5 Reasons This Is an Amazing Month for Young Adult Lit

March YA on the BN bookshelf

Some months the stars align, the book cupids load their bows, and our collective to-read lists collapse under their own weight—and for lovers of young adult lit, this is that month. If you need another excuse to ride out the rest of winter on your couch with a good book, look no further than this list, filled with amazing YA releases that’ll be rolling out from now till the end of March.

Panic, by Lauren Oliver
Rejoice, for Lauren Oliver is back with her first standalone YA title since 2010’s Before I Fall. Every summer, the dead-end town of Carp, NY, is taken over by Panic, a high-stakes game played by graduating seniors that takes place both in secret and in plain sight. Heather and Dodge each have their own reason for needing to win Panic, but their resolve will be brutally tested over the course of one increasingly dangerous summer.

Half Bad, by Sally Green
Teenaged Nathan is a “half code,” the child of a deceased White Witch mother and a deadly Black Witch father. In a reimagined modern-day England where White Witches live side by side with humans and Black Witches are hunted down and exterminated, Nathan’s held captive by the White Witch council, which believes he’s the only one who can kill his dangerous dad. This book’s magic lies more in its gritty, engrossing prose than its appealingly concrete approach to the supernatural.

Tsarina, by J. Nelle Patrick
In this historical fantasy set in the dying days of the Russian Empire, aristocratic Natalya is betrothed to Tsarevich Alexei Romanov. Alexei believes that his family is safe from St. Petersburg’s rising rebellion thanks to the powerful Constellation Egg, enchanted by the mystic Rasputin, but when it’s stolen from the palace and the Romanovs are captured, the full weight of advancing history crashes down on Natalya and her way of life. She teams up with a young Red to track down the egg, though he has reasons of his own for wanting to retrieve it. (Yes, this one technically came out on February 27, but in the spirit of historical fantasy, I’m fudging it.)

Side Effects May Vary, by Julie Murphy
Side Effects‘ Alice isn’t the first YA protagonist to spin a fatal diagnosis into a reason to live life by a bucket list, but her story takes a U-turn when she goes into unexpected remission. With her health returning but her personal life a self-made mess, Alice learns to deal with the consequences of the kind of brutally honest living that only happens when you think you have nothing to lose.

Nil, by Lynne Matson
Charley and Thad are two members of a pack of teens trapped on the sinister island of Nil—though they have no memory of how they got there. Like all of Nil’s prisoners, Charley and Thad have one year to solve the island’s mystery and escape it, or they’ll pay with their lives. Supernatural island + love story + ticking clock=we’ll take one, please.

What new release are you most excited about this month?

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