Yuletide Baby Surprise

Yuletide Baby Surprise

by Catherine Mann

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In this Billionaires&Babies novel, USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann gives new meaning to the words "Merry Christmas, Baby" 

'Tis the season to be jolly? It isn't for Dr. Rowan Boothe when a princess on the run from the photo-hungry press invades his hotel room. He and Mariama Mandara had their professional clashes in the past, and Rowan has no desire to become involved in her latest predicament—until they discover an abandoned baby. Now he needs Mari's help and soon discovers she's no pampered royal but a desirable woman. Yet how long can their Christmas escape really last?

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ISBN-13: 9781460319871
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Series: Billionaires and Babies
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 399,923
File size: 495 KB

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann has books in print in more than 20 countries with Harlequin Desire, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, HQN and other imprints. A six-time RITA finalist, she has won both a RITA and Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award. Mother of four, Catherine lives in South Carolina where she enjoys kayaking, hiking with her dog and volunteering in animal rescue. FMI, visit: catherinemann.com.

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Dr. Mariama Mandara had always been the last picked for a team in gym class. With good reason. Athletics? Not her thing. But when it came to spelling bees, debate squads and math competitions, she'd racked up requests by the dozens.

Too bad her academic skills couldn't help her sprint faster down the posh hotel corridor.

More than ever, she needed speed to escape the royal watchers tracking her at the Cape Verde beachside resort off the coast of West Africa, which was like a North Atlantic Hawaii, a horseshoe grouping of ten islands. They were staying on the largest island, Santiago.

No matter where she hid, determined legions were all too eager for a photo with a princess. Why couldn't they accept she was here for a business conference, not socializing?

Panting, Mari braced a hand against the wall as she stumbled past a potted areca silk palm strung with twinkling Christmas lights. Evading relentless pursuers wasn't as easy as it appeared in the movies, especially if you weren't inclined to blow things up or leap from windows. The nearest stairwell door was blocked by two tourists poring over some sightseeing pamphlet. A cleaning cart blocked another escape route. She could only keep moving forward.

Regaining her balance, she power-walked, since running would draw even more attention or send her tripping over her own feet. Her low-heeled pumps thud-thud-thudded along the plush carpet in time with a poly-rhythmic version of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" wafting from the sound system. She just wanted to finish this medical conference and return to her research lab, where she could ride out the holiday madness in peace, crunching data rather than candy canes.

For most people, Christmas meant love, joy and family. But for her, the "season to be jolly" brought epic family battles even twenty years after her parents' divorce. If her mom and dad had lived next door to each other—or even on the same continent—the holidays would not have been so painful. But they'd played transcontinental tug-of-war over their only child for decades. Growing up, she'd spent more time in the Atlanta airport and on planes with her nanny than actually celebrating by a fireside with cocoa. She'd even spent one Christmas in a hotel, her connecting flight canceled for snow.

The occasional cart in the hall now reminded her of that year's room-service Christmas meal. Call her crazy, but once she had gained more control over her world, she preferred a simpler Christmas.

Although simple wasn't always possible for someone born into royalty. Her mother had crumbled under the pressure of the constant spotlight, divorced her Prince Charming in Western Africa and returned to her Atlanta, Georgia, home. Mari, however, couldn't divorce herself from her heritage.

If only her father and his subjects understood she could best serve their small region through her research at the university lab using her clinical brain, rather than smiling endlessly through the status quo of ribbon-cutting ceremonies. She craved her comfy, shapeless clothes, instead of worrying about keeping herself neat as a pin for photo ops.

Finally, she spotted an unguarded stairwell. Peering inside, she found it empty but for the echo of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" segueing into "Away in a Manger." She just needed to make it from the ground level to her fifth-floor room, where she could hole up for the night before facing the rest of the week's symposiums. Exhausted from a fourteen-hour day of presentations about her research on antiviral medications, she was a rumpled mess and just didn't have it in her to smile pretty for the camera or field questions that would be captured on video phone. Especially since anything she said could gain a life of its own on the internet in seconds these days.

She grasped the rail and all but hauled herself up step after step. Urgency pumped her pulse in her ears. Gasping, she paused for a second at the third floor to catch her breath before trudging up the last flights. Shoving through the fifth-floor door, she almost slammed into a mother and teenage daughter leaving their room. The teen did a double take and Mari turned away quickly, adrenaline surging through her exhaustion and powering her down the hall. Except now she was going in the opposite direction, damn it.

Simply strolling back into the hall wasn't an option until she could be sure the path was clear. But she couldn't simply stand here indefinitely, either. If only she had a disguise, something to throw people off the scent. Head tucked down, she searched the hall through her eyelashes, taking in a brass luggage rack and monstrously big pots of African feather grass.

Her gaze landed on the perfect answer—a room-service cart. Apparently abandoned. She scanned for anyone in a hotel uniform, but saw only the retreating back of a woman walking away quickly, a cell phone pressed to her ear. Mari chewed her lip for half a second then sprinted forward and stopped just short of the cloth-draped trolley.

She peeked under the silver tray. The mouth-watering scent of saffron-braised karoo lamb made her stomach rumble. And the tiramisu particularly tempted her to find the nearest closet and feast after a long day of talking without a break for more than coffee and water. She shook off indulgent thoughts. The sooner she worked her way back to her room, the sooner she could end this crazy day with a hot shower, her own tray of food and a soft bed.

Delivering the room-service cart now offered her best means of disguise. A hotel jacket was even draped over the handle and a slip of paper clearly listed Suite 5A as the recipient.

The sound of the elevator doors opening spurred her into action.

Mari shrugged the voluminous forest-green jacket over her rumpled black suit. A red Father Christmas hat slipped from underneath the hotel uniform. All the better for extra camouflaging. She yanked on the hat over her upswept hair and started pushing the heavily laden cart toward the suite at the end of the hall, just as voices swelled behind her.

"Do you see her?" a female teen asked in Portuguese, her squeaky tones drifting down the corridor. "I thought you said she ran up the stairs to the fifth floor."

"Are you sure it wasn't the fourth?" another high-pitched girl answered.

"I'm certain," a third voice snapped. "Get your phone ready. We can sell these for a fortune."

Not a chance.

Mari shoved the cart. China rattled and the wheels creaked. Damn, this thing was heavier than it looked. She dug her heels in deeper and pushed harder. Step by step, past carved masks and a pottery elephant planter, she walked closer to suite 5A.

The conspiring trio drew closer. "Maybe we can ask that lady with the cart if she's seen her…"

Apprehension lifted the hair on the back of Mari's neck. The photos would be all the more mortifying if they caught her in this disguise. She needed to get inside suite 5A. Now. The numbered brass plaque told her she was at the right place.

Mari jabbed the buzzer, twice, fast.

"Room service," she called, keeping her head low.

Seconds ticked by. The risk of stepping inside and hiding her identity from one person seemed far less daunting than hanging out here with the determined group and heaven only knew who else.

Just when she started to panic that time would run out, the door opened, thank God. She rushed past, her arms straining at the weight of the cart and her nose catching a whiff of manly soap. Her favorite scent—clean and crisp rather than cloying and obvious. Her feet tangled for a second.

Tripping over her own feet as she shoved the cart was far from dignified. But she'd always been too gangly to be a glamour girl. She was more of a cerebral type, a proud nerd, much to the frustration of her family's press secretary, who expected her to present herself in a more dignified manner.

Still, even in her rush to get inside, curiosity nipped at her. What type of man would choose such a simple smell while staying in such opulence? But she didn't dare risk a peek at him.

She eyed the suite for other occupants, even though the room-service cart only held one meal. One very weighty meal. She shoved the rattling cart past a teak lion. The room appeared empty, the lighting low. Fat leather sofas and a thick wooden table filled the main space. Floor-to-ceiling shutters had been slid aside to reveal the moonlit beach outside a panoramic window. Lights from stars and yachts dotted the horizon. Palms and fruit trees with lanterns illuminated the shore. On a distant islet, a stone church perched on a hill.

She cleared her throat and started toward the table by the window. "I'll set everything up on the table for you."

"Thanks," rumbled a hauntingly familiar voice that froze her in her tracks. "But you can just leave it there by the fireplace."

Her brain needed less than a second to identify those deep bass tones. Ice trickled down her spine as if snow had hit her African Christmas after all.

She didn't have to turn around to confirm that fate was having a big laugh at her expense. She'd run from an irritation straight into a major frustration. Out of all the hotel suites she could have entered, somehow she'd landed in the room of Dr. Rowan Boothe. Her professional nemesis.

A physician whose inventions she'd all but ridiculed in public.

What the hell was he doing here? She'd reviewed the entire program of speakers and she could have sworn he wasn't listed on the docket until the end of the week.

The door clicked shut behind her. The tread of his footsteps closed in, steady, deliberate, bringing the scent of him drifting her way. She kept her face down, studying his loafers and the well-washed hem of his faded jeans.

She held on to the hope that he wouldn't recognize her. "I'll leave your meal right here then," she said softly. "Have a nice evening."

His tall, solid body blocked her path. God, she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Her eyes skated to his chest.

A very hard, muscle-bound place encased in a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up and the tail untucked. She remembered well every muscular—annoying—inch of him.

She just prayed he wouldn't recognize her from their last encounter five months ago at a conference in London. Already the heat of embarrassment flamed over her.

Even with her face averted, she didn't need to look further to refresh her memory of that too handsome face of his. Weathered by the sun, his Brad Pitt-level good looks only increased. His sandy blond hair would have been too shaggy for any other medical professional to carry off. But somehow he simply appeared too immersed in philanthropic deeds to be bothered with anything as mundane as a trip to the barber.

The world thought he was Dr. Hot Perfection but she simply couldn't condone the way he circumvented rules.

"Ma'am," he said, ducking his head as if to catch her attention, "is there a problem?"

Just keep calm. There was no way for him to identify her from the back. She would rather brave a few pictures in the press than face this man while she wore a flipping Santa Claus hat.

A broad hand slid into view with cash folded over into a tip. "Merry Christmas."

If she didn't take the money, that would appear suspicious. She pinched the edge of the folded bills, doing her best to avoid touching him. She plucked the cash free and made a mental note to donate the tip to charity. "Thank you for your generosity."

"You're very welcome." His smooth bass was too appealing coming from such an obnoxiously perfect man.

Exhaling hard, she angled past him. Almost home free. Her hand closed around the cool brass door handle.

"Dr. Mandara, are you really going so soon?" he asked with unmistakable sarcasm. He'd recognized her. Damn. He was probably smirking, too, the bastard.

He took a step closer, the heat of his breath caressing her cheek. "And here I thought you'd gone to all this trouble to sneak into my room so you could seduce me."

Dr. Rowan Boothe waited for his words to sink in, the possibility of sparring with the sexy princess/ research scientist already pumping excitement through his veins. He didn't know what it was about Mariama Mandara that turned him inside out, but he'd given up analyzing the why of it long ago. His attraction to Mari was simply a fact of life now.

Her disdain for him was an equally undeniable fact, and to be honest, it was quite possibly part of her allure.

He grew weary with the whole notion of the world painting him as some kind of saint just because he'd rejected the offer of a lucrative practice in North Carolina and opened a clinic in Africa. These days, he had money to burn after his invention of a computerized medical diagnostics program—a program Mari missed no opportunity to dismiss as faux, shortcut medicine. Funding the clinic hadn't even put a dent in his portfolio so he didn't see it as worthy of hoopla. Real philanthropy involved sacrifice. And he wasn't particularly adept at denying himself things he wanted.

Right now, he wanted Mari.

Although from the look of horror on her face, his half-joking come-on line hadn't struck gold.

She opened and closed her mouth twice, for once at a loss for words. Fine by him. He was cool with just soaking up the sight of her. He leaned back against the wet bar, taking in her long, elegant lines. Others might miss the fine-boned grace beneath the bulky clothes she wore, but he'd studied her often enough to catch the brush of every subtle curve. He could almost feel her, ached to peel her clothes away and taste every inch of her cafe-au-lait skin.

Some of the heat must have shown on his face because she snapped out of her shock. "You have got to be joking. You can't honestly believe I would ever make a move on you, much less one so incredibly blatant."

Damn, but her indignation was so sexy and yeah, even cute with the incongruity of that Santa hat perched on her head. He couldn't stop himself from grinning.

She stomped her foot. "Don't you dare laugh at me."

He tapped his head lightly. "Nice hat."

Growling, she flung aside the hat and shrugged out of the hotel jacket. "Believe me, if I'd known you were in here, I wouldn't have chosen this room to hide out."

"Hide out?" he said absently, half following her words.

As she pulled her arms free of the jacket to review a rumpled black suit, the tug of her white business shirt against her breasts sent an unwelcome surge of arousal through him. He'd been fighting a damned inconvenient arousal around this woman for more than two years, ever since she'd stepped behind a podium in front of an auditorium full of people and proceeded to shoot holes in his work. She thought his computerized diagnostics tool was too simplistic. She'd accused him of taking the human element out of medicine. His jaw flexed, any urge to smile fading.

If anyone was too impersonal, it was her. And, God, how he ached to rattle her composure, to see her tawny eyes go sleepy with all-consuming passion.


He was five seconds away from an obvious erection. He reined himself in and faced the problem at hand—the woman—as a more likely reason for her arrival smoked through his brain. "Is this some sort of professional espionage?"

"What in the hell are you talking about?" She fidgeted with the loose waistband on her tweedy skirt.

Who would have thought tweed would turn him inside out? Yet he found himself fantasizing about pulling those practical clunky shoes off her feet. He would kiss his way up under her skirt, discover the silken inside of her calf…

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Yuletide Baby Surprise 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ElaineSay More than 1 year ago
Yuletide Baby Surprise is a wonderful Christmas Story. Dr. Rowan Boothe is a hot alpha male that devotes his life to helping others. Dr Mariama Mandara is a princess that is camera shy and feels most herself when immerse in her work. Mari does not always see eye to eye with Rowan. The sparks flying between the two just jump off the page. I love the emotional roller coaster this book takes you on. Catherine Mann never disappoints! Yuletide Baby Surprise is a must read! I was given an ARC for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series. Great read
ReadingOverTV More than 1 year ago
Yuletide Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann Princess Mariama Mandara is more comfortable in her baggy clothes and doing data analysis than playing the princess role. Why anyone is interested in the fact she's speaking at a conference, she just doesn't understand. So when a couple of picture seeking teenagers track her down she quickly dons an abandoned waiter jacket and delivers the waiting food cart. It's not until she's inside with the cart that she realizes it's her most vocal critic Dr. Roman Boothe's hotel room. Time to leave! Roman has been enamored with Mari for years. Sure, she's trashed his work but she just looks so good and is so smart that he can't help feel they need to spend some time together. I enjoyed this Billionaires and Babies holiday story. Mari starts out so awkwardly handling the baby and Roman is so at ease that you know they are going to teach each other and share some precious moments together. It was wonderful seeing Mari grow her confidence with the baby and her world and at the same time have Roman become even more enthralled with Mari. And throughout the story the reminder of the holiday with the carols and the costumes made me want to break out my own holiday CD's and start playing them.  Peace and Happy Holidays whichever time of the year it may be. I received a copy of this book via an author contest.
TKsBaskets More than 1 year ago
What a merry gift indeed is Catherine Mann’s ‘Yuletide Baby Surprise’.  The story is part of the Alpha Brotherhood series but stands alone just fine.  I really liked the hero – Rowan who is an alpha bad-boy doctor turned humanitarian.  Now who doesn’t like a strong man striving to do good things in the world?  He has a troubled past with an unexpected plot twist.   The heroine is Mandara, not your typical princess, who knows Rowan from their professional clashes.  They come together to care for an abandoned baby during a conference.  It’s a hoot how that all comes about (not the baby part but how they end up together caring for her).  Mandara is tough but vulnerable.  Rowan strong and has a sweet side.  You’ll melt when he cares for the baby. I enjoyed this book.  It kept my interest to the point I lost a few hours of sleep the day I got it.  I can’t wait for the next story that Ms. Mann authors!
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 Star Review - Yuletide Baby Surprise (Billionaires and Babies | The Alpha Brotherhood # 4 series) I recommend this book. I enjoyed this book by Catherine. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, and an abandoned baby. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books first from “The Alpha Brotherhood” series. An Inconvenient Affair All or Nothing Playing for Keeps Princess Dr. Mariama "Mari" Mandara is on the run from royal fans. She needs to find a way to escape the fans and fast. That is when she comes across a room service tray. She decides to pretend to deliver the tray to the assigned room. Dr. Rowan Boothe is in town for a conference and is awaiting his evening meal. When his meal arrives he realizes that the delivery person is non-other than his professional nemesis Dr. Mandara. Under the room service cart they find an abandoned baby. As Rowan has wanted Mari for a while he decides to keep her close any way he can. His plan is they will take care of the baby together so she is not in the system and sent to a group home. In order to care for the baby Mari should share his suite and they should take care of the baby as a couple. Now they must learn to get along with each other without becoming attached to the baby. As they try to track down the mother with the help of resources from friends and the Royal fans they learn more about each other and develop feelings for each other. Will they be able to set aside their work differences to come together and take care of this baby? What is going to happen when the mother is found? Where will that leave them? The chemistry between these two is awesome. Love both the characters was a little mad about how the baby situation ended up. Rowan and Mari really draw you into the story. Look forward to the next book in this series. For the Sake of Their Son – Due out in January 2014
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
In Yuletide Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann, Princess Mariama Mandara, who is also a research scientist, unexpectedly gets up close and personal with Dr. Rowan Boothe.  She has been determined to avoid him since their last meeting 5 months ago in London.  They both have very differing points of view about science and medicine, and Princess Mari has been openly critical of some of Rowan's work. When Princess Mari sneaks into a room at her hotel pretending to be room service in order to escape the press, she not only discovers she's snuck into Rowan's hotel room, but there is also an abandoned baby in the service cart!  Both Rowan and Mari are horrified that the sweet baby girl has been abandoned, and besides being determined to find the baby's mother, Rowan sees this as an opportunity to get closer to Mari.  "He didn't know what it was about Mariama Mandara that turned him inside out, but he'd given up analyzing the why of it long ago.  His attraction to Mari was a simple fact of life now." While using the resources of the Alpha Brotherhood to find baby Issa's family, Rowan plans to also romance Mari.  Mari is used to being safely away in her lab, away from most people.  Between that and as a Princess, she has managed to socially isolate herself very well. Mari is not actually very confident in herself or her social skills outside of work.  So she is shocked when Rowan convinces her it would be best for Issa for them to care for her together while they search for family.  She is even more dismayed when she finds herself not only sharing a hotel suite with Rowan and Issa, but she is starting to feel an attraction to Rowan she's never acknowledged before.  "Intellectually, she'd understood he was an attractive - albeit irritating - man.  But until this moment, she hadn't comprehended the full impact of his appeal." As Mari and Rowan spend more time together, they both begin to see each other in a new light.  Mari finds herself  not only "finding layers to him she didn't know existed", she is finding it harder and harder not to fantasize about sharing a bed with him.  Rowan starts to see Mari as more than just a research scientist who sees things in black and white, an untouchable princess.  He starts to see underneath her layers, and the more he sees, the more he likes.  Being together caring for Issa, using the resources available to them to find her family, brings them closer than they imagined they could be.  The dialogue between them is open and honest, but Rowan is still holding parts of himself back, and Mari is not happy about that.  She knows he is holding parts of himself and his heart back, and this is not something she can be happy with in a relationship. If Issa's family is found, can Rowan and Mari find another way to stay together...for real this time?  Or has Rowan's past and his guilt over it scarred him too deeply?  Or has Princess Mari finally found something worth fighting for? Catherine Mann is a must read author for me and Yuletide Baby Surprise did not disappoint me!  She had me laughing in the first few pages...a great way to start a new book! There are two strong interwoven story lines in Yuletide Baby Surprise...baby Issa and the romance of Mari and Rowan.  Both Mari and Rowan are strong characters who have actually known each other for years, but it's just this past week they've really gotten to know each other!  I loved the interaction between them.  Despite Mari being a princess and Rowan a billionaire doctor, they were both really relatable people.  Mari is strong, independent, and very smart...but she finds out even more about herself and what she's been missing in Yuletide Baby Surprise.  This further strengthens her character because she can admit to herself what's missing and what she can do about it.  Rowan is a bit of a mystery to Mari, but slowly she gains his confidence and he finds himself telling her things he's told no one.   Catherine gives us a great romance with Yuletide Baby Surprise!  The story flows very smoothly, the secondary characters link in very well, and the romance is fast paced.  I loved this because I was never bored!  You will certainly laugh between the seriousness and steamy scenes in Yuletide Baby Surprise.  It was a lot of fun watching Mari and Rowan circle each other before coming together. I'd recommend this to any romance reader!
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3.5 Stars In Yuletide Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann, Princess and doctor Mariama Mandara (Mari) is trying to escape from the photo press. She has never being comfortable around the press and prefers to remain behind the closed doors of 17738298her research lab. To escape from the unwanted press at her medical conference, she disguises herself as the house keeping staff and takes the nearest abandoned food cart to the room number written on the food cart slip. She does not realize that the room she takes the cart to belongs to her professional adversry-Dr Rowan Boothe. Rowan Boothe has always being attracted towards Mari and now he finds her in his suite with a food cart which also carries an abandoned baby. Now they both have to forget their professional rivalry and personal issues to take care of the abandoned baby but with Christmas along the corner, can the festive atmosphere and the baby make them forge a stronger bond..?? Yuletide Baby Surprise is a wonderfully written holiday romance. Mari was a nerdy doctor who is constantly at horns with Rowan at professional level. Rowan was a doctor with a generous heart with a genuine nature to help others through his charities. He has a unfortunate past, which makes him insecure in his relationship with Mari. Their professional rivalry helped to make their personal lives more spicier and I just loved how the baby helped them to get closer. My only issue with this story is that I found the pace of the story was too fast and the romance was going too fast for me at times. Overall Yuletide Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann is a wonderfully written fast paced holiday romance.If you are a fan of the author's previous works and like holiday themed romances,then this is the book for you.
Judy_F More than 1 year ago
Dr. Rowan Boothe has overcome a lot in his life. He didn’t start off with the best track record but has since turned his life around. Rowan gives his all to his clinic in Africa and to his inventions to help stream line modern medicine.  Mari is forever shooting down his ideas and inventions but that hasn’t stopped his growing fascination with the good doctor. Rowan soon needs Mari’s help when they discover a small baby hidden under the cart Mari used.  He realizes he needs her help to take care of the precious baby. This will also give him time for Mari to get to know the real man. Soon Rowan’s friends in the Alpha Brotherhood come to help find relatives of baby Issa.  When the relatives are found will this new relationship stand up to the test? Yuletide Baby Surprise is another gem by Catherine Mann.  Rowan and Mari are at odds professionally and this adds an added challenge for them both.  Their chemistry is electric and with the baby they see a whole new side to each other.  I am eager to read the next book about they Brotherhood.
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
Yuletide Baby Surprise is a Billionaires and Baby’s novel, as well as Mann’s Alpha Brotherhood. This is the story of Dr. Rowan Boothe and Princess Mariama Mandara. Because it is a Billionaires and Baby’s book it does not have the mystery subtext found in the previous Alpha Brotherhood novels. The Interpool connection is there, but certainly downplayed. Similar to the other Brotherhood books it does center around an exotic locale, Cape Verde, Africa. To further enhance the exotic location, Mari is a Princess of a Western African country. Unfortunately she’d much rather spend her time in her medical lab than participate in the social outreach typically undertaken by those in her position. Rowan and Mari have been professional adversaries for years. Both well-respected medical professionals they never quite saw eye-to-eye on the patient care strategies. Rowan invented a computer program to maximize triage in his African clinic and facilitate rapid patient care. Mari, more focused on ensuring a proper diagnosis, frequently expressed her negative opinion of Rowan and his work. She believed that the program took too many short-cuts and focused on the easy answers. On the run from some over-zealous photographers, Mari inadvertently wheels a room service cart into Rowan’s suite. Upon examination the cart contains an infant with a note abandoning her to Rowan’s care. Capitalizing on the opportunity to get to know Mari better, Rowan convinces her to help him care for the infant while they look for her mother or other family. Caring for the infant shows that neither are exactly as the other thought. Rowan and Mari were fun to spend time with. Their story moves quickly, but with the set-up of them knowing each other for years it doesn’t seem forced. Their previous professional fireworks lead nicely into their romantic interlude. The added impetus of being temporary parents only brings them together that much faster. As this is a Christmas tale, even the abandoned infant reunites with her family. All-told, this is a wonderful holiday interlude.