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You Kill Me

You Kill Me

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by Alison Gaylin

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Usually, Samantha Leiffer wouldn’t be caught dead using one of her mother’s cheesy catchphrases, like sympathy vulture, to describe anything—especially not her ex-boyfriend.  But since her self-help guru mom got her own radio show, her pearls of wisdom—broadcast everywhere—seem stuck in her head.
Is she


Usually, Samantha Leiffer wouldn’t be caught dead using one of her mother’s cheesy catchphrases, like sympathy vulture, to describe anything—especially not her ex-boyfriend.  But since her self-help guru mom got her own radio show, her pearls of wisdom—broadcast everywhere—seem stuck in her head.
Is she “magically thinking”—or in real danger?
Mom claims Sam sees danger where it doesn’t exist.  But Sam isn’t so sure.  Is her live-in boyfriend, detective John Krull, just quiet and remote, or deeply troubled?  Is her ex trying to be friends, or stalking her?  When a nerdy stranger gives Sam a note warning her of danger unless she calls him, she thinks he’s just hitting on her—until one by one, people vaguely connected to her start getting killed.
And is someone trying to date her—or kill her?
Suddenly Sam knows she’s not imagining the murderer, who preys on the weak, who waits patiently for death.  With nowhere to run, Sam alone must confront an elusive madman who’s all too real—and closer than she thinks…
Praise for Hide Your Eyes
“Sharp debut suspense…consistently entertaining…”—Publishers Weekly
“Punchy, comic, and clever, Hide Your Eyes will blow your mind.” —Lisa Gardner
“Full of suspense and trendy sex.”—Chicago Tribune

Editorial Reviews

The Barnes & Noble Review
When part-time preschool teacher Samantha Leiffer realizes that a stranger is stalking her and leaving her ominous notes ("YOU ARE IN DANGER"), she must figure out if he is trying to save her -- or kill her!

With post-9/11 New York City as a somber backdrop, Samantha and her live-in detective boyfriend, John Krull, are struggling to make their relationship work. John seems preoccupied, detached, and unwilling to talk about what's troubling him. The already stressed relationship is strained even further when a stranger approaches Samantha in a coffee shop and hands her a cryptic message. Further messages -- strategically placed in her purse or given to co-workers -- inform her that someone very dangerous is watching her every move. To complicate matters, Samantha's ex-boyfriend and first love, Nate Gundersen, a sex-addicted soap star, suddenly reappears in her life. But when the body of a woman who lived in Samantha's old apartment is found mutilated in the Washington Square Park fountain and then Gundersen turns up dead, Samantha realizes that the killer must be someone very close to her. All signs point to her suddenly aloof boyfriend, who has been disappearing for hours at a time. But why would he want to kill Samantha?

While You Kill Me -- the sequel to Gaylin's debut novel, Hide Your Eyes -- has all the trappings of a lighthearted amateur-sleuth mystery, Gaylin's self-assured and edgy narrative voice puts it on par with much deeper contemporary psychological thrillers. A surprisingly compelling read with an equally surprising conclusion, Gaylin's sophomore effort is highly recommended. Paul Goat Allen
Publishers Weekly
Post-9/11 Manhattan is the ominous setting for Gaylin's deliciously chilling second thriller (after Hide Your Eyes), in which preschool teacher Samantha Leiffer is still recovering from her brush with a murderer a year earlier. Her live-in cop boyfriend, John Krull, has suddenly gone emotionally (and sometimes physically) AWOL, so after a mysterious visitor leaves Samantha a series of warning notes about her safety, she's forced to grapple alone with what they could mean, if anything at all. As if on cue, people around Samantha start to die, beginning with the woman who lived in Samantha's old apartment, gorily murdered. If the signs point where Samantha thinks they're pointing, maybe she'd rather be in the dark. Though the novel has some trappings of generic chick lit-a loudmouth mother, a gay best friend and kooky secondary characters-Gaylin casts them all in a fresh light. Sparing use of clever inner monologue paints Samantha as the hero we all hope we'd be. (Dec.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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You Kill Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Samantha Leiffer works as a pre-school teacher and the theater Space selling tickets and answering the phoned. After killing a murderer and moving in with Detective John Krull who saved her life, she thought nothing bad would even happen to her again.. Time proves her wrong. Her nightmare begins when a stranger gives her a note in a public place saying ¿You are in Danger¿. A bit scared she turns to John for comfort but he seems to have withdrawn from her emotionally and disappears for long stretches of time without telling her where he is.............. The woman who took over the apartment where Samantha was almost killed was murdered and her body left in the park neatly wrapped. The stranger sends her more notes telling her to watch out because someone is watching her. Her ex-boyfriend corners her in his twelve step- sexual addiction program to tell her he¿s sorry. She finds out that he slept with the woman who was in her old apartment. Later his body is found in the closet of her classroom. The note sender is also murdered and while trying to figure out who is after her, she goes to the wrong person for help. Only a miracle will save her life that is if John and the rest of the cavalry arrive in time................. YOU KILL ME is much darker in tone than Alison Gaylin¿s debut novel HIDE YOUR EYES. The author is a talented writer who builds up the suspense and since this tale, told in the first person from Samantha¿s perspective allows readers to feel her gradually growing feelings of tension and terror. The characters and the plot comes across as very realistic so that readers will finish the book in one sitting just to find out who the killer is............. Harriet Klausner