13: Tallent & Lowery: Book One

13: Tallent & Lowery: Book One

by Amy Lignor


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In 1902, in a dark room on the fifth floor of Carnegie Hall, thirteen people came together to continue a tradition that had been set in stone thousands of years before. In 2012, Leah Tallent is Head of Research at the New York Public Library. Stoic and stable, brilliant and cynical, she has forever enjoyed her existence among the book stacks. But even with her unparalleled intellect, there was no way to know that on the historic steps between America's famous lions, she would become involved with a crazy man on a fanatical quest.Gareth Lowery has spent his life searching for the ultimate artifact that he is certain exists. His life's pursuit has been to retrieve twelve keys hidden by men whose job it was to protect the single biggest secret ever kept. To find the keys he must enlist the help of an unwilling guide who, unfortunately, knows much more than he bargained for.From the first page to the last word, this fantastic duo become immersed in a whirlwind treasure hunt with historical and passionate repercussions. From the strange and eerie Winchester House to the blustery darkness of Loch Ness, Gareth and Leah will quickly learn that the theory of duality is correct: For every bad there is a good and, for Heaven, there most assuredly exists...Hell.

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ISBN-13: 9781481136075
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2012
Series: Tallent & Lowery , #1
Pages: 294
Sales rank: 1,130,807
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

As the daughter of a career librarian Amy grew up loving books; 'Patience & Fortitude' at the NYPL were her heroes. Beginning with Amy's first book of historical romance which was titled, "The Heart of a Legend," she began developing the storyline for a new series, (Tallent & Lowery) which moved her into the world of action and adventure/alternative history, however she had to temporarily place Tallent & Lowery on the back burner when her YA career spiked with The Angel Chronicles series.

Tallent & Lowery just wouldn't be put to bed so easily and Amy, the ever obedient author, found the time to bring these remarkable characters to life. "13" is the first book in the seven book series.

Working as an editor in the publishing industry for decades, Amy is now the Owner/Operator of The Write Companion (www.thewritecompanion.com) which offers full editing, ghostwriting and proofreading services to authors. She is also a contributor to Suspense Magazine and various other literary publications such as The RT (Romantic Times), and HumorOutcasts.com. Amy is a reviewer for periodicals and websites including: Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, The Romantic Times (RT) Magazine, SheWrites.com, Random House YA, Bookpleasures.com, and Once Upon a Romance. Join Amy on Goodreads.com where she has won the YA writing contest with her continuing story titled, Meet the Reaper.

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13: Tallent & Lowery: Book One 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
quibecca More than 1 year ago
This is such a great story of adventure, and treasure hunting.  I love the relationship between Tallent and Lowery.  It is funny at times, and frustrating at others.  I enjoyed the story.  I was blown away a few times when Leah would "blink" and be in the middle of the "past" and seeing what was happening.  When Tallent "blinks" and is in the room with Jack the Ripper, I was terrified.  It's just a book...but the author did an amazing job of putting you "in" the book.   I like how Leah and Gareth's relationship grows during this book.  Gareth is on a quest to find the 13 artifacts.  Leah who doesn't believe in God or heaven ends up helping Gareth in his journey to find the artifacts, and prove that there is indeed a Heaven and a Hell.  When Leah witnesses some of the worst things that have happened in the past, she comes to realize that there in fact has to be a Heaven.  She finds out that there cannot be good without evil.  It is such a great story.  I cannot wait to see where the rest of the series takes me.  The author did an amazing job in writing this book.  I was on the edge of my seat a lot of the time.  I had some vivid dreams while reading this book...and some of them are things you would never want to dream about!  Scary stuff.  That just shows me how good the author was.  The book make me think even subconsciously.  
TKSayers More than 1 year ago
The Tallent & Lowery series consists of seven books – three published now, with four more to come. I was given the opportunity to read the three books that are out now, and I’m so glad I was! The books focus on Leah Tallent, a research librarian at the New York Public Library, and Gareth Lowery, man of mystery. The intrigue starts early, with the revelation that Lowery isn’t who he pretended to be for his first meeting with Tallent, and not all of his “friends” have his best interests at heart. The reader learns that a great mystery is afoot, a mystery involving Lowery’s parents that he’s determined to solve. Tallent herself comes across as irritable and bristly at first, and VERY protective of her library. Her guard is up against the handsome, charming, and overly flirtatious Lowery. As she comes to believe in him more and gets drawn into the mystery that Lowery’s parents were trying to solve, her bristly exterior transforms into more of a snarky sarcasm (which Lowery of course loves – a woman who doesn’t giggle and bat her eyelashes at him is a woman he can respect). Her intelligence and vast knowledge also come into play. I tend to enjoy books that delve into “weightier” topics, which this one does. While my personal religious beliefs fall somewhere between agnostic and Buddhist, I found the theological aspects of the book very intriguing. The author, Amy Lignor, clearly did a lot of research and makes plenty of references to real locations and actual historical figures. I learned quite a lot of history from reading “13” – for example, I’d never heard of the Akashic Records or the Gnostic Gospels before. On a personal note, I love that one of the locales that comes into play is the Winchester House, the story of which has fascinated me for years. (I even dreamt once that I bought it and was living there with my kids – interesting, since we now live in a rambling old Victorian house with a hidden staircase that we can’t access… yet.) This book was a very fast read – the pacing is great, the writing is solid, and the storyline is very interesting and well-researched. It reminded me a bit of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” (in a good way), in the sense of the sexual tension between the protagonists and the frantic mystery-solving quest with religious overtones. If you’re looking for mystery, intrigue, and epic quests (along with a bit of romantic tension), make sure to pick up this series! *I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
mamamae More than 1 year ago
great book
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
Lignor has a very personable writing style.  It’s very easy to follow and allows you to immerse yourself completely in the storyline itself.  Mystery, intrigue and suspense fill this novel that is written for an adult audience to thoroughly enjoy.  This novel is intrinsically though provoking.  I absolutely love the mix of history, mythology, research, suspense, and reality that bring this tale together.  Her short, to the point chapters make the story seem even more fast paced.  Lignor writes with an intensity rarely seen in fiction.  She combines blunt statements with eloquent descriptions to a shocking end.  It’s the perfect combination.  Not only that, but Lignor also does creepy and eerie well.  There were times when she literally had my skin crawling.   Picture Indiana Jones meets Robert Langdon meets Ben Gates and you have the male lead from this tale.  He was so intriguing and captivating that you couldn’t help but want to follow him, even if he was a bit naive at times.  I also appreciated how strong and thoughtful the female lead was in this tale.  She was someone that I intrinsically wanted to know more about.  The supporting cast, although small, was also quite well developed.  They rounded out the story quite nicely.   My final thoughts?  THIS IS SOOOO COOL!  I Love it.  My mind was turning the whole time.  I can’t wait to read the next adventure for these intriguing characters.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
MadHatterReads More than 1 year ago
As Head of Research for the New York Public Library, Leah Tallent worships at the altar of knowledge. Only she has the true knowledge of all the treasures that the library holds and despite her skepticism, Leah has organized the library's Heaven and Hell exhibition. Gareth Lowery knows that the next clue for his quest will be found at the exhibition and Leah is the only person who can help him interpret the clues to locating the keys that will open the Gates of Heaven. 13 grabbed me from the very start and I admit to being completely jealous of Leah! The Head of Research at the New York Public Library??? Talk about my dream job!!! With her vast knowledge, we are able to experience several distinct dark periods in history. Gareth is searching for the twelve keys to the Gates of Heaven and as the story begins he has already found the first six (good) keys. While we don't actually get to witness his discoveries first hand, he explains their discovery to Leah (and us) throughout the course of the story. Good and evil, knowledge and faith, Heaven and Hell, Amy Lignor does a fantastic job of portraying the meaning of duality throughout the novel. The world building is incredibly detailed and the portrayals of past events make you feel that you are there while they are happening. The characters are compelling and I enjoyed their growth throughout the story. I can't wait to go on the next adventure with Tallent & Lowery!