You and Me Kid: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope, and Love

You and Me Kid: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope, and Love

by Nancy Washburn


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Advice from an Experienced Parent Educator and Child Development Professor

  • Tips to save parents and teens a lot of pain.
  • Tools to feel competent as a parent of a teenager.
  • Engaging stories with simple lessons for parenting your teen.
  • Simple messages that all teens need to hear to grow up emotionally healthy.
  • Knowledge of what all teens are experiencing developmentally.
  • Advice on how to navigate important and difficult conversations with your teens.
  • Information that the average educated person does not know about teenagers.
  • Examples of how to shift from conflict with your teen into responsiveness and enduring connection.
  • Ways to foster your teen’s success in life and build a asting parent-child bond.
  • When teens hear these messages, they always say, “I wish my parents knew this.”

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ISBN-13: 9781944297404
Publisher: Robert Reed Publishers
Publication date: 05/17/2019
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Nancy Washburn, M.A., is a Professor and Vice-Chair of Child and Family Studies at LA City College.

             For the past twenty years, Ms. Washburn has taught Child Development classes to thousands of young adults across the greater Los Angeles area. Her goal as a professor has been to inspire new teachers and parents to go forward, and use their knowledge to help children and families to be the best together, and for society. Prior to teaching college Ms. Washburn was a Parent Educator for 16 years with families of children from birth through adolescence.  Ms. Washburn has taught a variety of workshops on Parenting, Conflict Resolution, and Guidance.  One of her favorite jobs has been raising three children of her own into productive human beings.

            Throughout her career she has been spurred on by her own confusion and lack of confidence as an adolescent and the desire to help young people and their parents have a smoother ride. In writing this book she enlightens parents and gives them the knowledge and messages they need to have a positive relationship with their children and help them to be secure within themselves and in the world.

Table of Contents




I. The Three Messages. 2

The Road Ahead – Agenda. 3

Every Teenager Needs... Three Messages. 6

If, then... 8

II. What Is Happening To Me? Typical Teen Development 12

In the Beginning, There Was Puberty. 13

Why Am I Here? How Adolescents Think! 18

Possibilities – Formal Operational Thought 20

Do Good, Feel Good. 23

Good Kids”. 26

Help, I Need Somebody! 29

I Wanna Be Me – The Dress. 32

A Whole New Me. 35

Respecting Your Teens Search for Identity. 37

Talk to Me – Social Emotional Development 41

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Normal?. 46

III. Message #1 – I Like You. 49

I Like You. 50

Emotional Immunization. 53

I'm Crazy about You – True Presence. 54

Responsiveness. 57

Move Toward. 61

Affection – A Cherishing Factor. 65

Pursue without Spoiling – Wants and Needs and the Wisdom to Know the Difference 68

IV. Message #2 – I Accept You. 71

Ambivalent Identities (I Accept You) 72

Decision Making. 75

Honesty – They Can Take It! 80

Tell It Like It Is – Your Choices Have Meaning. 85

Enabling Trust – Faith. 89

Choices. 95

What Were You Thinking?. 98

Don’t Say, “Hell, No!”. 103

Balance. 105

My First Car. 107

World of Yes. 110

World of Yes, Part 2. 113

Surprise! 119

V. Message #3 – I Won’t Give Up on You. 121

The Art of the Question. 132

Why? Doesn’t Get You There. 136

Hold On, or Let Go – I Won't Give Up on You. 139

School – I Won’t Give Up on You. 142

Running Away or To? I Won't Give Up on You. 148

Control – Finding Yourself on the Wrong Road. 151

VI. Lessons Learned. 154

The Worst Parenting Story I've Ever Heard. 155

Electronics – Your Questions Count 160


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You and Me Kid: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope, and Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
tinman97030 24 days ago
I enjoyed this book a great deal. Reading it reminded of my own floundering around as a teenager, trying to fit in and measure up. What a crazy time! This is one thing I certainly love about this book. Nancy really respects and understands the turbulence of the time in a young person’s life. For a lot of people that time stretches well past the teen years. Nancy’s clear and honest writing is very encouraging. Every teen needs to hear that they are exactly where they need to be, they are on schedule, in the process of maturing into an adult. A lot in this book can apply to any person struggling with issues from their childhood, no matter their age. I give “You and Me Kid” a score of 4.9 stars! The score would have been higher except for a few spelling errors.