You Can Have Manhattan

You Can Have Manhattan

by P. Dangelico

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You are cordially invited to the worst wedding of the century.

Sydney Evans is no stranger to hard work. It's the one constant in her life. And with no family or friends to speak of it's been easy to pour everything she has into her career as general counsel for Blackstone Holdings.

She wants for nothing. Until her boss offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All she has to do in return is marry his good-for-nothing son.

Scott Blackstone used be a party whore. Pardon, party animal. He hasn't been that guy in a long time though. Not since he moved to Wyoming, bought a failing cattle ranch, and turned it into a profitable business.

All is good. Until a phone call from his father threatens the quiet, simple life he's built. Marry or lose everything. And to a woman who can't stand him, no less. Well, Scott is not going down without a fight. He's never going back to Manhattan. Not if he can help it.

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BN ID: 2940161358375
Publisher: P. Dangelico
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Paola Dangelico loves romance in all forms, pulp fiction, the NY Jets, and to while away the day at the barn (apparently she does her best thinking shoveling horse poop). She was born in Milan Italy, grew up in New Jersey watching her father paint the covers of bestselling romance authors like Danielle Steel and Amanda Quick, and after a long stint on the left coast returned to the right coast to write about finding love in a modern world. Presently, she resides in New Jersey with her fur family.

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You Can Have Manhattan 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
12020351 2 days ago
I adored this book! I stayed up way too late reading it because I just could not put it down! So many secrets, so many misconceptions and a meddling father that pulls the strings. Great writing that drew me in and made have all the feels. Hot cowboy, sassy and strong heroine. This book weaves a tale of how the worst beginnings and first impressions aren't always the truth.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Amazing!!! Could not put the book down!!!
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 6 days ago
If you love enemies-to-lover, if you love wealthy-good-time-having-now-changed-former-bad-boy, if you love the girl-that-goes-after-what-she-wants, if you love slow building romance then yes. By all means pick up this copy of P.Dangelico's new romance. These two have meet before. These two did not hit it off upon meeting for the first time. They are not exactly enemies, but friends would be a very far stretch of the words. Sydney and Scott have both been through much in their lives and have come out of the other side with a different view of life than when they went in. Now, this time around they both have something to gain and lose. Watching them work toward something more was beautiful.
Anonymous 7 days ago
A great afternoon read.
Anonymous 7 days ago
Sydney Evans endured terrible abuse from her grandparents, who raised her, and overcame it to become General Counsel for multi-billion-dollar real estate company. When the CEO, her mentor and father figure, asks her to marry his son, she does, even though she hates him. Their lives will never be the same! This is a great book - hard to put down! I will be looking for other books by this author! I received an advance reader copy through Netgalley for my reading enjoyment.
Antonela_D 8 days ago
You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico is a MUST READ for all the romance readers. One of the best romance novels I have read this year. "Life-changing moments rarely announce themselves. They’d rather sneak up and sucker punch you in the face by way of greeting. That’s how it happened for me. It started as a day like any other. Until it wasn’t. Until it turned into both the best and the worst day of my life." It got me hooked from the first sentence. Add the fact that this is a marriage of convenience story between two people who don't really like each other, and you get an addicting unputdownable book. Sydney Evans is a hardworking lawyer in a big New York based company. She has no private life besides her work even her best friend is her assistant. Her boss offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a CEO. All she has to do is marry his son and stay married for three years. Scott Blackstone used to be the life of every party. Not since he moved to Wyoming eight years ago, bought a cattle ranch, and turned it into a profitable business. When his father blackmails him into marriage with Sydney he is angry and ready to make a city girl quit the deal, and get back to Manhattan.  While Sydney is trying to accommodate to her new life and be cordial with Scott, he is not going down without the fight and schemes. What happens next is a series of events that make me laugh and swoon. As the two get to know each other and fall in love, I did it too. There is nothing that I disliked about this book. There were a couple of times when Scott calls her babydoll but it was more of a joke than a serious nickname so I can get over it. ( is not a nickname I like so it is a purely subjective thing) “If I was a dude, I’d knock your teeth out!” “If you were a dude, I’d be gay.” “If you were gay, I might actually like you!” “If I was gay, I wouldn’t be tempted to do this––” Dropping the towel, he took hold of my face, cradling it gently but firmly in his hands, and kissed me. Kissed me like he was into me. Kissed me like I was his to kiss." This is a perfect read for you if you love; -slow burn -marriage of convenience -enemies to lovers -representation & character diversity -realistic premise -relatable heroine -banter -depth -cute animals in the story -grovel -happy end "We’re not built to be alone. We need to connect. We’re designed to seek common ground, to hold each other up, to nurture one another. And he did that for me instinctually.” I am in love with P. Dangelico's writing and this is her best work so far. I love that she writes about characters that overcome their past troubles. I love how Sydney wasn't bitter despite what she been trough. I wouldn't mind reading books by some of the side characters wink Damon wink. This book put a smile on my face. I highly recommend it. Thank you, NetGalley, publisher, and the author for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
Anonymous 9 days ago
This Author rocks! Love all of her books! Can't wait for the next book
Lisa-Lou 10 days ago
You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico is a standalone contemporary romance that is enemies to lovers / fake marriage / second chances tropes all rolled into one excellent and awesome emotional story! This story of Sydney Evans & Scott Blackstone is phenomenal. I couldn't put it down and it elicited ALL the feels. From each of their misinformed opinions of each other, the distant relationship Scott has with his father, the underhanded behavior, the reactions and the emotions and the attraction was palpable in every page. I absolutely loved this and HIGHLY recommend it! Enjoy!
Anonymous 12 days ago
Sydney Evans has risen above her abusive childhood to become Frank Blackstone's right hand and Head of Legal at Blackstone Holdings. Then Frank drops a bombshell, he's dying and wants Sydney to succeed him but the Board might not endorse his decision so he wants Sydney to marry his son Scott, they can divorce after three years. Although Sydney would love to be CEO of Blackstone Holdings she wants to make Frank happy more than anything else, after all he is the closest thing she has ever had to a father-figure and he gave her a chance when no-one else would. Ten years ago when Sydney met Scott he was a drunken party-boy manwh*re, he called every woman babydoll and acted like it was the 1950s. What Sydney doesn't realise is that Scott had a come-to-Jesus moment a few years back and now is a respectable businessman with his own environmentally neutral ranch in Wyoming. He has steadfastly refused to return to Manhattan and the family business, avoiding his father until he is blackmailed into marriage with the Ice Queen. I love me a marriage of convenience, especially an opposites-attract romance and this definitely delivered. Scott is determined that Sydney will back out of their sham marriage so he does everything in his power to make her life miserable. Little does he know that she is made of sterner stuff! I love P Dangelico's novels and I requested an ARC of this novel from NetGalley, didn't get one :(, but there was something about this novel that wasn't the full P Dangelico experience. Maybe it was because I struggled to reconcile Sydney's version of Frank Blackstone with the way he behaved. He was her mentor and supported her meteoric rise and yet he also seemed to hire a whole load of misogynist a-holes who tried to undermine her at every turn. Also he blackmails his son and his pseudo-daughter and puts them both in an untenable situation for his own purposes. Similarly, I found Scott's motivations to be confusing. He has grown and evolved from the petulant party boy but then behaves like a teenager to Sydney (getting drunk at their Vegas wedding, disabling the hot water etc)(view spoiler). Overall, I didn't love Scott as much as I should have. Nevertheless, if you want funny, sexy, charming, intelligent romance P Dangelico still delivers in spades - her mediocre is better than most people's best.
Anonymous 13 days ago
I received a copy of this story from NetGalley for a honest review 4 1/2 stars You Can Have Manhattan is P. Dangelico's new book about a woman marrying her boss's “loser' son because her boss, who is also her mentor, means so much to her. So Sydney was fabulous, I really liked her, I liked how she had been through so much, but still could find the joy in life. Scott on the other hand, I wasn't sure I was going to like at first but he actually grew on me very quickly. These two put me through the wringer of emotions from joy and happiness to sadness and anger before I came back to joy and happiness. I also loved the fact there was no cheating and we got both Sydney's and Scott's POV. This was a total feel good story that had me entertained from the very first page.
ljtljtljt 13 days ago
Are you a fan of the marriage of convenience trope? If so, then pick up a copy of You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico. This gem is wonderfully written and the characters are well defined. I formed an immediate connection to corporate attorney Sydney Evans, and Scott Blackstone, a Wyoming ranch owner that used to be a worldly playboy. Their feelings for each are tangible and their time together is scorching hot. Sydney and Scott's love story is replete with longing, angst, and a bit of drama. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it highly. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
LilleyLoohLah 13 days ago
Enemies to lovers cowboy romance, and one of my favourite reads by P Dangelico (and that says something, because looking back, all the books I’ve read by her have been 5 star reads for me). I absolutely loved reading Sydney and Scott’s story. Blackmailed into marriage (in the nicest possible way), Sydney and Scott agree to stay married for 3 years. It’s a win win for both parties. No matter that they hate each other, after all it has been 10 years since they last saw each other, and do you know what? They’ve both changed, and yes, you’ve guessed it, they discover they’re very much attracted to each other. This marriage thing is working out great, and the chemistry is off the charts. There’s just the little problem of that secret, the one you pray doesn’t get blown out of all proportion. Fantastic characters, all of them, including the dogs, lots of emotions, happy and sad. I did shed a few tears, and even when I was disliking Scott and his decisions at times, I was still loving him. A wonderful story beautifully written in dual POV. I was addicted from the very first page. I receive an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
mamalovestoread22 13 days ago
Sydney Evans life revolves around her career, with little else in her life to focus on work always manages to steal her full attention. Not to mention she is good at what she does, and has worked really hard to get where she is, and it is about to pay off big time! When her boss calls her into his office he dangles the opportunity of a lifetime in front of her... but it comes with a very unexpected catch. In order to get her hands on her big dream, and make it come true, she must agree to marry his very difficult, but very handsome son Scott. Which leaves her contemplating just how much she wants that dream... is it worth the headache that a marriage to Scott is sure to bring? Nothing says entertaining like a marriage of convenience between sworn enemies... these two brought drama, heat, angst, and humor to the pages with their little union. Sydney was a career driven woman who didn't have the time or the patience for love, or the nonsense her new hubby- to-be was known for... but little by little he found a way to sneak past all her defenses and into her heart. Not without a few battles though, these two were fighting more than just sparks at every turn, the push and pull between them was unreal! Scott had no interest in returning to the city and family business he despised, but with his father's ultimatum it left him no choice. If he wanted to keep his dream afloat he needed to get down on bended knee, and ask his nemesis to be his wife. I loved this newest offering from Ms. Dangelico, her expertly penned words had me mesmerized from start to finish! Highly recommend this one it'll give your heart a nice little squeeze. I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
CeeCeeHouston 13 days ago
Another great book from Ms. Dangelico. P. Dangelico really brought her 'A' game to this one. You Can have Manhattan is a kind of an ‘enemies to lovers/ 2nd chance romance’. Scott Blackstone met Sydney over ten years ago when he was all about partying the night away and being the ultimate playboy. Sydney wasn’t impressed by him in the least. Their one amazing (if she’s being honest) kiss left its mark, and then she left hers. On his manly parts lol. It ended badly and neither had a good word to say about the other afterward. Fast forward a decade and the pair and roped into getting married by Scott’s father, whom Sydney works for. Neither are willing at first. Sydney tries her best to be a proper wife, but Scott is just an a** of a man. I wanted to like this guy, heck, I wanted to love him but at the start, it was really hard not to hate him. I knew from the teasers he was going to be a standup guy eventually, and he does have some redeeming qualities that he puts forth with his life now, just none that were directed Sydney’s way. I felt truly sorry for her, especially as she was giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’m happy to admit to being wrong though. Scott did come through in the end. The brooding, hunky cowboy left his mark on Sydney. Their chemistry was scorching hot and even though they fought like cats and dogs, their banter was sexy enough to steam up my glasses. I loved this story by the end and feel like starting over again.
Michele-G 13 days ago
You Can Have Manhattan hooked me from the very beginning. Right off the bat, I knew Sydney was in trouble when her boss, Frank offers her the job of her dreams with the stipulation that she marry his playboy son, Scott. This book truly has it all. It has enemies to lovers, arranged marriage/fake marriage, damaged heroine looking for acceptance, damaged hero running from responsibilities, slow-burn romance, reformed womanizer, and more. Ms. Dangelico wrote these characters in a way that made them relatable and easy to care about. Hence, I was so invested in the two of them getting it all "figured out." that when their relationship was falling apart, I was absolutely heartbroken for them. Sydney and Scott are both strong-willed individuals who each have an incredible work ethic if they are passionate about the work. It just so happens that Sydney is committed to Blackstone Holdings whereas Scott is committed to his ranch. For each of these reasons, Scott's father is able to manipulate them in to marrying. Sydney looks at it as a necessary evil. However, Scott views it similar to extortion and approaches it with a resentful attitude. As time progresses, the walls come down and feelings are realized. Scott discovers that Sydney isn't the "ice maiden" that he thought. Likewise, Sydney finds out that Scott is actually hard-working where his ranch is concerned and has outgrown his lazy playboy behavior of the past. Can they find enough common ground to make a real attempt at their marriage? I found this to be an incredibly unique take on some tropes that have been seen quite a bit in romance novels. Something similar may have been done in other books, but it definitely felt fresh and different in You Can Have Manhattan. I highly recommend this little gem. It left me with warm and fuzzy feelings. In addition, you are able to see two individuals who learn how much another person can change and that you can't always judge people based on past experiences. Thank you to NetGalley and P. Dangelico for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
CathyGeha 13 days ago
You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico Frank Blackstone is a master manipulator and what he wants is to have his Scott, his son, and his general counsel, Sydney Evans, marry one another. His motives are suspect and since Scott and Sydney do not like one another to get them to actually tie the knot takes knowing just which buttons to push. A marriage of convenience that is not very convenient for bride or groom with quite a few issues to overcome is the basis of this story. I have to say I found Sydney remarkable and strong and a woman to be admired. She was honest, gave of herself and never asked for much in return. She thrived in spite of her horrific childhood and truly impressed me. Scott, on the other hand, seemed rather immature for a man of 38. He had always been a bit spoiled and did what he wanted but seemed to be a bit better the past eight years...then again...when things didn’t go his way he really didn’t like it. Scott was almost as manipulative as his father and knew just how to strike where it would hurt the most. There eventually was a HEA but only after the couple went through a LOT to get there. They did belong together but there were times I wanted to boot Scott to the curb...while other times I really liked him. In addition to the marriage of convenience, the ups and downs and all the rest there were a few characters in the story I would love to see books written about. Ryan and Drake were two that come to mind. Did I enjoy this story? I did Would I like to read more by this author? Definitely Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the ARC – This is my honest review 5 Stars