Zen Your Work: Create Your Ideal Work Experience Through Mindful Self-Mastery

Zen Your Work: Create Your Ideal Work Experience Through Mindful Self-Mastery

by Karlyn Borysenko


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Use mindfulness techniques to handle toxic stress in the workplace and to create your ideal professional experience from the inside out.

While working in a particularly toxic environment, Karlyn Borysenko came to this liberating realization: she couldn't control other people, but she could control herself, her perspective, and her actions. Now an organizational psychologist, consultant, and executive coach, Borysenko shows us how to bridge the gap between where we are now and what will bring us the most professional success and happiness. We must achieve self-mastery--by accepting responsibility for our actions, understanding our innate work style, and discerning when and how to push outside our comfort zone.
In Zen Your Work, Borysenko shows us how to set personal goals that allow us to focus our energy and create measures of success that aren't affected by the cynicism, competitiveness, or narcissism of others. Borysenko teaches us to apply mindfulness techniques in a highly practical way to achieve professional success, create game-changing relationships (even with the most negative people in the office), decrease stress, and enjoy a better work/life balance.

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ISBN-13: 9780143133391
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 720,846
Product dimensions: 5.45(w) x 8.26(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Karlyn Borysenko, MBA, PhD, is an organizational psychologist, consultant, and executive coach. As the creator and owner of Zen Workplace, she helps individuals find greater happiness and fulfillment in their professional lives, and helps organizations around the world to create positive employee experiences that drive productivity. Her approach is grounded in organizational and positive psychology and draws on mindfulness techniques.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I Know yourself 5

Chapter 1 Zen Your Work 7

Chapter 2 Take Control 20

Chapter 3 Embrace Self-Mastery 39

Part II Own your perspective 69

Chapter 4 Always Be Aware 71

Chapter 5 Set Your Goals 92

Chapter 6 Become Unapologetically Optimistic 107

Part III Interacting with others 123

Chapter 7 Build Amazing Relationships 125

Chapter 8 Find Your Beginner's Mind 146

Chapter 9 Boost Your Confidence 161

Chapter 10 Working with Enemies 177

Part IV Refine your path forward 193

Chapter 11 Discover Career Clarity 195

Chapter 12 Find Your Balance 212

Closing Thoughts: It's Time to Commit 225

Acknowledgments 229

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