111 One-Minute Monologues by Type

111 One-Minute Monologues by Type

by Kristen Dabrowski


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Hello, actors! This book is about making the search for the perfect monologue easier. To make this possible, it's been organized in two ways:
The monologues are divided up by character type presented in alphabetical order. However, categories are simple and people are complex. Keep this in mind when acting out these pieces. Bring as much humanity and variation to the characters as you can. Just like you, they contain layers. Remember, the purpose of this organization is not to fit people into convenient labels or stereotypes. (As John Hughes so rightly said in The Breakfast Club, "Each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.") It's merely to make the search for a monologue easier.
Additionally, there is also a subject index in the back. Feel free to flip through and see if there's a particular issue that "speaks" to you. Several monologues are purposefully difficult subject matters presented for actors seeking a challenge. Though it is never a bad choice to choose a monologue close to your issues and personality, each human being in the world has the capacity to imagine and to empathize with others. Don't be afraid to stretch yourself!
Here are some tips on approaching monologues:

� Pick the monologue that hits you. Trust your instincts. You'll pick the right one!

� Make the monologue active. Think about what you want (sympathy, a date, etc.), and how you try to get it (flattery, guilt, etc.).

� Who are you talking to and where are they? Some monologues have you speaking to more than one person. Make sure you make this as clear as possible.

� Do you get answeredor interrupted? Be sure to fill in words in your head for the moments when you are spoken to in the monologue, even if it's a simple "yes" or "no."

� How do you feel about the person or people you are talking to? For example, you speak a lot differently to your best friend than you do to your math teacher.

� Be real. Talk like a real person. Think about how you'd feel in the same circumstances. Bring these characters to life as only you can.

These monologues stand alone as solo pieces (and are not from full-length plays). However, if you want to put together a showcase of monologues, you'll see that some pieces work very well together. Feel free to mix and match.
Additionally, if you'd like to change a word or the gender of a character, etc., feel free. I want these monologues to work for you!
Kristen Dabrowski

If looking through monologue books leaves you feeling confused, dissatisfied, or overwhelmed, this is the book for you! A unique twist on a classic Smith and Kraus theme, this user-friendly book contains unique and active monologues divided into clear categories. Organized by character type and including a detailed subject index in the back, it will be easy and fun to find the piece that suits you. Look for a huge assortment of character types and issues written in a way that's current and immediate for young male and female actors looking to show off their talents in auditions and at school. Inside this book, there is a powerful monologue that's right for you-let the search begin!

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ISBN-13: 9781575255293
Publisher: Smith & Kraus, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Series: Ultimate Audition Book for Teens Series
Pages: 117
Sales rank: 317,876
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About the Author

Kristen Dabrowski is an actress, writer, acting teacher, and director. She received her MFA from the Oxford School of Drama in Oxford, England. The actor's life has taken her all over the United States and England. Her other books, published by Smith and Kraus, include The Ultimate Monologue Book for Middle School Actors Volume I: 111 One-Minute Monologues, The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens Volume III: 111 One-Minute Monologues, Twenty 10 Teens Volume 1, the Teens Speak series (four books), and the educational 10+ play series (six books). Currently, she lives in the world's smallest apartment in New York City. You can contact the author at monologuemadness@yahoo.com.

Table of Contents


Monologues by character type

Beauty Queen
Class Clown
Control Freak
Drama Queen
Good Girl
Good Guy
Jealous Sibling
Material Girl
Party Girl
Teen Mother
Voice of Reason

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