Poured Over: Louise Kennedy on Trespasses

“…It was at the end of an exhibition called The Art of The Troubles. And that had been a little controversial (as these things very often are in post conflict societies). Some people felt it was gone too far. Other people felt that it hadn’t gone far enough. It just made me think about how maybe art could be used to say things that are really unsayable in a place where people are obsessed with language and obsessed with identity and where languages is so problematic.” Louise Kennedy joins us on the show to talk about her US debut, Trespasses, a story about love and loss and identity that’s so unforgettable it’s our newest Discover pick. Listen in as Louise riffs on the layers of her debut: coming of age, class, searching for safety, rewriting matinee idols, transgression, mothers and daughters, her literary influences and much more with Poured Over’s host, Miwa Messer. And we end this episode with TBR Topoff book reviews from Marc and Madyson.

Featured Book (Episode)
Trespasses by Louise Kennedy

Featured Books (TBR Topoff)
Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan
Wolf Den by Elodi Harper

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