at least a pair a month. 8. Approximately 5 or 6 9. I buy at least one pair of shoes each month. 10. Are you kidding, you want me to actually put this in writing? 20, 30? Does that sound right? 11. Probably around 12 12. 10 13. 8 14. Approx 7 15. 10 16. 12 17. 9 18. 10 19. Five 20. Usually 10 or so ... however with the economy I have cut down a lot. 21. 4-5 pairs per year 22. 5 23. 10 24. 6 25. 10-12

Question 3

How many times each month do you wear the same shoes?


1. Practical shoes: During the school year, I have 2-3 pair of comfortable shoes that I wear every day to work. During the summer, I have 2-3 pair of flip flops that I wear about every day. Impractical Shoes: Might happen to wear the same shoes two or three times a month. 2. 3 in the fall/winter. Once or twice in the summer/spring. 3. At most probably 10 4. Three 5. 8 6. 10 7. Depends on how many times I wear said outfit generally purchased for matching shoes 8. During the cold months, maybe 8. During the warm months, far less 9. I wear the same shoes at least 8 times a month. This would be my athletic shoe that I "teach" group exercise in 10. Tennis shoes to the gym, daily. Does this count? The nice crap that you probably based your question on maybe 4 or 5 11. Every time I run or play soccer, I obviously wear the same shoes. To work, I probably wear the same shoes about 12 times a month (black pumps). When I go out at night I mix it up much more!! 12. Depending on the season. Sandals and open toe are only in warm weather and that can be several times a week. In cold weather, I wear boots or booties 3 to 4 times a week. 13. Many times 14. Approx 7 15. 5 16. 5 17. 8- for the more commonly worn pairs 18. 12-15 19. Three 20. 12-15 21. I have one pair in particular that I wear at least 3 times per week 22. 4 23. 20 plus 24. 8 25. Several pairs get several wearings

Question 4.

What makes you decide that you need a new pair of shoes? Is it when you see them? Is it to make you feel better? Is it based on new styles or fashion? Please describe.


1. First of all, why do you need a reason?! Yes to all of the questions above, and I guess ...* buying new clothes- you need the perfect shoes for the perfect outfit, right? * End/ beginning of season sales. * Good deal-coupons, discounts, sales. * Definitely when I see them-I think a lot of shoe shopping is done when there is no real need for a specific pair of shoes. I'm sometimes just looking for new shoes. * Special event (wedding, party, nice dinner, date, vacation or trip somewhere. Taking the dog for a walk. You know any good excuse. 2. All of the above and more! Shoe shopping is the best retail therapy because regardless of your body shape and size you can ALWAYS find a perfect pair of shoes! 3. Usually when I see them, but sometimes based on new styles. 4. New style-new season. 5. Unless I need something specific, I buy a pair of shoes when I see them and like them. 6. Just as I see them. 7. This question was obviously written by a man, to understand what makes you buy anything is to understand the concept of shopping in general. Men generally think they need a new pair of shoes because the black, brown or athletic shoe they own is falling apart. They go, generally begrudgingly, to the store, focused on the one thing they are looking for, find it, buy it (don't even always try it on!) and are out the door. The entire process taking no more than 20 minutes tops (and that's if there is a line at the register.) Women don't always even know if they need shoes they may be shopping for a comforter.... Which is next to the casual wear department ... where there is a sale going on. While we didn't know we needed a new outfit, the opportunity to SPAVE (spending $50 and coming away with $150 of happy) was over whelming. Now having this new outfit, or possibly multiple outfits, doesn't always mean you have the correct shoes (or purse for that matter) therefore, now you need to go shoe shopping. However, that's not really that simple either because once you get into the shoe store, there could be additional SPAVING opportunities. This could, does and has become a viscous circle. 8. When I see a pair I like. 9. All of the above are reasons or excuses for buying shoes. 10. All of the above. 11. Sometimes when I see them, sometimes there is a shoe that is trendy that I just really like; it is rare that I actually need them! I don't really buy shoes to make me feel better, but it always does! 12. Most of the time, I'm looking for something specific-spring sandals, boots etc. Other times you just see a pair of shoes you must have because they are pretty sexy. New shoes always make me feel better. 13. You need to buy new shoes each season and then sometimes. mid-season when you see others you have to have. 14. Usually when I see something cute and potentially comfortable. 15. When I see them. 16. When I see a pair I like and they have them to fit my size 11 foot ... I purchase them. 17. If they look fashionable, unique, or would be good for work I have to snatch them up. If it meets my picky criteria (height, heel type, comfort, stability, style, fit, price) then I can't miss out on the opportunity. 18. Sometimes it is the need for a particular color or style to go w/ certain outfits-it gets put on the shopping list. But most of the time, it is seeing a pair and then creating the "need" for them. 19. New style new season. 20. I really don't need them I just see them and like the style and fit. 21. When I see them; when I see similar pairs on other women and I like them; when the fashion changes. 22. When they are on sale. 23. Usually for an event is when I buy new shoes. 24. Unless I need something specific, I buy a pair of shoes when I see them and like them. 25. Yes, if I like them or the style (and have the money especially if they are not full price.)

Question 5.

What type of shoes do you like? Clogs, mules, pumps, flats, wedges, boots etc. Please describe.


1. Flats for school. Heels or wedges for pretty much everything else 2. Definitely a boot fan here! 3. I am partial to mules, occasionally pumps (out of business necessity), rarely flats, and boots only seasonally 4. Slip on 5. I like all of the above 1. Wedges 2. All of the above, including but not limited to sandals of all types, flip flops (both casual and dress FF's), stilettos (ah those WERE the days), athletic shoes (I would say sneakers or tennis shoes but then you would know my roots), shoes with toe cleavage (low throats),and don't even get me started on the varying types of heels that are considered in the overall selection 3. Strappy sandals and sling back pumps 4. All of above! The question is what type of shoes do you dislike and the answer is "none" 5. Pumps-pointy toes, patent leather, high heels because they are sexy!!!! AND strappy high heeled sandals-all colors 6. Pumps, wedges, boots, flats, strappy sandals 7. I love high heel boots and booties in winter. I love high heel sandals and mules. I'm a child of the 70's and flat shoes are just ugly and should be worn when grocery shopping or an outside casual event when you're walking in grass 8. Wedges- with fat heel and nice in-step and boots 9. I'm more of a comfy trendy flats person but do love my heels for the late date nights 10. Flats 11. Flats, pumps, heels, sneakers, boots, flip flops, sandals ... anything except those ugly clogs. Do not own clogs 12. Love wedges! 13. At only 5'2" I am a pump girl. I love boots too but they must have a heel on them. Even my flip flops are stacked 14. Slip on 15. I love clogs (Dansko's especially), Uggs, rainbow sandals for the summer, and an assortment of flats 16. Sling back pumps are my favorite 17. I love pumps, but I own 25 pair of flip flops ... in all colors and design 18. Flats, wedges, boots, sandals, rainbows, dansko's 19. I like all of the above 20. Pumps and flats mostly but my rainbows are "queen" here at the beach in the summer. I also like designer flip flops in many colors

Question 6.

When do you decide your old shoes no longer meet your needs? I.e. When they are totally worn out, or can they still be worn?


1. If I haven't worn them in over 2 years or they are totally worn out 2. Totally worn out ( and even then I keep them for at least a year or two after that- they become your friends 3. Totally worn out 4. Sole falling off 5. I get rid of some of my common shoes when they are worn out. Others I get rid of due to the style 6. They can still be worn, but do not look smart enough for me 7. I've had very few shoes actually wear out, that's a man thing. Again, because instead of 3 pairs of shoes you wear every day of your life, we have options therefore decreasing the possibility of wearing them out 8. When I find a pair I like better in the same color 9. I donate my shoes to charity because they are in good shape when I get done with them 10. Both


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Table of Contents


The questionnaire....................1
The answers!!!....................6
How many shoes does she own?....................44
Knowing your shoes....................47
What type of shoes does she own?....................57
Do they talk to her?....................62
Womens feet dictate the type of gal she is....................64
Does she hide her shoe purchases or share them?....................67
How she decides what shoes to wear?....................70
How long does she keep her shoes?....................73
Where do they all go?....................76
The sin city survey?....................79
Trying to understand the psychology of women and shoes?....................86
My conclusions?....................89

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