by MJ Fields


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ISBN-13: 9781499797558
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/29/2014
Series: Men of Steel Series
Pages: 418
Sales rank: 962,988
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

MJ Fields had no clue what she was getting into when she began the journey of writing. She say's, "I still don't--but I like it!"
Her imagination became apparent at age three. Sigma was her very first (imaginary) boyfriend. He lived about fifteen miles from her family's farm. She took him chicken noodle soup every night on one of their snowmobiles.(Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). Apparently he was very ill and "Thank God" she was able to take care of him.
At eight her love for writing blossomed. Together with her cousins (of course she was the president) they wrote a newsletter and sold it to their family members.
Years later she decided to put it back into print to entertain her cousin as she was on an aircraft carrier on 9/11, very far away from home during a scary time for our country.
Fast forward to 2012. She read 50 Shades and thought, 'I wanna do that!' (meaning writing).
She has two complete series, The Love Series and Wrapped. There are also two new series Burning Souls and Men of Steel that are as of now not complete. Thirteen books in sixteen months. CrAzY and wonderful.
She loves love!
Her Mom raised her right. She says please and thank you and means it. She expects the same out of her child. 'It's the right thing to do.'
Her mother taught her to take care of herself and others. 'I don't like leaving the house without mascara even if I'm in an oversized hoody and warm up pants.'
Her Dad taught her how to work hard and never expect to be handed anything. She likes to work and doesn't mind getting dirty.
Both taught her to be respectful and the importance of doing the right thing regardless of what people around her do. They taught her about the importance of family and that it didn't always just include blood relatives. They also tried to teach her how to keep my thoughts to myself...she is still working on that.
MJ tends to enjoy watching people grow and change with self realization and moments of clarity that just sneak up behind you and smack you in the head.
She loves people and has always been able to see both sides of a story. 'Each person that comes into our life leaves us with something it is what we choose to do with it that helps us grow.'
She lives in central New York in the middle of nowhere and is surrounded by family and friend most the time. She ran a small business out of her home and has recently closed her door to pursue this dream full time. She spends time writing and doi

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Xavier 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MJ FIelds never ceases to amaze me. Her writing is like know other. You want original look know farther because I can't guarantee there's not another erotic romance writer out there that can top MJ Fields! "I wouldn't be promising her forever but when she was ready I would be promising her forever but when she was ready I would be promising her that while we were doing all the filthy, nasty, hot as f*** things running around in my head, I wouldn't be doing them with anyone else." "Did you know your about to F*** a prince Irish?" "I think you can up your ranks there. I think you must be the king of oral." He dropped hes towel and I gasped. "Prince Irish. You wanna bow to the Prince Babe?" "She was like Viagra. I didn't want to stop. F*** the doctor's warning I would still be banging her in four hours if I was still hard." If you haven't read any of MJ Fields books you're in for one heck of a ride. If you love erotic romance this is a must read!! (less)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SoutherenGirl More than 1 year ago
The funniest of the Steel Brothers omg love X he is the baby. I know how it is to live up to being the baby to make it on your own without help. He needs to prove he dosnt need the Steel money or name to make it. While in Italy trying to stay out of the lime light now that the news of the steel brothers and there money that they kept quit. Xaviar is having a hard time and I mean HARD time without a hook up. Its got so bad with seeing Zandors woman tied up , Jases begging to get laid and Cyrus screaming to him messing around with his little nieces barbie doll that he snaps and heads back home to Jersey to start his music business. His mom sets him up with his own personal assistant Taelyn Patrick aka Irish. Who at first he cant stand and wants nothing to do with. Soon he starts to like her feisty side she stands up to him. Then Taelyns boyfriend ends up snapping on Xaviar and X goes to Taelyn to see if she ok to find her brusied and beaten by her boyfriend. Xaviar stops at nothing to keep her safe and finds more bad stuff about Taelyn ex. and one of his exs have been messing around. Then the brothers all decide to come home and deal with the News and get on with there lives and the tattoo shop. To find another tattoo shop has opened up down from them. Cyrus decides to marry. All brothers end up with babies on the way. What more could you ask for.
Jennifers_Book_Obsession More than 1 year ago
Oh Xavier! Thank you, MJ Fields!! You have done an outstanding job creating these sexy, alpha, cocky ass men. Xavier is certainly no exception and has all the traits as do all the Steel brothers. His sexual sexcapades will drive you absolutely insane.   I love how Xavier wants to make a name for himself and establish his own business outside of the family business. He is determined to invest his time into creating something that he is truly passionate about.   Taelyn is the perfect assistant to help him with this task. She is smart, independent and she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. She’s engaged and works her a** off to send money to her fiancé, Daniel, to pay for their apartment that he is currently living in while they are living apart for him to attend medical school.   The chemistry between Xavier and Taelyn is off the charts. They’re both faced with ups and downs and having to deal with their emotions. Xavier was not looking to fall in love. But of course, when a Steel man falls, they fall hard! Taelyn is faced with lies and betrayal. My heart broke for her. I felt the emotions she went through.   Love these stories. Love these men. Love these characters. MJ Fields is a master at keeping your attention and bringing sexy, hot, vulgar and dominate men to consume you from beginning to end. If you like salivating at the mouth and damp panties while reading, this series is sure as hell the perfect one for the job!
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
THis is book 4 in the Men of Steel series !!  Xavier-- IS HOT!!! MJ Fields didn't do it again! She knocked the damn thing out of the park!!!! Xavier is now my new favorite man!!! He is such an Alpha male!!! But still caring and loving and so worth all the trouble! This is the man who said that he will never fall for a woman, never get married. Taelyn is a woman that can handle his attitude and his manly ways. Someone who can keep up with him and give him just as much as he dishes out! And man can he dish it out!! The banter between these two are just WOW ! They cracked me up!!!  I wondered if this beautiful man would ever find a woman that could put up with his ways!!!  He found it in Taelyn!  The baby of the family might just be the hottest !! Hang on because you are in for one hell of a ride!! These sex scenes made me blush !!! They are hot!!!  This book had me laughing and then all of a sudden hot as hell!! I hope this is not the end of the series:(    that would be more than just disappointing .. Thank you once again MJ for a wonderful book!! One that will stay on my mind for a very long time!!!  
MeganRC More than 1 year ago
Man! This book (well truthfully whole series) was fan-freakin-tastic! I loved every word, every insult, every feisty banter, every steamy hot scene. I had several instances where I actually scooted to the edge of my chair while I was reading a particularly intense part. I couldn’t put my tablet down until I finished the whole book. The characters (especially those Steel men) were downright wonderful and the story line had me from the first word. Xander and Taelyn are on fire! They are intense and passionate. They both put each other through A LOT of tests of will, patience, and understanding. Xander has always been a player and doesn’t try to hide the fact. Taelyn has only had one boyfriend. They come from similar families and the more they get know each other, its obvious they’re more alike than you’d initially think. I was drawn to these two and easily got sucked into their world. All of the characters are well written and all have their own individual personalities that really round out the story. The story line flowed really well and all the scenes transitioned smoothly. I highly recommend the whole Men of Steel series because every one of these books will have you passionate about the characters and swooning over those hot tattooed Steel men. This was a wonderful story and a 5 out of 5 stars!
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
My Review 5.0 Star Review – Xavier (Men Of Steel #4) I recommend this book. I enjoyed this book by M.J. Fields. This book includes passion, laughs, super HOT Sexy scenes and brothers who know how to get under each others skin! Xavier wants to go back home alone and get on with his life. All his brothers are in love and he needs a break. His mother hires Taelyn Patrick off of a old picture her boyfriend put on the internet. Xavier is attracted but since she has a boyfriend off limits. Taelyn thinks Xavier is a man whore. But she can handle him right? When the unthinkable happens and Taelyn is no longer with her boyfriend Xavier steps in to help her out. What ever she needs he can help her take care of. Will Xavier and Taelyn be able to have a relationship or will all the other players around them cause some much problems that it kills the relationship before it can really form? As always MJ writes super freaking hot sex scenes. She knows just how to bring it!! Can't wait to see if Abe (Carly's Cousin) get a story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book. The whole series is really good.