Yes Please

Yes Please

by Amy Poehler


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In a perfect world . . .

We'd get to hang out with Amy Poehler, watching dumb movies, listening to music, and swapping tales about our coworkers and difficult childhoods. Because in a perfect world, we'd all be friends with Amy—someone who seems so fun, is full of interesting stories, tells great jokes, and offers plenty of advice and wisdom (the useful kind, not the annoying kind you didn't ask for, anyway). Unfortunately, between her Golden Globe-winning role on Parks and Recreation, work as a producer and director, place as one of the most beloved SNL alumni and cofounder of the Upright Citizens' Brigade, involvement with the website Smart Girls at the Party, frequent turns as acting double for Meryl Streep, and her other gig as the mom of two young sons, she's not available for movie night.

Luckily we have the next best thing: Yes Please, Amy's hilarious and candid book. A collection of stories, thoughts, ideas, lists, and haikus from the mind of one of our most beloved entertainers, Yes Please offers Amy's thoughts on everything from her "too safe" childhood outside of Boston to her early days in New York City, her ideas about Hollywood and "the biz," the demon that looks back at all of us in the mirror, and her joy at being told she has a "face for wigs." Yes Please is chock-full of words and wisdom to live by.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062268341
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/28/2014
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 310,057
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Amy Poehler is a writer, actress, producer, and director. She lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her two boys. She hopes this book will get her invited onto her hero Judge Judy's yacht, Triumphant Lady.

Table of Contents

Writing is Hard: A Preface ix

Instructions for How to Use This Book xvii

Part 1 Say Whatever You Want

How I Fell in Love with Improv: Boston 3

Plain Girl vs. the Demon 15

Laughing to Crying to Laughing 29

The Day I Was Born 57

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry 65

My Books on Divorce 87

Talk to Yourself Like You're Ninety 97

Part 2 Do

How I Fell in Love with Improv: Chicago 107

The Russians Are Coming 121

Humping Justin Timberlake 135

Every Mother Needs a Wife 149

My World-Famous Sex Advice 153

Gimme That Pudding 157

Bad Sleeper 171

Part 3 Be Whoever You Are

How I Fell in Love with Improv: New York 185

Parents Just Do Understand 201

Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitresses 207

Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend 217

Partner in Crime 229

I'm So Proud of You 233

Let's Build a Park 245

Things They Don't Tell You About the Biz 271

Time Travel 279

Obligatory Drug Stories, or Lessons I Learned on Mushrooms 287

My Boys 299

The Robots Will Kill Us All: A Conclusion 313

Acknowledgments 331

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