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Women Living With Self-Injury

Women Living With Self-Injury

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by Jane Wegscheider Hyman

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Temple University Press
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Women Living With Self-Injury 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At first I felt this was a good book. I found it honest and detailed. I was glad to see someone trying to explain what self injury is really used for, and not the false idea's of it. After reading the whole book, though, I felt disappointed. The introduction suggested the book was a study of 15 typical working women, in attempt to show that most people who have these behaviors are quite functional, infact they can be people we would never guess would do this. I feel the book, however, failed to do its purpose. Although, the participants in the study were women of different ages and careers, they typically had the same background, suggesting in not so many words, that most people who self injure are borderline personalities with a history of sexual or physical abuse and typically have dissociative identity disorder to cope. Most of these women had histories of intermittent hospitalizations that interferred with work. Sure, this does happen with people who self injure, but I'm not sure that this represents the majority of functional working women who self injure. I am a social worker, I was not abused, I don't have multiple personalities, nor am I borderline, but I cut. There wasn't anyone in the study representing this population. I also found that although lots of reasons for self injury were listed, only a few were explained. I would have liked to see more explained on self injury as a response to anger and not knowing how else to deal with anger except to turn it on yourself. And also the fact that some people self injure just so they feel something different than the emotional pain for a while. Physical pain can be quite comforting in times like these. Not the whole book was disappointing. It was vivid and detailed which some people that don't understand, need to hear. I appreciated that. Overall I would recommend this book for therapists, and for women in the population the book was written from. Otherwise it wouldn't be very useful. I would not recommend this to a friend or family member of someone who self injures as a tool to understand it.