Wyvern's Prince

Wyvern's Prince

by Deborah Cooke


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ISBN-13: 9781927477960
Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke
Publication date: 08/27/2018
Series: Dragons of Incendium Series , #3
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Bestselling and award-winning author Deborah Cooke has published over seventy novels and novellas, including historical romances, fantasy romances, fantasy novels with romantic elements, paranormal romances, contemporary romances, urban fantasy romances, time travel romances and paranormal young adult novels. She writes as herself, Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix, and has written as Claire Cross. She is nationally bestselling, as well as a USA Today and New York Times' Bestselling Author. Her Claire Delacroix medieval romance, The Beauty, was her first book to land on the New York Times List of Bestselling Books.

Deborah was the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in 2009, the first time TPL hosted a residency focused on the romance genre, and she was honored to receive the Romance Writers of America PRO Mentor of the Year Award in 2012. She lives in Canada with her family.

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Wyvern's Prince 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
This one was ok. I liked the whole toad prince angle. It made it humorous and added an interesting twist. The plot and character development moved along well up to the point where he was set free from his curse, then things just seemed to move too fast. They didn't waste any time hooking up once he was human. She didn't stop to think that maybe she shouldn't be so quick to trust him. He became human, they hooked up, then they were telling the other they loved the other. His lack of believing in love didn't seem to cause to pause before he took the step into loving her. I think this one would have been so much better if it was longer. Their relationship needed to grow more once he was human. And some things just didn't add up. He slips and says a comment about his brother, calling Urbanus his twin brother while he is still a toad, but she doesn't seem to realize he made that major slip. How did she not catch that? Then in the cave, an extra set of clothes that fit him just so happen to be in the satchel that Celo gave Gemma? There were some holes in the storyline that just made it feel rushed and not congruous to a warrior princess trained to be a mercenary and a prince cursed by his own family into being a toad for years. It had potential; it just needed more. I did like the back and forth between Gemma and the toad Prince, there was some great dialogue there and the bad guy was well written. You definitely didn't like Urbanus after the wedding night trickery. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
NanatoAS More than 1 year ago
Gemma, the 2nd oldest dragon sister of Incendium, is betrothed to Urbanus, the man responsible for the assassination of her best friend and Sword-Sister, Arista. Plotting to take her revenge on him after the wedding, she is blindsided when he drugs, spells and imprisons her. Only with the help of an enchanted toad does she have any hope of surviving. The lively banter between the talking toad and Gemma makes this story a delight as together they battle Urbanus and his evil mother Arcana to break the enchantments they are under. As always, well written and with enough twist and turns to keep you guessing until the end. Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Robindpdx More than 1 year ago
This was a fun, well-written paranormal romance. Gemma agrees to travel to Regalia to marry Prince Urbanus. He has been foretold to be her HeartKeeper, but she also knows he ordered the assassination of her best friend. With no allies in Regalia, she has to rely on her own skills to survive. Then comes a mysterious stranger who offers to help her... What will he demand in exchange? This was a fast-paced, enjoyable story. It can be read as a standalone novella, though it is part of a series with related characters. Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
: 3.75 stars--WYVERN’S PRINCE is the third installment but second full-length story line in Deborah Cooke’s adult DRAGONS OF INCENDIUM paranormal/fantasy romance novella series focusing on the twelve royal princesses of Incendium. This is princess Gemma’s story- a re-imagining of the Frog Prince with his beautiful dragon mate. SOME BACKGROUND: For fans of Cooke’s previous series about dragons, THE DRAGONS OF INCENDIUM is NOT connected to, or a spinoff from, her best selling Dragonfire series. The current series focuses on female dragon shifters of Incendium searching for their ‘HeartKeeper’-their mate- and the ‘Carrier of the Seed’ but the princes of Regalia are not necessarily the male that calls to the princesses hearts. The world building reveals the political alliances and potential fall-out when two monarchies collide. Told from several third person points of view WYVERN’S PRINCE follows Princess Gemma as she is about to reluctantly marry Prince Urbanus of Regalia but our heroine has other plans once the wedding has been consummated. Knowing that Urbanus is not the princess’s Heartkeeper, Gemma believes that once she conceives she will carry out her plans to destroy the man who had previously arranged to assassinate her sister, and killed her best friend. But Gemma’s plans fail when her betrothed casts a spell that forces our heroine to depend upon someone else for help. What ensues is a cross- country journey as Gemma struggles to regain her powers with the help of an unusual source. We are introduced to Urbanus’s twin brother Venero, although for all intents and purposes he is believed to be missing or dead. It is Venero that will call to Princess Gemma’s heart and in doing so help heal them both along the way. WYVERN’S PRINCE is a fairytale-esque story line with dragons and magic, building love, an evil queen who is not above destroying her family to get what she wants, and a little bit of science fiction added for some interesting color. The premise is imaginative and enchanting; the characters are dynamic and colorful; the romance is passionate and fated. WYVERN’S PRINCE is a well written, energetic and engaging story that sees another Princess find her Heartkeeper and her mate.