52 Pearls of Life

52 Pearls of Life

by Fiza Farhan


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ISBN-13: 9781504344159
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/23/2016
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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52 Pearls of Life

By Fiza Farhan

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Fiza Farhan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4415-9


Happiness - Achieve it.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is not an occurrence or a master plan that can be created and devised. It is simply the most inexpensive, non-time consuming and effortless thing. But a state of mind seems to be the most problematic thing to achieve in this era and to triumph it remains mankind's greatest challenge.

Happiness comes from within; it comes from the mind and soul. It is an intangible creation of the mind that cannot be created artificially. We see so many people around us who have all the riches of the world; money, fame, success, luxury cars, beautiful houses (not homes), exotic vacations, and so on. But unfortunately the one thing they terribly lack is happiness. Simple, pure happiness that comes for free; that thing that even a poor man's child sitting on the road in murky clothes with nothing to eat is feeling while playing with his companions with nothing but stones. That lack of happiness takes over everything else that they have accumulated. They fail to understand that, despite all the riches in the world, they still feel unhappy and dissatisfied, as if something is missing. What is really missing is happiness.

The unconscious aura of unhappiness engulfs them in the shadows of depression, stress, anxiety and life filled with quarrels. It eventually leads toward a life without love, an early death and in extreme cases, suicide. We can just look around and will find so many examples of people who do not seem to understand this simple, yet the most important fact of life, that happiness comes from within. Happiness is a state of mind; we can be as happy as we want to be, we can be as happy as we want to feel and we can be as happy as we believe in. The natural state of human beings is happy, relaxed and joyful. Observing life around, I usually feel that children are mostly happy because they are closest to the natural state of mind despite problematic external circumstances. Unfortunately, as they grow, the world casts its influence on them and they no longer can see the happiness and beauty of life best observed in nature that surrounds. We are usually happiest when we are living the life that our inner person most aligns with, and when our outer life aligns with our inner potential, our natural symphony and rhythm starts to play and bring our mind, soul and body in a state of peace and tranquility leading to inner happiness that is not perturbed by the external events of society. If we look around and try to find out how often does it happen that we see people living the life of their dreams? Everyone seems to be engrossed in a rat race that is conceived by someone else. They live a life dictated by others, perceived by others and hence, start living for others. They seldom live for themselves and rarely achieve the potential that exists within. If we start understanding our purpose in life and if we start listening, understanding and implementing the calls of the inner self, happiness comes out as an essential result of the reconciliation the mind and soul achieve from this process. All the activities such as spending time with ourselves, doing meditation, yoga, and silent observation and analysis bring a certain sense of peace and fulfillment within as we connect to our inner self disconnecting from this world where happiness has lost its meaning. Whenever we respond to the universe with a conscious sense of gratitude for the many blessings bestowed upon us, contentment and bliss automatically set in. By performing small acts of gratitude, we can shift our focus on the goodness in life and can relish on the happiness that already exists. If we keep seeking happiness from the outside world, we will remain lost and strangled in frustration as the only secret for lasting and true happiness lies within ourselves. Happiness starts from the belief that you deserve to be happy, and you are a unique and precious creation of God having immense potential. Believe that you deserve to have the best life ever which begins from today. Most of our lives are the by-product of our own thoughts and we are the masters of their creation. So stand up tall today, smile at yourself in the mirror, remind yourself of how precious you are and take a deep breath of self-belief as you walk into this world with happiness.


1. Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and question yourself: Are you truly "happy" with the life you live and the way you have designed your life? Be true to yourself.

2. Make a list of five ingenuous things that make you truly "happy". Commit today to include all five things in your daily routine, practicing each at least once a week.

3. Indulge in "gratitude" at least once a week. Sit in a quiet place alone, enlist the innumerable blessings nature has bestowed upon you; reflect upon them and feel their presence in your life consciously. Practice as often as possible.






Choose To Be Happy.

Most of us live our day to day lives in a racing humdrum running frantically between work, home, social calls, and family pleas. The list of work related activities, projects, daily household chores and meeting people never ends. We keep chasing one thing after another in the pursuit of achieving happiness. We attach our association of happiness with social parties, job promotions, gifts, shopping and other tangible things which we do attain temporarily but wonder why it does not last? Why we feel lost so very often? Why we do not feel an all-embracing contention from within; happiness that is lasting and comes from within us, happiness that contents us and puts us in a peaceful state of mind. The reason is that we keep seeking happiness in the external environment such as in people, events and things. What we principally forget is that true and lasting happiness comes from within our own selves.

Our souls and minds are the purest form of happiness that lies within us. We spend all our lives trying to find this happiness which in fact resides peacefully within us and we never got to unleash it. Why? Because we never take out time to sit back, relax, and feel the present moment. Sit quietly, feel your breath, enjoy the essence of being alive, disconnect yourselves from the world and absorb the present moment of life within. Let yourselves hear and connect with your inner selves who sit there with bundles of happiness waiting for the call to be heard. Happiness is in feeling what we have, in enjoying the essence of being alive with the present within us and in counting and thinking about the magnitude of blessings we have even in the bleakest of moments.

The simple fact of being alive and healthy at this very moment calls for happiness. If we sit back and rejoice the healthy functioning of our body and that of each and every nerve and organ of our system, it would call for a celebration. Happiness is a state of mind; we can choose to be cheerful right now, and without thinking much we would discover a million reasons to be happy about. And if we choose to be unhappy, nothing in the world would bring consummation to us. No riches, success or love would allow happiness to reside within us and there will always be a reason to complain and to remain discontent. There will always be something to run after; something "missing" (which could be our choice to be happy). If you try to plan happiness and keep running after it to capture it, it will go away just like a butterfly flies away when you try to hold it. If you instead focus on the things that provide you with inner satisfaction and peace; happiness will quietly come and sit on your shoulder without you knowing about it.

Happiness is to sit back quietly and enjoy what we have without fussing about what we do not have. Happiness is to enjoy the small beautiful things in life without worrying about the larger gains too much. Happiness is to hold hands and enjoy the warmth of love in our relationships without artificially trying to create affiliations that do not really matter to us. Happiness is to smile and let the day shine back at you. Happiness is to "choose" to be happy without letting any event, person or circumstance take away that happiness from you. Happiness is the only beautiful thing in life that is totally in our control. Happiness is that fundamental ingredient in life that empowers you and unveils the real strength and beauty within you.

When your life is in your control, you are happy; whereas you become unhappy the moment you hand over the control to others. Take your power in your own hands. Take your happiness in your own hands and decide today that no matter what life brings to you, you will choose to be happy. Once you are happy, you are at your most natural state which is where your potential starts emerging, your mind and soul are in harmony and you experience the best of yourself. Ideas, decisions, opportunities start appearing out of nowhere and the choice of being happy starts attracting happiness from the environment just like the sweet nectar of flowers attract butterflies. Happiness is to know the difference between what you can change and what you cannot. Change what you can and accept what you cannot. You will experience a tranquil state of peace and gratification that will empower you to lead the life that you deserve to live. Happiness is a choice and the greatest strength we have; choose your strength today and choose to be happy.


1. Quietly sit back, relax and take some time to disconnect from the human race and your daily chores to analyze your state of life. Then ask yourself, Am I truly happy?

2. Without worrying about your future ambitions or tomorrows' plans, sit back and make a list of all the blessings you have in your life today. From your physical health to the people around, list them all down. Keep writing and you will soon realize how wonderfully blessed you are that you have so much in life to celebrate this very moment. Rejoice in what you have rather than worrying about what you don't.

3. Every morning when you wake up, put in a conscious effort to look at yourself in the mirror, stare in your eyes, and repeat the mantra "Today I choose to be happy, I deserve to be happy" and continue to smile back at yourself.






Thinking- Our Capital Asset.

One of the greatest secrets to success is the realization that whatever we are thinking today is projected into our future. Our thinking, perhaps one of the most unique assets, is our only intellectual property right by birth. No one can ever take control of it, captivate it, influence it or steal it from us. It is our métier, our inimitable experience of life and our very unique relationship with us. No matter where we are; on a vacation, at a serene beach, in a buzzing night club, in a prison cell or in a staid conference room meeting, no matter what the environment around us has to offer, our thoughts always remain an asset of our own powerful creation and can never be influenced by anything or anyone but our own selves. If we truly understand the power of our thoughts, we will realize the colossal strength and potential that lies within us. Our thoughts have the influence to change our minds, moods and in fact, our entire body chemistry.

Optimistic thinking leads us to being blissful and calm even in the sturdiest of situations, while pessimistic thinking can bring misery to a rather fortunate life. Our thoughts lay the foundation for our actions and it is a command to our body for what we must act upon. When we think about our goals and dreams over and over again, when we visualize achieving our success, it leads to not only our brain and body working towards those constructive thoughts but they also signal to the universe to support the achievement of our dreams and goals. Gradually, we see our thoughts coming in front of us as our realities. Thoughts can become powerful weapons if used and developed constructively with a strong focus on expanding their power and ability.

The strength of the human mind has yet to be fully comprehended and investigated considering an average person uses an insignificant percentage of their mind's capacity that is generated from the thoughts they think and create. The most extraordinary human beings that history has seen have shown to use very little of their mental aptitude. Human beings have never fully understood or implied the strength of the thinking system and what all it is capable of achieving. It can not only create physical changes in objects but emotional changes within human beings to the extent that if one works on the power of their thoughts consciously, they are able to monitor the emotions of others around as well as the occurrences in their life just by the power of their thoughts. Our thoughts can change our lives; make or even break them. Our thoughts can make us smile in an extremely low-spirited and depressive environment and can make us dismayed without any reason in an absolutely pleasant one. Our thoughts govern our happiness, attitudes and state of mind. Our thoughts establish our inner peace and satisfaction creating the determination, burning desire and passion for us to succeed. Our thoughts lay the foundation of anything and everything we do in our lives. Now it is entirely up to us what foundation we want to lay for our lives.

Success and happiness come down to our attitude, action and commitment in life, all three of these stem from our thoughts. It is an amazing realization when one discovers how they possess this extremely resilient asset within their internal system; the power to create and control their thoughts, the power to think pleasantly serene thoughts, the power to create constructive and unique thoughts, the power to have thoughts that relax you and make you happy. The power to see the world in a humorous light within the context of our thoughts, the power to create realities with our thoughts, and the power to control our lives, our destines and our goals just by our simple thoughts every single day. The more one starts realizing this forte, the more gratifying the thinking process becomes. Enabling us to create our own lives, our own unique world, and our own glorified destinations no matter what our circumstances, society or the world around has construed for us. We are the masters of our thoughts through which we become the masters of our lives.


1. "I realize that my thoughts are my greatest strength, I choose to allow only positive and happy thoughts to surround me"; repeat this mantra to yourself often in order to recall the power of your thoughts and the control you have on the same.


Excerpted from 52 Pearls of Life by Fiza Farhan. Copyright © 2016 Fiza Farhan. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, ix,
Author's Note, xi,
1. Happiness - Achieve it, 1,
2. Choose To Be Happy, 4,
3. Thinking - Our Capital Asset, 7,
4. Happiness - The State of Mind, 11,
5. Bitter Trials in Life - Blessings!, 15,
6. Let God Deal with Things, 18,
7. Build with the Bricks Thrown at You, 21,
8. Dare to be Powerful, Unleash Your Real Strength, 24,
9. Identify Your Unique Purpose, 28,
10. Mysterious Ways of Life, 31,
11. Open Your Eyes, Look Within, 35,
12. Unearth Life with Simplicity, 38,
13. Live the Real Life, 42,
14. Desire- The Inner Calling, 45,
15. Self acceptance is Self-Love, 48,
16. Solitude - The Real Power of Companionship, 51,
17. Achieve the Great, 56,
18. Think You Can and You Will, 59,
19. Choose Mental Liberation, 62,
20. Say No to Comfort Zones, Yes to Life, 66,
21. Opportunities- Create Them, 72,
22. Believe It Can Be Done and It Will, 75,
23. Realize Your Talents and Celebrate Them, 78,
24. Give without Remembering, Take without Forgetting, 81,
25. One Life to Live, 86,
26. Moments of Life, Live them Today, 89,
27. Do Anything, Not Everything, 92,
28. Life, Create it Yourself, 95,
29. Keep Going - Fight the Darkness, 100,
30. Discover Your Challenge Zone, 103,
31. Reaction to Problems is the Real Problem, 107,
32. Conquer or Get Conquered, 110,
33. Just Express It, 115,
34. Take Pride in Yourself, 118,
35. Knowledge & Wisdom; Achieve Mindfulness, 121,
36. Change Your Perspective to Change Your World, 124,
37. Success- Unceasing Discipline, 128,
38. Success Demands Change, 131,
39. Hard Work Attracts Luck, 134,
40. Seek Life Within the Unknown, 138,
41. Let Life Chase You, 143,
42. Mastery of Fear, Not Absence of Fear, 147,
43. Negative Energy of Others; Your Vitality, 151,
44. Control Your Emotions, Control Your Life, 155,
45. Leave the Good, Achieve the Great, 160,
46. The Only Way for Success, 163,
47. Evolve Your Excellence, 166,
48. Lead a Life of Passion, 169,
49. Words; Our Greatest Forte & Foe, 173,
50. True Acceptance is True Love, 176,
51. Positive Mind, Positive Life, 179,
52. Practice; Master the Art of Living, 182,

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